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Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Port Huron, Monroe, Toledo OH, Windsor & Sarnia ON

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  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
ChanDTVCallCityNetworkNet 2ParentMore
27 WJBK DetroitFOX  info
445 WDIV DetroitNBCThis info
741 WXYZ DetroitABCRTVinfo
935 CBET WindsorCBC  info
1111 WTOL ToledoCBS  info
1313 WTVG ToledoABCLWHD info
1666 CHWI Wheatley, ON   info
1818 WDWO Detroit   info
2021 WMYD DetroitMy  info
226 CIII Stevenson, ONGlobal  info
2218 WDTJ ToledoDaystar  info
238 WUDT DetroitDaystar  info
2449 WNWO ToledoNBCRTV info
2727 WBGU Bowling Green, OHPBS  info
27  WFHD Ann Arbor   info
2828 WCMZ FlintPBS  info
2955 CIII Sarnia, ONGlobal  info
3029 WGTE ToledoPBS  info
3131 WPXD Ann ArborIONQubo info
3225 CICO WindsorTVO  info
33  W33BY Detroit   info
3446 CBLN Sarnia, ONCBC  info
3646 WUPW ToledoFOX  info
3839 WADL Detroit US info
3840 WLPC DetroitImpact  info
38  W38DH ToledoHSN  info
405 WLMB ToledoFamNet  info
4227 CKCO Sarnia, ONCTV  info
4747 W47DL DetroitTBN  info
48  WMNT ToledoMy  info
48  W48AV DetroitION WPXDinfo
5014 WKBD DetroitCW  info
5124 CHCH London, ON   info
5242 WGGN Sandusky, OHTBN  info
5469 CBEFT WindsorSRC  info
5643 WTVS DetroitPBS  info
6065 CHWI Windsor   info
6244 WWJ DetroitCBS  info
6867 CBLFT Sarnia, ONSRC  info

