Online Education Initiative

A Project of the Atlas Network

We need your help!

Atlas is working with partners in up to 80 countries to learn more about the use of online learning in public education (ages 5-18 years). We are looking for think tanks and other researchers who are willing to complete a survey about their country’s experience with online learning. To show our gratitude for your help in this important work, we will send you a gift of US$250 for your accurate and completed survey. But before you take the survey, email to make sure your country is still eligible for funds. (See complete steps at the bottom of this page.)

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is any educational service or curriculum in which instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet. The term does not include printed-based correspondence education, broadcast television or radio, videocassettes, and stand-alone educational software programs that do not have a significant Internet-based instructional component. Online learning is also referred to as distance education, virtual schools, virtual learning, cyber learning, or e-learning.

Why does Atlas care about this topic?

Atlas believes the market for education services is distorted by government intervention. As a consequence, the industry has not kept pace with other markets as institutional and policy barriers have stifled innovation. Technology in education, specifically learning via the Internet, has already demonstrated its power to break down these barriers and to challenge established and protected norms. By working with our partners and friends around the world, we hope to capture a sense of just how powerful a role technology is playing in this disruptive shift. On this project, Atlas is working closely with a U.S. partner who will use the survey results to identify and highlight international trends, promote a stronger international network of like-minded partners in education policy and share the results through various media.

How do I get started?

To complete a survey for your country:

1. Email to say you are interested in taking a survey.

2. If your country is still available, you will receive the survey questions to review along with a link to submit your responses online.

3. Complete the survey online by March 18 and we will send you a gift of US$250 in appreciation!

If you have any questions about this project or if you would like to recommend someone other than yourself to complete a survey, email