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Particle Reaction

Technical Areas: adsorption, combustion, dissolution, encapsulation, explosion, fluidized beds, moving beds, surface modification

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The Significance of PT
Formation from Gas
Formation from Liquid
Comminution, Attrition
Size Enlargement
Particle Physics
Particle Characterization:
   Non-Optical Methods
   Optical Methods
Storage / Discharge:
   Mechanics: wall stress
   Dynamics: flow
Pneumatic Conveying
Fluidized Bed
Mixing and De-mixing
Separation by Size
P./Gas Separation
P./Liquid Separation
Dispersion in Fluids
Heating, Drying
Simulation, Modeling
Specific Applications

Web Sites of Educational Interest

Prof. H. Scott Fogler (Univ. of Michigan) has created a tutorial Web site on reaction engineering with many examples of reaction kinetics applied to realistic situations, including one on aerosol reactors and one on heterogeneous catalysis.

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