Interview with Kyo of D'Erlanger


1. Please introduce yourselves to the American Jrock audience and your positions in D’erlanger.
kyo / Vocal

2. Will you tell us about the instruments you each play?
kyo / Vocal
CIPHER / Guitars
SEELA / Bass Guitars
Tetsu / Drums

3. Do you have any formal musical training?

4. Who mainly composes the music? What about writing of lyrics?
Lylics/ kyo

5. Has the process you create new music remained the same since your earlier years?
Certain processes or techniques of making music might have changed slightly, but a basics of creating our sound hasn't changed.

6. How did D'erlanger get together?
I was the last one to join the band, so I don't really know how they got together.

7. What is the meaning of the name D'erlanger?
It means –Indecent Temptation- in French.

8. You inspired the creation of Visual Kei, how does it make you feel to be the reason such a popular genre exists?
There was no category for visual rock when we came out.
I wasn't really conscious that we were in the category or at center of it.

9. Outside of Japan, where have you always wanted to perform live?

10. D'erlanger started in 1983, what most noteable difficulties have you faced in an ever changing industry?
There were many lofty idiots.

11. In your long history, what are some of your most unforgettable memories?
It is not a memory, but the fact that the four of us are still creating sounds is an incredible thing.

12. What artists current or past do you wish you could perform with live?
I can't count.
Let's talk about it all night!

13. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
That we, the four of us, are still playing together.

14. Growing up did you always want to be musicians?

15. Despite various line up changes and a temporary disbandment, what would you say is a contributing factor to the band being around for so long?
It is just very exciting for us to create music.

16. You are an influence to the younger musicians of today, who infuences you?
There are a lot.

19. If you could be anyone from the world's history for a day, who would it be and why?
I'm just fine being myself.

20. What can fans expect from D'erlanger in the future?
I can't even guess where we are going to.
We'll enjoy the future of D'erlanger together!

21. Please give a message to your fans.
We are looking forward to meeting you all in the States!

Answered by kyo (D’ERLANGER)


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