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FM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Entries in Parent indicate programming origination source
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
  • CP = construction permit, may not be on-air
  • HD = digital broadcasts
FreqCall   CityFormatParentHDMore
88.1 CBEE yes Chatham, ONVariety; CBC1CBE info
88.1 WBFH yes Bloomfield HillsHigh School  info
88.1 WDTR yes MonroeContmpry ChristianWLGH info
88.1 WHPR  Highland ParkUrban/Talk  info
88.1 WSDP yes PlymouthHigh School  info
88.3 WAQQ  OnstedVariety  info
88.3 WCBN yes Ann ArborCollege  info
88.3 WDTE CP Grosse Pte---info
88.3 WNFA yes Port HuronContmpry Christian  info
88.3 WSHJ  SouthfieldHigh School  info
88.3 WSHM CP WixomReligious  info
88.3 WXOU yes Auburn HillsCollege  info
88.3 WXTS  ToledoHigh School: Jazz  info
88.3 WXUT yes ToledoCollege  info
88.5 WYSA yes Wauseon, OHContmpry ChristianWYSZ info
88.7 CIMX yes WindsorModern Rock  info
88.9 W205BH yes Port HuronReligiousWPCS info
88.9 W205BZ  AdrianVarietyWAQQ info
89.1 WEMU yes YpsilantiPublic: Jazz/Talk HDinfo
  WEMU-2   Folk/Roots   
89.1 WPHS yes WarrenHigh School/Classical  info
89.3 CKGW yes Chatham, ONReligious  info
89.3 WBLD  Orchard LakeHigh School  info
89.3 WHFR yes DearbornCollege  info
89.3 WYSZ yes ToledoContmpry Christian  info
89.5 WAHS  Auburn HillsHigh School/Classical  info
89.5 WBCY yes Archbold, OHContmpry ChristianWBCL info
89.5 WDTP CP Huron Twp   info
89.5 WOVI  NoviHigh School  info
89.5 W208BB yes Royal OakReligiousKAWZ info
89.7 new CP Lexington   info
89.9 CBE yes WindsorVariety; CBC2  info
90.1 W211BQ CP AdrianVarietyWAQQ info
90.3 CBEG yes Sarnia, ONVariety; CBC1CBE info
90.3 WOTL yes ToledoReligiousKEAR info
90.7 WNFR yes SanduskyReligious  info
90.9 WRCJ yes DetroitPublic: Classical/Jazz  info
91.3 WGTE yes ToledoPublic: Classical/Talk  info
91.3 WSGR  Port HuronCollege  info
91.5 WVMV CP Algonac---info
91.7 WUOM yes Ann ArborPublic: News/Talk HDinfo
91.9 CBEW yes Leamington, ONVariety; CBC1 info
91.9 WORW  Port HuronHigh School  info
92.3 WMXD yes DetroitAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
  WMXD-2 yes  Contmpry Christian   
92.5 WVKS yes ToledoContemporary Hits  info
92.7 CJSP yes Leamington, ONVariety Hits  info
93.1 WDRQ yes DetroitVariety Hits HDinfo
  WDRQ-2  Dance   
93.5 WHMI  HowellClassic Hits  info
93.5 WRQN yes ToledoClassic Hits HDinfo
93.9 CIDR yes WindsorAdult Alternative  info
94.3 CKSY yes Chatham, ONAdult Contemporary  info
94.3 W232BH yes HollyContmpry ChristianWAKL info
94.3 W232CA yes DetroitModern RockWGPR-3 info
94.5 WXKR yes ToledoClassic Rock HDinfo
  WXKR-2 yes  Modern Rock   
94.7 WCSX yes DetroitClassic Rock HDinfo
  WCSX-2 yes  Classic Rock   
95.1 CKUE yes Chatham, ONRock  info
95.3 WQTE  AdrianCountry  info
95.5 WKQI yes DetroitContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WKQI-2 yes  Contemporary Hits   
95.7 WIMX  ToledoAdult Urban Contmpry  info
95.9 CJWF yes WindsorCountryinfo
96.1 WMTR yes Archbold, OHHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.3 WDVD yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WDVD-2   Alt Classics   
96.5 W243AD yes AdrianAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
96.7 CHYR yes Leamington, ONHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.9 WBTI  LexingtonHot Adult Contmpry  info
96.9 WNKLyes Wauseon, OHContmpry ChristianKLVR info
97.1 WXYT yes DetroitTalk HDinfo
  WXYT-2 yes NewsWWJ  
97.3 WJZE  ToledoUrban  info
97.5 CBEW yes WindsorVariety; CBC1 info
97.5 WYDM yes MonroeHot Adult Contmpry  info
97.5 W248AQ  Harrison Twp------ info
97.7 W249BT yes AdrianContmpry ChristianWBCY info
97.9 WJLB yes DetroitUrban HDinfo
  WJLB-2 yes  Urban   
98.1 WDFM yes Defiance, OHHot Adult Contmpry  info
98.3 WMIM yes ToledoAdult Contemporary HDinfo
98.3 W252BA yes ChelseaAdult ContemporaryWSAE info
98.3 W252BX yes DetroitContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
98.7 WDZH yes DetroitContemporary Hits HDinfo
  WDZH-2 yes Smooth Jazz   
99.1 CJAM yes WindsorCollege  info
99.1 W256AY  Detroitsilent--- info
99.5 WYCD yes DetroitCountry HDinfo
  WYCD-2 yes  Country   
  WYCD-3 yes  Spanish Hits   
99.9 CFGX yes Sarnia, ONAdult Contemporary  info
99.9 WKKO yes ToledoCountry HDinfo
99.9 W260CB  HamtramckSmooth Jazz---- info
100.3 WNIC yes DetroitHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
  WNIC-2 yes  Adult Contemporary   
100.7 CKUE yes WindsorRock  info
100.7 W264AK yes ToledoModern RockWXKR-2 info
101.1 WRIF yes DetroitActive Rock HDinfo
  WRIF-2 yes  Rock   
101.5 WRVF yes ToledoAdult Contemporary  info
101.9 WDET yes DetroitPublic: Variety HDinfo
  WDET-2 yes  Adult Alternative   
102.3 WGRT yes Port HuronAdult Contemporary  info
102.3 WPOS yes ToledoReligious  info
102.3 W272CA yes DetroitContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
102.7 WHTD yes DetroitUrban HDinfo
102.9 WWWW yes Ann ArborCountry  info
103.1 CBEF yes Leamington, ONFrenchCBEF info
103.3 CKCI yes SarniaVarietyCKTI info
103.5 WMUZ yes DetroitReligious HDinfo
  WMUZ-2 yes GospelWEXL  
  WMUZ-3 yes  ReligiousWRDT  
103.7 WCKY yes Tiffin, OHCountry  info
103.9 CHOK yes Sarnia, ONCountry/Full Svc  info
103.9 CJBC yes Windsor, ONFrench  info
103.9 WLEN  AdrianAdult Contemporary  info
104.3 WOMC yes DetroitClassic Hits HDinfo
  WOMC-2 yes Oldies   
  WOMC-3 yes  Talk   
104.7 WIOT yes ToledoRock  info
104.7 W284BQ yes DetroitSmooth JazzWGPR-2 info
105.1 WMGC yes DetroitAdult Contemporary HDinfo
  WMGC-2 yes DetroitAC/Classical   
105.5 WWWM yes ToledoHot Adult Contmpry HDinfo
105.5 W288BK yes Rochester HillsContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
105.5 W288BT  St. Clair------ info
105.9 WDMK yes DetroitAdult Urban Contmpry HDinfo
  WDMK-2 yes  UrbanWHTD  
106.3 CHKS yes Sarnia, ONRock  info
106.3 W292DK yes WestlandContmpry ChristianWMXD-2 info
106.5 WLQR yes ToledoSports HDinfo
106.7 WDTW yes DetroitRhythmic AC  HD info
  WDTW-2 yes  Country   
107.1 WQKL yes Ann ArborAdult Alternative  info
107.1 WSAQ  Port HuronCountry  info
107.3 WJUC yes ToledoUrban  info
107.5 WGPR yes DetroitSoft Urban/Jazz  info
  WGPR-2 yes Smooth Jazz   
  WGPR-3 yes  Modern Rock   
107.9 WMLZ  TemperanceClassic Rock  info
107.9 WVAC yes AdrianCollege  info

