Senior Reflection

7 May

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost over.  I have one week left as an undergraduate college student, and only one week left with many of my friends and sisters.  There been so many amazing memories as a member of Tau Beta Sigma, and I cannot imagine my college career without my fellow Alpha Gammas.  When I first joined TBS, I was nervous about being accepted as part of a big group.  I was very shy- my birthday was the first day of band camp, and I didn’t even tell anyone.  Being introduced to the Alpha Gammas at the beginning of Spring 2008, I was not sure how I would fit in, but I soon found a friend in each member of our class.  That semester, I became closer with them than I have ever been with anyone.
I am so grateful for Tau Beta Sigma, because it brought me the best friends I have ever had.  I know these girls are always going to be there in my life, and we have so many more fun memories ahead of us.  However, this is our last time all together.  Tonight is our very last formal, and I just know I’m going to cry.  The past four years have been amazing and I’m really sad that it’s pretty much over.  One of my fellow Alpha Gammas gave me some great advice:  if there is an opportunity to do something, take it- even if you’re not sure you’ll like it.  That’s what I did when I asked for information about joining TBS from the 07-08 VPM, Alyssa LoPresti.  And I am so glad I did.

Shannon Wampler
“Be it known”

The Beginning and the End

7 May

To me, one of the most rewarding aspects of Tau Beta Sigma has been watching new sisters come into the bond.  This year, I was lucky enough to get a great little sister, and watching her having so much fun and be so excited about the process made me remember when I was feeling and experiencing all those things.  She, as well as the rest of her class, has been a sister for about a month now, and every time I see a member of the Alpha Zeta class wearing letters I feel proud of the newest class.  They have really started to come into themselves.  They speak up in chapter more and more each week, they voice opinions voluntarily, they see improvements that they wish to make, and they bring a fresh level of excitement to any event, service, social, or otherwise.  I’ve even heard some of them mention that they are considering putting in a letter of intent for a committee chair!

This past weekend, we had out senior ceremony.   It was filled with advice, memories, laughter, and a few tears, as is appropriate for such an event.  I know that I speak on behalf of the entire chapter when I say that I am really going to miss the Alpha Gamma class, as well as the senior Alpha Deltas.  It’s hard for me to believe that my class is starting to take over, and to realize that we are so close to having our time to shine.  Sometimes it feels a little bit scary; in one more year, all of the people that selected us as members of the sorority will be gone!  But all it takes is one look at the Alpha Zeta class to know that we will be okay.  It’s sad to watch those that came before me leave, but I know that we are on track to keeping Eta Alpha just as fun, fabulous, and classy as it was when I entered it.


Liz D.

Is there such thing as too much love in the bond?

20 Apr

…Of course not!  Although, I couldn’t help making that joke when I found out that my boyfriend (Al) of three years was going to become my sister in the bond of Tau Beta Sigma.  I remember at the start my sophomore year after I had just become a sister. I kept trying to convince Al how awesome TBS was and that he should totally join the Gamma Kappa chapter at UConn. If I wasn’t busy heckling Al about how much better Syracuse was than his school, I was busy trying to convince him to join TBS.  By fall of my junior year, my efforts payed off!  (Or, I’d like to think they had.) 

Al finally decided to become an MC in Gamma Kappa and I couldn’t have been more excited!  I couldn’t wait to be able to call him my sister (partly out of sheer hilarity), nor could I wait to be able to share TBSecrets with him!  He would finally be able to understand why I would disappear for hours on end without a single word as to where I had been.  It was super fun and exciting to be able to somewhat go through the MC process with Al.  I think my favorite part of the entire thing was when I visited him at school for a weekend.  Instead of doing things a typical couple might do such as going out to dinner or watching a movie together, I spent the evening helping Al learn the 8 & 5.  (How romantic!)  On November 18th, 2010, Al finally became a sister of Tau Beta Sigma and I think I might have been even more excited about it than he was!  A few weekends later, I bought him to chapter with me, which was both weird and entertaining.  Besides the fact that I don’t have to leave my boyfriend in my house when I go to chapter on weekends he visits, I’ve gained other things from being in the same sorority as Al.  In a very unique way, it’s brought us closer together. 

While we have always shared the same passion for music and service, knowing that we are both dedicated to the same ideals and purposes of Tau Beta Sigma somehow makes our connection even stronger.  While having a long distance relationship is challenging and very often I miss the days of being in the same band as Al, being tied together through sisterhood in Tau Beta Sigma has made it a lot easier.  I’ve also come up with the following benefits to sharing sisterhood in TBS with my boyfriend:

1.  If Al and I ever get into an argument, I can use the 8 & 5 against him, in my favor! “Number seven: Tolerance, tempered with kindness and a consideration for the needs of others.  Way to consider my needs, you jerk!”

2.  I get to call him a “mister sister”.  (Which I mean in the nicest way possible, of course.)

3. If Al is annoying me and I don’t feel like talking to him, I can just tell him I have a “TBS event”, which gives me a good two hours of alone time!

