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May 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm · 34 Comments

A fanboy is a fanatic of a certain series, character or product. One that has an overwhelming appreciation and enthusiasm for said subject. They don’t listen to reasoning when someone tries to present them with contradictory facts and will do anything in their power to prove what they like is better than what you like. They will never admit fault and berate you until you admit defeat.

I feel that the gaming-world fanboys are the worst kind. It’s okay to prefer one system to the other, but there are people that really cross the line with their allegiance (I even wrote an article on how fanboys are the ugly side of gaming). The obvious problem with gaming fanboys is that they attack anyone when they detect the slightest smell of blood, a.k.a. someone trying to say anything negative about the product they so love (Doc’s article is a great example). Instead of a civil discussion, they resort to name calling and telling you your opinion is so wrong you might as well not have one at all. The luxury of the Internet gives these fanboys the opportunity to call your mother a dirty whore who should have never given birth to you without having to suffer the repercussions of saying that to your face.

However, fanboys are not the only annoying ones.

It’s you people, who constantly resort to calling someone else a fanboy when they are trying to make an educated point about something that may have been said on Twitter or in an article, podcast, etc. People who automatically dismiss a person’s statements because you automatically deemed them a fanboy, since they said something in contradiction to your opinion. It’s that line of thinking that gets the real fanboys riled up in the first place, and makes the other people, like myself who do not consider themselves a fangirl of anything, want to punch you in the face.

Given this recent PSN debacle, I’ve suffered quite a lot of this labeling. I’ve been called a Sony fangirl time and time again because I’m not overreacting like the rest of the gaming society. Just because I’m not smashing walls makes me a Sony fangirl? Thank you, I didn’t know that! You helped me learn something about myself!

Here’s the thing: When I initially heard of the hack on Sony, I was very mad because, like you, I was afraid my credit card information was stolen. I also couldn’t game online with my friends to get my ass whooped in Mortal Kombat. However, instead of overreacting, I sat down and read the news blogs coming out from Sony and other sites to find out that our personal information was stolen, but not our credit card information. I called my bank TWICE and spoke to two different representatives for over 30 minutes about the Sony issue and was reaffirmed VISA nor Mastercard were reissuing cards because no credit card information was stolen. My bank has no reason to lie for Sony, especially if they want to stay on my good graces, so I took them at their word.

Soon more Sony news was revealed and what my bank representatives told me was confirmed. As of now, no credit card information was taken. The same can’t be said for Sony Online Entertainment though, so that really sucks for those players of DC:Universe.

After doing more digging, I started to see that many complaints people had about the Sony fiasco were not exactly feasible. People were mad that they were not informed on April 17th of their personal information being taken, and there are now in fact lawsuits that are being thrown at Sony for this. But given how big of an organization Sony is, and how investigations go, I honestly believe they didn’t know on April 17th what was going on and we WERE informed as soon as they knew what the compromise was.

Do I believe that Sony should have had better PR to keep us updated since April 17th about what was going on? YES!

Sony dropped the ball PR-wise. We should have received e-mails saying, “We shut down PSN, don’t worry, your PS3 isn’t messed up” on April 17th, even though they didn’t know at the time what the extent of the hack was. The day PSN went down, I restarted my modem 5 times thinking that error I was receiving was due to a problem on my end. My modem would have liked a notification it was Sony who shut down the online servers so it could stop being harassed by my busy hands.

The reason I listed all that above was to give some insight to the reasoning behind my comments regarding this PSN debacle, and why I’m not foaming at the mouth like some of you. Considering I change my passwords often and keep a close watch of my credit card information already, I wasn’t too worried.

That isn’t to say, however, that I can’t change my mind. If the claims from that Purdue professor prove to be true that their protection was old and they KNEW of this beforehand, as well as seeing what the results are of the class action suits,  I may start punching babies (just kidding, I wouldn’t do that… keep them away from me just to be on the safe side though). If I’m given concrete proof that Sony intentionally left themselves unprotected when they were given ample warning beforehand, I’m going to be like: “WOAH! WTF SONY! NOW YOU BETTER REDEEM ME! PSN CARDS ALL AROUND SUCKAS!”

