Team Diaries

Posted by Wijitmaker on September 9 2004, 12:35 PM

As a project, 0 A.D. is not only about creating a great RTS game. It's also about learning what can and can't be done in the world of game development. 0 A.D. is a very unusual project in terms of development process; the team members never meet in person, and all work is done on-line and unpaid.

It is one of our goals to share our development experiences with all those interested, and for this purpose, the team members will regularly write their mind on different aspects of the development. It's your chance to get an impression of what happens behind the scenes.

The following articles have been published:

Article 6: Conclusions from GDC 2006 by Sound Dept. Manager Damian Kastbauer (LostChocolateLab).

Article 5: Virtual Team Management: Programming Department by Programming Dept. Manager Stuart Walpole (Acumen).

Article 4: History vs. Gameplay by History Dept. Manager Paul Basar (Paal_101).

Article 3: A Day in a Life by Project Lead Jason Bishop (Wijitmaker).

Article 2: Journey into the Third Dimension by Programming Manager Stuart Walpole (Acumen).

Article 1: Engine Philosophy by Programming Manager Stuart Walpole (Acumen).