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These links are about the island east of the southern tip of India, formerly known as Ceylon: a mix of general links and those about hopes and work for peace in the long-running conflict there.

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I sometimes write about Lanka in my weblog, ObBlog --JohnAbbe

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Specific articles

Obviously, the arts can be a powerful path to peace.

Organizations in Lanka

Of course there are many more organizations, with and without websites.

Organizations outside Lanka

OfERR - Organization for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation - largely refugee-staffed organization serving refugee population in India -

Friends for Peace in Sri Lanka (FPSL, Sinhalese & Tamils in Australia) -

names/missions sound good, but?:


(one project would be to get the following to list more nonviolence/peace/justice-oriented resources)

Lonely Planet travel guide on Sri Lanka --

The Open Directory (a free directory like Yahoo -- ) has a whole set of categories for:

Native Peoples

Discussion , news:soc.culture.tamil & news:soc.culture.sri-lanka


(not all in "good taste")

Sri Lanka Crazy News --

Ethniklashistan --

Older (but quite valuable)

INCORE has an extensive (1997, but updated 2001!) page of links on the conflict in Sri Lanka --

Accord magazine issue on Sri Lanka peace (July 1998 ) --

SriLanka FAQ - Old (1995) monthly posting to news:soc.culture.sri-lanka --

Lines, an on-line magazine -