I’m not just saying this to get on anyone’s good side; I don’t even like most of you (maybe). It’s just rational thinking and it’s apparently something some people don’t seem to comprehend. People have every right to be mad at Sony because they felt somewhat betrayed, but if I present my own arguments to the situation given what I researched, that makes me part of the Sony Defense Corp? Because I want to ease your worries and let you know of some things I found out?

If that’s the case, I’m no longer interacting with the Internet, because the Internet can’t tell the difference between someone who just wants the facts vs. a fanboy. I’m not a fangirl, and I never will be. It’s just petty. You will never catch me badmouthing the 360 to make the PS3 look better. In fact, I think the 360′s online component is much better than the PS3′s and it will probably remain that way for a long time. I never compared this PSN downtime to that of the downtime of the 360′s, because there’s no point in doing so. It doesn’t make the PS3′s downfall any less severe, it just makes you all look like children.

So the point of this very long rant is, if I ever catch you calling me a fangirl again, I will send Sony Special Forces to your home to do unnecessary things to your dog. Yoshifett knows first-hand what that’s like.

Okay, that may be a lie, especially considering Sony didn’t even invite me to their E3 press event so our relationship isn’t solid anyway. I just want you all to understand that just because someone has a civil opinion on something that opposes yours, it doesn’t make them a fanboy of the system, game, company, etc. Resorting to that line of reasoning makes you just as bad as the fanboys.

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    34 responses so far ↓

    • Jitterbug says:

      Bravo. Good article all the way around.

    • Farva TS says:

      Well thought out and delivered. I also find the “fanboy” title to be trite and insulting. Well done, Esme.

    • Jitterbug says:

      To be fair, Farva is a fanboy on me. It is totally disgusting.

    • SinnerDelGore says:

      Bravo, bravo! I appreciate your honesty and clear thinking about this situation.

      And who wouldn’t want to be harrassed by your busy hands?

    • phr0ggi says:

      Well written post. Good arguments. In fact, I think that this may be the first even-handed look at this situation I’ve seen to date. Total retweetability!

    • Droozy says:

      In before the douchebag * Lukas heinzel * comes to troll Esme’s article.

    • Someone Else says:

      I really don’t see how that professor would KNOW any of that, even if he is an expert in the field… but if true then yes, there’s reason to make a shitstorm about this.

      Totally agree Esme. I’ll admit I prefer my PS3 to my Wii or the 360 (that I don’t have because if you have a gaming PC like me, you really don’t need a 360) but does that make me a fanboy? Nah. I don’t really think that, given the facts, the attack on the PSN isn’t really that big of a deal either. Does that make me a fanboy? Nah.

    • Lukas Heinzel says:

      Great srticle,great opinion and great….stuff.

      Wow, you are really passionate about your opinion , i give you that, i dont think i troll as i really think most of the points you make in your articles are a little ( is that ok? ) fanboy- ish.

      So ask yourself, if you see ” Lukas Heinzel ” in the future, do you not have this special feeling that you get when you see people you dont like?

      Because this is what i get , when i see an article from ” Esmeralda ” , an uncomfortable feeling that this what i am about to read just can’t be good.

      This feeling developed from listenning to your opinion on the podcast, ( i am just a jax- fanboy,sorry ) , reading your articles ( which just are a very pro- sony,which is ok , really, but as i prefer the xbox and the wii, is annoying) and get ting your upset responses in the comments which ALWAYS,ALWAYS include the words : troll,fanboy or anything else insulting.

      So i dont really know what this war is about, i tgink i will never really like your opinion, which is ok as you are officially allowed in the internet to have a opinion, but i think i will always want jax to win in the pink podcast war.

