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Whitey Tape, API, Phil Berg, and Andy Martin

Boy the waters are roiling. It is true that we stand on the precipice of electing the least vetted, unqualified man for President in the history of the United States. I am getting a flood of emails from folks–most well intentioned and a few trolls–desperate for the October surprise, whatever it might be. So let me try to answer some of the questions circulating.

The Whitey Tape–None of my three main sources on who told me about the existence of a video recording of Michelle Obama making disparaging comments about white folks have backed off. Two of these sources are Democrats and are journalists. They were not trying to sabotage the Obama campaign. They were passing on something they believed to be true. The fact that my third source, a person who lives on the West Coast and is a Republican, has no ties whatsoever to the other two but told the same story persuaded me this “tape” exists. My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.

There also is the fact that the Obama campaign at one point circulated the lame story that Michelle was not using “whitey” as an epithet. Nope. She was saying, “Why’d he.” You don’t put out a story line like that if such a recording does not exist. At this point I don’t think it is going to be used.

African Press InternationalMany of the conservative blogs are buzzing about the supposed release of an audiotape featuring Michelle Obama complaining about API coverage and her alleged acknowledgment that Barack was an Indonesian citizen. I have no doubt that Barack was adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and became an Indonesian citizen as a child. However, I don’t find this report credible. I am happy to be proven wrong in my belief, but I don’t think Michelle Obama is just sitting around watching and reading news accounts and calling up folks to complain. If that was true I would have expected a call from the lovely Mrs. Obama. API is claiming it has the audiotape and it will be released imminently. I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. I am a Show Me state boy. I am not writing anymore on this matter until an audiotape appears.

Phil Berg and his lawsuit–Poor Phil Berg. He can’t get arrested in Philadelphia right now. His effort to mount a legal challenge to Barack Obama’s qualifications, or lack thereof in terms of citizenship, to be President appears to be going no where. Yet he is declaring victory of sorts today. According to a story at America’s Right:

Berg: Due to Procedure, Obama and DNC Admit all Allegations

According to Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a party upon whom requests for admissions have been served must respond, within 30 days, or else the matters in the requests will be automatically deemed conclusively admitted for purposes of the pending action.

On September 15, as part of his federal lawsuit contending that the Illinois senator is ineligible, pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, to serve as president of the United States, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg served Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee with just such a request. Soon thereafter, on October 6, Barack Obama and the DNC acknowledged service in their motion for protective order, filed in an attempt to persuade the court to stay discovery. The Federal Rules require that a response to a request for admissions be served within the 30-day time limit, and Barack Obama and the DNC have not done so.

Therefore, this morning, amidst news reports that Barack Obama will be suspending his campaign for a few days so he can fly to Hawaii to visit his grandmother, who has suddenly fallen ill, Philip Berg will file two motions in district court in Philadelphia:

A motion requesting an immediate order deeming his request for admissions served upon Barack Obama and the DNC on September 15 admitted by default, and
A motion requesting an expedited ruling and/or hearing on Berg’s motion deeming the request for admissions served upon Obama and the DNC admitted.

Berg contends that the failure to respond and serve the response within the time limit is “damning,” and made two appearances overnight on Rollye James’ talk radio program, the second one coming shortly after midnight, during which he disclosed the meat of today’s filings and the legal and political ramifications of the defendants’ failure to respond.

I am not a lawyer but I thought the DNC has asked for a delay and the judge in the case still has not ruled. I think this much is certain. Even if Obama is elected these questions, like Whitewater in the case of the Clintons, is not going to disappear and will be fodder for further investigations and legal challenges.

Andy Martin–And Mr. Martin is in the news. The Obama team came after him as a rabid anti-Semite. Let me see if I have this right, Barack Obama hangs out with Louis Farrakhan and Rashid Khalidi and Andy Martin is the anti-Semite? Anyway, Andy is in Hawaii and many are speculating that his investigative efforts there are the real reason that Barack has suspended his campaign and headed for Honolulu. There is a nifty thread on Andy’s efforts over at the Hillary Clinton forum (read here). I don’t know if there is any fire beneath the smoke Andy is putting up, but we will know by next Tuesday.

I believe we ought to start the rumor that Barack Obama really is a disgruntled plumber from Ohio. That appears to be the only way the media will be inspired to conduct a thorough investigation of why Barack has covered up and mythologized his childhood and his ties to radicals like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan. All hail Barack!

  • Hank


    OMG, Obama holding a Jobs Summit, and on his panel is Richardson. What a joke… Why doesn’t he have a townhall meeting with McCain. This is so ridiculous you can see Richardson going through his role. This summit should have been done on Broadway or Disneyworld inside Fantasy Land. The sad part to this, are the people inside believing all the characters in this Play called, “Obama, The Talk Show”. Their experience’s should come from the HEART not from a piece of Paper in front of them.

  • Tellurian

    Phil Berg has the Right to ask for enforcement of the admission as it pertains to the Constitution. Obama is in an indefensible position. Berg has to ask the Court for Obama’s removal as the Democratic Nominee.

  • AdrianS

    Important Update:

    Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit – Obama’s “Not” Qualified to be President
    Obama Should Immediately Withdraw his Candidacy for President

    For Immediate Release: – 10/21/08 – Complete contact details and a pdf are at the end of this article

    (Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania �” 10/21/08) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that Obama and tbe DNC “ADMITTED”, by way of failure to timely respond to Requests for Admissions, all of the numerous specific requests in the Federal lawsuit. Obama is “NOT QUALIFIED” to be President and therefore Obama must immediately withdraw his candidacy for President and the DNC shall substitute a qualified candidate. The case is Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083.

    Berg stated that he filed Requests for Admissions on September 15, 2008 with a response by way of answer or objection had to be served within thirty [30] days. No response to the Requests for Admissions was served by way of response or objection. Thus, all of the Admissions directed to Obama and the DNC are deemed “ADMITTED.” Therefore, Obama must immediately withdraw his candidacy for President.

    More Information:

  • ObamaNOT

    Boy I post the articles I found and someone else starts a thread….I would have started the thread but I dont have that privilege…..

    But anyway, the truth is getting out….

  • AnninCA

    Whatever, Larry….this stuff isn’t relevant to me, anyway.

    I have no doubt Michelle was a big-mouth. I also don’t think she is the same person today.


    These slime-tactics aren’t any more worthwhile than those used against Palin.

    I’ve obviously made it clear that I don’t support them.

    On either side.

  • katmandu

    Well, this is interesting (though somewhat contrary to other polls): GWU/Battleground has Obama up by only one. Uno. (1). Single,

  • Patience

    I’m not surprised about McCain not wanting to use the whitey tape. I’m very disappointed though as I feel the public deserves a fuller and truer picture of Obama. He’s called Michelle his most-trusted advisor, so I don’t consider it off-limits. I believe all of these accusations of racism have been to serve the purpose of thwarting the effect the whitey tape would have. Oh well.

    I believe in its existence because of the dissembling — the “why’d he” explanation was proof enough for me. But when I recently read rumors that Seymour Hersh had the tape, I lost hope that it would ever see the light of day since he’s a Democrat.

  • doc99

    By suppressing the Whitey Tape and mention of Jeremiah Wright, McCain might be running one of the most ethical campaigns in American History. Barack Obama not so much.

  • tj

    I heard yesterday on a talk radio show that the republicain national party is telling MCcain that he will use Rev. Wright against Obama in the coming weeks. I wonder if they will use the tape of Michelle Obama along with this. I know we have no physical proof of the tapes existance, but I am like you Larry, a person does not try to explain away something unless it is fact. I personaly think it should be used since the Obama campaign has made race such a factor in this election.

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.

    I read McCain’s detailed horoscope, there’s a bit in there about how he can work against himself.

    I hope he hasn’t muzzled the 527s.

  • rwc

    McCain has run one the worst campaigns in history. Here he has as a opponent, a Marxist thug who has a history of befriending racists, anti-semites and ex-terrorists.

    He should have wiped the floor with him months ago.

    But instead he has refused to go after Obama and his associates and instead play patty cake with him.

    Overall McCain is doing a great job at not getting elected.

  • dnesser

    I don’t understand McCain. He won’t use Rev. Wright and now you’re saying he won’t use the “Whitey” tape. He needs to use both or he is not going to win. The Media is already blaming McCain for a Nasty campaign, so he should go all the way. Americans have the right to know what the Obama’s really believe. Where are the 527′s – they are the ones that should be putting this stuff out. I’m starting to think the Republicans do not want to win.

  • benny

    Barack Obama really is a disgruntled plumber from Ohio. lol rofl

  • Dan

    You’ve gotta be kidding me, Larry.

    The McCain campaign has a game-winner in hand and they’ve “requested that it not be used”???

    My God, do they think that it’s somehow nobler to go down to defeat and not let the tape see the light of day rather than use it and prevent a pseudo-Marxist like Barack Obama from gaining the White House???

    One can only hope that if the tape does indeed exist (And to be honest, this sounds an awful lot to me like a cover story that someone’s putting out to to cover up the fact that it doesn’t.) wiser heads within the McCain campaign will prevail and will release it.

    Does anyone think for one second that if McCain were leading by 3-4 points with two weeks left to go and the Democrats came across a videotape of Cindy McCain going off on a rant against black people that they wouldn’t use it?

    C’mon John!!! The future of this country is at stake here!!!

  • tj

    Hey BTW as an afterthought: If BOs grandma was so sick for the last couple of weeks why did he not suspend his campaign and go to her before she was released from the hospital. To me this is backwards. Not once was there even mention of her being sick until she was sent home.
    I think BO is trying to figure out a way to make this BC thing go away. Granny is just a good excuse to fly to Hawaii.
    Also they are saying she is 86 on the news. Did BO not say she was 93? I swear I heard him say this.

  • AnninCA

    Your idea of a game-changer would, indeed, change my vote.

    I will not vote for McCain if he plays the race card.

    End of story.

    I will abandon his campaign in a heartbeat.

    It’s irresponsible. It’s wrong. It’s against all my principles.

    Use it……lose me.

  • AnninCA

    Couldn’t disagree with you more.

    Your right-wing ideas aren’t a winner this year.

  • rwc

    I suspect McCain has lost his nerve, remember how he froze up and started stuttering when a older woman was begging him to go after Obama?

    Its clear from that and other instances where people were begging McCain to attack Obama that McCain doesn’t have the stomach for a fight.

    And if he is restraining the 527′s(which I suspect given how silent they are) he deserves to lose.


    Use the damn tape ..the future of the greatest country on earth is at stake here..I do not want to be a socialist…it’s hard enough being a capitalist with the market the way it is… I’ m old enough and smart enough to take care of myself and I do not want the government involved in my life any more..Washington gave us the plastic Jesus…how bright are they???/
    If you have the tapes flaunt them……time is a running out!!!
    And as much as McCain may protest I think he will overlook others who us the tape to get him elected president…
    Sow Baby Show

  • Alice Paul WPB

    I was thinking about something. You know how Biden made those remarks the other day about a crisis happening within the first six months of Obama’s election? Maybe its a Constitutional crisis, like finally finding out he isn’t a US born citizen or dual citizen. That’s why his supporters would have to stand by him!

    Obama also stated the other day down here in Florida that people should go out and vote early because you never know what is going to happen. What did he mean by that? I remember thinking that was such a strange statement.


    use and Show Baby Show are corrections

  • AnninCA


    You just are right-wing.

    I can only reassert that all the stories, even on NQ over the birth certificate, the whitey tapes, etc.

    You could easily drive me away if I didn’t decide you were just a bunch of tin-foil nutcases.

    I’m not interested in radical right thinking.

  • workingclass artist

    Thanks Larry for the post…Your opinion is always interesting.
    I am not a lawyer but I have been the victim of this admissions discovery thing that Berg is talking about.
    It is fundamental…If you don’t respond to the admission as Berg states you in effect throw the case to the other side.
    I a custody case ( the 4th brought by my kids father because I had gone to the Atty. Gen. about back child support ) This standard list of admissions ( the questions vary according to the case ) was given to my lawyer.
    It is fundamental first year law school stuff…Aaaand my lawyer ( who was moving offices at the time ) never gave me these questions…in fact at the next hearing he blanched when confronted by both the opposing lawyer and ME in the lobby outside the courtroom…and QUIT as my lawyer on the SPOT!…The judge rescheduled the hearing as I was a basket case and had no idea what was going

    I went through the phone book trying to get another lawyer…Finally a friend of my mother’s explained to me just how badly my lawyer had screwed up and that this was why I couldn’t find another lawyer to take my case. In fact this lawyer told me I had a duty to repor this Atty. to the Bar Assoc. for making such a fundamental and classic error…He effectively lost my case by not responding to the admissions…
    That’s why I say DISCOVERY IS A BITCH!
    Now in my case I got instruction on how to amend the admissions and basically plead on bended knee to the MERCY of the Court. Because I was Poor and in the position I was as well as the nature of the case…The Judge took pity on me and did what I was told was a rare thing..He was judicious and granted my petition. But I’m a civilian…
    Soeterobama is a constitutional legal expert with the DNC Lawyers behind him. I doubt the Judge will grant the same mercy…We shall see…But from what I was told there is no excuse for inaction barring an act of GOD i.e, earth quake…etc…It is just Gross Negligence according to the Lawyer who helped me…
    BTW…I retained custody of the kid who is 18 now..and her Dad had to pay back some of the back support…Not what was owed but at least some of it.

  • Objective analysis

    I would expose his behind (Obama) and his wife all day. When you have a spade or Joker in a spades game to win the game, you play the sucker. Period. McCain is right, he is not Bush or Rove. They would have played this along time ago. This ain’t even a Kerry issue.

    I believe that they will play it, but they wanted to appear to not be racist. heck Obama has not kept his promises, why should McCain be honorable.

    Burn baby Burn.

  • wodiej

    LOL…I liked that too.


    I think it’s pretty clear that the grandmother story is a hoax and he’s going to Hawaii to try to straighten out this BC thing. How sad that Obama thinks he is above our Constitution. But from what I have noticed this election most people don’t seem to care much for America, our freedoms, our Constitution, etc. if they are voting for Obama. I mean, there should be plain OUTRAGE that his close confidant and mentor is standing on the American Flag. But I guess America is just trash to these people. Very sad indeed. After Biden’s freaky speech about America facing some bizarre situation in six months after Obama is elected, etc. these are very scary times for us. I hope that anyone with business, money and families to protect will leave the country. It’s the only way to say that either we live in America, as AMERICA or someone else can pay for all of Obama’s costly, insane spending programs, etc. and live in the dangerous, unsafe, defenseless America he wants.

  • standard

    I hope that the tape, if it exists, is released independent of McCain.
    McCain’s big mistake is to not work sneaky like Obama. The criticism comes directly from his mouth or Pallin’s.
    Obama sends his little Trolls out on the web to do his dirty business.
    There is a potent smear commercial against McCain replaying here in NYC. They aired it during SNL, and I’ve seen it on CNN as well.
    More and more, I agree with Susan.
    Let’s vote McCain.

  • benny

    offtopic, but hilarious or maybe not…

    Goldfish Registered to Vote in Illinois (AP/Yahoo)

  • NCgirl

    It is my understanding that the “Whitey Tape” has Michelle saying some pretty bad things about Bill Clinton. Maybe some of you think it wouldn’t be effective, but I think it would. It might make a great deal of difference to the Taylor Marsh crowd who formerly supported Hillary and are now koolaid drinkers. Saying something that awful about Bill might just piss those people off enough to either stay home or vote McCain. I am beginning to think McCain really doesn’t want to win. He doesn’t want Rev. Wright used and apparently doesn’t want this tape used. I think it is political suicide myself.

  • tj

    Bidens comments are just plain strange. I have thought this from the beginnig when he was saying Hillary would be the better VP vhoice. It almost is as if he wants to sabatoge BO.
    The only way after the election that the BC issue can be taken care of is with impeachment unless they do it before he is sworn in. I still think this is unfair since every other person in the USA has to prove we are citizens other wise we are a terrorist threat. Why is the same not done for the elected officials of this country.

  • beverly leslie

    If there is a Whitey tape and the Mccain camp doesn’t use it, they are not very smart.

  • tj

    Bidens comments are just plain strange. I have thought this from the beginnig when he was saying Hillary would be the better VP choice. It almost is as if he wants to sabatoge BO.
    The only way after the election that the BC issue can be taken care of is with impeachment unless they do it before he is sworn in. I still think this is unfair since every other person in the USA has to prove we are citizens other wise we are a terrorist threat. Why is the same not done for the elected officials of this country.

  • Garbagee

    Wow Larry! You usually have to visit a farm for such a steaming pile. Should we file this with the COLB and “Techdude”?

    Larry, I hope you love the people that post to this blog. Because after what you’ve done with your reputation, they are the only people who are going to take you seriously.

    What a waste of talent.

  • rwc

    Race card? Obama and Michelle are the racists here darlin.

    Get that straight.

    And if exposing a black female David Duke offends you so be it.

    The GOP doesn’t need the vote of people who support racists and Marxists.

  • wodiej

    I think if there is a tape of Michelle Obama calling white people “whitey”, it should be exposed. That is racist. If there is a telephone conversation of her admitting Obama’a Indonesian citizenship, it should be exposed. That proves Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States. It is not smear, it is a matter of right and wrong. Especially since the Obama’s want to throw the friggin’ race card so frequently. Neither of them are fit to represent or lead this great country in any way, shape or form. I felt the same way about George Bush Jr.

    I am sure there is a reason why McCain is not using things like Rev. Wright against Obama and I don’t believe it’s because he has lost nerve. Are you kidding me?? He was tortured in Vietnam for 5 years. I think he and his campaign feel it would do more harm than good…you know, stoke the race fires more. We don’t need that.

  • Uppity Woman

    Thank GOD you posted publicly about the API thing. I am so SICK of those people trying to pimp their links on my blog I have erased all links. IMO these people are looking for internet traffic for advertising. I don’t believe anything about this story and if I’m proven wrong I will be VERY surprised. The fact is, they deliberately threw a match and then ran away from their own fire. I urge everyone not to perpetuate their links. You are being used by these people to increase their own traffic.

    Rule One: Don’t believe another thing they say unless you first HEAR a tape. That’s my rule and it should be yours.

  • Mary Lou

    It is not playing the race card to point out Barack Obama’s associations with people who appear to
    despise Whites and the American system. That’s like saying it would be playing the race card to inform AAs that a particular candidate wanting their vote has had associations with White Supremecists. So, don’t vote for McCain
    if this kind of discussion turns you off, but please avoid mischaracterizing it.

  • Garbagee

    Who were your three sources? Me, Myself and I Bwahahaha. God! What happened to you?

  • workingclass artist

    Barky really screwed up on failure to respond to admissions…amounts to Gross Legal Negligence…Berg is right on that

  • beachnan

    Thanks Larry for the updates. Although I find it commendable on one level, for McCain, to say no to airing the tape, on another level, I feel that he might live to regret it. I think Hillary may be reliving her campaign, and wondering if she should have said more. If McCain feels as we do, that BO would be disasterous for the country, than he should release the tape. I think the American public is sick to death of scandals, but what will they get if they elect the “messiah”? I’m afraid his entire time in office will be spent fighting the scandals surrounding his life. McCain needs to save us from this happening, by doing everything he can to defeat him.

  • Jackarooty

    I am absolutely beside myself that McCain is allowing the election to pass him by not releasing the whitey tape. I am so disturbed that he is going to “allow” That One to be elected POTUS.

    It is so wrong.

    Get ready to see Bill Ayers and Uncle Wright dancing at the WH on 01/20/09.

  • Midlife Mama

    Well, if McCain’s camp actually has this ‘whitey tape’ and doesn’t use it he deserves to lose. There, I said it.

    Anyone who doesn’t play dirty while opposing Obama is a fool. He plays dirty, so why in the hell are Republicans playing fair now? WTF??

    I am now an Independent who hates both parties. May God save us all.

  • Uppity Woman

    I’m sure it has an absentee ballot too. And they probably registered it in several other states as well.

  • kgirl1028

    The other day I came home complaining to my mom about a snake of a woman i work with, and my dear mother told me to stop talking about the woman and to pray with her. I do not understand people with high moral standards even win they are my mother, so i’m not going to wrap my mind around John mccain. maybe being so close to death (cause let’s be honest he is old) he wants to meet his maker when ever that maybe with a clear concious. The truth is no matter if obama get into office, he cheated and stole to get there, so really he didn’t win a damn thing. maybe John McCain wants to earn the positions he gets. Either way john has to past the muster of the person looking back at him in the mirror, there for he must do not what makes us happy, but what makes that person staring back at him happy.

    Damn it I wanted to see that whitey tape!

  • Judy

    A message to McCain:

    Release the freakin tape!!!!!!!!!

    There is too much at stake – like our entire way of life in the USA!!!!!!!!!

  • Hank

    If true about the whitey tape, everything should come out. It will only prove to the American people that all Obama has done is lied to us. Starting with his Birth Certificate which should have been Step 1, to run for POTUS, just like McCain did.

    Obama should come out and Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil. If he doesn’t McCain should do it for him.

  • workingclass artist

    Anninca…is from California…Nuff said…lol

  • tillthen

    Mac has to forget the good guy Christian thing to do. There are 300MM people at risk here. LETS SEE THE GD TAPE

  • AnninCA

    Not to me.

    I will vote for Obama if McCain or the Republicans pull any race shenanigans.

    I promise that.

    I am voting for McCain on his record of compromise, his integrity in this election, and the HOPE that Republicans can be changed.

    I do not respect their past. I do not go along with any of the radical right rants.

    I will not vote for McCain if I smell he’s leaning that way.

    That’s a promise.

    I am voting Republican for the first time in my life because I trust that he’s more honorable than that.

    All this baloney that I see posted by the nutcases puts me off. The ONLY reason it hasn’t pushed me away from McCain is because I’m sure it’s fringe element thinking.

    There are nuts in our world. Can’t escape them.

    And computers are cheap.

    But if I see the actual Republican party going that way?

    I’m so outta there, the wind will slam the door.

    I am disgusted with Democrats. If I’m disgusted with Republicans, too?

    Well, then…….I’ll be one who really does just stay home and let YOU be responsible.

    I won’t even participate.

  • shannon

    You just don’t get it. Our generation has not seen men like McCain in the public spotlight. He is all about honor. A man NEVER questions another man’s honor. It is the worst of insults. The man in question will always show himself for who he really is, there is no need for McCain stoop that low.

    I really want McCain to win this election. The country needs him, this is his time. But, I have long since believed that he might be too honorable to play this political game.

  • Linda

    That’s a sign he is losing support. He never talks about issues unless he absolutely has to.

    And is now taking a page from Hillary and John to copy….a Townhall to talk about the issues.

    Richardson……..UGH, he is helping cost the Democrats in this state (deservingly). People are so sick of him. They were pushing Richardson so he would leave the state. The same reason they were jumping on the Barry wagon, thinking he would appoint Richardson VP and now they’re prayiing for a Cabinet position. They don’t like what Richardson has done to this state. Just terrible.

    And his latest baby. The mega million (over 400) to build his train from south of Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Yep all that money for a choo choo that goes between two cities an hour away in one limited track. He said this is part of state transportation and the state would pay and run it. Then while he was running for Pres, news came out that they were going to raise taxes to help fund the maintenance of it. NO KIDDING. He put a stop to that “silly talk”, until after his failed campaign run. Now he is pushing for the tax and it’s on this Election Ballot. He has to pay the people, particularly his transportation Dept, like Rhonda Fought, who pushed his choo choo through the city planning dept and campaigned for him, so she can get more money. Get this, only half will be going to maintenance of the train and the other half to be dispersed accordingly.

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind Richardson gone from here, but I don’t wish him on the rest of our country in exchange for our freedom.

    …I’m that kinda’ gal. :)

  • Mercedes

    There was an interesting discussion yesterday among some of the commenters about their “tinfoil” picking up an impending storm. I don’t think I would agree with that but something about the McCain campaign doesn’t seem quite right….something seems to be holding both he and Sarah Palin back. I base that sense on both the lack of action on the news front and a really pathetic campaign ad that McCain is running in Colorado…something about responding to the economic crisis.

    Attn: Republican campaign. Get that ad off the air now. McCain is wearing a gold tie and has a plaintive “is this okay” look on his face at the end.

