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New Film Praises Republicans' Role in Civil Rights Movement

Liberty Film Fest Sets a Conservative Slate
LA Times

Liberal Plantation
Inside the Beltway, The Washington Times

Liberty Film Festival: My Top Picks
Ex-Liberal in Hollywood

Dateline Hollywood: New Visions and Untold Stories
by Ryan Zempel

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Revelation about GOP . . . Documentary Revisits Party's Civil Rights Roots
The Washington Times . . .

Press Releases

The Emancipation Proclamation
by Abraham Lincoln

Black Republican Documentary Wins Award
Press Release

What Happens When Conservative Blacks Leave the Liberal Plantation?
Official Press Release

LFF Merges with Horowitz's CSPC
Los Angeles, CA - June 13, 2006

Would Barak Obama be the Darling of the Media . . . If He was Republican?
an award-winning documentary, suggests not