      Just calm down,please?

      • Esmeralda says:

        Please point me to the articles that are pro-Sony. Please tell me of the comments on my podcast that are pro-Sony, making it seem like I’m a fangirl instead of just having a preference (which is completely different). They’re few and far in between. I never called you a fanboy, I called you a troll, because your first comment towards me (even on Twitter) were condescending when it wasn’t merited. Don’t read my articles if you know you won’t like them. It’s fine for you to have your own opinion and it’s even fine that you don’t like me, but when you just comment to show your disdain for me rather than contribute to the conversation, then I see no point in bothering to comment at all. Just my opinion.

      • Toharoco says:

        Pro-Sony? Obviously you missed the part where she is willing to punch a baby if Sony were at fault for possessing such inferior security.

    • Lukas heinzel says:

      Still i enjoy that you are the kinda female- lono :-)

      Dream- podcast : Lono,Esmeralda,Frawlz and Jax.

    • DARK-ANIMUS says:

      dont you get it Esme?
      people with no reason, mind of their own or logic(aka Trolls) HATE people with them!
      just do what you want do and say what you think is right. ignorance is a blessing in such cases you know.
      keep it up. you know how good you are!

    • TheJackOfHeartsSG says:

      I love how well thought out Esme’s articles are when ever I read them. Great solid article Esme! :)

    • instant says:

      Good article.

      Its one of those “damned if you do damned if you don’t situations”.

      Do say things to calm situation -> fanboy/girl
      Don’t say things to calm situation -> Troll

    • Professor says:

      So supposing that I say I disagree. I argue that Sony ought to have done more to protect my information. This is my *identity*, after all. It’s kinda important. And what if I thought that Sony’s PS+ offer was merely a disguised effort to earn more subscribers (since all the content would become unavailable after the month anyway)? How would you respond?

      • Esmeralda says:

        First I’d like to say thank you for writing your comment in an eloquent manner :)
        Secondly, since there’s still no concrete proof (besides just what the Purdue professor claims, but if anyone has more proof I’d like to see it) that their security was outdated, how do you know that Sony didn’t have everything set up that they could have to protect your information? Like someone mentioned to me before, you can’t raise the level of security from 7 to 11 like they do with national security (amber alert, etc.) because I.T. security doesn’t work that way. No system is unhackable, and the only way to truly know when and how to upgrade security is sadly when things like this occur. Xbox LIVE hasn’t had something like this happen to them because they have more resources and have been focused on software for much longer than Sony. Plus the recent court case put more spotlight on Sony. HOWEVER, I could be completely wrong and Sony could have slacked off security-wise. If more info points in that direction, I’ll be punching babies like I stated in my article! ;) Also, it takes more than just your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to steal your identity (at least in the United States). If it was that easy, the White Pages wouldn’t put 3/4 of that information in their systems for anyone to easily look up. In fact, Facebook has more information on you that can be potentially sensitive data. The only real way I see these hackers stealing your identity is if you fall for those phishing e-mails, which you should always be cautious of anyway.
        In regards to the “welcome back” offers, I AGREE the PS+ incentive seems more like a marketing ploy. However, for some reason people seem to skip over the first bulletpoint of that blog that says, “Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon.” Then the next bulletpoint talks about PS+, so they’re two separate things.

    • Farko says:

      Nice read. It raises a good point. A lot of the time rather than think of a valid counter point to an opposing argument, A person would rather just yell “fanboy” as if that makes any points invalid.

      Of course there are some clear examples of people being fanboys, Like a comment roughly along the lines of “LOL take that Sony, Xbox is too good to get hacked”. You make valid points and observations, How that could be considered fangirl behaviour is really a stretch of the imagination/a lazy way to try and seem better.

    • Hillaire says:

      I find that people often use the fanboy tag when they have already lost the argument and so they need a graceful exit. eg. no point arguing with you cos you are just a fanboy. Maybe you suffer from this more than most esmeralda.