    I want a reformer. I voted already for a reformer. Get with it McCain people. Start slugging.

  • oowawa

    Alice, you raise some interesting points. But I kind of think that Biden was just being sloppy with his words, as he often is. He did specify “international crisis,” which would seem to indicate some trouble coming from abroad.

    Your second point, about O advsing his followers to “vote early because you never know what is going to happen,” is truly puzzling. What an enigma he is. Everything is sure up in the air, isn’t it? In a time of great uncertainty, the country seems ready to take the “leap of faith,” from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Linda

    Well, Larry, I wish you had better news on these issues. for us. :)

  • lind

    API is disingenuous and playing games. They are lying about their audio tapes which they’ve been releasing for ever and nothing ever comes out.After spending 20 years at trinity racist church we don’t need their tapes to know how michele Obama is. We also know that she probably would have not supported Hillary as the nominee,why?

  • tillthen


  • AnninCA

    I don’t take direction from others about what I participate in discussing. I think the association aspect of this blog is missing the point.

    The point is that nobody really knows what Obama will do when faced with real presidential decision.

    He’s a “present” voter. A cardboard character.

    That’s his danger.

  • NCgirl

    I just read that with only two weeks left until the election, Biden has no public appearance scheduled. They are punishing him for his mistake and are trying to do damage control. I think the cat is out of the bag now. Too late.

  • tj

    You are right on that one. The one thing the Whitey tape will show is that you do not have to be white to be a racist. You dont have to be a Mccain supporter to be a racist. No race is better then any other in their racist views of the others.
    If a white man had said what Michelle has suppossedly said he would be crucified, lose his job and forced to publicly apploigize. When its the Obamas however we will just hide it under the rug.

  • beverly leslie

    I’m not “right wing” and although I’m sure you find your stance commendable, I really do believe we deserve to know everything about our leaders.



    So if such a tape exists, we the people have every right to hear and make our own decisions. There is a lawsuit in regards to a birth certificate, what is so hard about producing the certificate? We the people have every right to know such things.

  • workingclass artist

    You Betcha!…Andy Martin has an emergency petition slated for release of records on the 22nd.
    He’s using freedom o the press as his argument…and he claims injury as a journalist…lol..Could work…I mean isn’t that how we got the Pentagon Papers ?
    He also sez that barky gives up right to privacy cause he posted the COLB on the web…It’s goin to be interestink…I think the count is now at 4 BC law suits in 4 states….Barky has some splainin to do…and apparently a good deal of flying…lol

  • AnninCA

    I was raised in the 1950′s in the South, you nitwit.

    I’m not a CA nuteater.

    Pay attention.

    There are many voters like me. We’ll not vote for McCain if there’s even a sniff of racism.

    We are opposed, and it’s good that we’re opposed.

    We are truly, truly not racist.

    And we dont support Obama.

    Don’t blow it.

  • workingclass artist

    I thought it was a dead goldfish…

  • Illinois_gal

    I definitely agree that Barky is using his grandma as an excuse to go to Hawaii. He is scared, because Andy Martin went to the Supreme Court about his birth certificate.

    Andy Martin has asked the Hawaii Supreme Court to issue emergency writ opening secret Obama birth files.

  • Linda

    having said that though,

    I believe we ought to start the rumor that Barack Obama really is a disgruntled plumber from Ohio. That appears to be the only way the media will be inspired to conduct a thorough investigation of why Barack has covered up and mythologized his childhood and his ties to radicals like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan. All hail Barack!”

    yes, definiely. But the media…do we still have to call them the media, can’t we just call them the extreme left propagandists? Anyhooo, it would be good for plumbers, because then they would change the story “See, America is great, even a Plumber can be President”. LOL

  • Hap Hazard

    Thanks, Larry for your perspective on these rumors. Your analysis seems pretty accurate.

  • AnninCA

    Oh goodness, gracious.

    You’re nuts.

  • Alice Paul WPB

    Thanks for clarifing about International, I didn’t remember that.

    Nothing surprises me anymore. I can’t believe that BO has even made it this far with his history.

  • workingclass artist


  • Hispana

    Remember, his mom had ovarian cancer. Horrible disease. He was registering people to vote and never said goodbye. It does seem odd that he would go to a summit with Richardson on the panel if his grandmother is gravely ill.

  • yttik

    I don’t need anymore evidence. For the first time in my adult life I voted Republican. It was painless, I just walked thru “America is a mean county” down to the mailbox and sent off my bitter, old, deadender ballot.

  • stevec

    Obama is using the lamest excuse and the media is turning the cheek again.
    Andy martin files a suit in Hawaii and Obama is suddenly going there.
    We need to have a complete stakeout at the courthouse the entire time.
    Kinda strange that Obama heading to Hawaii after another law suit was files by Andy Martin.
    Possible that Obama is trying to secure an affidavit from his grandmother, on where he was born.
    However, can the affidavit be used in lue of the “Birth certificate”?
    The BC on FactCheck does not have an official embossed seal from the Dept of Health in Hawaii.

    First we have the fake templated Birth Certificate,
    then we have the forgery on FactCheck.
    The one on FactCheck DOES NOT have the official Seal of the Department of Health, State of Hawaii.

    There is NO way to verify where it came from.


    This means that there are 4 law suits right now.
    PA, WA, UT, and HI.

    The media is avoiding this, WHY!!!

    We are heading for a Constitutional crisis and a meltdown of society if this is not addressed.
    And the results will rest squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

  • beverly leslie

    Are you going to ping pong to each side each time your sensibilities are offended? Childish and niave if you ask me, this is the real world and if you didn’t realize during the primaries when Hillary was savaged, that life is all about survival of the fittest, you didn’t learn much. Everyone wants to be honorable but sometimes you have to get in the mud with the pigs otherwise your survival is not guaranteed. Just watch the Oblah campaign, they are very good at getting in the dirt, splashing around and inflicting harm and they will do whatever it takes to win. Open your eyes

  • Firefly

    I seem to remember a post by Larry some time back where he talked about the whitey tape and other really damning stuff McCain and the republicans had on 0bama.

    In the post Larry said something about: if McCain’s internals look really good going into election day, then they’ll probably lay off using the controversial stuff – somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    Anyway, maybe them deciding to lay off means that McCain’s internals are a lot better than America is being led to believe by the media and the pollsters – kell surpreeze there – and maybe he’s looking good going into November 4.

    I’m really encouraged by Joe the Plumber’s 58% approval rating – I commented about this on another thread – and I’m thinking that the 58% for Joe the Plumber may be really close to what McCain’s internals are showing, contrary to the fortysomething percent fed us by the crap media and the crap polls. NOBODY who’s voting for 0bama is gonna like Joe the Plumber – nobody – and I think most of the 58% have gotta be McCain voters or potential McCain voters.

    58% would translate into a 16 point win for McCain – which ain’t gonna happen, of course. But it all makes me encouraged that McCain’s support is a lot stronger and larger than we’re being told.

  • AnninCA

    It’s absurd, and frankly should be banned.

    It is pushing away moderates like me.

    I have NO interest in some tinfoil hat blog.

    I’m already far more liberal than some here.

    Heck, I even believe in public schools. *haha

    I do not wish to scroll through 75% of the posts because it’s some kind of right-wing blog.

  • stevec

    Better yet…
    Why are there NO former girl friends or dates of Barack.
    Could it be that he is a honosexual.
    Frank Marshall Davis, the admitted honosexual pediphile, and mentor of Barack.
    Three (3) murders in Chicago all gay men who knew Obama.
    The Larry Sinclair allegations have NEVER been disproven.

  • chandler

    IF this tape exists it seems to me it is the patriotic duty to show it, Biden’s statement hints that Israel is in danger, I know McCain wants to take the high road but if he really puts country first he will expose Michelle for the racist she is.


    I’m unclear why some people here would find telling the truth about the Obama’s to be a game changer with their vote? I guess if you lose one vote like AnninCa then it’s worth the ones you pick up with people who finally get the true story. The Obamas are RACISTS. Not the other way around. That’s why there IS a “whitey tape” and why Michelle’s thesis got locked up and sequestered. Because SHE is a RACIST. I think the country is entitled to know that. It seems most of Obama’s decisions would be based on his own personal beliefs and they are not very friendly ones to most of this country. How is it “negative” to tell the TRUTH?

    As for the Obama camp? I mean, they have attacked Palin, her children, the McCains, tried to dig up dirt on McCain’s adopted daughter, etc. They have attacked Joe the Plumber, etc. So it’s a little bit of hypocrisy and kind of pathetic to hear someone wouldn’t vote for McCain if the MSM finally told the TRUTH about him and the insane, ranting, racist wife. Like I said, I think it would be worth losing one vote and “blowing it” with one person to get the rest of the votes that tape would pick up. Just MO though.

  • AnninCA

    Oh for crying out loud……..

    Get over it.

    I am so completely sick of this kind of kinky stuff.

    We have real problems to solve.

    I couldn’t care less about his sexual life.

    I do care about what he’s planning to do if attacked.

  • Pj
  • requiredreading

    But isn’t the McCain camp stuck between a rock and a hard place? Just look at the comments here: Fury if the tape is released; fury if the tape is not released. This is not the time to be divided and conquered: we need to be united (and that probably requires compromises on both sides of any issue) to prevent the election of the most inexperienced and potentially dangerous candidate ever to run for president. I’m not trying to preach, so please don’t be annoyed, I’m just worried about the division I see here today.

  • IronMan

    Sarah Palin LIVE in Reno, NV now. Lee Greenwood was just on stage with her singing God Bless the USA!

    Crowd is pumped!

    Sarah is quoting Joe Biden’s warnings about Obama not being ready to lead. She’s nailing it!

    Go Sarah Go!!


    If you are interested in joining in lawsuits in your own state then you can go to I was on a conference call with them last night and there were tons of people on it. Maybe 150? People are exploring suits in many other states about this BC thing. It would seem that the best way to get heard and protect the Constitution would be to get as many of the states covered as possible.


    LOL, wow, you are an idiot. If that is your moronic train of thought, just go ahead vote for Obama. If exposing Obama and his associates and family causes you to actually vote for Obama, then you aren’t really planning on voting for McCain anyway.

    Talk about idiotic logic.

  • Hank

    That One, and MO are going to laughing for years to come if he is elected. They will be saying, “Those stupid whiteys had every piece of evidence before them and they still voted for me. Here honey, the $10 I owe you, you won the bet. John or the MSM did not report anything on your tapes.” She will reply, OK Great One, go you need to start your first day of Training. Go join, Wright and Ayers they are waiting for you in the Oval office.

    Whoever has any evidence, you need to produce it ASAP.

  • beverly leslie

    Obviously many people don’t care about his “present” voting otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten so far and this race wouldn’t be so close. Of course it matters and is hugely important, but how can the regular voting public understand the importance when the media covers for him and he lies about his “present” votes.

    If that is all Mccain uses, he’s not winning.

  • JMO

    The reason I started reading this blog was because I heard about the MO whitey tape here. After the song and dance on the AFI blog and now here, I’m beginning to think both stories are hoaxes, not just the AFI one. I have a hard time believing McCain would be willing to lose this election because he doesn’t want to expose MO’s racist rant. It’s okay for the NYT’s to publish a hit piece on his wife but it’s not okay to release the tape? Like the AFI tape, unless I hear it, I don’t believe it ever existed.

  • benny

    what next? are they gonna get cartoon characters to vote too? this election cycle is getting ridiculous. and imagine, a fish? the messiah confirmation for obamacrats comes in here (something like Jesus). lol

  • Zeke

    Everyone is aware of your commitment here, miss half-way. Continue with it and watch Obama get elected.
    I feel you wrap yourself up in your past-tense ways. That old hippie shit won’t wash right now and your continual efforts at diluting the intensity of people efforts here is not doing shit to stop Obama.
    You’re the person who sits in the car while others push and bitches about the ride.
    Either try to commit to something and follow through or just go over to the other side and play with them.
    Nobody needs a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ or anything resembling one here.
    When someone accuses you of this ambivalence, all you do is say maybe yes, maybe no.
    This isn’t a practice test, not a dry run, and NOT involved with whether you want to still flash a peace sign and buy into that shit. Its about stopping a Marxist/Socialist who will take away your right to hug a tree, drink some accanacia tea, burn your bra, bitch about greenspace or anything else.
    Put down the violin miss grasshopper and get in here with the rest of the ants or get lost.

  • workingclass artist

    Ehemmm…This nitwit is at least FREE OF CRACKER GUILT AND HAS A SPINE…LOL…
    BTW have you read any of the legal papers on Berg’s lawsuit?
    Anything on Black Liberation Theology?
    Or is all you care about is Taxes and Public schools…AnnnCA…
    Currently in this country everyone has the right to have and freely express an opinion…and mine is that every once n a while you expose the fact that you are a SNOB…Ooops! how very nitwit workingclass racist clingy catholic bitter yada yada yada of me!

  • McHope

    If any of this is true, McCain is not the original or only owner of the tape. He doesn’t have to be the one to release it.
    Whoever saves this nation from Obama will forever be the greatest American hero.
    Now who is going to stand up and dot he right thing????
    Joe Biden’s words are true, everyone knows it, there are other leaders that know this and need to protect this country.
    So far we have Sarah, McCain and Hannity willing to stand up, but they are not providing full disclosure…Hillary, we’d be delighted to see you here (hint, hint).
    If WE know Obama presents a clear and present danger, so do the leaders of this nation.

  • Jackarooty

    I just read on that Joe Biden is having an affair.

    In my tin foil hat world, the MSM exposes it before the election, Biden steps down and Bambi picks Hillary as the VP. Bambi is elected and then exposed, has to step down and Hillary is POTUS.

    I know…dream on…



    I think you are 100% correct. The Obamas have no respect for America and why WOULD they? They ARE IMO laughing themselves to death that Obama could basically go blow up the White House himself, with Ayers, and his sheep would say “whooohooo Obama blew up the White House! He’s our hero.” It’s a disgrace but yes I believe the Obamas are spitting on America and laughing about it all day long. I do think the best was probably more like $500. They can afford the big bucks now. Hell, that’s what Michelle spends on her lobster and champagne snacks these days.

  • I have a bracelet 2

    your continuing posting is the most annoying thing on NoQ.

    we don’t care about your vote. and not about your opinions. get a shrink

  • AnninCA

    That’s legitimate.

    You want to continue this refrain, you lose my “one” vote.

    Except, I think I can assure you….it’s a lot more than just “one” vote.

    You lose the moderates.

    We’re just not into fearing Obama as the communist. We don’t go along with the birth certificate crud. We’re outta the loop as far as the right-wing stories go.

    Now, I post here, and I try to avoid antagonizing those posters.

    They have a right to their right-wing opinions and their space to express themselves.

    But me?

    The minute I see McCain pull that?

    I’m not voting for him.

    As it is, I’m a definite soft supporter. I’ve never voted Republican in my entire life. This is a huge risk for me. I THINK I trust him. But if there’s one whisker of a chance that he’s just another nasty, right-wing guy…….I’ll not vote for him and never even feel a whiff of guilt.

    McCain has earned my vote. He’s been entirely respectable. Powell…..with his remarks about how he’s “troubled,” left me cold. No, McCain has been respectable, and I don’t respect those who don’t acknowledge that.

    A move such as what some of you want……would reverse my opinion.

    The good news is that I think McCain is a lot smarter than bloggers.

    He’ll not throw MY vote away.

    He got it. He knows. He’ll deliver.

    We may not win. But he earned my vote.

  • Tellurian

    I post a link to my Blog always…my Blog is just a normal blog not a money maker and you erase the links or don’t post the material anyway! So Wheres the beef?

    Anyway- Getting back to matters at hand. Obama doesn’t give up this easy. He’s clawed his way to where he is by using the lowest, dirty tactics to win..

    So, all of a sudden he’s giving up? I don’t buy it! He will Appeal and drag this thing over the finish line somehow.

  • ritamary

    Obama has not displayed much interest in his white side of the family, as far as I can see. He did not bother to visit his mother when she was fatally ill with cancer. He apparently thinks of his grandmother as “a typical white person” because she is afraid of black men on the street after a homeless black man hassled her at a bus stop.

  • tzada

    I got quite ill this AM on every channel I turned to they had Precious on. His name or him giving a speech or a chart showing how his plans were soooooo much better than McCain’s NBC had maybe 5 to 7 minutes straight of that drivel. It was early morning (before 6 )and I hope that it was the blue collar workers like Joe the Plumber who probably loath him as much as I do that were hearing it. Turning TV off was not an option, a pillow over the head works tho. ;)


    You’re the one that is totally nuts. I’m starting to believe you are an astroturfer, that’s how absolutely insane your logic sounds.

  • Indy

    Hey Linda, thanks for telling everyone what a disaster (an tool) Richardson is. I visit there at least twice a year and my MIL is always talking about his latest screw up. I think the odds are good NM goes for McCain (judging by the sense I’ve gotten down there in elections past). How do you think it looks?

  • NCgirl

    How is that playing the race card? It seems to me it is playing the “truth card.” Dont’ try to pull that racism crap here, it won’t wash. I am sick of being called a racist.

  • chandler

    Obama reversed his position on every promise he made during the primaries, he had pledged to take public financing and signed his name to it. If he had kept that pledge he would not so far ahead in the polls. national polling indicates that over 80% of the public are opposed to the concept of redistribution of wealth. If McCain hammers Obama with this maybe he can eke out a victory. Unfortunately there appears to be rampant voter fraud, especially with early voting. AnninCA if Mccain loses your vote do you intend to vote for Obama? I agree that the promises Obama makes now have little chance of materialising when he is POTUS.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Just got an email from the OB campaign…they want me to give them 10 bucks for a “special edition” obama/obiden car magnet…maybe that’s why everyone’s tin foil hats have been vibrating…too much magnetism in the air! :-)

  • NanceGreggs

    Yes, this year communist/marxist theory and anti~American/anti~white/anti~Semitic sentiment is all the rage~~~and Barack Hussein Obama is bringing it to the masses.

    The same media that gave ‘W’ a pass is now giving a pass to a man who is even less qualified to govern as president than ‘W’ was/is. And just like ‘W’, the only positive about all of this, is that we will be able to point to all the idiots who supported this friend~to~terrorists and say, “I told you so”. Cold comfort indeed. But at lest we will know that we did everything we could to open people’s eyes to this domestic danger.

  • workingclass artist

    AnninCA..see ya later…Love your hair, hate your shoes…lol…

  • Urban Hillbilly

    Love your commentary!

  • Firefly

    What better time to coerce an affidavit from grandma than when she’s very sick and her beloved grandbaby is so sympathetically standing by her bedside, get-well gifts overflowing his loving arms!

    Yeah, yeah – cynical, I know – that’s what barky has reduced us to.

    But I think coercion works both ways – if she signs an affidavit now, when she’s so sick, couldn’t that type of affidavit be challenged in court?

  • I have a bracelet 2

    i want to loose the AnninCa vote and i want her to leave the site. she is a constant annoyance especially when one reads the postas later on.

  • Leisa

    Well, this “Whitey Tape” is about Obama’s wife… not Obama first of all. I do believe John McCain said families were off limits.

    Now that the NYT, Obama propaganda central, wrote that awful hit piece on Cindy, I do not know what will happen.

  • Andrew

    I agree with you, Shannon. I also want to add that as a Hillary supporter supporting the GOP for the first time in my life I am tired of reading complaints about the campaign that John McCain is running. Considering the state of the country after eight years of Bush, is it any surprise that he is trailing in the polls? Yes, Obama is a nightmare candidate. But people are fed up. I believe that McCain is the ONLY person the Republicans could have nominated with the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of winning. I’m not convinced that the nuclear option (attacks-wise) would convert voters who are undecided at this point. I suspect the economy is the way to their votes. I’m worried, too. But John McCain should not be blamed if (God forbid), he loses. The blame for that belongs in the White House.

  • Artemis

    If the McCain campaign requested the Whitey Tape not be used, then I guess that shows McCain is principled…but not practical. The NY Times bashes Cindy McCain, but doesn’t dare mention Obama’s drug use, the MSM attempts to destroy the Palin family with the most vile, reprehensible tripe but plays down the Rev. Wright story, Obama’s ads focus on McCain’s cancer, they also misstate his stance on stem-cell research, ridicule his inability to use a computer, etc. etc. — If you go into the ring determined to box according to the rules and your opponent brings a switchblade and a stun gun…who do you think is going to win? America NEEDS and DESERVES the truth, so I hope the McCain camp will begin to fight back.

  • beverly leslie

    It would be nice if you let others express their opinion without threatning to switch your vote and telling them how absurd they are. This is the first post like this in a long time, why not let the people express themselves? So what if you don’t agree, from your previous posts we Get It.

    Frankly, I live in Southern California am extremely liberal and no one is going to push me to vote for Oblah because I don’t agree with what they are saying. I’m also not going to hold my vote over anyone’s head, with the if you do this crap, you’ll lose my vote.

    Vote however you want but quit using it as a threat, it’s childish.


    With all due respect AnninCa….I am a moderate and registered Independent. I just can’t let my own rhetoric get in the way of saving this country. You might be one of the few people I have seen blogging here that still thinks this country would survive an Obama Presidency. Most people I know, moderate or not, are terrified. By Obama and Biden’s OWN statements. The Biden comment yesterday was atrocious. And very telling about what is to come. At this point, yeah, we might lose a vote or two from someone with their heels in the ground. Oh well. If you are so on the fence about McCain then we can’t stop you anyway and threats are sort of silly. Your vote is your vote to use how you feel comfortable. But every day I convert more people, every day, and pretty much that is based on TRUTH about Obama. Because as we all know, the truth isn’t pretty. It’s not about liberal vs. conservative. That race was abandoned back in the Primary when Obama committed the fraud that stole Hillary’s nomination. And then everything after. The truth is simply not acceptable for ANY candidate and Obama must be stopped. I was born and will die in America. Not Cuba.

  • McHope

    Hope everyone is watching. She’s tough and she’s awesome.
    America needs Sarah Palin!!!!!!
    She inspires a passion for this country that hasn’t been seen since 9/11.

  • PhxNickD

    The Whitey Tape–None of my three main sources on who told me about the existence of a video recording of Michelle Obama making disparaging comments about white folks have backed off. Two of these sources are Democrats and are journalists. They were not trying to sabotage the Obama campaign. They were passing on something they believed to be true. The fact that my third source, a person who lives on the West Coast and is a Republican, has no ties whatsoever to the other two but told the same story persuaded me this “tape” exists. My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.

    There also is the fact that the Obama campaign at one point circulated the lame story that Michelle was not using “whitey” as an epithet. Nope. She was saying, “Why’d he.” You don’t put out a story line like that if such a recording does not exist. At this point I don’t think it is going to be used.

    Larry as much as I appreciated coming to this blog and respect you for what you created for us here, this is a very lame excuse.

  • workingclass artist


  • VinceP1974

    I am not a lawyer but I thought the DNC has asked for a delay and the judge in the case still has not ruled.

    I have little to no faith in our Judicial System. And my reason for that goes way beyond this situation.

    Time and time again, the Judges do not seem to care about the American People at all. I don’t mean that Judges should let public opinion alter their take on the law, what I mean is, in those situations where a Judge has discretion.. it seems that so often the result of the decision is not one that favors us.

    Now in a case like this.. would kill it the idiot judge to get this case over with one way or another? What the hell takes so freakin long.

    It drives me crazy that our legal system will grant Constitutional rights to people who want to destroy the United States and yet no one can assure the American people that NØbama is even eligible to be President.

    I have been in a state of profound disillusionment about the government of this country since 2006 and things are getting logarithmicly worse by the day.

  • oowawa

    Thank you requiredreading for the calm and rational voice. I feel that it is already too late for the fabled Whitey tape to make a significant difference anyway. Comet Obama is on collision course with the Earth and is due to strike on Nov. 4. We all long for a “deus ex machina” to change the outcome in the last scene of the last act, but the Whitey Tape is not it. It would be too little, too late, and would only open McCain up to renewed charges of desperation and racism. The only “deus ex machina” that could work at this late date is the Kenyan birth certificate. If only Larry Sinclair would have kept that kleenex he used to wipe off his mouth . . .

