Welcome friends and thank you for visiting my website.  We're down to the last leg of the race, and our momentum has picked up significantly with a packed schedule of meet & greets, town council meetings, public appearances, fundraisers, and of course, Choteau football!  Speaking of football, the final contest will be between Choteau and Fairfield, just like the legislative race.  Be sure to cheer on the Bulldogs Wednesday, October 20th, and remember to vote on November 2nd.
I can't thank supporters enough for contributions of time and expense.  So many of you have put yourselves out there for me, especially my wonderful husband and kids, but I assure you I'll work diligently to serve you all, should the tide flow our way come election day.
I'll reiterate the point I made in a recent interview by stating, that I am the right vote because I am consistently conservative.  I have deep agricultural roots, own and operate a number of small businesses, and I understand that less government and less taxes mean more jobs for a stronger Montana.
 I believe in the Constitution, and will fight tirelessly to defend it.  I believe my diverse background and conservative values have prepared me to be a leader in Montana.This is not the time for partisan politics; rather it is time for leaders to put the needs of the people in the state first. I have a reputation for working fairly and cooperatively with all people regardless of their party.
Check out interviews, updates, and more at my supporter-based media blog to follow along on the campaign trail.
Faith. Family. Freedom.
Leadership for Less Government begins here!
 Christy Clark
House District 17
Please vote November 2nd!
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