MAA-1A Piranha 1, MAA-1B Piranha 2 (Brazil), Air-to-air missiles - Within visual range

Infra-red guided air-to-air missile.

Brazil's Piranha air-to-air missile programme is now a two phase project that began with the MAA-1A Piranha 1. The long-running work on this design led in turn to the improved MAA-1B Piranha 2. The design team describe the Piranha 2 as a 'fourth generation' missile and note that it will be followed by the fifth generation A-Darter which is now being jointly developed by Brazil and South Africa (Mectron and Denel Dynamics).MAA-1A Piranha 1: Development of what became the MAA-1A Piranha 1 air-to-air missile was launched by Brazil's Instituto de Aeronáutica et Espaço (IAE) in March 1976, with the intention of replacing the AIM-9B Sidewinders then in Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) service. By 1978 the missile had been defined as a weapon that would deliver a level of capability equivalent to that of the AIM-9G or Rafael Shafrir. Until 1981 the programme remained completely classified and hidden from view. Its development was given a renewed impetus by the Falklands/Malvinas conflict of 1982. Studies were accelerated and the name Piranha adopted. In 1983 the first contracts were issued to the Brazilian firm DF Vasconcellos SA, based in São Paolo. Vasconcellos was one of the few firms in Brazil with experience in guided weapons and optics, and was initially contracted to develop the Piranha's IR seeker. The company later took on a primary development role, but a financial crisis in the mid-1980s took it into bankruptcy, then into foreign ownership (Pilkington Optronics) and, in 1986, it dropped its work on the

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Publication Title Jane's Air-Launched Weapons
Publication date Aug 31, 2010
Section Air-to-air missiles - Within visual range
Publication synopsis The only accessible and constantly updated guide to the world's inventories of airborne weapons. Covering well over 600 systems, in service or in development, it provides a detailed and comprehensive reference to: capabilities/technology; functionality/effectiveness; user base; combat record; upgrades, variants and future enhancements. The guide includes extensive analysis tables covering all weapon types, national inventories and aircraft weapon loads and documents the world's air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs, rockets, guns and underwater weapons, including new and emerging weapons.
Key contents include
  • Detailed review of worldwide events in the air-launched world. New systems, weapons tests/trials, combat details, contracts and deliveries, industrial moves and more
  • Air-to-air missiles within and beyond visual range
  • Air-to-surface missiles & direct attack, anti-ship, stand off and cruise missiles
  • Bombs & precision and guided munitions, cluster and dispenser munitions, nuclear weapons, conventional unguided bombs
  • Guns - integrated and mounted, podded systems
  • Air-launched rockets
  • Underwater weapons - mines/depth charges, torpedoes
  • Analysis tables
  • Contractors listings
Different sections provide in-depth detail covering
  • Air-Launched Rockets
  • Air-To-Air Missiles - Beyond Visual Range
  • Air-To-Air Missiles - Within Visual Range
  • Air-To-Surface Missiles - Anti-Ship
  • Air-To-Surface Missiles - Direct Attack
  • Air-To-Surface Missiles - Stand-Off And Cruise
  • Analysis
  • Analysis - Air-To-Air Missiles
  • Analysis - Air-To-Surface Missiles
  • Analysis - Automatic Grenade Launchers
  • Analysis - Bombs
  • Analysis - Country Inventories - In Development
  • Analysis - Country Inventories - In Service
  • Analysis - Gun Pods And Mountings
  • Analysis - Guns
  • Analysis - In-Service Combat Aircraft And Their Air-Launched Weapons Capabilities
  • Analysis - Mines And Depth Charges
  • Analysis - Rocket Launchers
  • Analysis - Rockets
  • Analysis - Torpedoes
  • Analysis - Worldwide In-Service Combat Aircraft
  • Bombs - Cluster And Dispenser Munitions
  • Bombs - Precision And Guided Munitions
  • Bombs - Unguided
  • Contractors
  • Glossary
  • Guns - Integral And Mounted
  • Guns - Podded Systems
  • Underwater Weapons - Mines And Depth Charges
  • Underwater Weapons - Torpedoes
  • Underwater Weapons - Unclassified Projects

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