  • Hank

    Thomas the train should come-out with Special Edition for NM. They can call it “Taxes”

  • PhxNickD

    So AnninCa you don’t mind a first lady who wants hates white people?

  • Zeke

    See my late post above. I am officially sick of you.
    Go to Huffpost and fucking stay there. You have no sense of this situation at all and need to go back to your fern filled, macramaed, peace signed, black light fucking room and STAY THERE!. Listen to Neil Young whine about what-the-fuck-ever on your record player and go back to 1971.
    There is no place here for half-assed destructive and negative crap. Try to be part of the solution instead of a Quisling.
    Either shit or get off the pot but quit trying to tell us that you are on our side.
    That is a lie.

  • KB

    Why would anyone think it dishonorable of McCain to show the “whitey” tape? If it’s out there than it’s fair game. Americans should know who they’re electing and their basic values. If such a tape exists it is racist but not on McCain’s part-rather on Michelle’s part. Obama has pointed that finger at way too many people this past year and I suspect previously to get ahead. It’s time we stop dancing around the issue. If someone would change their vote from McCain because McCain used it, I don’t think you’re thinking it through. The Obama camp would have used a tape of Cindy in a heartbeat and if it were true, that would be a reason not to vote for McCain not the other way around.

  • NCgirl

    I think you are a troll in disguise.

  • JML

    Unfortunately, I feel that McCain has no choice but to ask that the “Whitey Tape” be supressed. If the tape leaked and then word got out that McCain knew about it beforehand, the outrage would not be about the tape. The outrage would be about McCain being a racist and he would be depicted as someone who encouraged racism and hatred of Black Americans. Or something.

    It’s bizarro-world in this election. It really is.

    Having said that, I’m disappointed in any journalist who might have the tape or have first-hand evidence of it, such as having viewed it themselves. Their job is to release information that is pertinent to the public. I don’t consider the existence of a “Whitey Tape,” if there is one, to be “classified.” It’s not the same as, say, military secrets. A future first lady ranting on about ANYTHING of socio-political significance is pertinent.

    I am for all practical purposes, a white woman. However, I have an Asian last name because I married outside of my race. On my family tree, if you go back several generations, there is a branch that is Black. Granted, it’s laughable to say out loud that I’m “1/64th Black” and expect that it means anything to anyone, but my point is that both by blood and by choices I accept the value of all who make up our great country and you’d NEVER catch me disparaging an entire race based on stereotypes. I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW, dear journalists, if this woman, Mrs. Obama, who wants to represent me on the world stage as First Lady, holds herself to the same standard.

  • Leisa


    How is telling the truth, in terms of playing the “whitey tape”, racist?

  • Firefly

    Well, the first thing that comes to mind when you say you couldn’t care less about what he does/says about his personal life but,

    I do care about what he’s planning to do if attacked.

    is that he’d LIE and cheat and sell us out, like he does about everything else.

    THAT’S WHY the issues of his character are so important – his CHARACTER will cause him to lie and cheat and obfuscate in everything he does. That he does that as a private citizen I couldn’t care less about. That he would do it as president of the United States makes him, at the very least, A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK.

  • AnnieO

    I think Biden was saying that BO can’t keep his campaign promises (getting out of Iraq, healthcare, etc) by saying that if BO’s decisions are popular then they will not be sound.

    I think he’s also warning that when BO is tested, he will have to reinstitute the draft or create a military service requirement when he talks about the weakness in the military, which would also be very unpopular.

  • Judy

    OT – The rumor (via columnist Michael Sneed of the Sun-Times) is that Obama is insisting that his successor to his Senate seat, following his coronation, has to be an AA and that person may very well be Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett is the daughter-in-law of the late columnist, Vernon Jarrett and the daughter of Dr. James Bowman, a pathologist and geneticist. Jarrett, who hired Michelle for her job in the Daley administration, then went on to become the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago Medical Center and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the U of C. Michelle, of course, just coincidentally landed a $300,000+ job at U of C Medical Center after Jarrett landed on the U of C boards.

    Jarrett, being somewhat less illustrious than other members of her family, is the head of The Habitat Company, a firm that manages some privatized housing for low-income residents. One property that Habitat managed was Grove Parc, a property that “has become a symbol for some in Chicago of the broader failures of giving public subsidies to private companies to build and manage affordable housing – an approach strongly backed by Obama as the best replacement for public housing.” Under Habitat, “a maintenance worker at the complex says money often wasn’t even available for steel wool to plug rat holes.”

    Jarrett is part of the Rezko cesspool of Chicago low-income property developers/managers and apparently she may be my next senator. I’m so excited!,CST-NWS-sneed21.article

  • workingclass artist

    Hmmmm….I barky’s typical cracker Granny do swear that there was this Typhoon thingy sometime in the last 30 years that only effected my apartment and the only thingy that was lost was his birth certificate…and Hawaii had no radar at the time so that’s why no one caught pictures of the typhoon…Aaaand ya’ll quit picking on my super post racial grandson and let him be POTUS…mkay?
    Hmmmm…Hope Granny keeps her health…Truly…

  • PhxNickD

    I agree with you completely. He was hammered no matter what he did and therefore never completed with any path he took. If he looses he should go down looking like he was fighting.

  • No Obama for me

    Zogby employees up in Utica, NY also say the race is tied. Zogby polls way more Democrats and that is why the results show as they do.

    Rasmussen is 4 again today. I think this is good news.
    I also discount most every body involved in trying to get the truth out about Obama except for
    Andy Martin. Remember folks the governor of Hawaii is a friend of Sarah Palin’s and a Republican so lets hope she can be persuaded in Andy’s suit and I “betcha” she can be.

  • McHope

    Turn on FOX cable channel in the AM. Fox and friends is wonderful and not afraid to tell the truth.
    They are getting great ratings, too- another tell tale sign. :)

    ( As an aside, it’s always a special treat when Obama surrogate, Stephanie Cutter, visits that or any show. When she provides her shreiking and screaming almost to the point of tears to defend Obama, she really advertises the desperation of those who support ‘the nothing’.)

  • tzada

    Why is it not important that Barack Obama may not be a citizen of the USA?

    Michelle Obama is not a changed person. She and Barack are racists and associate with racists. It may not be important to you but I am one of the millions that they hate.

    Barack Obama would not even be hired for most jobs, due to his lack of experience and his radical leanings. He would also be required to provide proof of citizenship for some jobs. He would also have to provide his Selective Service registration proof, his college records, drug testing, medical records and some references.

    It is puzzling to me, why you think the vetting process should not be done. It is even more important than some of the other issues that you would redirect to. This will not go away until all questions are answered.

  • jrterrier

    I am sorry but if there were a Whitey tape, I think it would have leaked. Or it should.

  • HC

    “I do care about what he’s planning to do if attacked.”

    Obama will convene a committee to discuss the matter, then confer with the UN to issue a strong condemnation of the event. Then he will go meet with Chavez and Brother-of-Fidel to “forge relationships based on trust”. After that he will hold a huge rally to urge all of us to Hope for Change. Bruce Springsteen might show up for that part.

    If security is your voting issue, you should vote McCain without reference to the whitey tape.

    But ask yourself – why would you want to prevent the rest of America from hearing this tape or suggest that airing it is somehow underhanded or out of line?

    The comment, if true, speaks volumes about Mrs. Obama’s character and by association her husband’s.

    Character matters to just about everyone and it IS relevant.

  • I have a bracelet 2

    does she have a bad hair day or what?!


  • NCgirl

    AnninCA, go away.

  • benny

    come on, McCain has a sense of honour that is lost to this generation. He ain’t like Bush and definitely not like obama. McCain knows obama isn’t honourable, so he doesn’t like obama. but pulling the tapes out in public is NOT honourable for him. the 527′s may do it, but not with McCains permission. McCain rather lose the election than be dishonourable. and dont blame larry. he is telling you the truth as he has been told. and its his blog. so either understand what he is saying or exit.

  • Deb

    Whew- so many tough issues for McCain and his team to ponder.

    The Whitey tape- if it exists- and Jeremiah Wright- who does, are gut-wrenching for a guy like McCain to exploit.

    McCain was genuinely shocked by the incendiary and outrageous remarks of John Lewis. At the same time pundits like Gergen and Carville fan the flames and basically THREATEN McCain and the country with racial riots and rage in the streets if he wins.

    McCain well remembers, as do many of us, the really ugly and evil racism that Lewis was talking about- and the FACT that nothing in the character of McCain-Palin reflects that, seems not to matter a whit to these people.

    Given the subtle threats, the outright charges from the left of racism at every turn- put yourself in McCain’s spot. Would YOU want to be PERCEIVED as being responsible for re-igniting the 60′s? Because you know damn well that’s what they’re thinking. Code Pink is already planning for it- just in case. McCain is being blackmailed.

    If it were up to me- I’d have released the whitey tapes (if they exist) back in July or August. Now? I’m not sure.

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Do you pout and stamp your widdle foot, too?

  • kat in your hat

    Thank gawd. I’ve been saying API is a scam. I hope I am wrong…but I thought it was a scam immediately.

    Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • VinceP1974

    So what are you saying? Are you saying that

    -Fairness Doctrine
    -Unilateral Disarmament

    are things that only the Right oppose?

    Are you saying that those things typify the full spectrum of the Left?

    I disagree. In my old quaint understanding of this country… Marxism was Anti-American not Anti-Right.

    Shutting down political discourse was an attack on the Bill of Rights.. not a cause for the Left to rally around.

    Some corners of the Left have made it perfectly clear to everyone… if Conservatives take a position on an issue, then they will take the opposite stand.. no matter what.

    And so , somehow, things like fighting Jihad have become a “Conservative” issue. Why the hell is that? Everyone should be against Muslims bringing their nasty backward culture here and steadily and stealthy imposing it on us.. as is their religious-mandated agenda.

    I resent that parts of the Left have managed to create these false dichotomies.

    They are the death of this country.

  • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich
  • Zeke

    Take your One Vote, turn it sideways so the edges stick out and shove it up your Half-ass. The last time you committed to something, Nixon was president. Still chew only Stripe Gum?
    How’s the Kool Aid?

  • se

    Actually, it may be just the opposite. From a post on Berg’s site:

    This seriously erodes my confidence in the credibility of Mr. Berg.

    Mr. Berg apparently doesn’t understand basic civil procedure.

    Discovery cannot be served before the parties have conducted a discovery conference. See Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(d). Because that hasn’t been done yet, Mr. Berg’s discovery is improper and need not be responded to.

    Second, a motion for a protective order is a response to a discovery request and relieves the moving party from the obligation to respond until the motion is resolved by the court. See Rule 26(c) and the cases interpreting that rule.

    Is Mr. Berg ruining this case because he’s an incompetent attorney, or is he sabotaging the case on purpose?

    Is there any way for a competent and dedicated attorney to intervene and take this over so it is handled right and we don’t get thrown out for failing to follow the procedural rules?


  • Tellurian

    Someone will release it on Fox News then it will go viral.. Maybe, Joe, the Electrician!

  • AnnieO

    I never felt Biden and BO worked as a team, especially when you compare them McCain/Palin. From early on, it seemed as though BO kept Biden at a distance.

  • Hill Dem 4 McPalin

    TD Blog has a couple of good write-ups about Obama’s sudden plans to visit Hawaii and Martin’s legal actions. TD also thought the API story was a hoax, but she seems to think Berg’s suit has legs…

  • kinthenorthwest

    If any of these tapes are around they should be released before it is too late. Having someone with these characteristics in office or associated with the Presidents office could be very dangerous.
    As for the BC, I hope this is resolved before the election.

    As for all of the allegations, if anyone in the campaigns, especially the higher ups have known about them, then they should have brought it forward.

    A few months ago Bill said he had a lot of stuff to tell the nation but would not do so until Jan. If it is legal stuff than it should be brought forward. If Obama is not eligible to be President he is committing fraud, even if he wins that would/should be an impeachable offense.

  • Arabella Trefoil

    McCain is afraid he’ll lose Anninca’s vote.

  • PhxNickD

    McCain being a racist

    STFW! WTF cares anymore? THis is so ridiculous, an AA women hates white people and the person running for POTUS is afraid to bring it to the public attention because he would be racist? Are you kidding me with this logic? This is asinine. We need to know if the potential first lady hates white people or not.

    Thanks to this election I no longer look at AA’s the same way. Ever time I look at an AA I have to wonder if they are race baiters – every single time now. I was never like that. And I will tell you also I now look down at every single liberal feminist (many were my friends). There deserve to be treated like 2nd class citizens they act like. It is amazing with 9 months can do to someone.

  • VinceP1974

    We’ll not vote for McCain if there’s even a sniff of racism.

    Not voting for McCain (unfortunately in our system) is the same thing as voting for Obama. So you’ll vote for the Marxist. is that it?

    My God.. some people. [Restraining from making this personal]

  • KB

    Hey Lars,
    Thanks for stopping by. Don’t want you to waste your time with us lunatics and deadenders. Why don’t you move along and start girding your loins in preparation for your Messiah.

  • workingclass artist

    Yep! Berg is correct…First year Law School stuff and standard…You have to respond to the admissions despite the hearings…Regardless…Mostly the other side just circles deny…but you have to read the questions carefully lots of tripping up that can be used later if discovery motion is granted…Barky reall screwed up and by not responding basically agreed to Berg’s accusations…lol…
    Gee you’d think the Constitutional Law Expert and the DNC Lawyers would caught that one…I so enjoyed reading Berg about this snafu of Barky’s. Could sway the judge to grant discovery…imho…

  • Tristan

    I agree too. While I’m a registered Dem, I’m actually proud of the Republicans for avoiding anything having to do with race. I think it is worth it to take the high road on issues like that. I think the way to go is just having someone like Palin or Giuliani mention that they don’t know how Obama can say he sat in Wright’s church for 20 years and never heard anything controversial and that he isn’t being truthful.

  • NCgirl


  • PhxNickD

    In the post Larry said something about: if McCain’s internals look really good going into election day, then they’ll probably lay off using the controversial stuff – somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    or maybe it was just the start of a lame excuse because they knew they never had anything and it was a lie all along

  • Firefly

    What’s funny to me is that nobody seems to doubt that Meeechelle would go on a loud, vicious, racist, nasty rant against “whitey” – or anybody else, for that matter. It’s just soooo in her character (and Jeremiah’s and all her other friends’) to do that.

    All that seems to be in doubt (from some) is that someone managed to videotape her doing it and/or that the tape is in the hands of the republicans.

    Myself, I don’t doubt any of it one bit. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether they’ll use it.

    It does seem, though, that the NYT hit piece on Cindy McCain might have had something to do with the tape – or the fear of it.

  • Sue

    He doesn’t need the tape!

    He has so much right now to use against Obama that the tape is irrelevant.

  • Patti

    How can you bring forth a tape or Reverand Wright this late in the game. When you have declared him off limits for months. Thats the rock and the hard place.

    I had a onversastion with my dad, he is 72. He wasnt going to vote this year. My dad discussed 2 things he didnt like this election season. The nasty comments about Sara Pallin. And Reverend Wright. I gave him a one word answer VOTE.

    Tapes dont have to come out for people to remember about Reverend WRight. People remember.

  • yttik

    Was it Nemo?

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Ann in CA is this your other personality coming out?

    Seriously, get a grip or an appointment with your doc.

    It is not your duty to police others and if you do not like what is happening here today, you have some options.

    Do they need to be listed out?

  • ritamary

    Exposing Michelle for the racist that she is would make McCain a racist? You have bought the Obama koolaid that any criticism of the Messiah make the critic a racist.

    I am a Democrat who has never voted Republican but nothing McCain could do would make me vote for Obama. Here is a person who has used the most despicable sexist, racist tactics, but you would vote for him?

    Maybe you should go back to Obamington Post. Remember how the Obots would attack you when you were posting there? People have treated you very nicely here compared to how the Obots treated you. Doesn’t that say anything to you?

  • I have a bracelet 2

    fox news had a military poll after colon powell endorsement

    navy, air, …… around 65-67 to 23 24 for mccain

    marines ……. 76-18-20 to mccain

    colon was empty/ or full of …

  • stevec

    to me the issue is Obama hijacking the process. There are over 2000 documented cases of fraud in the primary, by Obama’s supporters.

    let’s not mention the get in their face.
    Obama can rant and rave about anyone and anything.

    Anyone, asks Obama a tough question and there attacked as a racist.
    Obama is the one that sat 20+ years in a church that spewed hate and lies. But question anything and your a racist.

    Joe the plumber, gone over with a fine tooth comb, short of a rectal exam, after Obama stated HIS socialist agenda. Spreading the wealth.
    But have THEY [MSM] aaked Obama any tough question.

    Obama can not produce a valid birth certificate. Period. The ONLY witnesses that we have to when and where he was born are HIS relatives in Kenya and they state, he was born there.

    He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro as a child in Indonesia.
    He isn’t even using his LEGAL name.

    Now after Andy Martin files a law suit in Hawaii, the forth law suit Obama needs to go back there.

    Lame excuse, and lame excuse for a Senator.

  • PhxNickD

    I will not vote for McCain if he plays the race card.

    Loosing your vote to McCain would be worth it for playing the tape.

  • Zeke

    Thanks Vince,
    Well stated.

  • IronMan

    BREAKING NEWS on Chris Dodd

    FOX just reported Chris Dodd is now under investigation for his 2 Countrywide mortgage (sweetheart) loans.

  • AnnieO

    I’m confused about the Berg case. Didn’t the DNC lawyers answer it with a motion to dismiss. Whatever happened with that?

  • pkat

    I’ll offset her vote. Get off the site AnninCa. Don’t vote for McCain. With the Whitey tape, we won’t need your stinkin vote.

  • Rah-Rah

    for the love of god…WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME!

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Time to go, Ann.


    I just heard Biden has been taken off the campaign trail.

    Would it possibly be that Biden is actually being patriot and telling us the truth so that we will NOT vote Obama in as President?

    There is a reason he said that, That just wasn’t a gaff.

  • moi61537

    I bet, in the Chicago style, Obama has deep dirt on McCain.

  • ritamary

    Obama said families were off limits too, at the same time his surrogates were attacking Sarah Palin saying her son wasn’t hers but actually her grandson. Remember that?

  • KB

    I just had a conversation with my kool-aid drinkin’ brother who said he had to vote for Barky to be sure there wouldn’t be a draft–has two 14 year olds. I can’t believe he thinks that. He’s a smart guy-is there such a word “under-informed”

  • NCgirl

    Good observation Firefly. In light of the Cindy McCain article by the “Obama Times”, I think McCain should definitely use the tape, if he indeed has it.

  • Firefly

    The thing about your post is:

    It’s NOT doubting that Michelle would go on a nasty racist rant.

    You know as well as everyone else that she would and she probably has.

    The only thing you’re claiming is a lie is that it was VIDEOTAPED – or maybe you’re not even doubting that – maybe you know it was videotaped but you don’t believe it made it into republican hands.

  • Linda

    I don’t know. The numbers of course have been for Barry. But there was a brief time where McCain did get a bump that put him up.

    But we have a lot of uneducated voters who tend for Richardson…ie Barry. Weak minds.

    I choked when I went in to the post office the other day and a worker was chit chatting with a woman. He was spreading the rumor that an Obot came in and told him “the plumber was a plant…he’s an actor hired by the republicans….oh, good they’ll get their’s, I’m so happy this came out.” The woman was “oh, thank you, I was in a bad mood, but now I’m happy.” The the postal worker sat there going “yeah, and what’s with his arms, he looks like a robot”. Then the woman said “and his wife, she looks like a stepford wife”.

    …I was just in shock with my mouth hanging open listening to this…IN THE POST OFFICE.

    so if these uninformed koolaid drinkers are a majority…we’re in trouble.

    Being it is close and the undecideds usually favor the real candidate, I’m hopefull, especially because there are plenty not happy with Barry here.

  • sproutingly

    Nance, go back to DU where you belong.

    An excerpt from your piece published on DU Oct. 20, 2008:

    Despite all of the current (and downright pitiable) rhetoric, the truth is that on their best day, the Republican Party could not have sired a son like Barrack Obama, no less raised him to manhood.

    In the midst of their hatred and bigotry, they could not have nurtured his sense of equality, nor his hunger for true justice – not for the few, but for all. In their desperate need to cling to ignorance, they could not have taught him to become a seeker of the truth, a man whose moral compass is a reality rather than a meaningless talking point to be trotted out when convenient.

  • Cooper

    Don’t bring the Clintons and Whitewater into this discussion. At least THEY were investigated and proven innocent. NO ONE had even investigated Obama, for ANYTHING, in the MSM, so it is like comparing apples to oranges. Besides, hasn’t Hillary been screwed enough by the DNC and Obama to warrant more respect than drudging up on issues, that are not relevant. She should have been the nominee, then we wouldn’t be worrying about if she was a U.S. citizen or not!!

  • Linda

    :) Thanks….and I REALLY HELD BACK. I could fill this page.

    I’m starting to hope the rumor is true that Val Kilmer is looking at running for Governor.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    I still don’t think this election is a foregone conclusion by any means.

    The only poll that counts is the one on Nov. 4th. As for me, I’m crossing party lines for the first time in my life and not only that, I’m voting a straight Repub ticket. I know a lot of other life-long Dems who are doing the same thing.

    We are like a nuclear sub sitting in the depths ready to strike and on Nov. 4th we will launch our offensive by going to the ballot box and pulling the lever for John McCain.

  • benny

    (Oct. 21, 2008): Obama ahead by 1 point Nationally (GWU/Battleground)

    Keep your eyes on this poll…

    No other poll (large or small) has been this accurate in last 4 elections. Some have good years then bad years. Zogby did amazing in 2000 then was way outside the MOE in 2004. Rasmussen got 2004 right but way way off in 2000.

    Here is GWU/Battleground poll vs actual for last 4 elections:…nd-Results.pdf

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    n0bama said that his minister was a legitimate issue back during the primary. It was on one of the Sunday morning blabfests.

  • kinthenorthwest

    go to his site….Berg refiled
    There are now 3 suits going…one in Pa, one in Wa and one in Ha

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    I bet you’re full of Obama shyt.

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    ann under your reasoning you should already be voting for mac by default since Obummer played the race card on Hillary and BIg Dwg and KY WVA PA OH TX etc all thru the primaries

    please give it a rest

  • PhxNickD

    You lose the moderates.

    You do not speak for all moderates dear. Some of us actually do care of the first lady hates white people or not.

  • Zee

    The media is not going to release something that would change the election. I remember when Libby Dole begged the Washington Post not to release the story that Bob Dole had cheated on her and because it was essentially the eve of the elections, the Post sat on the story.

  • TMendez

    Completely disagree with you. McCain has run a decent campaign. He is running as a Republican in a time when Republicans are extremely unpopular; he’s running against a candidate with a huge war chest (a significant amount of which is from undisclosed sources); and he is also running against the media, who have given up their role of reporting the facts and are instead an extension of the Obama campaign. The only real surprise here is why McCain isn’t trailing by 15%.

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    since so many comments upset you ann, why not pass on reading them chickie?


  • Mavis

    McCain doesn’t have the “whitey tape” to make a decision whether or not it is released. Make no mistake about it . . . the Republicans will release it before the election in a 527, where McCain can wash his hands of it. Get a clue, folks!

  • Linda

    I’m much happier tuning out and turning off the TV. I turn it on when I know there’s something I WANT TO WATCH, ONLY. And if they don’t provide it, I watch it on line.

    They can’t take my home for granted. :)

    I’m much happiier that way. If I can’t change what they are doing, I’m not going to reward them with my blood pressure and time (and stats for viewership).

    Fox is getting turned on more and more these days.

    Remember, the best invention with the boobs on the tube is the OFF SWTICH.

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Dang. Things are popping today. Moi-whatever that comment was meant for you! LOL!!!

  • http://truthsayers Denise

    So you’re saying if the tape gets played you are going to blame McCain even though he said not to play the tape?

    You do understand that McCain doesn’t control or own the tape?

    If the tape gets played it will not be McCain fault.

  • C.S.

    A democracy does not thrive in secrecy and those who help keep the secrets of Soertro/Obama’s life can not preserve by secrecy a democracy created to protect its People.