      On a side note we all know that the 360 is just for people who can’t afford a decent PC :p (oops my mask slipped)

    • Lukas Heinzel says:

      At what Point do you think its too Long for PSN to Be down?

      Because thats the only think i Care about – ONLINE- GAMING…

    • earl cameron says:

      i’m sorry but without fanboys gaming would still be a hobby. It was the massive following of fanboys who pushed gaming into the mainstream, for someone like the author to be able to play. there is a reason they are so enthusiastic and it’s usually because they were the earlier adopters who really had put a greater investment in the games they bought compared to average joes like you and me. i like to remember COD 2 on the pc (great game) this is where most of the cod fanboys came from(especially on the pc side).

      • Esmeralda says:

        You’re confusing an enthusiast with a fanboy

        ‘Fanboys’ are people who are really into something but in a really obsessive way, and are also very defensive and reverent to what they deem to be the unbreakable tropes of their interests.

        A fanboy would be someone whose entire life revolves around their interest to the point where they become obsessed enough to take it too seriously and to start trolling, harassing, and disrespecting the opinions of other people.

        It’s okay to have a passion for something, but people take it too far sometimes.

        • Yoshifett says:

          Exactly. A fan loves his systems, but recognizes its faults. A fanboy irrationally defends everything that comes with his system, and goes out of his way to hate other systems that people enjoy.

    • ioo5 says:

      I think this is a very good article (excluding the wii fanboy picture) But fanboys must exist or else there would be no douchebags in the world of gaming

    • ManuOtaku says:

      Well nice article and i agree with it pretty spot on and trully the worst is the fanboy calling for only you stating your believes and opinions in a respectfull way that are based on some facts, thats the worst of it.

      Regarding the lack of security if i dont recall wrong sony did stated that they did not encrypted the personal data and passwords those data were on another system that has not the same security as the CC data that was encrypted, therefore if this is true and sony stated that, even if it is only the personal and password data, is wrong on sonys part, i believe that sony post the hack actions were good, shut it down as soon as they were aware of the intrusion and all that, the only bad thing was like you put it the lack of information the moment it happens, and thats what the congressmen seems more concern for.

      But in my opinion sony prio the hack actions were lacking to said the least, becuase GEO did gave the key to the world months prior to this, and sony should had took actions in order to tight up the security, specially our personal data or runnning a rebuild network prior the attack, that is what in my eyes was wrong in their part, and we as gamers should tell this to sony in order to make them a better company in the future.

      • Esmeralda says:

        You’re right, they did not encrypt the passwords the same way they encrypted the credit card information. But they did say:

        they were transformed using a cryptographic hash function. There is a difference between these two types of security measures which is why we said the passwords had not been encrypted. But I want to be very clear that the passwords were not stored in our database in cleartext form.

        I honestly don’t know if that excuses Sony since I’m not an expert on technical things of that nature, but at least knowing it wasn’t in cleartext is something? lol And like I mentioned to someone else above, you can’t raise the level of security from 7 to 11 like they do with national security (amber alert, etc.) because I.T. security doesn’t work that way. No system is unhackable, and the only way to truly know when and how to upgrade security is sadly when things like this occur. But this is just MY assumption, I could be wrong and Sony could have ignored hacker warnings and were lazy in finding ways to better their security. I’m waiting for more information to see what it says to come to that conclusion, so I’m keeping an open mind.

        • ManuOtaku says:

          Well i agree, is something that it wasnt on clear text, but is hould be encrypted on the same level as the CC information IMHO.

          And i dont even know myself the amount of time require to tight up the security, but if a complete rebuild is taking sony, lets say a month based on the fact that in an official blog yesterday they sated in a few days will be up at least the multiplayer portion, i think the time that would took to tight the security should be not that big, and if they are doing the complete rebuild on the network at high speed cause of the attack, why dont do it if the attack didnt occur..

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