Increase Your Knowledge Regarding Enamel Paint

by admin on March 23, 2011

As there are different types of paints available, it can be understood that a particular type is not applicable to meet the different needs of different surfaces. But enamel paint is one such type that has been formulated to act with equal efficiency on different surfaces. It comes with a finish that has a very flossy and hard effect. It is mainly applied on the surface of furniture and other home appliances. As it is equipped with different kinds of useful characteristics, it has gained immense popularity among the customers. It is really good if you are well acquainted with the features of enamel paint, but if you do not…then also there is no need to worry! In this article we will explore all those advantageous points related to enamel spray paint.

Defining Enamel Paint

It is that kind of a paint that gifts you with an opaque, hard and shiny finish. It is mainly of two distinguishable types; one is oil-based and the other is water-based. Have a look at:

Oil-Based Enamel Paint: The other name for this type is alkyd-based enamel color. It needs quite a long time to get dried off and the result forms a very hard finish. Every time you apply it, it produces a very strong odor similar to the solvents that certainly irritates ones nose. For the purpose of cleaning up, paint thinner and mineral spirits are used.

Water-Based Enamel Paint: It takes lesser time to dry off in comparison to the previous type and is commonly known as latex or acrylic. As they get dried so they are also very easy to apply. Because of their water base they can be easily washed off but the glossy effect is same for both the types.

Where to Apply It

These paints are basically meant for those surfaces that are frequently exposed to harsh treatment and contacts. Because of this reason, enamel paint is mainly applied in kitchens, bathrooms and workshops that are exposed to rough usages. Metallic paint is also used in these areas of the house. The industries that generally include its usage are space shuttle parts, furniture, appliances, automobiles, airplanes and boats.

So just purchase these products and get the long lasting glossy effect provided by enamel paint!

Testor 9146 All-Purpose Gloss Enamel 8 Color Paint Set, Price: $7 – Description: This very popular set comes with 8 paints, thinner and one brush. Paints included are gloss yellow, gold, gloss red, gloss blue, gloss green, silver, gloss black and gloss white plus one jar of thinner, which will keep all your brushes nice and clean.

Rust-Oleum 7765-730 Half Pint Regal Red Enamel Paint, Price: $3 – Description: Rust Oleum finishes are durable, tough, excellent hiding air dry finishes for interior or exterior protection of most metal, wood, or masonry surfaces. Rust Oleum coatings resist weathering, salt air, moisture, mild chemicals, and industrial fumes.

Testor 9132X Ultra Bright Enamel Hobby Paint Kit, Price: $7 – Description: These ultra bright colors will make your art project or model come alive. Kit contains thinner, paint brush, tray, and 6 fluorescent colors in .25 oz. bottles: orange, green, red, blue, yellow, and pink.

Testors 9115 Pla Enamel Kit 6-col & Th, Price: $6 – Description: Kit contains six 0.25 bottles of color, including red, yellow, blue, silver, white and black. The set also comes with thinner, paint brush, and tray.

Testors 9131X Hobby/Model Paint Kits Eight Paints, Price: $9 – Description: TES9131PT Military Flat Enamel 8 Color Paint Set by Testors This kit includes 8 high quality Testor paints, a brush, and tray. The color included in this kit are sky blue, battle gray, olive dk. green, sea blue, brown, lt. tan, white, black, and thinner.

Rustoleum 7771-402 Protective Enamel Paint, Sand 1 Gallon, Price: $29 – Description: Rust Oleum finishes are durable, tough, excellent hiding air dry finishes for interior or exterior protection of most metal, wood, or masonry surfaces.
Testors 9119 Model Car Enamel Paint St, Price: $6 – Description: Comes with organizing tray and paint brush. Colors: Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Gray Primer, Flat White, Silver Chrome and Black Chrome.

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