  • Tristan

    I’m skeptical of Berg, API, Andy Martin, all that stuff, although I think the birth certificate/adoption issue may have some legs. But I’d rather see an election and Obama lose, otherwise the DNC will cry foul and Axelrod will try again in four years.

  • Zeke

    Great quote!
    I am sometimes literally “awed” by the great wisdom which was laid down over two hundred years ago and still applies DIRECTLY to our situation.
    I am seeing the Declaration and the Constitution more and more, each day, as a letter from the wisest father to his children. A permanent missive intended to protect and guide, firm in its foundation, based on real truth.
    The founding fathers thought this through so clearly.
    How, so long ago, they could anticipate problems and provide concrete answers to issues that we face is amazing in a way and just plain obvious in another.
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” is something this nation has forgotten to a degree I never thought possible.
    When McCain wins, we must get back to those two documents.

  • workingclass artist

    admissions questios is elementary and separate to the Discovery….Barky has to respond to it. It is different than providing the documents.
    I have been through this and learned the hard way.
    Because my atty. never gave me the q’s my entire case was almost thrown out…and my atty. in a panic quit the case.
    I also found out that this was why another lawyer wouldn’t take my case…it is that basic and that harmful…Barky was required to respond to the admissions/Deny request…
    The admissions/deny is standard to discovery but is not quite the same thing…2 different things but related. you can delay and fight discovery all you want…that is what a discovery conference is about…but admissions/deny is different…you have to respond within the time period…period!

  • Dawnelle

    you must think very highly of yourself

    threatening to bolt if you sniff racism?????

    WTF???? is that how you BOLTED when the DEMS started throwing it around FIRST AND ALMOST ALWAYS????

    get a grip

    it’s NOT all equal treatment here

    and most don’t give a flying fig what YOU do personally and I don’t think anyone even asked?

    you really think highly of yourself don’t you?

    soapbox annie


  • yttik

    The NYT just did a hit piece on Cindy McCain. These things have a way of backfiring. I’m not sure if releasing the infamous whitey tape would be a good idea. Obots aren’t going to turn their back on their messiah. I don’t think people aren’t going to hear the tape and have a sudden epiphany. They will spin fantasies and denials around even the most blatent evidence.

    It would sure be fun to hear the tape, but I’m not sure if it’s what’s best for the campaign.

  • Linda

    Looks like McCain will be winning without havaing to resort to slime gutter politics that Backtrack Barry has played in.

    auh ha!

  • Zeke

    fuck you

  • dgr

    You hold the republicans to standards you apparently do not hold the obamacrats to.

  • sproutingly

    Yes, Anninca

    please decide

    that you will vote for Obama

    and just leave us here

    The whiff of racism is too strong

    for you I fear, and your nose

    is far too sensitive….

  • georgia

    WMAL Washington DC Chris Plant show took a call this morning regarding the Andy Martin’s legal action in Hawaii. All I caught was the tail end when Plant said “Good Call”! Did anyone catch this?

  • Betty


  • Agnes

    This comment is offensive. Foul language like this is NOT appreciated.

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    Makes sense

    I think the WH briefing both campaigns had suggested to Joe somehting will go down adn Joe having to look like the omniscent brilliant one, promised it would,

    I think Joe expects Iran to strike Israel and he further expects Obummer to do nothing to help except negotiate a new Palestinian border after the fact


    but no worries MAC/PALINwill be sworn in as 44 and VEEP 44

    but the way ACORN is shaking out, i expect protracted legal battles see OH NC MO MI VA where OPbummer is stealing it may be a slightly delayed swearing in while Obummer uses the Odinga playbook for how to threaten your way to power

    of course Obummer will find in a strong Consitutional Republic like ours, the Odinga playbook doesnt work

    then MAC/PALIN will be sworn in



  • McHope

    Show him Biden’s comments and spell out the connection between his prediction for attack, his telling us (and our enemies) that our military is not strong, and summing up with his assertion that Obama will provide a decision people will not understand.
    Connect the dots for him- this is his own running mate, if your brother won’t believe you, let him hear from someone who knows for sure.
    You might then want to link to the videos of Obama vowing to lower America’s defense and start a civilian army.
    Also, there were great arcticles here on NQ regarding the ‘community service’ requirements Obama will institute.
    It is imperative that some be woken from their kool aid stupor so they may pass the rational state to their fellow bots.

  • Dawnelle

    He has MANY scary things about him soapbox annie

    please don’t be so smug
    it’s really unattractive

    a little direction wouldn’t hurt you at all

    and btw, it’s not all about you
    and it surely isn’t all about what YOU DEEM important!

    get a grip

  • socalannie

    I think its a pity we don’t get to see it and judge for ourselves. If a potential first lady is a racist, I think the American people have a right to know what they’re getting into when they vote.

    Also, the slime tactics the Dems have been using against Palin don’t work with us…but they work with a lot of others. I recently heard from an elderly relative of mine, who lives in WA state, loves Alaska, is an independent type, & who gave me the standard anti-Palin spiel that they heard on msnbc!

  • JML

    If you are calling me asinine, you misunderstand my post.

    I followed that statement with: It’s bizarro-world in this election. I.e., crazy, backwards, upside down. Twilight Zone. Bizarre.

    Have you been paying attention to the MSM at all? And who they give credence to? I know most of us here try to avoid the MSM, but you and I both know that if the Whitey Tape were released — again, if it exists, that is — the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world would be denoucing the use of the tape and anybody who gave the tape a second thought would be branded a racist. The outrage would be manipulated to land in the wrong spot.

  • AnnieO


  • benny

    come on guys, lay off annie. shes voting for Mccain. every person owns their own vote and she aint an obamabot. so cool off, please. ;)

  • Murray

    I haven’t heard anyone mention Michelle’s Princeton thesis paper in awhile…I managed to get a copy before the records were “sealed”, and read it.
    It was my opinion that she really did have a problem with being black in a white world.

    I wonder how long she had been attending Trinity before she introduced Barack to it? My suspicions are that she’s been “Radical Black” since childhood.

  • Indy

    It can’t be said enough that Barry approached Joe, uninvited, in his own yard. Barry is the one who bought the cameras too.

    And his wife? He’s divorced, just got custody of his son and is a single dad. How can anyone possibly think he was somehow “planted” under those circumstances? Sadly, there are so many idiots out there. And that postal worker should be reported and punished for talking politics on the clock.

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    former ‘place that shall not be named’ person here, MANY of us, MOST that I know are MAC/PALIN supporters

    we are in fact working HARD for MAC’PALION

    just so ya know


  • notrees

    Valarie Jarrett, a/k/a “The other side of Barack’s Brain”. The socialists version of Karl Rove, a/k/a Bush’ Brain. So many similarities it isn’t even funny. From the radical right to the radical left.

  • Zeke

    Maybe she uses the ACORN voting technique and McCain has a legitimate worry… she might vote 76 times!

  • workingclass artist


  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    I believe that McCain is the ONLY person the Republicans could have nominated with the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

    So true Andrew. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for all the trees.

  • workingclass artist

    LOL…YO BUZZ…too funny…

  • JML

    Having said that, I would like such a tape released. I think I also made that clear in my original post.

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    I second I have a bracelet 2

    take a rest ann

    I am a lifetime liberal DEM and I dont mind reading the comments here one bit

    I am not ‘offended’ by anything but the most violent free speech and I have never seen that here on NQ

    your earlier comment that you would in fact vote Obummer if the tape came out, indicates you are a victim of your own RIGHTEOUS liberalism, be happy with that, but please, dont then complain about other NQ comments, LOL!!!

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Good thread Larry. Maybe folks will at least balance more the lawsuits and alleged tapes with making calls and volunteering for the Mac campaign.

    Interesting how this became a referendum on Ann. Ignore her comments or refute them. She thinks the lawsuits and alleged tapes are a waste of time. Others think they are the best chance at stopping The Precious. Me, I think somewhere in between, heavily favoring the more traditional campaigning, phone calls, etc. If Mac gets enough votes in key states, he wins and as Larry pointed out the controversy surrounding The Precious will continue but will become a moot point except maybe for US Attorney Fitzgerald to investigate and Andy Martin to write books.

    The purpose of this thread was to air certain issues, so keep airing them maybe without accusing regulars of being trolls? Some times I agree with Ann, some times not, but sometimes she makes observations I would never even think of. I think Ann is just trying to get people to focus on the more doable as she sees it, but does it in what people are considering an abrasive manner extreme to the side of “that lawsuit is a waste of time” (paraphrased). I don’t think it is a waste of time but the eggs in basket metaphor applies.

  • Pepper
  • Linda

    Weak minds quick to want to believe in bad.

    …isn’t that a sad group of folks?

  • Zeke

    If you use the “Circle analogy” for the political spectrum, those two extremes are next-door neighbors.
    I see those two nut-cases as being equally distant from my viewpoint and equally dangerous…

  • ritamary

    Obama is one who has brought up all the issues surrounding race. He is the most divisive candidate since George Wallace. If Cindy McCain was taped going on a racist rant does anyone here think the Obama campaign would not use the tape????

    As far as AnninCa goes, our votes for McCain don’t count for much in California anyway. Do you think your one vote or my one vote will count for anything again all the Obots’ votes in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Marin County, etc?

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    One in UT, too and (rumor) one ready to go in TX.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • hadenough

    What is the “liberal medias” problem:

    McCain “Totally” Proud of Anti-Obama Mailer Invoking Terror, 9/11

    A Missouri TV reporter asks McCain about an RNC flyer that depicts a jumbo jet on its cover, followed by a photo of the Illinois Senator.
    Mailer says Obama “thinks terrorists just need a good talking to” and is “not who you think he is.” Being mailed in Missouri and Virginia.

    Asked if he is proud of it, McCain responds: “totally.” Click here to watch.

    What is wrong with that? Why won’t they tell us what problem the “liberal media” has with the rnc mailer?

    Oh and halperin was in such a hurry get the post up he misquotes mccain. mccain say “Absolutely” not totally. It’s a one word quote and haplerin gets it wrong. halperin doesn’t tell us what his problem is and he misquotes the one word mccain says in the video. If they didn’t exist you couldn’t make them up.

  • Melisa



    ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of October 20, 2008 at 12:22:00 PM:

    Full Licensed Name: Michelle Obama
    Full Former name(s): Michelle Lavaughn Robinson
    Date of Admission as Lawyer
    by Illinois Supreme Court: May 12, 1989
    Registered Business Address: Not available online

    Registered Business Phone: Not available online
    Illinois Registration Status: Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law – Last Registered Year: 1993
    Malpractice Insurance:
    (Current as of date of registration;
    consult attorney for further information) No malpractice report required as attorney is on court ordered inactive status.

    Public Record of Discipline
    and Pending Proceedings: None

    This is on the Ill. state bar website, and Iwas wondering what a court ordered inactive status? No nothing about lawyering…..

  • tzada

    Yes I was over at the Chicago Political Machine at AOL and I think it was Tommy Christopher trying to associate John McCaine with David Duke because they happened to be at the Senate the same day. John went to something for MLK and precious didn’t but somehow John didn’t hold his mouth right and he was the bad guy once again.

    We voters have been accused of racism over and over and over. John and Sarah have been trashed on everything. Joe the plumber has too. Yet the true racist Barack and Michelle Obama get a pass. This offends me. No matter what race you are it should offend you as well.

    “Knowledge is the first thing eradicated once power is attained. History has repeated this over and over again.” Steve Berry in “The Alexandria Link”

    We see knowledge suppression daily from the MSM and it will be put in effect by the Fairness Doctrine that Polosi is pushing, should Obama be elected.

    Whatever John decides is ok by me. I prefer it to come out in a 527, but I do want it to come out.

    If you are so shallow that the truth offends you, Obama will fix you right up with honeyed lies. Go to the far left and volunteer.

    Make no doubt about it we are at war for America’s Freedom. In battle if you don’t have a gun you grab a rolling pin.

    John McCain would get down in the trenches and fight side by side with us. Sarah would too. It is my opinion that Barack Obama would sneak out in the night and hand the keys to the enemy.

    You own your vote and we own ours.


  • Dawnelle


    (someone wants some attention me thinks)

  • typewriterstreaming

    I can’t stand Judas. I am sorry for your pain. Your state is incredibly beautiful and he is like a wart.

  • Shiloh

    If no whitey tape comes out I will never be convinced that it just wasn’t used – it didn’t exist is the only explanation. If it does exist, it would make sense to have a trail in which McCain argued against its release, then when it is released he can say it was over his strong objection and he condemns it.

    Bottom line: if it exists it will come out and if it doesn’t come out it didn’t exist.

    No-one here has been more positive about McCain winning than I have. I have said over and over that Obama didn’t have a prayer, that the polls are skewed 6 points for Obama, and that the strategy all along has been to let him have a lead and then take him like a racehorse in the final turn. Well it’s about the final turn now so either our horse makes some strong moves soon or I was wrong. And I’m never wrong!

  • benny

    Mob Attack on Palin Motorcade (CNN)

    What the hell is happening? Obamacrats have gone nuts.

  • eleana

    The Hawaii Supreme Court was petitioned to order Obama’s birth records released.-Monday-10/20/08-HAWAII DOCKET NUMBER: 29414…

    I don’t mean to be cynical however, could it explain Obama’s need to visit “Toot” in Hawaii? He suddenly discovered that his grandmother, who suffers from osteoporosis, had taken a fall and had been released from the hospital last week, when he and Michelle showed no concern, now needs his immediate attention…
    According to a campaign spokesperson, her health had deteriorated “to the point where her situation is very serious.” IF the situation is so dire, and Granny is in her “final days”, I find it curious as to why the entire family is not accompanying Obama. Instead Michelle is going out on the campaign stump? Curiouser and Curiouser…..

  • poison acorn


    Eschaton Troll.

    Go away, hater.

    Take Pope Ratzo with you.

  • Nobama

    A bit of good news:

    NICKELODEON ‘KIDS VOTE’… Obama 51% (1,167,087), McCain 49% (1,129,945)…


    Kind of makes you wonder about the polls, especially when it seems that the kids are very excited about Obama but yet there is only a 2% difference, versus a 4% between Bush/Kerry

    I have been studying the electoral map and the stats from the last election. I see McCain as winning with 174 electoral votes :-) No psychic or political analyst am I, but that seems doable.

  • workingclass artist

    lol…as anninCA’s officially designated nit wit…I agree with you Dawnelle

    and this Nit wit has a cracker guilt free spine

  • Melisa

    Honest,I was not drunk when I posted, forgive the nasty typos..

  • Mel

    Patience is a virtue, and the GOP has the patience that voters do not have!

    Frustration on the part of voters is becoming more apparent every day, wanting and demanding things be exposed NOW about Obama, calm down people!

    Look at the manipulative people the GOP are dealing with, Axelrod for one, the extrodinary manipulator of lies and Obama the Pathological liar have to be dealt with in a certain way!

    History of the primaries has proven visa vie the lies over Selma to NAFTA and even Race that this bunch of manipulators given time will spin things to their advantage and use their surrogates to pound home the propeganda and lies, including Hillary.

    Obama has laid the schedule down with his Infomercial a week tomorrow, 6 days prior to the election. Experience has proven over and over again it takes Camp Obama 3 days to come up with a reasonable answer to any form of attack!

    So think like an opponent for a moment, with Obama taking stage at 8PM EST next Weds, when is the best time to commence attacking, for those unable to think, it is at 5PM EST thus throwing Obama’s infomercial off balance and commencing a spin to begin with the Chicago dirtbags. People you forget the day after Obama’s glorious stadium speech after stealing the DNP nomination, how the GOP killed his thunder by introducing Palin the following morning?

    The GOP has all its cannons loaded and fixed and it will begin unleashing them next week and continue to election day, thus not allowing Axelrod a moment to attempt spins on it, since Axelrod requires focus groups to do anything, Obama will be crushed by his own life he created in America!

    So calm the hell down and let the pro’s do what they do best!

  • C.S.

    ~”Iam tired of reading complaints about the campaign that John McCain is running.”~

    And it isn’t a new complaint, these same words were applied to Senator Hillary Clinton; she “lost” because she ran a bad campaign. Totally forgetting that they disenfranchised two states and stole votes from other candidates to put Soertoro/Obama out front.

  • Dawnelle

    I was right

    she or he just want some attention

    (not interested in entertaining them)

  • sproutingly

    Yes really, go away. No Quarter is a mixed bag and I think a pretty good representation of America’s right, left and center. That’s why I like it here. All you do. in so many words, is complain about how offended you are.

  • Just_Saying

    What does the “and computers are cheap” mean, Ann? I’m dense…

  • Nobama

    Bad Math! I meant 57%-43% difference between Kerry/Bush in the previous election…lot more than 4%…that is a 13% difference!!

  • workingclass artist

    lol….Fictional and a fish…yeah…it was NEMO…or maybe Nemo’s dead typical fish grandpa

  • sproutingly


  • kinthenorthwest

    I read someplace that he lied on his application papers. Since he resigned no further action was taken.
    I would like to know more though.

  • Shiloh

    This idea that McCain has asked that a whitey tape not be used is just a rumor. At most he might have said “if” such a tape exists he didn’t want it used. But no-one has any documentation of that, although it makes sense. If such a tape exists it will be released and when it is it will be desirable for whoever released it to say “yes McCain begged us not to use it but screw him, we’re here to stop Obama not to bow down to a man who is merely the UNbama.”

  • educatedwhitewoman
  • Steve in KC

    What? Are you one of those loonies people who think that Larry has possession of this tape? Neither he nor anyone else on this site has ever said that Larry has that tape. Yet there continues to be these repeated posts saying, “Larry, release the tape!”

    Where in the world did people get the idea it was Larry’s tape?

  • Dawnelle


    a bit of an attention getter

    shades of troll?

  • tzada

    ya he/she/it challenged my assessment of the Ohio person Brunner who has caused so much partisan problems with the voting in Ohio with her “procedures”

    Wonder why Barack made the statement that he was glad “they” were in charge of the electronic voting machines in Ohio?

  • Shiloh

    He has become sort of personally tied to it. I know if I were him and it never came out, I would have three fewer “friends.”

  • Diana

    Anyone see these nuts? A group of about 12 protestors tried to block Palin’s vehicles. If that cop had been hit by one of those vehicles they’d of had to worry about a lot more than just being tackled.

  • Nobama

    Nutcases…what point were they trying to make?

  • sproutingly

    Ask the military about Powell, they know the score.

  • Dawnelle

    no it’s true

    and I believe the saying goes

    “takes one to know one soapbox annie”

    think about it ;-)

  • sowsear

    If you read between the lines at the end of the Biden statement as he talks about BO’s needing his people to go into the communities to help him, see that he means that BO’s truth squad, his citizen’s army, and his boyz will be “seeking out” the naysayers, and putting them in their place(even if it’s not apparent that we are right).
    It doesn’t help that Powell is saying the same thing about the coming crisis in Jan.
    Speaking of the draft (community service)read male/female draft.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    And I’m never wrong!

    Laughed when I read that. I will say this about you: I usually agree with your observations and on the Mac win I am with you one gazillion percent! Naysayers beware of Shiloh and Galt! :mrgreen:

    This election should have been Hillary’s. She would have beat Mac. Now, we have the only Dem who could lose versus the only Rep who could win. Way to go Donna with your “brilliant” new strategy. Donna loves losing elections.

  • Annie

    Bill Clinton is also telling people to vote early… and telling them to vote quickly as they have monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday etc. to vote before voting day…

    And he said he was there because Hillary asked him. He also said Palin has just the same if not more experience than Barack Obama and that she is very smart.

    Bill is no fool – just wish he would come out and say what he obviously knows. Of course that would mean he really is a racist.

    The whole obama campaign is unbelievable – why Americans actually have fallen for this and what it can actually mean for the future is Orwellian.

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Great point. That’s what we really need. THE TRUTH about Obama!

  • Thinker

    I know right?

    She’s become very annoying.

  • JMO

    Thanks Shiloh…I like the way you think.

  • tzada

    Let me tell you this. I worked in a black neighborhood with black ladies. They were more afraid of the street people than I was.

  • Liz B

    NC girl, although it is tempting to get frustrated with JM, I think he knows just how much this man, BO, means to his followers. These people who have believed him are going to be devestated when they finally find out the truth about this man. JM seeks to be POTUS, and that includes Obama supportors. If he can win the race without the tape, he seeks to do that. To expose the tape w/o it being imperative may cause racial unrest in this country the likes of which we have never seen.
    If push comes to shove, and this BC thing doesn’t come to fruition then we may see the RNC usurp McCain and “leak” the tape w/o McCain’s approval. one thing is for sure: thing’s should be hot and heavy in the next two weeks.

    OT, I think Biden has had a meltdown, and I am not sure why, but something is amiss. He can’t bail, and BO can’t dismiss him, but no scheduled appearances for the next two weeks? BO suspended his campaign until Saturday? Very odd timing. Despite Biden saying International crisis, that does not rule out the BC being at the heart of it. If BO is not a legal citizen of the USA, then that makes him a citizen of another country, thus it is an International crisis.
    None of us can do any more than speculate what he meant, but that explaination does match some of what he was saying.
    You guys ever see any Espionage type thrillers where somebody inadvertently finds out more than they want to know, and then in an effort to save themselves start babbling in public and people are trying to figure out what the hell is wrong? Kindof a “The Firm” type situation. What if Biden is trying desperately to tell us something w/o saying the exact words? With all the money riding behind BO, I would be completely desperate if I were Joe Biden, knew something important, and was hoping this guy will get caught.
    It’s just a thought…
    But what if Joe isn’t doing any more appearances at his own behest? The Obama Camp certainly wouldn’t announce it.

  • hadenough

    The carzies:
    Protesters try to block Palin
    Protesters in Grand Junction, Colorado, try to block Gov. Sarah Palin’s motorcade

    I’m guessing the “liberal media” will go crazy over this. Ya know like track down obama and ask him what he thinks of his supporters attack Palin’s motorcade and fighting with cops. I’m sure the “liberal media” will hound obiden for quotes. Or maybe it’ll just be ignored like the rest of the oborg craziness.

  • Deb

    I agree with everything you’re saying- in theory.

    If there are tapes out there- I wish they’d been released months ago.

    I’m trying to see it from the perspective of McCain’s campaign. I don’t know what the morals of this should be.

    My fear directs me both ways.. First- I think- dear GOD man, this is our country we’re talking about here- the guy is a danger to the republic- do anything legally to defeat him.

    Then- I think about the points I made above- the clear threats made to McCain as to what will happen- racially -if he wins.

  • Just_Saying

    At the risk of sounding pious (which I definitely am not), maybe we should all just be praying “Thy Will Be Done”.

    But, the other part of me wants to say “Pass the ammunition!”

  • Dawnelle

    Eww maybe we have a NAME STEALING TROLL?

    I forget the official title?

  • oowawa

    Pssssst . . . Hey buddy, I know where you can get a special edition obama/obiden car magnet, a plastic Obamamessiah dashboard figure, AND a super sanctified Holy-O votive candle, all for $12.99!!!! Check it out, dude:

  • Shiloh

    Dear Senator McCain, If you pull any punches these last two weeks you are going to lose and most of us will never forgive you. You will be a laughing stock for being the nice guy finishing last in a war for your country. You will never live it down and you will die a laughing stock. This is a war – let the dogs loose!

  • sproutingly

    And I believe he said the same thing at two fundraisers, not just one, so that reinforces the observation that it was intentional, not a slip, not a gaff.

  • churl

    But you will not vote for Obama for playing the race card?

  • kinthenorthwest

    I ask why not last week or yesterday. Why is he waiting 2/4??? days.
    Most of us here would be on the first plane if news like this hit us.
    My prayers are with Obama’s grandmother

    But it still seems weird.

  • notrees

    Has Siberia been closed?

  • Dawnelle


  • Hap Hazard

    It seems to me that Andy Martin would have had a better chance of getting a court to look seriously at this if he had not been representing himself. Whether fair or not,courts tend to look upon these lawsuits as crackpot suits, and go out of their way to find a reason to toss them. I expect that is what will happen here (and ultimately in the Berg case as well).

    I still think that the best avenue in which to pursue this would be to persuade a state electoral college member to file this action prior to the vote of the Electoral College.

  • Bill Dupray

    Stooges: Biden, Frank, Kerry & Murtha Could Lose This For Obama

    This is the Democrat A-Team folks. These are the guys who will be running the country if Obama wins. It seems that these jackasses have managed to offend nearly every group in the country two weeks before the election.

