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Landscape Use


ID Features



'Aureum' and 'Harvest Gold' (also known as 'Park Harvest') - New shoots on these selections are colored bright yellow, but the color fades in time and the plant is otherwise similar to the species. They may benefit from siting in light shade.

'Compactum' - This popular selection has a very dense habit and only reaches half the size of the species (to 5' tall and wide). It grows densely plus it flowers and fruits well. Thus, it is a good choice for smaller landscapes.

'Kristy D.' - Various plants are occasionally seen under the moniker 'Variegatum', but this selected variegated form bears maple-like leaves marbled with cream regions. It grows to 7' tall and bears red fruit. This cultivar has been offered by specialty nurseries.

'Nanum' - Very common in commerce, this selection grows very densely to form a compact mound of maple-like foliage only 2' tall and slightly wider. It rarely flowers or fruits, but its neat habit makes it useful nonetheless as a filler plant or in rockgardens. The plant prefers good air circulation and soil drainage.

'Roseum' (also listed as 'Sterile') - One of the old-fashioned "snowball bushes" that has been a garden favorite for centuries, this plant is best known for its 3" heads of sterile flowers that open green and mature to ivory white. These blooms may last for weeks, but they result in no fruit. It is a large-growing, rounded shrub that may reach 12' tall and wide and is extremely cold hardy. It may be attacked frequently by aphids that distort tender young growth.

'Xanthocarpum' - A very handsome yellow-fruited form, this smaller 8' tall plant bears yellow-gold fruit that persists well. The plant may also develop yellow fall color.