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Burn Any Web-Hosted File into a Torrent With Burnbit

Burnbit is a new service that allows users to generate a torrent for any file hosted online. It is especially useful for those who want to share large files with multiple people, at great speeds and without consuming too much bandwidth. Because the torrents are linked to a file hosted somewhere online, it will always be accessible and never die out.

burnbitHave you ever wanted to share a movie or any other file with a group of friends, colleagues or family? Then you have probably noticed that a regular hosting account may be too slow, or limited in the amount of bandwidth it provides. Here’s where BitTorrent comes in.

With BitTorrent you can quickly share a file among hundreds of people without any major hassles. The only problem is that you have to create a torrent file, host it and keep it seeded for as long as people want to download the file. But it can be even more convenient if you use Burnbit.

Burnbit is a new service which launched today. It’s aimed at people who are looking for a convenient and efficient way to share files via BitTorrent, without consuming too much bandwidth. After uploading a file to a web-server, Burnbit users can generate a torrent file to share with the public. By using a torrent users will save precious bandwidth, and since it is linked to a web-seed, the file will never die as long as the mirror is still in place.

Although Burnbit is a convenient way to generate torrents with a web-seed included, the process itself is nothing new. All the popular BitTorrent clients allow users to add a web-mirror nowadays. However, Burnbit users do have some additional advantages.

Firstly the service is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, it only takes one click and the torrent is ready to share. The Burnbit site will host the torrent file and it also provides a download button that people can insert into their own blog or website. Another advantage for Burnbit users is that they can track various stats, like the download count and the number of seeds and leechers.

The only major downside to the service at the moment is that all files are public. There is no option to add a private file, which may hold people back from sharing a large photo archive or a semi-private movie with others. In addition it would be nice if one could add a custom title or description to the burned files.

TorrentFreak spoke to the owner of Burnbit who told us that they will take suggestions from the public to improve the site, and the privacy setting request was duly noted. At the time of its launch the site already indexes more than 150,000 files which the site’s crawlers have found while browsing the web. All the files have been automatically categorized, but users can add their own categories when they upload files.

The button below links to a high definition file of the latest TorrentFreak TV episode (download page). If you want to burn your own files you can head over to the Burnbit site and give it a try.

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