  • DemNoMore

    God please..let there be a Whitey tape..plz!!!!!!!

    Great news!

    McCain is making a comeback in PA. This seems to follow the latest trend with FL and OH now showing McCain/Palin up by a few points!!!!

    We need to retake the lead in FL, NC, NV and MO. If we still PA then it’s game over for Obamamamarama!!!!!!!!!!

  • ugo

    Obama is Obama’s problem. Obama needs to blame Obama.

    Remove his, Obama’s “race” and tell me why you are voting or think of voting for him, or is it change? Change what? He is a democrat? Really.

    How can Obama change something he does not know or understand?

    If you are talking about real change, then that is why Sen. John McCain team will do a better job changing anything because he understood what the problem is.

  • Jackie

    McCain will not use the race card.

    He is an honorable man from an ear when chivalry wasn’t entirely dead.

    It is time we revive the honor system. Barack Obama has no honor nor would he understand the concept if it were presented to him with pictures.

    Barack Obama is a creature of convenience and will use or abuse anything or anyone to get what he wants.

    He supports failed ideaologies–I stood at the foot of the Berlin wall as it opened. A testimony to the failure of re-distribution and state planned economies.

    John McCain is our best hope.

  • Shiloh

    I’ve long been saying to Obama, “Thee will be done, and we will stick a fork in you.”

  • jjsmoof

    so by your logic, if the obama campaign released a tape of Cindy McCain railing against black people you’d vote for McCain….

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    McCain was damaged when the race card was played against him, in the most heinous way – getting his child involved.

    I can understand why he doesn’t want to use the Whitey tape, even though it exposes the racism of his opponent. Go figure.

  • tj

    The things holding back the Republicain party are those you just mentioned. Al Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson, NAACP exc…
    The problem I see here is that there is no one looking out for everyone else, only the AAs. In a way we fear them and in that perspective try to not do things to call controversey upon ourselves. Many fear being called a racist or a KKK member. If society allows itself to be controlled by a certain race or culture then they are equally to blame. We should not have to fear playing a tape with racist comments. If the individual is truely saying such things it should be shown and no excuses made for it. If the situation were reversed there would be no hesitation.

  • DemNoMore

    US: Obama 48, McCain 47 (GWU 10/14-16, 19-20)

    By PH Staff

    GWU/ Battleground
    Tarrance Group (R)/Lake Research (D)
    10/14-16,19-20, 08; 1,000 LV 3%

    Obama 48, McCain 47


  • Indy

    Exactly. People do whisper of their fears of anti-white racism manifesting if “the one” wins. His association with Wright did damage him.

  • Elle

    Yes,your viewpoints are interesting and theory could be actual indeed.It is very strange that Biden even finished his statement by saying” I probably should not have said that ,I forgto the media is here…! Therefore bringing even more attention to what he just said.
    Almost as if though he wanted the media to run with it. Hmmm

  • hadenough

    Looks like at least one of the jerks tried to push a cop in front of the motorcade. Should be some serious charges coming out of that.

  • Dawnelle

    sure you weren’t


  • sproutingly

    As long as she doesn’t whiff some unpleasant odor before November.. ; )

  • se

    First we have the fake templated Birth Certificate,
    then we have the forgery on FactCheck.
    The one on FactCheck DOES NOT have the official Seal of the Department of Health, State of Hawaii.

    There is NO way to verify where it came from.


    That’s incorrect. syc1959 is blowing smoke up your ass.

    With regard to the first video, he’s comparing apples to oranges.

    The embossed seal used on the DeCosta certificate was larger than the embossed seal used on newer certificates. The newer seal being smaller, the text is not as legible as it is on the larger seal.

    The embossed seal on Obama’s certificate is identical to the embossed seal used on more contemporary certificates, such as this one issued to “Michele” in 2008:


    I pointed this fact out to syc1959 in a reply to his video, however my reply was soon deleted by him.

    In the second video, which I’m just looking at now, he says that on his certificate, it was registered some days after his birth, and claims that on Obama’s certificate, it was registered the same day as his birth. To wit:

    Also notice that uh, the date that I was born was May 5th, however that this was recorded on uh, May 14th. You’ll notice that Obama’s was apparently done on the same day he was born. This uh really should cause some uh suspicions within itself.

    That’s factually incorrect. Obama’s certificate gives his date of birth as August 4th, and the date it was registered is given as August 8th.

    Again, syc1959′s simply lying to you here.

    He also mentions that the seal on his certificate is visible, but that the seal on the scanned image of Obama’s certificate is not.

    This also is incorrect. In the full size scanned image at FactCheck (as opposed to the scaled down image on Obama’s website), the seal is evident without any enhancement, though it’s not easily seen because it was a rather poorly done scan with the brightness/contrast jacked around so that lightly shadowed areas were blown out.

    However with edge enhancement, the seal is readily visible.

    Next, he says that the image on Obama’s website shows no fold lines. That’s technically true but only because the image on Obama’s website is of much lower resolution than the full resolution san on FactCheck’s website.

    And if you look at that image, you will see the top fold. The bottom fold isn’t evident because the tiny ridges created by folding are much shallower in the bottom fold than in the top fold (which is evidenced in the photographs) and weren’t picked up in the scanning process.

    As for the altering in PhotoShop, this is a red herring. Again, the image on Obama’s website was scaled down from its original size. Simply resizing an image in PhotoShop and saving it out will show that it was “altered.”

    That syc1959 insists on using the low resolution image on Obama’s website instead of the full resolution image on FactCheck just shows that he’s intentionally being less than honest.

    Either that or he’s just incompetent and has no business talking about digital imaging and graphics.


  • watcherinva

    Lurker here. Still love this blog despite great disappointment with “no tape.”
    Remember Anninca from Huff and Lars from TM-I posted at both, ran off of Huff and stopped reading TM. Ann-she is not a koolaid person(i had her as 1 of my favs),Lars-he speaks for himself.

    That said-this whole pre-election reminds me so much of Bush 2004.I so desparately wanted the press to followup on anything re Bush(drinking, mil duty,leadup to war)-nothing. So here we are and the press is giving us W the II.

    Obama is Eddiee Haskell to me.His campaign run like Animal Farm.
    He has used the AA population and the youth and the ex-hippies.
    Anyone remember his debate on ABC with Hillary-he stated that he would change affirmative action-no one remembers because they felt George S.was mean to him.
    OK-thats it-nothing will improve if Eddie gets in-oops-the O.

  • Ellen D.

    Hey! I’m from California. McCain doesn’t have a chance of getting AnninCA’s vote so just ignore her.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Elect John McCain? Keep it up Obamabots. America is moderate at its heart and demands a civil discourse. And attempting to block her motorcade creates security problems you fucking idiots.

    That video could cost the election for The Precious. Who The Precious is and his supporters are is sneaking into the MSM, and those people who make their decisions based on the MSM will see it.

  • Nobama

    Is it true that Biden has no scheduled appearances in the next 2 weeks? Just curious how far in advance his past scheduled appearances were made public.

  • tzada

    This picture of Joe Biden looking at Obama is revealing. He looks like he has nothing but contempt for him.–

  • benny

    (Oct. 21, 2008): Obama ahead by 1 point Nationally (GWU/Battleground)

    Keep your eyes on this poll…

    No other poll (large or small) has been this accurate in last 4 elections. Some have good years then bad years. Zogby did amazing in 2000 then was way outside the MOE in 2004. Rasmussen got 2004 right but way way off in 2000.

    Here is GWU/Battleground poll vs actual for last 4 elections:…nd-Results.pdf

  • poison acorn

    Lars is an Eschaton troll.

    So is Pope Ratzo.

    They should go back to HateLand fron whence they came.

  • Hap Hazard

    I haven’t studied Ann’s responses, but I would suggest strongly that neither of these lawsuits will be successful. I think these suits are entertaining, but I am quite sure that neither one of these guys stands any chance of getting a court to rule in their favor. We all need to focus our efforts on voting, and persuading friends and relatives to vote and do whatever else we can to help push McCain and Palin across the finish line.

  • socalannie

    I’m a moderate. In fact, I used to consider myself quite liberal.

    Anninca (if that is really AnninCA & not a troll taking her screen name) seems confused about what playing the race card is; playing the race card refers to accusing someone of being racist because they don’t agree with you. For instance, when Bill Clinton talked about the SC primary, the O campaign & the media played the race card on him. When Geraldine made a statement about Barack that was in essence the same thing he said about himself, repeatedly, I might add, she was dealt the race card. It’s a political ploy that involves twisting someones words or thoughts into something they are not.

    Playing a video of someone who is running for office making a racist rant & using racist epithets is not playing the race card…it is simply NEWS. Michele Obama is out on the campaign trail, campaigning for her hubbie to be Prez & for herself to be First Lady. She will be representing America over & over if they win.

    We have a right to know who she really is, and that is not “playing the race card”.

  • Dawnelle

    and what shall we do to you if you ARE WRONG?

    shall we flog you in the public internet square?

    jussssssssst kiddin

    hope you are right
    will beat you if you are wrong

    heheheh just kidding again ;-)

  • Zeke

    Man, doesn’t this go right to the root?
    We are watching an honorable man being assaulted by a cheating, lying, evil intended group of worthless Motherf**kers and we know that someone, someplace, has a game breaker nuke in his pocket which would literally hand him the election. Given the stakes in this soirée, losing seems hardly an option but to win requires applying the same “ends justify the means” philosophy that the other sonsofbitches always use.
    I believe that McCain is seeing further down the road than we are and has concluded that at this time, he will ask that it be kept under wraps.
    I think that Sen. McCain, a dude whose personal honor is paramount to him, would absolutely hate having to resort to its use considering that the election will, at that time, become totally about race.
    If there is a DonnaBrazilleRiot nationwide as a result, race relations in America will cease to exist.
    So, even though it exists and is totally damning, McCain is hoping for anything else to be the cause of his victory. Rezko and Ayers connections to Obama are still holding out hope for that to happen and there are still a number of Joe Biden speeches to hear, so McCain is holding that last-option bomb close to his vest.
    In a do-or-die finale, I think that somebody will push that button. Believing as I do that Obama will never give up power if he gets it, I think I would.

  • C.S.

    Sounds like the tiniest, teeniest hint of possible, maybe, racism and you’re ready to toss McCain out. But you haven’t applied the same logic to the Soertoro/Obamas’s own brand of racism because there is more than a hint, it’s more of a Grand Canyon full of bigotry, anti-Semitism and violence against critics you’re ignoring here.

  • Firefly

    Perfect, Shiloh! 527s or the NRA!

  • typewriterstreaming

    Here, here!!!

  • tj

    Just this weekend Joe Biden said the McCain camp was using a racist subliminal message when he said Osama’s tax plan was welfare. Not sure how that is racist but it came right from the lips of the VP nominee.

    And you think they are not racist?

  • sandshark222

    Hey I heard Hannity say on the radio the other day (last weds or thurs I believe) that the McCain campaign believes that the 3 days before the election is when most undecided voters make up their minds.

    He said that any october surprise that the McCain campaign had would be released 3 days before the election, on Nov 1.

    Sounds like he’s hinting at something there to me. I wouldn’t count the video out just yet.

  • Zeke

    I reiterate…
    Agnes, go back to the fucking nunnery if you don’t like the language.

  • ObamaNOT

    Close-up on juvenile justice
    Author, former offender among speakers

    By Jennifer Vanasco
    News Office

    Children who kill are called “super predators,” “people with no conscience,” “feral pre-social beings” — and “adults.”

    William Ayers, author of A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997), says “We should call a child a child. A 13-year-old who picks up a gun isn’t suddenly an adult. We have to ask other questions: How did he get the gun? Where did it come from?”

    Ayers, who spent a year observing the Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, is one of four panelists who will speak on juvenile justice at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, in the C-Shop. The panel, which marks the 100th anniversary of the juvenile justice system in the United States, is part of the Community Service Center’s monthly discussion series on issues affecting the city of Chicago. The event is free and open to the public.

    Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system; Randolph Stone, Director of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic; Alex Correa, a reformed juvenile offender who spent seven years in Cook County Temporary Detention Center; Frank Tobin, a former priest and teacher at the Detention Center who helped Correa; and Willy Baldwin, who grew up in public housing and is currently a teacher at the Detention Center.

    The juvenile justice system was founded by Chicago reformer Jane Addams, who advocated the establishment of a separate court system for children which would act like a “kind and just parent” for children in crisis.

    One hundred years later, the system is “overcrowded, under-funded, over-centralized and racist,” Ayers said.

    Michelle Obama, Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University Community Service Center, hopes bringing issues like this to campus will open a dialogue between members of the University community and the broader community.

    “Students and faculty explore these issues in the classroom, but it is an internal conversation,” Obama said. “We know that issues like juvenile justice impact the city of Chicago, this nation and — directly or indirectly — this campus. This panel gives students a chance to hear about the juvenile justice system not only on a theoretical level, but from the people who have experienced it.”

  • Shiloh

    I’ve been saying for months that the polls have a 6 point bias for Obama, some of it intentional some not. The undecideds are just part of it. There is also sampling errors, the Bradley/Obama effect and more. Consider this: there are supposedly record numbers of people refusing to participate in polls. There is no way to correct for this. The polls are necessarily based on the assumption that those who do not respond will end up voting the same as those who do. This is a very weak assumption this time since those not responding are intimidated by being called racist. That’s the Obama Effect.

  • JustMe

    did u forget he’d make us fishes of men and change water into wine or Whine even….

    12 loaves and fishes he could spread that far and wide…

  • stodghie

    annin, i have a bridge in brooklyn for you. if you honestly believe that white hating michelle isn’t the same, then i know you’ll love owning this bridge.

  • Annie

    Yup… I used to be over at Taylor Marsh and as she came out in the open for Barky – long before the writing was on the wall – I then left and found more favorable blogs… when I went back in to check out what was going on the place was full of names unrecognizable – not the same Hillary supporters – different with fake Hill names. Those people are all barck supporters from the get go as was Marsh – who just used Hill supporters to get her blog going. Faker. Notice one of the trolls is here now. enuff said.

  • cackicoo

    and i say….if there is a tape….quit comparing michelle to jackie kennedy will ya? i wouldn’t want her in the white house with a mouth like that…. one she could not keep zipped….she isn’t anything close to jackie never was………………….with or without a whitey tape

  • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich

    well, i read that he has been kept from the press for the last month or so… the article was comparing Palin’s press interviews to Biden’s…

    in a previous article i read how nobody wanted to ride on Biden’s plane but Palin and a huge list of journalists trying to get on her plane…

    heh heh…

    a. hillary
    b. mccain

    america first!

  • Dawnelle


    that would have been all I would have heard

    (stupid kids! stupid stupid stupid kids)

  • looking for integrity

    I disagree with anninca on a number of things, primarily because I have seen Obama at (not) work in Chicago, and we have been witnesses to his unethical tactics.

    Ann, I’m not sure why you are not voting for Obama, but am also not sure why you would risk getting him as president. We have seen enough of his behavior to know what an Obama presidency would look like and develop into.

    That said, I have seen some of Ann’s posts up on Taylor Marsh (an Obot) and she does distance herself from the Democratic Party and Obama. So I think she is being sincere.

    It is VERY difficult for democrat liberals to make the move to vote for a republican president because it means reneging on the beliefs you said were yours.

    Ann, just as I believe in the 1st amendment, and respect your views, I would expect the same from you.

    Obama’s campaign and he himself have lied so many times, and engaged in manipulative unethical behavior that I want to regurgitate.

    I believe in bringing out information if it is true and as long as it has no spin and is not hurtful to a family (such as the making public of a file that Jack and Jerry Ryan had had sealed to protect their son, or the biased and negative “article” about Cindy McCain in the NYT). I believe that if Obama had a tape with Cindy McCain saying racist things about blacks, I would want to have that made public because it would exemplify how blacks may be treated under an administration where the wife is racist. I feel the same way about this tape.

    If it were a sex tape about an affair a la Paris Hilton, then I’d say no way – and would agree with you.

    Race relations are a very sensitive issue for all races, and I would want to know because prejudice colors legislation, and policies, in fact every walk of life.

  • Hap Hazard

    Not sure about Illinois, but in my state, inactive status is determined by the attorney, and is typically chosen when the attorney will not be practicing before the courts of the state during the year. Lawyers on inactive status cannot practice law, but the bar dues are cheaper and one can change from inactive to active within 24 hours, if necessary, so long as you pay the pro-rated dues that are owing. Not sure what Illinois means when it says “court ordered” inactive status…

  • workingclass artist

    rflmao Zeke!…Now I have to clean up my keyboard as I was sippin on a lunchtime beverage…You are a riot…My favorite kind o riot!

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    As you read I am trying to push those who focus heavily on the suits to expend more energy towards the customary way we elect people. ;)

  • Shiloh

    Way too early to count it out. it would be foolish to release it this early. I know for a fact that McCain personally believes elections are won in the last 72 hours, but that doesn’t mean a lot of artillery doesn’t need to be pounding before then.

  • Alice Paul WPB

    I agree. This 30 year Dem who although is now voting McCain/Palin still knows how crafty and as you say patient the GOP is.

    They are good at what they do and that is why they win a lot. Having gotten a little older and having dealt with a teenager it reminds me of that. Teenagers are all emotion wanting what they want, where as more mature adults plan, wait and take action when appropriate.

  • tzada

    It is my understanding that if Obama is found not to be eligible, then Biden “would be fruit of the poison tree” (from another NQ poster) It is my understanding that the DNC can put anyone they want in Obama’s place. How do you spell Polosi? She is only two places away from President now. shudder.

    They maybe would choose Hillary, but the powers that be hate her.

  • stodghie

    annin, what can you be smoking? to even consider voting for obama says to me you aren’t thinking clearly. sorry but that’s my thought. obama has race baited all throught the primaries and now. he and his wife hate white people. i don’t know your race or care. it doesn’t matter, people like that should NEVER EVER BE IN POSITIONS OF POWER NO MATTER WHAT RACE THEY ARE OR DON’T LIKE.

  • Liz B

    Anybody consider that Grandma has his Birth Records, since Mom the globe trotter abandoned him to the Grandparents, THEY would have needed all the papers of a ten-year-old boy in their custody. Birth Records, Social Security Number and Shot Records/Medical Records. W/O them she would never have been able to Insure him, or enroll him in American Schools, no Drivers License, etc. Seems to me like Toot would have the proof, and if she is ill, maybe he wanted to go through her things before anyone else can.

  • poison acorn

    So your sensibilities are more important to you than what might happen if BadRock gets into the WH?

    You’re okay with an international crisis designed to test BadRock’s mettle, okay with inflation/recession, okay with a female draft, okay with the misogyny and the voter fraud…..just as long as you don’t have to smell any racism (regardless of the fact that it doesn’t exist on the R side and BadRock and Michelle have been race baiting all along)

    Good to know where you stand, Annie.

  • workingclass artist

    Yep….Racism as a political too cuts both ways and this will bite Barky in the ASS…Cracker Fear trumps Oppressed Masses…lol…
    How is Barky goin to fit all those Crackers into Utah?

  • http://deleted Buzz Latte

    Meh, there was only like, what, 6 to 8 protesters at the most. A few were booing, but it was hard to tell if it was for Palin or the protesters.

    Free speech, baby.

    Although that one guy probably has some nasty road rash on his back. Too bad he didn’t listen to his mama who told him not to play in the street.

    AOL strawpoll is interesting, especially since now you register, etc. Obama is 14 pts BEHIND!

  • KathyNeocon

    Just watch. In typical always-want-to-be-a-victim fashion these insane Obots will file a lawsuit for police brutality when they decided it was safe to get in front of moving traffic and jeopardize their own, the police and those in the motorcades’ lives.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • hadenough

    Palin makes a funny:

    Palin fed off the words of Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, who said Sunday that Obama would be challenged by an international crisis in his first six months of office. During a rally at the Reno Convention Center, Palin listed four scenarios “that would place our country at risk in an Obama administration,” including sitting down with dictators and sending American troops to Pakistan over the objections of the country’s leader.

    “But I guess the looming crisis that most worries the Obama campaign right now is Joe Biden’s next speaking engagement,” Palin said. “Let’s call that crisis scenario number five.”

  • stodghie

    annin, you are missing the point. you choose to ignore obama’s race baiting and threaten to key haul mccain if he doesn’t play all soft and gooie while obama knocks him around. race hatred from ANY SOURCE IS WRONG AND TO REWARD OBAMA MAKES YOU WRONG.

  • Nobama

    Not sure why someone posted that Biden has nothing scheduled. He is on a bus tour. I sure wish bloggers would check their facts first!

  • McHope

    McCain does of course want to win and so does Gov Palin.

    How did our culture evolve to the point of blaming the victim for not anticipating the con artist cheater’s actions with precise accuracy?
    Just like Hillary was blamed for not knowing Obama and ACORN would commit caucus fraud.

    Just because McCain has previously said he was not in favor of using the Wright issue at the time, does not mean it negates it’s importance. You know what Wright said,I know what Wright said.Everyone can see that Obama idolized him, and then lied about it. You don’t need John McCain to tell you that.

    We also don’t need a whitey tape to prove either Obama would disrespect Bill Clinton. They already have during the primaries. Anyone who could vote for Obama was not a real Clinton supporter. As for the term itself, ‘whitey’ is used frequently by those with whom the Obama’s frequently associate, there needs to be no tape to prove their approval of the term.

    An issue that seems relevant and has not been dicussed in the media at all is Obama’s Odinga connection. There are serious political maniputlations and dangerous support of Anti American policies at play there. There are documented dealings and campaign advice between them in which the end result was either Sharia Law or Genocide of African Christians. These are recent events and are startling.

    In the ongoing effort to figure out WHY Obama supporters are imune to any of these facts, has anyone following the theory of conversational hypnosis found there is an atedote, so to speak. What is required to deprogram a person afflicted by this technique?

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    and btw, it’s not all about you
    and it surely isn’t all about what YOU DEEM important!

    That’s what I tell Ron Paul supporters all the time when they feel they have to be “true to themselves”. oh puh-leez.

  • workingclass artist

    B A R F

  • stodghie

    hmm, and you quickly revert to name calling when someone disagrees with you. how quaint is that!

  • poison acorn

    That’s his danger.

    That’s not his only danger, but evidently it is more dangerous to you to support some perceived “racism” ( never mind that B and M have been race baiting the whole time) than to prevent the country from going over a cliff.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    I was right about Bush. When he was first “elected” I said he will start a war, an unnecessary war. And we all know what happened.

    I campaigned hard for Hillary but had a sneaking suspicion she would “lose.”

    I’m with Shiloh, Mac is going to win. America at its heart will not embrace The Precious’ radicalism.

    So flog me with a wet noodle if I am wrong. :mrgreen:

  • Arabella Trefoil

    Excellent observations! McCain’s timing has been perfect so far. I trust his judgment.

  • chandler

    God I hope so because the thought of a Liberal tax and spend super majority is leave the country scary! After listening to the Barney Frank clip about ignoring the deficit to increase fed spending and then hike taxes later? WTF???

  • workingclass artist

    LOL…HEY ZEKE….Maybe AnninCA is really a dead person…Al Capone is voting for Obama…Maybe AnninCA should display her BC and Driver’s license…Being from CA maybe she is really an animated character…lol

  • poison acorn

    I feel that if such a tape exists, and is in the media’s possession, they owe it to the country to release it.

    BEFORE the election, not after.

  • Ellen D.

    Agreed about API. As a screenwriter, I found the transcript has very strange stilted language and terminology for someone like Michelle Obama, a native born American, to use. The “voice” in the writing sounds like someone from another country.

  • oowawa

    Thanks corn-on-the-cob for this very illuminating post. The Precious may do pretty well in the “gritty concrete of Newark,” but I kinda doubt the “red hills of Georgia” will be very kind to him. I love the line “There will be a debt to pay.” I wonder where O plans on getting the cash to pay that debt to the black community? Actually, this was a rhetorical question–I don’t wonder: he plans on getting the cash from Joe the Plumber.

    Thanks for voting for McCain. I did too. Even though the Oborg are reverently celebrating an early Obamamas, it’s a bit premature. We haven’t lost yet.

