For the past 5 years, we have been developing a Content Management System for our own use. We had realized that none of the available systems met our needs – they were too expensive, too complicated, not flexible enough, etc. So we decided to make our own, and RefineryCMS was born. We now run almost all our sites on Refinery, and it has become a central part of our business.


We have now decided to release Refinery as an open source project. We believe that others will find it as easy to use and powerful as we do, and we know that it will only become more powerful with the input of other developers.

Built in Ruby on Rails, Refinery is a modular system that allows new functionality to be easily built and connected to the base application. Every element of Refinery is designed to be simple, ensuring that the end user (the website owner) is not required to perform tasks that are beyond their capabilities. Site owners are typically not designers or developers, so Refinery does not make them work hard at managing their content. But it does allow them to create exactly the site they want – from portfolio sites to ecommerce sites to brochure sites.


Try out the demo of RefineryCMS here: You’ll see how Refinery works – how to edit and create pages, upload images, create news posts, and more.

If you’re a developer, check out our GitHub repository here.

Some Sites Built with Refinery


Revolution Foods


Eric Frazier Photography


No Health without Mental Health



2 Responses to “RefineryCMS Goes Public”

  1. Nicholas Orr Says:

    This is really solid platform to build a site one and thanks for sharing.
    I’ve played briefly with it and watched the videos.

    From what I can tell it really is a one domain, one site CMS, is that correct?

    This is my biggest issue with a lot of CMS packages they are fantastic at doing a single site, however as soon as I want multiple domains (for what is logical a singe site) and multiple sites in one system (one username/password, one lots of files, one lot of resources being consumed) not many are able to deliver…

    Hence I’ve started my own CMS as well, I’ve chosen Merb and CouchDB as the base and will migrate it to Rails3 when it lands. I’m not one to spam blog comments with links so click my name to follow a trail :)

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