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This site was developed by the INFO Project to collect and share in one central location information on the latest research, tools, project reports, and communication materials produced in the worldwide struggle to end violence against women. We aim to especially cover the intersection of violence against women and subsequent effects of this violence on women's reproductive health. It is designed for researchers, health communication specialists, policy makers, and others.


UN Trust Fund Alert: Drastic Shortfall in Resources Threatens Women’s Safety
United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, 28-Jul-09

Driven to suicide: Testimonial of a mother of three who set fire to herself to escape abusive marriage
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 18-Jun-08

Outcry of International Criminal Court’s scrapping of rape charges. Victims of sexual violence in DRC angered by court’s controversial move
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 3-Jun-08

Girls Denied Education
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 30-May-08



WomanStats Project - The most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world. Includes qualitative and quantitative information on over 260 indicators of women's status in 174 countries. Access is free and the database is searchable by country or by variable (i.e., issue area).

WHO web site


Violence Prevention Alliance unveils new web site
.  The Violence Prevention Alliance has extensively revamped its web site, adding a number of new features.


Numbers of women circumcised in Africa: The production of a total 
Yoder PS | Khan S
Macro International, MEASURE DHS, 2008 Mar. 19 p.

Whispers to voices: Gender and social transformation in Bangladesh
Das MB | Amin S | Das Gupta M | Johnson K | Hossain A
World Bank, South Asia Region, South Asia Sustainable Development Department, 2008 Mar. [162] p.


September 29-October 1, 2008. Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

September 8-11, 2008. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
1st World Conference of Women’s Shelters
This event will mark the first time that frontline service providers in women’s shelters around the world will gather to share experience, create global baseline data on service provision and simply connect with one another!

November 14-17, 2008. Cape Town, South Africa
The 11th AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development: "The Power of Movements"



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