  • Liz B

    who cares?

    who are you…Obama? Michelle? Bill Ayers?

    facts are these, if there is a tape like that there are people who will care. There are people who will feelo betrayed, and there may even be Black people who will see that HE is the racist, and not want to be a part of that. Can you not attribute that Black’s can have the capacity to distance themselves from racism? I can. But, in order for them to do that, they would have to see EVIDENCE that they need to.
    It ain’t swiftboatin’ if it’s the TRUTH.

  • Firefly

    And maybe, since they all just had a national security briefing at the WH, he was revealing confidential information he learned there – which would mean he’s probably got a lot of people pissed off at him – not just barky.

  • Zeke

    mutual admiration, artsy

  • stodghie

    frankly annin, you don’t sound like a moderate. i am a moderate. i believe in public schools. i believe in universal health care. i despise bush2. and i am voting for mccain. i am not holding some sneaky, illogical test over him in favor of one i consider to be a direct threat to the welfare of the usa.

  • Dawnelle


  • stodghie

    ann, you took off your mask before halloween. another obambi troll. oh well!

  • JustMe

    I hope u were clinging to your gun in one hand and bible in the other as you walked through that mean country!

    Bless u yttk…

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Consider this: there are supposedly record numbers of people refusing to participate in polls.

    If this is true to my way of thinking it is great news for Mac!

  • Athena The Warrior

    But it’s ok that OBoBo plays the race card every chance he can get? OK Next!

  • btintaos

    I also live in New Mexico, so thank you for the compliment. As far as the wart goes, we need some industrial-strength Compound W. I hate the wart.

  • Zeke

    10-Q, sprout!

  • The Robot

    No Whitey Tape – Got it.

    Ah well, a fun daily read nonetheless.

  • Indy

    I read a few months ago (but I’m unsure of the veracity of the source) that the person that has “the tape” did not want to release it until the last minute due to it’s incendiary nature. So, if it is used, it will be within a couple days of 11/4.

    I am confident it exists, because a blog writer (and a dem) that is totally legit did say a republican source confirmed it to him. I can also understand the unwillingness to make it public (unintended consequences).

  • sowsear

    The police say they are trying to identify the protesters and that the secret service is not involved.

  • Zeke

    A very well presented position. Thanks…

    I think that if there ever were a “tape” that had been made of Cindy McCain doing a racist rant that it would be all we saw on every channel 24-7.
    Obama’s camp would ride that pony ’til its legs fell off.

  • tzada

    John McCain may not own the tape. There may not be a tape, but I suspect that Michelle has made those statements. The fear of there may being a tape is weighing on her. Breaks my heart to think she might be in distress….. ;) snark.

    Did she fly to Hawaii to be with her husband and his grandmother? She didn’t even take the grandkids to visit on their vacation.

    Wonder if someone has purchase a printing machine that was the same as the one used in Hawaii on that date? Finding the ink may be a bitch though.

  • Indy

    Wasn’t it yesterday that the O campaign denied any connection between O and that book of Ayers, including his sparkling comment on it? roflol. Thanks for posting this.

  • Kal

    I agree. Some courts have different rules on this, but the request to delay discovery has not been ruled on yet, and as I understand it, without a specific order extending time to respond to demands to admit, missing the deadline in the rules would trigger the default rules.

    Now, if there is good reason for the delay, many courts will cure it all with discretionary orders, but its not a sure thing, and this sounds like BO might just be hoping to solve this the Chicago way — win the election by hook and by crook, and then dare some arm of government to do something about it.

    Or maybe the real legal strategy is that Nancy P will rush some curative legislation through, you know, deeming anyone who believed in good faith before reaching the age of majority that they were born in the US to be a natural born citizen, or some such nonsense.

  • Thinker

    Interesting how this became a referendum on Ann.

    - I think it’s because she comes across as smug and abrasive.

    When she disagrees with other posters, she talks about “tin foil hats”, calls us “nuts”,etc.

    We have to deal with that from bots, and now it’s coming from a person who is supposed to be on our side?

    It’s annoying!!!!

    She can express herself, she can disagree with us without calling us names.

    I will ignore her from now on.

  • ford

    Larry Johnson thank you. I accept you update and think that your observations are very accurate.

    I think BO’s trip to Hawaii is most definitely related to the Martin case…it just makes the most sense.

    I am still in a freak out about what Biden said on Sunday. I printed it off the computer and read it to my family and have reviewed it several times..

    I have children, I do not want them drafted to be in harms way with Obama and 5 deferments Biden..

    Just say NO.

    I am supporting McCain /Palin.

    If they don’t use everything they can to win this race my own children might pay the price.

    Please everybody help this country.

    I do work for MAC 3 days a week, but had no idea UNTIL Sunday how bad this may be.

  • AnnieO

    I’m one of those that refused to answer, and I figured the same thing.

  • BO is up to Something

    I have a question. The campaign said BO would be back on Saturday to campaign, so does that mean he knows his Grandmother will be healed by his presence, or that he expects that is enough time for her to die and have a funeral just in time for him to get back on the campaign trail??? LMAO!!! Anyone else wondering how he has a time line for his Grandmother’s illness, but SERIOUSLY, when the elders in my family were sick, we waited for days or weeks. Or does he just plan on checking in a hotel, eating some fancy meals per donation money, saying goodbye to Granny, destroying all evidence of anything she owns that would prove he is not a US citizen and then leave to continue his campaign of fraud? Just thinking out loud!! ROFL!!

  • Zeke

    I thought those Disney characters were supposed to keep quiet!

  • oowawa

    Hey Lars, are your loins griddled yet? By the way, was that you with the big plastic doll in that movie “Lars and the Real Girl”?

  • Kal

    I wondered about that — thanks Annie!

  • Ellen D.

    Oh go away AnninCA. I’m here in CA too and you know a few more McCain votes more or less won’t make any difference in this blue state. You just like to get attention – most probably a troll.

  • ford

    So let me get this right…Obama is heading to Hawaii and Biden in in the stocks for a while???

    Two weeks before the election?? No candidates on the road.

    Don’t the R’s know how to throw a hard ball??(and the PUMAS too?)

  • AnnieO

    It’s Joe Biden’s endorsement.

  • jjsmoof

    and if she has a fish tank maybe 80 times.

  • PhxNickD

    Lars what’s the matter, the three or four commenters at Traitor Marshes not enough of an audience anymore?

  • Kal

    And if she is that ill, he had better have contemporaneous certificates of mental capacity from two independent and certified medical practitioners, or the affidavit will not be very weighty.

  • PhxNickD

    I got quite ill this AM on every channel I turned to they had Precious on.

    all the media support, 605 million $$$ to McCain’s 84 million, and a “give me” for the democrats this year and yet he still has not closed the deal. I wonder who is going to be dragging his ass over the finish line this time.

  • Postmaster

    Richardson will be looking for a job for himself before long. New Mexico says good riddance to the turncoat, traitor, sorry excuse of a politician.

  • NoTrollZone

    Annin is a concern troll. She needs to be ignored for her own good. She needs to take her act somewhere else. We’ve put up with it long enough.

    In short: please ignore the troll.

  • Kal

    Hmmmm. And I wonder when they are going to check into the details of BO’s mortgages on his condo and then on the Rezko mansion?

  • Dawnelle

    oh man with chunks?


  • Kal

    Call ARDC up and ask them. They’ll tell you. Ask for Randy in the Chicago office.

  • KathyNeocon

    If you’re so easily “driven away”, you must be absolutely HORRIFIED and repulsed at the criminal tactics being employed by rabid Obots–vandalism, theft, assault, harassment etc.

  • Liz B

    Karma is a bitch. What if obama gives Jarrett his seat and then loses the WH, or gets kicked out before Inauguration, and Jarrett refuses to step down, ala shades of Obama/Palmer.

  • fif

    If McCain really did intervene and tell them not to use that tape, he is caving to the ugly retro tactics of the Obama campaign: charges of racism and constant whining about “negativity.” He is being too noble. Does he want to win or not. Obama will do anything necessary to win, as we have seen. McCain should let the information out. The American people deserve to know who the potential First Lady really is.

  • Helena

    Because Obama was a Kenyan citizen until he was 21, (look it up, it’s on his web site) did he register at Occidental College and Columbia University as an international student….as a Kenyan or British Subject?

    It would have been his right to do this, as he inherited this citizenship from his father, and it would have been to his advantage because the applicant pool from Kenya would not have had as many people with his elite prep school education.

    It would have been a smart move on his part at the time and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. The US applicant pool is much more competitive for these elite colleges.

    Has anyone discussed this thoroughly? I know the college records are all locked up…but wouldn’t Americans want to know if he applied to the schools and registered under his foreign citizenship rather than as an American?

    What’s wrong with this, in my view, is his secrecy and covering up his true history. His educated, elite followers would no doubt understand and approve of his applying and registering for college as a Kenyan citizen, while others would wonder why he felt he had to keep it a secret and go to great lengths to cover it up.

  • Zeke

    Were that it were so, my friends. I’m afraid that Joe Biden is truly one of the bulbs on the tree that we have to replace. Dim don’t cut it. I think he’s letting the cat out simply because they truly believe there’s no way they’re going to lose…
    “Pride goeth before the fall…”

  • PhxNickD

    zeke, lars is one troll not worth the effort. he has been preaching the same story lines on Traitor Marshes website since the middle of the primaries against Hillary. I guess there is no one there to listen to him now so he found NQ

  • Latina


    I believe in Abe Lincoln words, you can fool some people all of the time, you can fool all people, some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL people ALL of the time.

    I the meantime we get to see these tapes, you might want to see the new sequel of a video that could me known as “Back from the Future Obama Style”.

    MCCain/Palin 2008
    Country First

    Also a member of Widely known
    Nobama’s International Fan Clan/ The Silent Worldwide Majority

  • LandOLincoln

    Linda, I’m a New Mexican since 1991 and I disagree completely with your take on what Richardson has done for this state.

    First of all, the Rail Runner–the most beautiful train on the planet IMO–is a commuter train that currently runs between Belen on the south and Bernalillo on the north. The Santa Fe connection should be completed in by Christmas, and I can’t wait.

    When it is completed, I’ll be spending a lot of time in Santa Fe (I live in Burque). I have friends there, and also need to do some research for a book I’m writing.

    In any case, the Rail Runner is already very, very successful, to the point where they’ve had to add extra cars and extra runs, and the Santa Fe connection will probably double that. There are a LOT of people who live in Santa Fe but work in Burque, and vice versa. Do you really think they’re gonna keep on driving an hour each way if they can just hop on a train, the way it’s done in other major metropolitan centers in this country?

    Second, Richardson provided the tax incentives necessary to persuade several of the major Hollywood studios to relocate to Albuquerque. Burque is now “Tamalewood” (see the Nov 2008 issue of New Mexico Magazine for details). I don’t know how many millions of dollars and thousands of jobs this has brought to the state, but it’s considerable.

    BTW, the new USA show In Plain Sight–starring Mary McCormack–is set in Albuquerque, and it’s a hoot to watch it and see all the familiar landmarks.

    That said, Judas Richardson has revealed himself to be a total jerk this year and I’ve come to detest him personally, but that doesn’t take away from the good things he’s done for us–in utter and complete contrast, I might add, to Gary Johnson’s eight interminable years as gov. What exactly did that doofus ever do for New Mexico?

  • no acorns


    COUNTLESS McCAIN signs are stolen in my neighborhood virtually as soon as they are put up.

    YET the Obama signs that have been up for nearly 9 months (now tattered and sun-bleached) remain completely unmolested.

    I suspect this is happening throughout the country. An ACORN tactic??

  • Soldier of Christ

    You see, Linda. I am a little different. Maybe it is that I have an advantage, being dark skin and colored. I was in Winn Dixie and everybody was talking about “the one” and how they couldn’t wait to see him elected. I am one with patience but I had enough. I said” YOU KNOW THAT LAST THING I WANT TO HEAR WHEN I AM TRYING TO DO MY GROCERIES IS WHAT THAT HALF-BREED WHITE SOCIALIST IS GOING TO DO FOR OUR COUNTRY. WHY DON’T YOU ALL DO SOMETHING LIKE “WORK” FOR THIS STORE INSTEAD OF FUMING OVER THIS BI-SEXUAL RACIST.” There was a hush, and one of the cashier rung me up very quietly. I am sure they said alot after I left, but, I made a point. But, as I said, I have an advantage.

  • Postmaster

    rwc…..and you know this HOW? Are you a friend of McCain’s, that you can tell us he is afraid? Doesn’t have the stomach for it? What?

  • ObamaNOT

    I found this in a search about MO….This is what they want our kids to DO….

    ….UCSC offers a full range of volunteer, work/study, part- and full-time employment and internship programs for any student who wants to be involved in the community service arena. UCSC’s goal is to create hands-on learning experiences that will help students become effective community leaders. One such experience is Summer Links, an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students committed to public service, community building and social change.

    Summer Links is a paid summer internship created and facilitated by UCSC. Michelle Obama, UCSC Director, modeled the program after Public Allies, a 10-month, full-time, paid internship that students can undertake after graduation. Summer Links is a distilled 10 weeks of intensive community service, comprised of hands-on work experience and complemented by weekly half-day training sessions, including panel discussions.

    After an intensive week of orientation, including educational sessions such as “The People We Serve Race, Gender, Class and Client Sensitivity” and “Asset-based Community Development,” students begin work at their respective sites…..


  • poison acorn

    The video won’t play for me. The link must be getting hammered.

  • workingclass artist

    LOL…good one…

  • PhxNickD

    It was a general pissed off rant to everyone who is saying McCain would be racists for exposing a racist.

  • Dawnelle



  • typewriterstreaming

    While I believe there is a whitey tape – the Obots were just to eager to correct what was being said, I don’t think releasing it would change one vote. What would change is an indictment from Fitzgerald – and that’s what I would love to see. Doubt it will happen in time,- but Obama needs to be completely and utterly outed for the Chicago Crook Liar he is. A Fitzgerald indictment would let EVERYONE know, especially his rat bastard friends, don’t screw with America, in a way some whitey tape just won’t do. Fine, no tape, we move on. No big deal at all.

  • ObamaNOT

    Here is another tidbit..

    Dwight Hopkins, Professor of Theology in the Divinity School, commented on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. (A.M.,’75, History of Religions), alumnus and pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ on 95th Street, in a Sunday, Jan. 21 Chicago Tribune article. Wright, who has been pastor since 1972, is preparing to retire and allow another pastor to step into the role. “The black church is probably the only space in America where black men can have unquestioned authority. It’s hard to give that up for a lot of black male pastors,” said Hopkins, noting Wright’s willingness to do so shows an uncommon humility that sets him apart from others.

  • John Cabell

    McCain should “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”!

  • NoTrollZone

    Thanks for saying this about Annin, Zeke.
    You are right. I also think that she’s a troll.
    Her continual pessimism is boring. I think the best strategy is to ignore her.

  • Liz B

    Go Joe Go!

    By all accounts, Biden is too smart to be this dumb.
    Unless he’s not dumb, in which case, what he said was pretty smart…

  • sowsear

    I am amazed at the lack of presidential campaign signs in this area. Isn’t this more of the refusal to be identified?

  • Postmaster

    well, then do it and quit talking about it. It’s evident to me that you are looking for a reason to NOT vote for McCain and saying if he uses race will do it. Unbelievable after all of the crap Obama and his thugs throw around.

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!



  • KathyNeocon

    It’s fear of being terrorized. People w/McCain bumper stickers on their cars get them keyed, spray painted and pissed on in at least one instance. Yard signs get stolen.

  • ObamaNOT

    Professors at Univ of Chicago…Must be pals with OBOMBA…

    Dwight N. Hopkins

    Professor of Theology in the Divinity School…

    # Walk Together Children: black and womanist theologies, church and theological education, Nashville, Tennessee: Abingdon Press, 2008; co-editor.
    # Another World Is Possible: Spiritualities and Religions of Global Darker Peoples, London England: Equinox Publishing, 2008; co-editor.
    # Being Human: Race, Culture, and Religion, Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2005
    # Loving the Body: Black Religious Studies and the Erotic, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004; co-editor.
    # Cut Loose Your Stammering Tongue: Black Theology in the Slave Narratives, revised and expanded edition, Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2003; co-editor. (Originally Orbis Books 1991).
    # Global Voices for Gender Justice, Cleveland, Ohio: The Pilgrim Press, 2003; co-editor with Ramathate Dolamo and Ana Maria Tepedino
    # Heart and Head: Black Theology Past, Present, and Future, New York: Palgrave (Global Publishing at St. Martin’s Press), 2002.
    # Religions/Globalizations: Theories and Cases, Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2001; co-editor.
    # Black Faith & Public Talk: Essays in Honor of James H. Cone’s “Black Theology and Black Power”, Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, 2007. (Originally, Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 1999); editor.
    # Down, Up & Over: Slave Religion & Black Theology, Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 1999.
    # Introducing Black Theology of Liberation, Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, 1999.

    These are some of the books this guy has had a hand in….Probably a fiend of OBOMBA…

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    We have to deal with that from bots, and now it’s coming from a person who is supposed to be on our side?

    She claims to be a Mac supporter but does not like what she considers the extremes. That’s my best guess.

  • McHope

    Biden’s comments were somewhat foreshadowed at the Al Smith Dinner.
    Obama’s joke:

    Then at one of these campaign rallies, someone in the crowd started yelling, No-Bama, announcing to everyone in the room that I shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee because there were far more qualified candidates.

    I really wish Joe Biden hadn’t done that.

  • Latina

    Annina Ca

    Yes, you are right. She is different.
    Obama’s campaign “Stepford Wifed” her!!!!

  • ObamaNOT

    Obama had to know this guy at UofC, because he was a teacher at Trinity church…here is the article….OBOMBA cant just say he didnt know ANYTHING, because here is one of his and his wife’s ASSOCIATES……………

    Black theology of liberation: Hopkins educates church leaders, expands scope of scholarship
    By Arthur Fournier
    News Office

    For Dwight Hopkins[dwight hopkins], a scholar of black theology of liberation, teaching a group of students at Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s far South Side is an opportunity to exercise his belief that the discipline is uniquely obligated to engage a public that reaches beyond the academy.

    “My area of scholarship, black theology of liberation, is most alive as a form of questioning posed to those who practice in the tradition today,” explained Hopkins, Associate Professor in the Divinity School.

    “It’s meant to get people to reflect on whether or not they’re being faithful to the objectives of the tradition with which they’re engaged. That’s the role of theology; it’s an accountability discipline.”

    To illustrate the personal connections he sees his Trinity students drawing from their coursework, Hopkins related a story about one woman, who recently came to class and announced that the experience of reading his most recent book had encouraged her to act out in ways that might get her fired from her job. “She said, ‘I’ve started to speak up now. I have my human dignity at stake here––this is a faith issue,’” he recounted.

    “As an academic, my response was to reach out and try to help her process this sense of revelation that she’s going through. I certainly don’t want anyone to lose their job because they’ve read one of my books,” he continued. “It’s not exactly the kind of response I would have expected it to generate, but personally and intellectually, it’s an intensely powerful experience to see one of your students recognize their own role in the story. It’s very humbling for me.”

    The book that elicited the woman’s reaction was Introducing Black Theology of Liberation (Orbis Books, 1999), one of three new titles on the subject of black theology that Hopkins, the author, editor or co-editor of 10 books, has published this past fall. In 1998, his publisher asked him to write the book as an introduction to the study of black theology––a subject Hopkins believes comprises the only authentic theological movement in the United States to have its origins outside the academy.

    Black theology identifies the struggle for liberation of poor and oppressed peoples as the core of the black religious experience in America. If the students in Hopkins’ class react with strong emotions, he said it is because the material he teaches directly addresses the experience of their everyday lives and their collective history as a religious community.

    His diverse interests have led Hopkins to take up issues that reach beyond the black experience in this country to include accounts of black theological movements taking root in Latin America, Cuba and South Africa.

    The University of Cape Town, South Africa, recently awarded him his second Ph.D. for a dissertation thesis that forms the basis of another book he published last fall, Down, Up and Over: Slave Religion and Black Theology (Fortress Press, 1999).

    “Down, Up and Over looks at the slavery period as the source of contemporary black traditions. It forms the first part of a series I’ve been mapping out that will examine various aspects of black religion,” said Hopkins.

    “That’s my larger thingælooking to see what kinds of meanings we can discern, if you will, from the African-American religious experience.”

    Although he believes black theology is the contemporary articulation of practices that have percolated through the African-American religious experience since the slavery era, he points out that the first fully mature salvos of the movement can be traced to civil rights-era writings by James Cone. In 1966, a group of ministers from black churches published a full-page ad in The New York Times, calling for a theological interpretation of black power.

    Cone’s first book, Black Theology and Black Power, published in 1969, is widely considered to be the movement’s signal text. “As a product of the African-American struggle, Cone’s book gave liberation theology to the world,” Hopkins argued. “Liberation theology is not just ‘black;’ it’s also part of the larger American tradition.”

    In 1998, Hopkins mounted a conference at the University to re-examine the ideas Cone had articulated nearly three decades earlier. The meeting resulted in a collection of essays titled Black Faith and Public Talk: Critical Essays on James H. Cone’s Black Theology & Black Power, which Hopkins edited. The collection was published during the fall of 1999.

    At that same time, the Center for African Biblical Studies at Trinity United Church of Christ, which has been teaching black theology at the church since 1972, invited Hopkins to teach a class on the subject. Hopkins said he was prepared to design a course based on weekly group discussions, but instead, to his surprise, his Trinity students insisted he treat them as he treats his University students. “Now they have a syllabus with requirements, texts and weekly readings. We’re right about at the sixth week of our quarter. Based on what they’ve demonstrated, I’ve found that I can expect a high level of commitment from my students there.”

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., a Divinity School alumnus (A.M., ’75) and senior pastor at Trinity, said it is only natural that Hopkins, an academic and a member of the church, should be teaching a course at Trinity. He sees the scholar’s work on black religion as an important bridge for the next generation of theologians. “His work covers what has transpired over the past 30 years in the area of black theology. The developments he covers are a ‘must’ for Generation X-ers.”

    In addition to providing a service for the community of believers to which he belongs, the course provides Hopkins with the perfect complement to his Divinity School research and teaching, which focus on such subjects as historical, cultural, political, economic and interpretive approaches to the study of black religion in the United States and abroad. “As you might be able to imagine, I get a qualitatively different reaction in my classes at the Divinity School, which is equally important to me. Otherwise, I’d be working as a minister, not as a scholar,” he explained. “But at Trinity, where people take it all in as a part of their daily lives, the depth and the texture of the discourse is just so rich.”

    Clark Gilpin, Dean and Professor of the History of Christianity in the Divinity School, said that––particularly when considered within the context of the larger field of contemporary theology––black theology in general, and Hopkins’ work in particular, provide useful tools for scholars to account critically for their own social and historical frames of reference. “Hopkins has not only creatively reflected on the shaping influences of black theology but added to them an important international dimension through his work with the black theologians of South Africa,” he said.

  • NoTrollZone

    Beautiful quote of John Adams.
    The wisdom of the founders shines through this Obama demagoguery. Thanks Beverly!

  • NetherLands

    I concur.
    Ever since last year polls suggested that only McCain could win from a Democratic nominee, as ‘W’ has basically scrapped the Republican ‘brand’. He has to tread on thin ice, on the one hand not losing the Republican base for ‘RINO-ism’ (which is one big reason for the Palin pick), on the other hand not losing independents/moderate Democrats. One big reason for his party-wide appeal is that he is known as a man of integrity (that investigator on the Keating 5 even said he’s one of the few), and yes, that’s also a big reason why even in ‘old’ Europe quite a few people and media-outlets are rooting for McCain (which of course means flying figs for the elections but still).

    Also, BO is the Teflon-man; the ‘whitey-tape’ wouldn’t change Obots’s opinion but, like you said, only be ‘deflected’ as a ‘McNasty’ attack on poow wee Michelle (who I 100% believe to have used the term, her thesis, her Jackson-association, and choice of ‘church’ just yell it) .

    It’s a lousy situation, but to end at a high note: the ‘lynching’ of Joe the Plumber has damaged BO quite a lot, and we’ll see a lot more Joe’s.

