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2D Plugin Kit


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2D Plugin Kit
2D Plugin Kit

The 2D Plugin Kit is a DarkBASIC Professional plug-in dedicated to 2D games development. The primary objective is to simplify development, providing a comprehensive command set to create tiles, layers and special 2D effects.

2D tiles are the basis of the drawing system. Tiles are small graphical blocks used to create larger maps. An assembly of many tiles compose what is known as a layer. The resulting layer is a plane of tiles on two axes (X & Y). The 2D Plugin Kit can handle up to 16 layers displayed simultaneously on screen. Using tiles and layers, you can create the perfect 2D environment for your games.

The 2D Plugin Kit features an integrated custom particles system dedicated to creating great effects such as flames, fireballs, snow, rain, smoke, sparkles, energy shields and whatever else your imagination can conjure.

The Fake Lighting system is an effective alternative to Direct3D lights, more suited to sprites in a 2D environment. It pre-calculates the light with the ability to cast shadows, and uses a special normal mapping system to give a more realistic 2D rendering result.

To ease the integration of sprites into layers (for your main character and enemies, for example) and eradicate the need to calculate a rendering order as the game progresses, you can directly attach bobs to the layers. Bobs are in fact DarkBASIC Professional sprites, renamed to ensure there will be no command conflicts when developing a game that uses 2D Plugin KIT.

Key Features

1. Tile System:
The 2D Plugin Kit allows users to create 2D tiles for game mapping, using layers. The tiles can be of various sizes, and include an additional collision and normal mapping image for 2D lighting.

2. Layer System:
Layers are planes of tiles allowing simplified development of large game areas. Layers are generally larger than the game display mode and can be scrolled in all directions. Furthermore, layers are independent of one another, allowing parallax scrolling effects and the flexibility to apply other effects.

3. Lighting System:
F2L is a fake lighting system that simulates lights within 2D environments. The system can use the collision image data from tiles to cast shadows over the environment, and use the normal mapping image to create even more realistic results. All lighting effects are pre-calculated to ensure optimised frame rates in-game.

4. Particle System:
The 2D Plugin Kit has a proprietary particle system. The particle sets are similar to the ones available in the eXtends plug-in but applicable to 2D scenes. You can easily create flames, firewalls, fireballs, smoke, rains, snow, sparkles, energy fields and many other particle-based effects.

5. DBAL Animation System:
An easy-to-implement animation system, allowing the use of animated tiles and sprites. Many interesting results can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

6. eXtends compatibility:
For owners of the eXtends plug-in, the commands have been made compatible with the image and sprite dynamic creation commands. Thus, if eXtends is detected when running the program, the 2D Plugin Kit will use the more sophisticated image, memblock, sprite and bitmap functionality from eXtends in favour of its own.


2D Plugin Kit Demo
Download Download: 2D Plugin Kit Demo
  File Size: 7.81 MB
56Kb: 22 Mins 13 Secs 512Kb: 2 Mins 25 Secs
1MB: 1 Mins 12 Secs 2Mb: 0 Mins 38 Secs
  Updated: 11th Jan 2010
  Description: A demo game made with the 2D Plugin Kit.
  Downloads: 1027
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2D Plugin Kit

2D Plugin Kit is a DarkBASIC Professional plug-in dedicated to 2D games development.

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