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+ How many clubs make up the SPL?
There are 12 member clubs. When the SPL was set up in 1998/99 there were 10 but that was increased by two in time for season 2000/01. A total of 18 different clubs have played in the SPL since the league was established.


+ How is the league structured?
The clubs initially play each other three times for a total of 33 games then the league splits into a top and bottom six for the final five matches, giving a total of 38.


+ What are the post-split dates for season 2010/11?
Fixture rounds 34-38 are scheduled for April 23 and 30 and May 7, 11 and 14/15.


+ Will there be a winter break this season?
No, although the concept does have support from various quarters and the SPL may re-introduce a winter break in the future. The last winter shutdown was in 2002/03.


+ What is the U21 rule?
One of the aims of the SPL is the development of young talent and the U21 rule has been part of the league since it was set up in 1998/99. Currently, clubs must have three outfield U21 players in their matchday squad of 18. For season 2010/11 that means players born after 1.1.89.

+ How is commercial and broadcasting revenue distributed between SPL clubs?
All revenues generated by the SPL are effectively put into one pot. A support payment to the SFL and parachute payments to recently relegated clubs are then deducted from that pot.  All associated costs of running the SPL are also deducted.


The remaining amount is split two ways to the member clubs: 48% is divided equally between all 12 clubs while 52% is distributed to teams dependent upon their final league position. The higher up the table that a club finishes, the more money they will receive.


+ What stadium criteria do clubs have to meet to be allowed to play in the SPL?
The SPL, following its inception, took responsibility for ensuring that the clubs in the top division put the recommendations from the Taylor Report into place. Criteria were established to set minimum standards to ensure safety and comfort for all spectators in the following areas:


Clubs must satisfy the requirements defined in the Stadia Handbook.


All SPL clubs must have, by no later than March 31 preceding any season and for the whole of that season, a stadium with no less than 6,000 covered seats for spectators.


Winter Protection
Clubs must also have adequate winter protection to help prevent postponements. Adequate winter pitch protection is defined as undersoil or underground heating.


+ How do I buy tickets for an SPL game?
Tickets can be purchase from SPL clubs and ticket details can be found here.


+ How can teams qualify for Europe?
Scotland are 16th in the rankings for the 2011/12 UEFA Club Competitions.

The winners of this season's Clydesdale Bank Premier League are scheduled to enter in the second qualifying round (champions' pathway) but may go into qualifying round three if the 2010/11 for the 2011/12 competition through their domestic league position.

The runners-up and the Scottish Cup Winners enter in qualifying round three, with the thrid-placed team in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League coming in at qualifying round two.

+ Who have been the most successful club in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League?
Rangers are the current champions and have won the title six times. Celtic have six titles to their credit. Click here for full roll of honour.


+ Where can I watch Clydesdale Bank Premier League matches on TV?
Sky Sports and ESPN will each screen 30 live games for the next five seasons, with all matches available in standard and high definition. BBC ALBA will show one game per week on a delayed basis on a Saturday night at 5.30pm. Highlights are available on Sky Sports and BBC Scotland on a Sunday, with online highlights on the BBC website from 6pm on Sunday.


+ Who is on the SPL board?
The current members are Ralph Topping (SPL Chairman), Neil Doncaster (SPL Chief Executive), Stewart Robertson (Motherwell FC), Eric Riley (Celtic FC), Stewart Gilmour (St Mirren FC) and Rod Petrie (Hibernian FC). The board meet at Hampden on a monthly basis. Quarterly meetings involving all 12 clubs also take place at the SPL offices at Hampden.


+  How does the SPL differ from the SFA and the SFL?
The SPL was set up to provide an environment in which Scotland's foremost clubs can improve their quality and image, maximise the commercial value of the game and thus ensure its long term future and prosperity.  Its role is to run the league, support the clubs and act in the best interests of the clubs commercially.


The Scottish Football Association (SFA) is the sport's overall governing body in Scotland, and their objectives are to promote, foster and develop the game all over the country. The Scottish FA are responsible for the International team, the Homecoming Scottish Cup and the development of grassroots football. Click here for further information.


The objective of the Scottish Football League (SFL) is to promote the interests of its 30 members within the overall context of the game. It organises the First, Second and Third Division Championships in Scotland alongside the Co-operative Insurance Cup and the ALBA Challenge Cup. Clikc here for more information.


+ Who is responsible for referees?
The SFA appoint all match officials. Details of appointments for Clydesdale Bank Premier League are normally announced on a Monday prior to the weekend - details are posted on this website.


+Who sponsors the SPL?

The Clydesdale Bank are title sponsors of the Clydesdale Bank Premier League and have been since the start of the 2007/08 season.  Thier curent deal runs until the end of season 2012/13. The SPL work with a number of high-profile broadcasting and commercial partners. A full list of current SPL partners can be found here.

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