Title: Primeval Series 5


Title: Primeval Series 5

Release date: 04/07/2011

Genre: Any


Primeval Series 5 may have a new home on Watch, but our intrepid monster trackers are all out in force with an array of new and terrifying creatures, spectacular thrills and dazzling special effects. Well in advance of its launch on ITV, Primeval Series 5 roars onto DVD and Blu ray from 4th July, priced £20.42 and £25,52.

Our favourite cast members return including Hannah Spearritt (Agent Cody Banks 2, S Club 7), Andrew Lee Potts (Ideal, Strange, Dead Fish, The Poet), Ben Miller (Armstrong and Miller, The Worst Week of My Life), Ben Mansfield (Holby City), with Ciarán McMenamin as Matt Anderson, Ruth Kearney as Jess Parke and Alexander Siddig as Philip Burton.

Back at full strength, with Abby, Connor, Lester, Jess and Matt on board - the ARC team must race against time once again in its fight to save the public from the terrifying creatures appearing through the anomalies. The members encounter vicious burrowing creatures, enormous underwater predators, a raptor on the rampage in Victorian London; a Tyrannosaurus Rex prowling the streets and a mass of ferocious future-beetles laying siege to the ARC Headquarters.

But even as the team faces its most formidable challenges yet, it may have more to fear from inside the organisation. Can any of them they trust the new lab assistant April? Why is Connor set on helping Philip? And can Matt and Abby do anything to stop them? As secrets, plans and betrayals come to light, it’s time for the team to decide just whose side its on…

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