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AM Radio:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • Frequencies in red indicate AM stereo broadcasters
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall   CityFormatMore
540 CBEF yes WindsorFrenchinfo
560 WRDT yes MonroeReligiousinfo
580 CKWW yes WindsorOldiesinfo
630 CFCO yes Chatham, ONCountryinfo
680 (N) WNZK yes DetroitEthnic/Talkinfo
690 (D) WNZK yes DetroitEthnic/Talkinfo
730 WJYM yes Bowling Green, OHReligiousinfo
760 WJR yes DetroitNews/Talkinfo
800 CKLW yes WindsorNews/Talkinfo
910 WFDF yes DetroitChildren's/Popinfo
950 WWJ yes DetroitNewsinfo
990 WDEO yes YpsilantiReligiousinfo
1030 WUFL yes DetroitReligiousinfo
1050 WTKA yes Ann ArborSportsinfo
1070 CHOK yes Sarnia, ONCountry/Full Svcinfo
1090 WCAR  DetroitReligiousinfo
1130 WDFN yes DetroitSportsinfo
1160 WCXI  FentonOldies/Talkinfo
1200 WCHB yes DetroitTalk/Religiousinfo
1230 WCWA  ToledoSportsinfo
1270 WXYT yes DetroitSportsinfo
1290 WLBY  Ann ArborTalkinfo
1310 WDTW yes DetroitTalkinfo
1340 WEXL yes DetroitReligiousinfo
1370 WSPD yes ToledoNews/Talkinfo
1380 WPHM  Port HuronNews/Talkinfo
1400 WDTK yes DetroitTalkinfo
1430 WFOB yes Fostoria, OHSportsinfo
1440 WDRJ yes DetroitReligiousinfo
1450 WHLS  Port HuronOldiesinfo
1460 WPON yes Walled Lakesilentinfo
1470 WLQR  ToledoSportsinfo
1480 WSDS yes YpsilantiEthnicinfo
1490 WABJ  AdrianNews/Talkinfo
1500 WLQV yes DetroitReligiousinfo
1520 WNWT yes ToledoContmpry Christianinfo
1550 CBE yes WindsorVariety; CBC1info
1560 WWYC yes ToledoReligiousinfo
1590 WHLX  Marine CityOldiesinfo
1600 WAAM yes Ann ArborNews/Talkinfo

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Weather Radio:

Detroit-Pontiac NWS Office - Southeast Lower Peninsula / Thumb Area

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
5162.450 WNG582  Sandusky300 watts? ftinfo
Huron, Lapeer, St. Clair, Sanilac, Tuscola
5162.450 WNG647 yes Adrian300 watts1100 ftinfo
Hillsdale, Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw
3162.475 KIH29 yes Flint/Clio1000 watts1558 ftinfo
Bay, Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac, Shiawassee, Tuscola
1162.550 KEC63 yes Detroit/Southfield330 watts1370 ftinfo
Lenawee, Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw, Wayne


Cleveland NWS Office

  • info link contains coverage area and more station information
  • yes  = web stream available, click to listen
  • Channel number is on typical weather radio
Ch  FreqCall CityPowerHeightMore
6162.500 WXL51  Toledo, OH300 watts1148 ftinfo
Lenawee, Monroe

Note: Toledo does not send alerts for Monroe and Lenawee counties


WeatherRadio Canada - Ontario near the Michigan border

Ch  FreqCallCityPowerHeightMore
2162.400 XJV492 Sarnia42 watts446 ftinfo
3162.475 VAZ533 Windsor98 watts364 ftinfo

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AM Travelers Information Service:

  • Clicking on call sign opens official station web site
    yes  = web stream available)
  • info link contains technical and historic station information
FreqCall CityUsageMore
530 WPMN714  MarysvilleCommunityinfo
920 WPDE847  RomulusMetro Airportinfo
1610 KNNV404  Madison HeightsMDOTinfo
1610 WPLS727  Port HuronBlue Water Bridgeinfo
1610 WPYD802  Clinton Township   Communityinfo
1610 WPYF269  DetroitAmbassador Bridge   info
1610 WQEE251  Rochester HillsCommunityinfo
1620 WPXI292  St. Clair CountyCommunityinfo
1620 WQBQ687  WayneCommunityinfo
1630 WPJR341  Detroit areaMDOTinfo
1630 WPJR342  Detroit areaMDOTinfo
1640 WQIY899  RomulusMetro Airportinfo
1650 WPWK899  RiverviewCommunityinfo
1650 WQGH391  Farmington HillsCommunityinfo
1670 WPZV580  WyandotteCommunityinfo
1670 WPZY431  LivoniaCommunityinfo
1670 WQGH347  TroyCommunityinfo
1690 WPZC633  WarrenCommunityinfo
1690 WQEQ301  Dearborn HeightsCommunityinfo
1700 WPPZ755  WestlandCommunityinfo
1700 WPTC520  Sterling HeightsCommunityinfo
1700 WPUA590  TrentonCommunityinfo
1700 WPWI622  SouthfieldCommunityinfo

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