Post-It Mario Showdown: The Saga Continues

Yesterday, after Reddit user lukeco adorned his Columbia College dorm room window with a Post-It note Mario, his neighbor across the courtyard responded by creating a Post-It note Piranha Plant:  After that, lukeco upped the ante by giving his Post-It Mario a fire flower upgrade, shooting a fireball across the courtyard at his new nemesis:  As it turns, lukeco’s nemesis is also a Reddit user named emilyfree who posted pictures from her own perspective:  Naturally, the Internet insisted that they meet and fall in love, so he spelled out his room number in Post-It notes, and she paid him a visit:  No word from lukeco or emilyfree yet about what happened next, but presumably their wedding ceremony will be next spring some time. I'm hoping to get an invite.

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6 Responses So Far

  • Is it me or is she in her underwear in the second one?

    Chris L.
    a year ago
  • Thumbs Up.

    a year ago
  • boston unviersity, warren towers.

    Robert A.
    a year ago
  • He did not even make his bed up for her to come over…Or, er wait…Oh la la!

    Abby J.
    a year ago
  • The internet demands the arranged marriage of these two!

    Alain A.
    a year ago
  • She's already sporting some ring bling.

    Tim B.
    a year ago

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