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Technology Pioneers Class of 2011

The Technology Pioneer class of 2011 is giving consumers and businesses more control over their impact on the environment in other ways. For the first time since the World Economic Forum launched its Technology Pioneers Programme 11 years ago, the number of clean tech companies equals the number of information technology companies. This is no accident, the pressure to become more energy efficient has never been greater for businesses, not just because of regulatory concerns but because like consumers, businesses want to be seen as socially responsible.

Technology is clearly empowering people in all walks of society by giving them more information, more options, a bigger voice in the world around them and more control over their own health and their impact on the environment. Technological advances that allow an unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation in real time mean that acting on that information has never been easier.

Technology Pioneers are companies from around the world that develop and apply the most innovative and transformational technologies in the fields of information technology, renewable energy and biotechnology/health. The work undertaken by these companies holds the promise of significantly disrupting the way business and society operate. In addition, companies selected as Technology Pioneers must demonstrate visionary leadership, show the signs of being a long-standing market leader – and its technology must be proven. Technology Pioneers, selected in the past, have included: 23andMe (2008), Admob (2008), Business Objects (2000), Dr. Reddy’s Group (2002), Gridpoint Inc. (2008), Google (2000), Kaspersky Lab (2001), (2008), Mozilla Corporation (2007), Opera Software (2000), Pay Pal (2002), RecycleBank (2009), Silver Spring Networks (2008), Sandisk (2001) and Twitter (2010).

In 2010, the Technology Pioneers Programme celebrated its 10th anniversary since its inception in 2000. Born out of a need to recognize and support those organizations that are dedicated to R&D and the eventual development of new technologies, the Technology Pioneers Community is composed of more than 450 innovative companies from five continents. Of these, 80% are still active and 10% have been acquired by industry leaders.


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