  • Hope is the last to die

    If the whitey tape exists and it’s McCain who stands in the way of releasing it.. well, then he deserves to lose. The McCain campaign are doing some really boneheaded decisions right now. Attacking Obama with Ayers and socialism? Please, Obama supporters love those things, it’s change after all.

  • NoTrollZone

    Yeah C.S.,
    agree with you. Same BS from BO. “Oh, they’re being mean to me”– at the same time he is running the ugliest campaign imagineable.

  • tzada

    I voted for Obama in the Florida primary. My road to disillusionment started with Michelles bitter remarks. It opened my eyes and believe you me I was shocked and hurt. Barack the racist stole my vote. I never dreamed he was racist, in fact I thought America had stepped beyond that.

    I am a moderate and have never voted party, but country first, always. So don’t tell me that finding out the the lady in waiting makes those kind of statements will turn me towards her and Barack? Strange way of looking at things. But you have succeeded into turning the discussion to being all about you.

    Well I am all about America. McCain/Palin

  • KathyNeocon

    You are clearly anti-Constitution, as it requires the President be a citizen. Moreover you’re cuckoo if you think it’s a good idea for someone who couldn’t even get clearance for an FBI job may become President.

  • LandOLincoln

    Concern troll my a**. AnninCA seems to me to be exceptionally calm, levelheaded, and fair–in complete contrast to you wingnuts who still think Obama is a “socialist” and a “far left liberal” who’s supported by the “liberal” media.

    Yeah, right–the same “liberal” media that was totally in the tank for Gee Dubya in 2000 and 2004, and did everything they could to help gin up support for his war in EyeRack… that liberal media. ;)

  • No Way, No How NoBama

    Haha! I noticed that too. The true definition of shrill.

  • AnnieO

    Yes. Even without signs and bumper stickers, Obots still find a way to confront/attack people. I had an encounter at a restaurant where a woman sitting alone tried to engage me in conversation about the election. I tried to keep the talk to a minimum since I was having dinner with my family, but she persisted. I did not say much beyond that I’m a McCain/Palin supporter, so she turned to my son and said, “Your mother is voting like she’s in high school, like this is a popularity contest.” Then she said to him, “Your mother needs to come to terms with her racism.”

  • NoTrollZone

    Annin is a troll. please ignore it.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    A nice victory for Mac will send the message intimidation caused a loss.

  • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich


    a. hillary
    b. mccain

    america first!

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    I guess this is what The Precious meant about getting in people’s faces?

    Disgusting. And this type of behavior won’t succeed.

  • IndayHill

    tzada, you are 100% correct! Due to his thin resume, even McDonald will not hire the type of Obama, an admitted ex-drug addict & phony.
    His choice of Biden, an old Washingtonian, as his VP,speaks for itself: Obama’s boneheaded judgement !
    And now, America, how many boneheaded voters are there to rope you and drag you to despair ?
    Do not worry, truth will prevail and America, the great nation, will be saved from Obama’s dirty politics by the patriotic voters.
    For our great nation, vote for the safety and prosperity of America !

    Vote McCain & Palin’08

    God Bless America !!!

  • ds

    The media has created another bubble.

    First we had the tech bubble.
    Then it was the housing bubble
    Now we have the Obabubble.

    Like the others, this too shall burst because it too was created on a set of false assumptions.

  • socalannie

    The bottom line is: if there was a video tape of Cindy McCain, sitting in on a panel that included prominent racists, and Cindy was spouting racist jargon & using racist epithets, the Obama “race card central” campaign would have it splashed all over the media in a heartbeat & it would be on the news 24/7, and everyone would be talking about it.

    The double standard that applies to the Obama campaign is disgusting.

  • NoTrollZone

    If there is a whitey tape it needs to be released.
    If McCain doesn’t want to do it… fine… someone else needs to do it. I am sick of people protecting the Obama’s from their own slime. If Michelle made the remarks purported to be on this tape, then she needs to deal with it in front of the American people who she said the comments about.

    There is no excuse to fail to expose this crazy, batshit woman, Michelle Obama.

  • KathyNeocon

    Obots are SO scary–totally brainwashed, insane, and hostile.

  • tzada

    She is also Iranian.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    If the whitey tape exists and it’s McCain who stands in the way of releasing it..

    He would have to be able to claim he was against releasing it if he knew about it. And what you just said helps him to make that claim. ;)

  • Latina


    Neither are yours. You can choose then what to read, where to go. don’t think you can fool us. You might not be a troll, but you are one different and disharmonious drum here affecting the beat here.

  • Liz B

    Of course not, they’re in TX trying to pin a Death threat on the woman who turned down a call to her cell phone from the Obama camp in her town.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    Trolls sticking up for other trolls… that’s precious. You guys have a union or something?

  • KathyNeocon

    I agree. If McCain chooses to play MSM and hide Obama and MEchelle’s racism from the public, who should be able to make an INFORMED decision, then that’s on him, and the rest of us will suffer for the consequences of so-called “political correctness” which really is nothing of the sort.

  • Jules

    in complete contrast to you wingnuts who still think Obama is a “socialist” and a “far left liberal” who’s supported by the “liberal” media.

    Well, what is he then?

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    Many of the posters here are former Democrats and saw how that party eats their own. Look how they used sexism against Hillary and threw out the primary votes of two states. YOU STAY CLASSY, YOU RATFUCKING DEM.

  • Latina


    Then why are you wasting so much time following on us????????

  • Yo

    Zeke, you are right about AnninCA being a troll. She quit NQ about a month ago calling us all crazies/loonies or some such nonsense and saying she was never coming back. Now here she is spewing her troll crap.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    Don’t feed him, Zeke. You’ve been here through this whole long election. He crawled over here from Traitor Marsh’s when he became too boring for the 30 people who still post there.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    So when’s the part where you leave, Ann? Quit being such a tease and just make good on your promises, promises.

  • Latina

    Please AninCA

    Join the Peace Corps.
    Maybe you can then be at peace with your ideas

  • McHope

    Love your strategy. Thanks. You should be renamed AxelRove. :)

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    We don’t care if you’re from Timbuktu. You sound like you eat granola, and you claim to be voting in a state that will 99% likely go blue. Don’t threaten McCain supporters with your vote as if it or your opinion here matters. “Undecideds” don’t attack people for being “right wing,” either. You’re BORING.

  • Choo Choo Magoo

    Excellent Quote bl!



    A copy of this quote should be sent to every media “personality” (Note, I didn’t call them journalist – because they are far from true professionals.) that dares to open their mouth and comment (Note, I didn’t say report because that would imply objectivity.) on this election.

  • Donato

    I’m sorry but if the whitey tape is real then it should be used. Not because anyone would be shocked, but because Obama denied its existence, and he said that Michelle would ever say such horrible things. He and she would be exposed as liars. I don’t know why McCain would not want to use it if it’s indeed real … it’s totally fair game because they denied it exists.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    LOL @ “soapbox annie,” Dawnelle.

  • MG – PUMA

    Totally and completely false:

    The Railroad is going to haul illegals from ABQ to Santa Fe.

    That’s it.

    Its a big joke among New Mexicans who all understand that Santa Feans keep the cost of living high in Santa Fe so as to keep out the very people they claim to want to “help.”

    btw, Everybody: Santa Fe is a third-rate town. Nothing worth seeing there that you can’t see in Las Cruces/Old Mesilla.


  • DAB

    This is strange but just a few days ago that same poll showed a 13 point spread. Some others seems to be tightening but not as much.

    Hope that it is a harbinger of where the others will be soon.

  • Jules

    I will not vote for McCain if he plays the race card.

    End of story.

    I will abandon his campaign in a heartbeat.

    It’s irresponsible. It’s wrong. It’s against all my principles.

    So then you would not be able to vote for no one in this election. All Obama’s campaign does is CONSTANTLY use the race card. Plus they’ve attacked and smeared a private citizen who dared ask a question (Joe the Plumber).

  • Jules

    I meant to say “would not be able to vote for ANYone”.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    I think the goal has been to keep Obama just below 50 throughout the whole election. The internal polling likely has them tied or McCain slightly ahead. It is encouraging that Palin has been in CO and NM while McCain will be in PA. I think McCain is holding a royal flush, and it’s not the tape. He will win.

  • DAB

    Happened to see that on TV. It was a great line and she delivered it with aplomb.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    If you’re a moderate, then I’m a Martian.

  • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

    I do. They traced it back to Obama’s media team a couple of times. First some bloggers got IP addresses. Then My Pet Jawa ran a forensics report on a YouTube video spreading lies about Sarah Palin. Obama is scum. It seems McCain wants to beat him honorably, but I say 10 days before, let the mud fly. If they’re exactly even or McCain is slightly ahead, anything should be leaked.

  • DianeJ

    I am a fan of this site but I really have to question what friends of LJ reportedly said, “My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.” It is my belief the tape did not exist BUT perhaps someone who attended the event heard what was reported. Just an idea. Why wouldn’t the McCain Camp want the tape to be released? Don’t make sense to me. As for API difficult for me to believe that Mrs. Obama contacted them. As for Berg I agree the BIRTH CERTIFICATE PROBLEM will not and SHOULD not go away.

    Hugs to all. Love this site.

  • Rob G in Chicago


    I’m glad that Andy Martin has filed his suit in Hawaii, and I hope that his suit is a complete success, but he has an interesting past history, and one should use caution in quoting his remaks or conclusions. He entertained Chicago reporters for years with his many lawsuits in Illinois courts, but the judges were not amused and several banned him from filing any more lawsuits. See the following entry on Wikipedia:

  • Jules

    It is pushing away moderates like me.


    I do not wish to scroll through 75% of the posts because it’s some kind of right-wing blog.

    Then don’t.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    Sorry, that link above may need to be fixed, but there is a wealth of information on GOOGLE

  • DAB

    I did some checking and found that this poll is a University poll that got 2004 correct within 1/2 percentage point. Here is an article that they wrote about their poll

    Battleground Hits a Bull’s Eye

    The George Washington University Battleground Poll, a highly regarded bi-partisan survey, was the most accurate presidential tracking poll in the nation; a near perfect match to the final popular vote as reported by the Associated Press. The GW-Battleground Poll was the most accurate for the third time in four presidential elections.

    “The election is remarkable in that a number of pundit’s predictions were realized, particularly the importance of battleground states such as Ohio and Florida,” Christopher Arterton, dean of GW’s Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) and liaison for the GW-Battleground 2004 Poll said. “The GW-Battleground Poll applied the science of polling and coupled it with the dynamic of bipartisanship to accurately predict this election outcome. The University looks forward to continuing sponsorship of this nationally recognized survey.”

    The University sponsors the GW-Battleground Poll, which is conducted by top polling firms Lake Snell Perry and Associates and The Tarrance Group and guided by Arterton and GSPM. The poll surveyed registered likely voters nationwide and yielded a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

  • tzada

    Obama and his camp must really be concerned with Ayers. I just got a 4 page high glossy color mail out here in Florida. It was all about his Ayers lies. It was a mail out fight the smears.

    I think Ayers is Obama Achilles heel, or one of them but important.

    Keep hitting him John and Sarah, use all the ammunition and we will Stand Up With You.

  • KathyNeocon

    The end is truly near for you losers and I couldn’t be more happy.

    Typical Obot malice.

    If McCain wins, I have absolutely no desire or inclination to go trolling around on Obama supporter blogs and going “nah na na na nah nah, my guy won!” But all of you rabid Obots are already doing so when the election hasn’t even happened yet, and I’m sure you’re positively salivating at the thought of doing so if BO wins. Says a lot about the character of the two camps.

  • PewL

    Hope the tape ends up at Fox,in Sean Hannity’s hands…I could see where he’d probable enjoy destroying Obama.imo….If Michelle,said those words,shows she’s just as racist.imo


  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Rob Wiki can be attacked and editorialized by anyone with an axe to grind.

  • Diana L. C.

    I never ever felt Bush was my President and I won’t feel that way about Obama IF he should also steal an election.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    Lars Thorwald works for the Post Office in New Mexico ?

  • Dr. Kate

    I think FRCP 26(E) is why barky has to disclose the information, even tho he has a motion before the court to dismiss and protect. And basically, this kind of information is something every American has to produce for lots of reasons, so it is unreasonable to think that Barky doesn’t have access to this info:

    (E) Basis for Initial Disclosure; Unacceptable Excuses. A party must make its initial disclosures based on the information then reasonably available to it. A party is not excused from making its disclosures because it has not fully investigated the case or because it challenges the sufficiency of another party’s disclosures or because another party has not made its disclosures.

    More on Federal Rules of Civil Procedure here:

  • cookiegramma

    I do not usually feed trolls, in this case I cannot resist.
    If this site is such a joke, what the HE** are you doing here?

  • Dr. Kate

    there already is a resolution in the Senate which tries to do the same thing. It was put forth by Leahy, McCatskill, and Obama. It tries to create a blanket exception for naturalized citizens. The resolution was done regarding McCain (but was unnecessary actually), and Obama tried to have language strictly about McCain eliminated. Note the bolded parts below:

    Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a ‘‘natural born Citizen’’ of the United States;

    Whereas the term ‘‘natural born Citizen’’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;

    Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to American citizens serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country’s President;

    Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the ‘‘natural born Citizen’’ clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress’s own statute defining the term ‘‘natural born Citizen’’;

    Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;

    Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and

    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a ‘‘natural born Citizen’’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

    The whole thing is curious:

  • steel magnolia


  • Dr. Kate

    Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and

    George Romney-Mexico, Goldwater-AZ territory…you can run for the office but neither got to hold the office.

    This is the section Claire and Barky tried to remove:

    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

  • PewL
  • gazzed

    He will never be my president.

  • hootnannie

    Though I believe that all the dirt that can be should be dumped on Obama, there’s more than enough to bury him in a landslide. And the “spread the weath around” gaffe and attacks on Joe the Plumber were big, big ole’ boulders. McCain probably wants to use as little against Bobo as he needs to defeat him in order to continue to look like the calm, deliberate gentleman that he is.

  • glennmcgahee

    If you go over to, the owner of the site is no fan of Larry Johnson’s and has called out many anti-Obama bloggers for spreading gossip and inuendo. BUT, he too has verified the “whitey tape” and has named names of who his information has come from. I too doubted the tape until I read what he had to say about it and after hearing who he heard about it from, there’s a reason we aren’t seeing it. Alot of this stuff has apparently been gathered up for destruction and/or paid off to keep their mouths shut. There’s an obscene amount of money coming out of Obama’s campaign coffers and yes, money can buy you a place in government.

  • Dr. Kate

    Zeke, but really, step away from the keyboard. No need to trash AnninCa, she does not deserve it and offers valuable comments here.

    So chill. Go take a walk or something. then come back when your misplaced anger is gone.

    We are all going to defeat Obama…with the help of idiotic trolls like lars and agnes, little debbie, UBM, etc.


  • Khan Krum

    Deciding what to do with the Whitey Tape (if it exists) is a trial to see what kind of president McCain would be. A direct analogy could be made to how he would react to a deadly blow to the US (e.g., a nuclear attack). If he uses the Whitey Tape, it suggests that he would preemptively strike to prevent such an assault. If he doesn’t use it, then maybe he finds it morally superior on some kind of level to accept defeat before annihilating an enemy.

    I’ll say one thing. If the Whitey Tape exists and he doesnt’ use it, and Obama wins the presidency, then many, many Americans will never forgive him.

  • Dr. Kate

    he sproutingly–many of us have changed after we stopped drinking the koolaid.

    And like many, we are not afraid to admit it.

    Too bad the resto of the obots haven’t stopped guzzling the koolaid.

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Until a recording surfaces and is verified there is no story. Its probably a hoax and a diversion.

  • steel magnolia

    I’m voting for McCain because I believe Obama is a THREAT to our democracy! I don’t think you can get any more basic than that!

    If that isn’t important to you, I can’t help you.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    The 527 groups are supposed to be totally independent from the campaigns, and they can lose their ability to operate if they are found to be accepting orders or directions from the campaign. Their very legal structural basis provides plausible deniability to McCain, and he should not be telling them what they should do or should not do. In any event, he can cite the legal requirement that he has nothing to do with their actions, and he can even denounce their ads if he sees an advantage to doing so.

  • winess08

    Yes, I agree with you. McCain is running the “Officer and Gentleman” campaign while Obama runs the campaign of a Chicago thug. Obama said they would bring a gun to a knife fight in this campaign so McCain better get his big guns out NOW!!!

  • Undercover Black

    So, Linda… McCain doesn’t want the Whitey tape used because that would be “slime gutter politics.”

    Yet many NQ readers are hoping against hope that the Whitey tape gets released.

    Does that mean NQ readers are practitioners or advocates of “slime gutter politics”?

    (Boo-yah, I’m good!)

  • Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    Mac does not have to use it. A private party like Corsi could release it. From what I recall, Michelle’s alleged remarks were made at a public forum so there could be many people in possession of a video.

  • PewL

    What really scares me about Acorn,they are getting away with it.Do American’s need to register for every election? How does one come out of the system?

  • Tellurian

    Thanks for the additional information. With Barky rushing off to put out another fire in Hawaii, as Andy Martin is filing a motion to release Barky’s Birth Records. It warms my heart to see this impostor run his *ss off trying to hide the inevitable.

    The SOB is such a coward!

  • Undercover Black

    I’m certainly doing my part, Doc.

    Latest nationals polls…

    Pew Research: OBAMA +14

    Gallup (Expanded): OBAMA +10

    Zogby: OBAMA +8

    Gallup (Traditional): OBAMA +7

    Hotline/FD: OBAMA +6

    Rasmussen: OBAMA +4

    Notice a trend, Dr. Kate?

  • sjc-tx

    Has anyone ever sought ought obamas adoptive father in Indonesia?? Ya know… that Soetoro guy…

  • Gayle in Oregon

    O’s trip to Grandma’s house is to secure a sort of death bed confession that she knew he was born in Kenya but this was hidden from him? So, he has the sympathy argument to fight Corsi, Berg, Martin and others?

  • Tellurian

    If racism is questioned of Michelle Obama just read her Princeton Thesis.

    MO supports Rev Wright’s theology and where she met and married BO. They are 2 peas in a pod indoctrinating their children to another generation of “white” racism.

    Neither of them are worthy to step foot in the White House much less making it their home for the next 8 yrs.

  • Undercover Black

    You finally starting to realize what this blog is about, AnninCA?

    You see now?

  • Tellurian


    Obama is the Face of Fascism before it turns ugly and becomes part of our new way of life.

  • Josephine

    He’s dead.

  • Khan Krum

    Sorry, Galt, I should have made myself clearer. What I mean is approve its release. I never have thought that he should use in in a campaign ad. It should just appear somewhere, e.g., the Internet, a news station, etc. Like the Rev. Wright tapes. No one ever questioned the provenance of its release. It’s got to get out there. Senator Government has said on more than one occasion that she would be a top advisor. Think of the implications of having a top advisor that has such radical racist views (if the tape actually exists).

  • notodisenfranchisement

    no acorns – this happened during the Hillary campaign too – Hillary signs were vandalized or destroyed by Obamabots and even City Workers whom I believe were backing Obama threw some of our signs away.

    There ya go. Same shit, different election.

  • Dr. Kate

    Thanks for the update Larry. Learned a lot also from the comments, including the trolls and trolls in disguise. My view:

    (1) Whitey tape. Truthfully I hoped it was true, becaues no one would want a hateful first lady who would embarass us. We have all the evidence and as long as she is kept out of sight, no one will know until it is too late. The Obama campaign confirmed its existence by its ‘preemptive response’. That said, I think it is irresponsible not to show it, “gentlemans rules”, “clean campaign”, or no. Therefore democratic and republican sources, and private sources who have this tape and have seen it do a disservice to the American people by not at least talking about it or raising a question. I do not beleive Seymor Hersch would hold this for political reasons (ie being a democrat)–he has more integrity. On this issue, all parties who have the tape and know about it are irresponsible and not helpful to Americans making an informed choice.

    (2) The API story. IMHO, it is a fake and possibly a plant by the Obama campaign to distract from the real issues of ayers, acorn, socialism, hidden agendas, and his birth certificate & citizenship. Obama has already admitted he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, so no news there. I think having the ‘whitey tape’ rumor out there made people vulnerable to the API story, wasting valuable time writing and talking about it.
    (3) Berg, Citizenship. Sorry to say this, but all blogs in my view that have not at least covered this story–not necessarily the case–and the continuing questions that exist about Obama’s citizenship and basic aspects of his life, are not being responsible to the American public. I can understand if the merits of Bergs case were incorrect why it is not being reported by all, but the merits are solid–because the basic question is solid: where are your identifying documents?. And I can understand that this blog and others may have disagreements or problems with the underlying birth certificate analysis, or perhaps dislike of Phil Berg, and therefore not want to cover the story. That said, to summarily dismiss it misses an opportunity to discuss Article II of the constitution, whether it has anything to do with the 14th amendment–which has been on OBama’s website forever “I am a citizen pursuant to the 14th amendment”. But article II does not say that naturalized or dual citizens are eligible to hold the office of president of the US. Therefore, Obama is planning on taking this to the US supreme court if he wins and is challenged. You are right, these charges are not going away, but what is missed is this IS a constitutional crisis in the making.

    My final point is that all of these issues are designed to produce chaos–the classic Alinsky method and just what revolutionaries like Bill Ayers would promote. OBama’s advise to Odinga is the same way he is operating his campaign here: inflate the poll numbers, cry voter fraud if you lose, and demonstrate (well Odinga killed) until some position of power is handed to you. Make NO mistake about this: Obama’s intentions are to bring this country down–to “apologize” for who we are.

    So, with the exception of the API story, I feel all of these issues shuld have been covered here. The whitey tape could have evolved into other ways to help get the word out about Michelle’s racism and hatred, and to point out that she is purposely being kept out of site. Videos of her scowling along with Obama might give people a picture of these two together. The Berg/Citizenship/BC issue could have been discussed regarding the fundamental issues raised.

    In the total scope of things, I cite NQ as the best blog I know of for the quality of both stories and comments/commentors. As I have turned off the TV and radio–even NPR–this season, this has been a refuge.

    Thanks again for the update, and keep up the good work.

  • Josephine


    You do realize that anyone can post info on Wikipedia. It’s an amusing, and often entertaining site, but by no means authoritative or even reliable.

    Anyone seeking to discredit a public figure can do it by posting unverified info on Wiki.

    (It’s where Michael Scott gets his news. lol.)

  • John W.

    This is the kind of back tracking I feared (I very mutch had hope for these tapes). Who’s yanking our chain, you or your contacts. IF McCain objected to the release of these tapes, I know of no Republican insider who would hold himself from leaking these tapes. Our natonal security, direction of the Court, unchecked Democratic control of congress? No Republican would sacrafice these things out of loyalty to the wishes of one man. Your earlier back tracking suggesting that the tapes would not be released as the McCain camp believed they had a 100 electoral lead seemed fishy. Now that it is clear we have no such lead, a further excuse was needed and added.

  • LJM

    I have it on good authority that the tape is in the hands of a sasquatch, which is presently in a freezer at the home of the grand-nephew of one of the “grassy-knoll” shooters, who was also the demolitions expert who, at Obama’s behest, designed the charges that brought down tower number two on 9/11.

    Because, you know, the Obama’s hate white folks.

    You guys have fun, now.

  • Andrew

    It’s always the left wing that wants to curtail free expression. I say this as a lifetime Democrat. One example is the liberal support for “hate speech” laws. Another is the hardline feminist position on pornography, that it degrades women and therefore should be banned. (There may be constitutional rationales for limiting porn, but this isn’t one of them.) Republicans have always opposed these measures, and for the right reasons. That’s what “strict construction” of the Constitution requires. When it says that “Congress shall make no laws” restricting free speech, that’s exactly what it means. No laws. Period. But if we end up with The Messiah in the White House, Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, and a 60-plus majority of Obamacrats in the Senate, you can bet we’ll see plenty of laws requiring our forced enlightenment.

  • InsightAnalytical-GRL

    On the Ground in NM: Biden/Richardson/Endorsement Punch Hits So. NM; Big Early Voting Turnout; BREAKING: McCain May Be Here on Saturday

    Seems to be some “torn” voters here….see article I’ve cited…
    as of about 3:30 pm, still no confirm on whether McCain will be here Sat. I comment about this in the post…

  • InsightAnalytical-GRL

    He screwed us down here in the south with is crappy Spaceport which WE are paying for, although it’s touted as helping the state…then let all New Mexicans pay! It’s going to be funded by another regressive sales tax on the poor here….

