Land Rover has named forty people from ten cities working in fashion, design, film and music to coincide with the launch of the Range Rover Evoque. They are the Range Rover Evoque City Shapers. As part of their roll, the participants will lend the routes of their busy lives to create an interactive guide to life in the fast lane, so to speak.

Socialite Bevy Smith is a Range Rover Evoque City Shaper in new York. the title inspired Ms. Smith to go to extreme measures — she opted to get a driver’s license in order to fulfill her position. That, my friends, is the mark of a true go getter.

Her fellow new Yorker City Shapers include new York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, Founder and CEO of Pier Fawkes and Josh Rubin who is co-founder & editor of Cool Hunting. (Full Disclosure: this blogger writes for cool Hunting from time to time.)

Ms. Smith leads quite the life. She has a background in fashion, but her main gig these days is the dinner series she hosts around the country. Dinner with Bevy is rumored to be quite fabulous.  Marc Jacobs, Ashanti, Nelly, and Anthony Mackie are some of her recent guests. She picks a noteworthy individual or group as the guest of honor, and builds her diverse guest list around that persona. One dinner honored top students from the Fashion Institute of new Orleans. She has hosted events for companies including Tanqueray, Hugo Boss, Veuve Clicquot, and Belvedere Vodka. Her work has been covered on many sites.

Do you drive?

As a native new Yorker I never felt the need to learn how to drive, that is until I had the opportunity to drive a Range Rover Evoque.

Where will you go in the Range Rover Evoque?

I intend to go all around town in my Range Rover Evoque.  I live uptown in Harlem but most of my time is spent, downtown, West Village/Soho/Tribeca area.  I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to stinky cabs and hello to riding in sublime luxury.

Will you travel solo or with an entourage?

The minute it was announced that I was going to be a “City Shaper” my friends immediately began calling “shotgun.” who doesn’t want to tool around town in a luxury car, that’s also fuel efficient. I don’t think I will be getting much alone time in my Evoque.You live in new York and grew up in the city. is it necessary to drive in the city?

It’s not necessary to drive in new York, but even taking my driving lessons in new York has been empowering.  Driving in new York City is a real feat and I think of it as yet another notch on my Real new Yorker belt!You recently picked out your personal Evoque. what did you choose? did you draw from your background in style?

I picked out a Prestige Evoque in Arctic White with ivory and cherry wood interior.  I definitely thought about style and fashion when selecting the vehicle.  There’s a sportier version of the Evoque, but I’m a fancy gal when it comes to style, so a sporty car doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

What speaks to you about Range Rover as a brand? what have you learned about cars and the brand as a “City Shaper”?

I love the legacy of Range Rover, the fact that no matter who you speak with, when you say Range Rover there’s a certain level of excellence that is expected.  As a “City Shaper” I’ve learned that Range Rover selected me and my fellow “City Shapers” because we all lead authentic lives and careers that we are passionate about.  I think the Range Rover brand stands for passion and authenticity.What appeals most to you about cars?

What I love most about cars is the design, especially on a luxury vehicle.  I love that on the Range Rover Evoque, even the interior lights can be changed to suit how I’m feeling.  having worked at Vibe and Rolling Stone magazines, music is a huge part of my life and the Evoque has SEVENTEEN speakers, I can’t wait to cruise down the Henry Hudson Parkway blasting my tunes.Tell me about your dinners.

Dinner with Bevy is a really fun yet fab way to connect brands with celebrities and vice versa.  I created the business initially to connect music artists with luxury fashion brands and magazine editors, but it’s grown to include actors, fine artists and philanthropists.

Where was your last dinner?

My last dinner was at Sundance Film Festival, where my Range Rover Evoque would have come in handy since there was a snow storm in the middle of the festival.When is your next dinner?

My next dinner will be for a beauty brand and I’m connecting them with gorgeous women that are socialites, actors, tv hosts, etc.  the dinner will be taking place at the uber-chic Cooper Street Hotel in the penthouse, it’s going to be phenomenal.Anything else you’d like to add?

My life will be forever changed thanks to Range Rover Evoque, I’m now a driver and that puts me that much closer to my alter ego, Malibu Bevy!  I can’t wait to drive down the PCH to Moonstones in my Range Rover Evoque.

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