    Why didn’t he take the money the state is putting into it and run the damned train down here to the south! By the way, we helped PAID for that lovely train you have up there…

  • InsightAnalytical-GRL

    I meant we helped PAY for that train…

    PS…the poor are being regressively taxed to help woo Richard Branson…the crew went down to his fancy house in the islands to do the deal…

    Richardson is another “all about him” guy…

  • dpvegas


  • Rob G in Chicago

    Well, if RObamaHood was born in Kenya or was a citizen of Indonesia, then he really is “trouble coming from abroad.”

  • Patience

    Lars Thorwald — character name of the murderer who decapitated and chopped up his wife in the film “Rear Window”. Appropriate username.

  • PewL

    Palin being interviewed on CNN in full shortly…I watched the first half of the interview,and it was excellent…She is such a good speaker…They said they would show the entire speech later ….Keep an eye open on CNN,because the second part will be played..

    Mccain/Palin…She mentioned Biden’s gaffe on international attack,She actually thanked him,for bringing this

  • Hispana

    she is broke her hip
    she had a hip replacement awhile back

  • Patience

    Lars Thorwald – the character name of the murderer who decapitated and chopped up his wife in the film “Rear Window”. Appropriate username.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    IT’s true!!! Biden is madly in love….with the sound of his own voice.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    Dead goldfish get to vote twice in Illinois.

  • http://chriss chris

    You are kidding right? Obama has played the race card ad nauseum since the beginning of his campaign and you would call McCain racist if this tape comes out? I knew you vacillated all the time, but now your true colors are out there. Go ahead and vote for Obama if you want. Your reasoning on the tape thing is beyond ludicrous. You messed up and spilled the beans that you are a bona fide OBOT. We know the zombie obots are voting for Obama so it’s ok. Don’t you feel better that you finally admitted the truth? Too funny.

  • sayitisntso


    Kinda like a choo choo to nowhere???

    Vote straight Republican, BR will get the message.

  • dpvegas

    Since there was no need for this, I am certain it was done on Barky’s behalf. There’s already an Amendment which covers McCain quite adequately.

    I’d be willing to bet that Barky’s ineligible and is trying hard to supress that until after the election. However, he cannot override our Constitution, and neither can any Act of Congress. His actions are so telling, and so disrespectful of our nation of laws.

    Any whoo, my husband used some of this, as well as other, information to persuade a retired AA military NCO at his job to vote for McCain. This man was SO MAD when he heard that someone tried to make an issue of McCain’s birth. We military are more than Patriotic–duh.

  • Patience

    I have to admit I’m not terribly persuaded by the birth certificate issue. If it turns out to be true, great. But I’m not putting a lot of stock in the theory, and the video of Berg I saw recently didn’t do much to convince me.

    Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

    Now, the whitey tape’s a different matter. I have a strong suspicion it’s for real. The heightened rate of racism charges by the Obama campaign, while they could of course represent a broad brush strategy, makes me think there’s indeed some injurious evidence of a racial nature they’re aware of and rightly fear. They’ll try to blame the messenger — just like they’ve done with Joe the Plumber. But if the tape’s what it’s purported to be it will speak for itself and will be impossible to refute successfully.

  • Rob G in Chicago

    Then read other GOOGLE posts on Andy Martin, known better in the Illinois judicial system as Anthony Martin Trigona. At first, his lawsuits looked credible, but then they started flying so fast, and he kept suing the federal judges who would toss his suits. I’m just saying that he may be a tad “out there”, and some caution should be used.

  • Hank

    Stay undercover, don’t come up again.

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    Oh naturally “deep dirt” on McCain that hasn’t been uncovered in the 100 or so years he’s been in politics.

    Deep dirt…

    eye roll

  • PewL

    From the Hawaii Site…Article shows another Lawsuit.and a write up saying Obama has admitted to having dual citizenship’s..Not sure how accurate the story is.

  • dpvegas

    While I appreciate Sen. McCain’s ethical approach, what’s making me mad is that the 527′s are not putting this stuff out.

    The Swift Boat Liar’s didn’t listen to McCain in ’04, so why start now?

  • Sassy

    An honorable person might be squeamish about using the tape, if it exists.
    I have wanted to see it released, not for the words, but to solidify this couple’s link to Farrakhan!
    Admittedly, I would feel for the two children involved.
    However, after their exposure to Wright, they are probably well on their way to following in their parents footsteps!
    As I have said before, McCain and Palin are going to have to go it alone…and with our country in this hellacious mess!

  • Khan Krum

    It’s very telling nowadays that if you present evidence of a black person saying racist hateful things about white people you are considered a racist for doing so. I don’t think the pendulum can swing any further in the same direction.

  • steph

    API is going to release the tape to FOXNews.

  • dpvegas

    Wasn’t McCain responsible for the legislation setting down these rules?

    The 527′s can act on their own. They didn’t listen to him in 2004, so why have they started now?

  • Revelation

    Remember The Omen?

    Maybe Barack is covering up his birth certificate because his real mother was a jackal. Making his real father … well, you know.

  • sayitisntso

    API possibly was paraphrasing.

  • KathyNeocon

    Actions speak louder than words, and the so-called liberals are making it clear they’re really nothing of the sort. They crow about their First Amendment rights (ACLU anyone??), when all they want to do is censor opposing views.

    Obots are Fascists.

  • Kato

    I can’t get over thinking that these new tapes are one and the same older tape that’s been discussed and someone is going through some twilight zone contorted process to get them out while leaving the RNC cleared of doing so.

    One question I’ve had is why is it tapes? One phone conversation would be a single tape, so why does API talk about “the tapes”?

  • hank48188

    That was really a good film, Stewart and Kelly were both good. I loved the part with the suitcases

  • Ray

    This is a crap story, do you honestly believe that Fox would allow an announcement of a negotiation?

  • steph
  • hank48188

    Great Job, I would have loved to watch that, you must have put those Morons into Shock!

  • upper east side

    that’s right, because McCain will…

  • Lars

    Michelle Obama tapes’ imminent release approaching: API in a serious negotiation with FOX NEWS on the best way forward

  • hank48188

    I think you better look into that Film business a little closer, you are probably paying lots of Money for those jobs. I live in Michiganistan and we are starting to get Films being made here, the State gives a 40% TAX CREDIT for the Money they spend in the State on Production. That means if they spend $1000 the State will send them a check for $400, what a deal, some chumps (the Taxpayers) are paying almost half the cost. If I was making a Film I’d come here too.

  • Dr. Kate

    dp–very cool that your husband used this and other information…

    I was so furious when I read this resolution–knowing McCain was already a citizen by law–and i’m not even military.

    i just note he is so disrespectful of the military, our laws, and the constitution, and that he is purposely pushing chaos and a constitutional crisis, and covering up his tracks using the senate…

  • hank48188

    The McCain people saw that little trick the Obama folks were doing and stopped it. Maybe they all know Obama isn’t eligible, just look how much info you get online for Free, you’d know much more if you hired the All-Stars like they do.

  • yoman

    There is no Whitey tape………..

  • Bitter Knitter

    Long time readers of this blog and similar sites have long been aware of this “curious” legislation, and to me, this is the most damning of all circumstancial evidence pointing to Barry’s natural born citizen status. What I fear is that BHO’s zombie followers won’t even care that he isn’t a natural born citizen. Another graphic reminder that the press is dead. They should have been pounding that fishwife McCaskill until she gave out and admitted that she is part of Barry’s conspiracy to fleece the American people. The question is why. This has to be about more than the egotistical desires of Obama….there has to be more to it and it is terrifying.

  • sayitisntso

    mel, I always like your comments and you are right, again.

    It was proven decades ago that ANY discussion of race CAUSES more racism. It’s a dead end and why the BHusseinO campaign wants you all wasting your time on it.

  • Mollye

    I truly don’t know what purpose you are serving with your comments today. The people who are commenting and expressing their opinion have no control over 527′s or John McCain’s own campaign decision. It really does not matter whether you vote for McCain or not…because your state will go to Obama. John McCain has never made race a factor in this campaign…but Obama & Co. certainly have. Who are all of these people you are speaking for and in which states do they reside? They have obviously not been exposed to the onslaught of misleading negative ads from the Obama camp, as well as the race-baiting every time someone criticizes their candidate.

  • yoman

    there is No Michelle tape

  • KathyNeocon

    Yes, this drama is tedious. Enough already. Vote for whoever you darn well please.

  • bemused

    I hope it ends up in Pastor Manning’s hands, because he would not only not fear to use it, he would have some amazing commentary on it too. ;) At least it would be a good show.

  • Bitter Knitter

    yeah, like the Cindy Mc Cain piece in NYT. Has Barky condemned it? Missed it if he did.

  • Mark Q

    I suppose they’re just saving the tape
    for Sarah’s 2012 run now….

  • sayitisntso

    At least we haven’t been subjected to anymore school children choirs singing Hussein’s “praises”.

  • sayitisntso

    I believe it’s unleash the dogs of war.

  • Sally

    Just saw this from the National Enquirer…probably old news to you guys, I’m sure!

    The ENQUIRER exclusively reports a “sex pervert” was Sen. Barack Obama’s longtime mentor and “father figure”.

    For seven years, the presidential candidate had a “father-son” relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and practicing a wide array of deviant sexual activities…….

  • Ray

    Look as much as I would love a huge bomb to fall on the MSM and their savior, these story’s are going no where. We already have two huge October surprises, the first is the redistribution of wealth and the second is the new Aryes audio being aired on Fox now.

  • bemused

    You have to make them start reflecting critically on the speech they are hearing, phrase by phrase, and objectify the meaning (that is the aim of persuasion, to convince by delivering a feeling of personal connection) so that the discourse can be exposed as illogical or trivial.

    For instance, when a speaker wants to be convincing (and let’s face it, they all do this), they have to establish their authority so people will believe them. This is called pacing. Speaker says obviously true things, like “Here we are today.” This lulls the listener: yeah, yeah, here we are, true enough.

    After the listener gets comfortable with the speaker and starts accepting them as worth listening to, the speaker tells them what he wants them to believe: “I will be the next President.” (inevitability is suggested to you) Or other things: “On election day, vote for me.”

    If you can break into this smooth presentation like the hecklers in Florida or Joe the Plumber, it breaks the spell. This is an extra good moment to introduce critical thinking. Otherwise it’s a slog, but if he can hypnotize this way, others can use the same technique too.

  • OrphanRescuingFiremanHeroGuy

    chuckling! This is the best comedy site I’ve read in a while..

    I mean, how freakin’ comically self-ignorant is this:

    “I am a Show Me state boy. I am not writing anymore on this matter until an audiotape appears.”

    OMG. Really? I don’t think I’ve ever read a more comic line.

  • Jason

    Just got home, no time to read all 564 comments posted so far. But from skimming a few, I have this to say.

    1) There is no Whitey tape. This much is obvious to anyone with a brain. The idea that it’s not being released “because McCain objects” is just pure baloney. As if a couple of anti-Obama Democrat journalists would give a crap about a request from McCain to keep it under wraps. They could just post the damn thing on YouTube and have done with it. Ditto the Republican. McCain wouldn’t have to have anything to do with it, just like he doesn’t have anything to do with the million and one other anti-Obama videos out there. The whole thing is a lie. Either Larry is in on that lie, or he’s as gullible anyone else who believes this crap. If there was a tape we would have seen it by now….end of story.

    2) Let’s pretend the tape does exist for a minute. To those who have commented that they “will change their vote to Obama if anyone plays the race card” – are you stupid? How would airing a tape which exposes the wife of Obama as a hateful racist be “playing the race card?” You people don’t even know what a race card is. Exposing the truth about someone’s racism with an irrefutable video is not playing the race card. It’s simply exposing the racial hatred of someone. You know damn well that if there were a tape of McCain saying the n-word and it was aired, you would never in a million years claim that it was “playing the race card” and change your vote in protest. Let’s just come back down to earth for a minute. How come you think the Obamas have a free pass to be racist? Explain please.

    But all of this is moot because there is no tape and I think Larry knows that as much as anyone.

  • Mydress

    I was raised in former USSR and emigrated in
    USA because I wanted live in freedom. Socialism is a prison. Obama’s “change” speech – nothing new(BS). You can find many of them in Soviet school textbook for 5-grades.
    About racism – I was so surpised to find real racism – black. I don’t have “white guilt” and don’t care if somebody will call me racist I’ll not vote for empty suit.

  • Jason

    Please – can the idiots PLEASE stop prattling on about this OBVIOUS SCAM? How come there are STILL some people who are taken in by this? Are they on drugs?

  • bss

    People, there is no “whitey” tape! Notice how not one of Larry’s conveniently anonymous sources has actually SEEN it? And how all the info about it has been completely contradictory?

    And Andy Martin is a certified loon and a wild anti-semite. There is info about his antics all over the internet. For one, this recent NYTimes article:

    Please stop citing this nutcase a viable source of information.

  • typewriterstreaming

    You said it MYdress!

  • mark

    f you you USA hater BItch

  • Fred

    Indeed – why would they hold back?

    They wouldn’t.

    Ergo — no tape exists

  • Fred

    “a person does not try to explain away something unless it is fact. ”

    Are you people actually unaware that the whole “why’d he” thing was totally made up by a blogger just to prove how unhinged Larry is?



  • Patience

    First of all, it may be too soon for the whitey tape, if it exists. When I mentioned the possibility of this tape to my husband (who’s voting for Obama) a few months ago, I could tell by his reaction that it would have an effect on his vote. But he would have to see it with his OWN EYES.

    Those of us who’ve been falsely accused of racism deserve to be exonerated of the charge and the true racists deserve to be exposed. The wholesale use of racism to dismiss legitimate opposition in this campaign has set back race relations in this country DECADES. It’s absolutely CRIMINAL. If the tape exists, McCaim will take heat from the media no matter who really released it. If it’s what it’s supposed to be, hearing a racist epithet hurled repeatedly at Bill Clinton will be shocking not just because of the use of the word, but also because it will betray the racist gameplan this campaign has employed all along. In spite of what happened during the primaries, anyone playing with a full deck knows Bill Clinton isn’t racist. It’s laughable.

    Another reason I believe the tape exists is because I’ve read about Black Liberation Theology which is undoubtedly and undeniably racist. No question. My husband WON’T bother reading about it, but if he saw the whitey tape it would open his eyes. Just like with Joe the Plumber, some people have to have a story personalized in order to really understand it.

  • Jason

    I agree with almost everything you said – I believe 100% that Michelle Obama is a racist, and I fully believe that Obama is too. I just don’t believe there is a tape.

    It’s not that I don’t believe that Michelle has ever said things like that – in fact I would be very surprised if she hadn’t. And judging by statements Obama has made about whites in the past, both in his book and about his grandmother being a “typical white,” it’s clear that he’s supported that whole anti-white ideology too. Just look at his friendship with Pastor Wright and his 20 year attendance of his church. I still can’t believe that the media gave him the benefit of the doubt and a free pass after all of his lies about what he has and hasn’t heard at Wright’s sermons.

    But it’s hard to believe that if such a tape existed that it wouldn’t have been released. How could it be “too soon”? The election is 2 weeks away. Many people have voted already.

    If someone has a copy of the tape then there would be many other copies too. Wasn’t it supposed to have come from the church’s website? If so, I find it hard to believe that it hasn’t by now found its way into the hands of someone who would be prepared to upload it to YouTube.

  • Lindsy

    Where are all the 527 ads and RNC ads? Last year they were everywhere and this year I haven’t seen a single one. It’s almost like the Republicans WANT to lose this thing!

  • pb

    Obama sure does not act like he is winning.His grandmother is gravely ill and he is waiting 3 days to see her?Then he can only visit for 2 days and must leave.Did not visit her in the hospital last week.His wife and kids are being left behind when she may be on her death bed?This story stinks to high heaven!!!!!!

  • Ai1een

    I don’t understand it at all; not one bit.

    Barack Obama and his cronies are the biggest threat to the welfare of our soverign nation and McCain (perhaps) put the nix on the tape(if it does exist)? Why?

    I could understand NOT wanting to use it if it was a tape that was demeaning to African Americans or Barack Obama’s heritage, but such a tape (if it existed) would be the OPPOSITE of that – it would show the true RACISM of Michelle Obama.

    Why would McCain tell the 527′s to NIX that especially considering that he could very well LOSE this election and most are thinking he will.

  • http://! Clinton Fan

    Why do you give a crap? You don’t “know” anything. And LJ has never, ever suggested he has seen any tape, and he has always been straightforward in saying what he does and does not “know”–unlike you.

    Who’s more credible? Hint–not YOU.

    Begone, troll.

  • Aileen

    Linda –
    I’m just getting to read this early Wednesday morning. Thanks for the information on Richardson’s Choo Choo train – what a friggin’ dweeb – no – make the friggin’ dweeb JUDAS although he looks like LUCIFER with that devilish goatee of his.

  • Ai1een

    Dr. Kate –
    Yes – I was born in France to parents in the USAF and I’ve always carried citizenship here – I never had to go thru any procedural red tape to get someone to say I was a legit U.S. Citizen. That entire action is DEFINITELY suspect – but we’re all supposed to be loony tunes to be suspicious.

    As I’ve posted here recently, I (and others) have been suspicious of how BO’s grandmother has been kept under lock and key and not out of eyesight of BO’s half sister since his run for the Presidency began. This grandmother has been completely sequestered from ALL press and media questions – half sister ALWAYS being her police.

    McCain doesn’t have someone hoving over his mother – she is definitely a firecracker and, like many elderly, not always politically correct – but, nevertheless, McCain hasn’t kept her under lock and key and sequestered from the press.


    Now Andy Martin is in Hawaii and all of a sudden BO is rushing to Hawaii… even if his Grandmother does have a broken hip or is ill – I have suspicions about all of it.

  • Ai1een

    AnninCA –
    You don’t think she’s the same person today? LOL! You obviously were NOT paying attention to her behavior in SC during the primaries and must not be informed as to the racist hate white America campaign BO ran here thru the AA churches.

    You might want to do some research and read some things that AA women who supported Hillary have said about what BO’s campaign was saying about the Clintons and white America. Also – some of Michelle Obama’s most controversial statements was made at the Univ. of SC.

  • Ai1een

    Patience – Very good points – especially, as you said, that she is his closest advisor, 20 years in a racist hate baiting church, cronies all around him have also expressed hatred toward caucasians – Farrakhan, Moses, Wright, Pfleger, etc.

  • Ai1een

    Hey Fred –

    If the tape doesn’t exist, why did so many in BO’s campaign rush around like crazy people to every media outlet pushing that Michelle was saying , “why’d he”?

    You have YET to explain that one – “ergo” the tape MUST exist…somewhere.

  • Ai1een

    Riiiiight Fred – You MUST own stock in Reynolds Aluminum – keep making the hats bud.

  • Andrew191

    A good theatrical name for Obama might be Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Park. Sorry, I had to get that one out of my head.

  • Ai1een

    Hmmm – Let’s see AnninCA –

    Marxist corrupt passive agressive lying thug who plans on leading the U.S. to the One World Order vs. Democracy –


    It REALLY is that simple.

  • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich

    it sure does…

    does Obama think the american people are stupid?

    a. hillary
    b. mccain

    america first!

  • Ai1een

    LOL – Yeah – Traitor Marsh – She’s quite a “force” now isn’t she – well that’s what she gets for puttin her checkbook ABOVE integrity.

  • Ai1een

    VINCE –

  • Ai1een

    AnninCA –

    If there were a tape on a rant such as this, you are saying that TRUTH should be CENSORED from the American public.

    WOW – Maybe you should go ahead and change your vote now – because you fit right in with that MARXIST OBAMA crowd. You really do.

  • Lindsy

    The republicans 72 hour strategy will be what causes them to lose. 1/2 of the voters have already voted and Obama leads those votes by 10%.

  • LandOLincoln

    MG-PUMA, you’re an envious bigot.

    35,000 people travel between Burque and Santa Fe each day. So you’re claiming they’re all “illegals” going up to clean houses and wait tables?

    What an eejit…

  • LandOLincoln

    It’s not a “choo-choo to nowhere.” It’s a commuter train serving the Middle Rio Grande Valley–the Albuquerque/Santa Fe metropolitan area–which contains half the state’s c. 2,000,000 population. 35,000 of those people travel just between Burque and Santa Fe every day. That’s an hour each way on the interstate. Ever tried getting up (or down) La Bajada Hill on an icy winter day?

    And the 1/8 cent sales tax for the Rail Runner applies only to the four counties it serves: Santa Fe, Sandoval, Bernalillo and Valencia.

  • annie uh-oh

    And i was SOOO looking forward to the “whitey tape”.

    If McCain’s camp said not to use it, they are making a mistake. It’s time to bring out all the guns!

    (anyway, the attacks on Cindy certainly should warrant some closer inspection of Michelle!)

  • xenite69
  • Kate

    The API audiotape, the Whitey tape, the photo of Bill Clinton burning an American flag in Moscow that Rush Limbaugh promised us 15 years ago. Wake up morons. You’ve all watched The Manchurian Candidate way too many times.

    The Governor of Hawaii could hand deliver Sen. Obama’s birth certificate to your house and you’d still find something fishy about it. All these conspiracy nuts want is your attention. And you fall for it every time !!! IDIOTS.

  • Y.W.C

    This is a funny site. The commenters are delusional but very entertaining.

  • Rocky Mountian High

    Yes, it’s only fair that after the vicious attacks on Cindy McCain, that this tape should come out to expose the real Michele Obama. Bring it on!

  • Patricia

    It has been noted that Barock Obama blinks twice as much as other citizens. This is because it has been alledged that Cindy McCain may have spiked his punch at a ho-down in Ft. Worth in 2005. I need more info. on this.

  • MochaLatteBreve

    Bottom line if the purported “whitey” tape exists it should be released. American citizens have a right to know if one of the candidates or their wives hold the type of viewpoint that would cause this kind of racist outburst. We have a right to know!! And John McCain should not interfere with our right to know!!!!!!!

  • galandrien

    Shame he doesn’t actually DO SO and put this all to rest.
    When poeple say they have something but never actually show it to you its called bluffing.
    While I would love to see a whitey tape and I believe the incident that the alledged tape covers did occcur I am pretty sure they did not actually catch it on tape. If they did someone would have leaked it by now
    Just like if they really had Obama’s birth certificate–if it existed we would have it by now.

  • galandrien

    Early votes in the majority of states are held over until after election day and only if they are equal to or greater than the seperation between the total votes for the candidates are they actually counted.
    That means there is a good chance the majority of the early votes will not be counted.
    Same goes for absentee–they are set aside and only if they equal the seperation or greater are they counted. In most elections these votes re never tallied because they will not impact the results. Which is a great offense to me since the majority of your absentee votes are from soldiers sereving overseas to protect our right to vote…their’s don’t usually get counted.

    and in no way have 1/2 the votes been cast, not even close; the vast majority of the population does not qualify for early voting. Stop pandering to the Obama propaganda and cast your vote to support freedom and democracy in America–vote McCain-Palin. We can and WILL win this election, in spite of the party, in spite of the media, and in spite of all of Obama’s wasted advertizing money.

  • galandrien

    He did not seem interested in visiting her when she was in the hospital or bringing the grandchildren to see her, just in case thi is their last opportunity. Interesting that he heads out there just in time for a court case to be filed against his citizenship there…

  • Ash

    Read it. It’s good stuff. Maybe you should read it. Maybe you should go to college.

  • Ash

    That was, you know, one blogger. On the DailyKos. Who was told to shut up because he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

  • Ash

    Revising history is awesome. Let me try.

    The reason Hillary lost was not because, like John McCain she ran an inept campaign that showed her to lack leadership abilities, but because the Obama forces secretly trained an elite force of dinosaurs to be able to sense and consume Clinton supporters. Why won’t the liberal media talk about the Obama dinosaur story??

  • Ash

    She hasn’t. You people are insane.

  • Mikey

    Where is the “whitey” tape? Or was Michelle Malkin right that you just can’t be trusted?

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