4.  We can travel to districts, precinct, or even nationals together!

5.  If I can’t think of a gift to get Al for a certain holiday, I can always get him letters!  (Christmas themed letters, Valentine’s themed letters, and of course.. Syracuse themed letters!)

Having a boyfriend that’s also my sister certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase, “love in the bond”, and I think that’s TBSweet.


Julie Fell

@NEDJMU2011 #winning

2 Apr

Greetings from Virginia!!

I’m here in Harrisonburg, VA with four of my fellow Eta Alphas for the Northeast District Convention at James Madison University! This is my first experience traveling with TBS and so far I’m LOVING IT. We arrived for joint opening at 8am, which felt a little too early since I had driven 7 hours the night before and slept for a whole 4 (we got to the hotel at 2am). However, stepping onto JMU’s campus and seeing such a wide diversity of enthusiastic brothers and sisters made me so excited to be there. In our first separates meeting, Katrina was given the Membership Award for all her hard work this year! Throughout the day, I participated in a lot of awesome stuff. I sat in the Programs committee meeting, which is advised by the District Vice President of Special Projects. We reviewed, discussed and revised requirements for awards, district and sisterhood events, and old and new service projects! I also attended a ritual workshop, where we learned a lot about the ritual proceedings of other chapters. Later that day, we witnessed the induction of a District Honorary and ended the night with a performance my JMU’s brass band (They were AMAZING. No joke, AMAZING.), and the talent showcase, in which several chapters performed step routines. I was extremely impressed and totally jealous of their awesome stepping talent.

Today was another great day. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will highlight some of the awesomeness for you:
-We won the Spirit Award.

Clearly I’m very excited about Pamela’s new accomplishment. She has worked so hard as Corr. Sec. the past two years and I’m so proud to call her my sister. It was so nice to be able to watch her be installed as a district officer.

So that’s my District experience so far. I think what I’ve gotten the most out of this experience is pride for not only Eta Alpha, but pride in being a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. Learning so much from my chapter and other chapters has been such a great experience and I can’t wait to bring it all home to the rest of Eta Alpha. I’m already excited to travel next year!

Lots of Love,
Alison Varner

The Value of Our Alumni Sisters

31 Mar

Hello! It’s me again, and there is so much to talk about! Life as a sister has been extremely busy lately, but in a very good way! As the new Alumni Chair for Eta Alpha, I’ve put a lot of effort into staying in contact with our alumni and restoring bonds with the ones we’ve lost contact with over the years. Getting in touch with our alumni sisters has shown me a new dimension of TBS that I’ve never really given thought to before: involvement in the sisterhood after college.

Even for the alumni who live too far away to visit Syracuse, maintaining contact through email has given them the opportunity to stay connected with TBS and the memories of college. For those who do live relatively close to Syracuse, staying in touch with the sisterhood has proven quite helpful in scheduling times to hangout with active sisters and having get-to-know-you sessions. We have even had an alumni sister send us her old TBS memorabilia! Additionally the alumni have all been very supportive of our active chapter, and have helped donate money for service projects like Relay For Life and The St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Seeing how much the alumni care about our activities in Eta Alpha has opened my eyes to how important they are as an asset to the sisterhood. I will never underestimate the true value of our alumni sisters again!

-Lelia S.

Say Cheese

28 Mar

Yes hello again! My name is still Glorianne Picini and I’m an Alpha Epsilon in the Eta Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Sigma at Syracuse University. Right now we’re going through the MC process, and although it’s a really long process, I’ve been loving hangouts. I’ve gotten to spend time with each membership candidate individually or with a group of 2 MCs and one other sister, and I have absolutely loved getting to know them. The Alpha Zeta class is so full of spunk and character, and my biggest prayer is that they don’t lose any of their opinions or personalities once they’ve become members of TBS. I love the potential we have to have so many new members who can bring us a fresh perspective and keep us from getting stuck in our old ways.

But anyways, I’m rambling. I can’t even pick a favorite hangout because they’ve all been so different and so fun, from trying to play cats cradle with a chain of hair ties, to struggling with making origami paper cranes for charity, to just sitting and laughing while getting to know each other. But my favorite activity has been doing photo shoots My big sister (and one of the sweetest people I know) Kayley Noonan, and I have been doing double hangouts with two MCs at a time and having photo shoots. We’ve spanned from acting like children on playgrounds to being woodland faeries in a dead forest, to going downtown in prom dresses and suits, and it has been so much fun. In my personal opinion, nothing loosens you up like having someone tell you to pretend like you’re a woodland faerie whose elven family is being attacked, or climbing a wall with a hilarious young man who was such a good sport even when the knee of his suit pants ripped (we felt so awful). The best part by far though is the finished product, because these hilarious and wonderful pictures will always be there to remind us of the first time we were really friends. And the first time I’ve been stuck in a broken window in an alleyway for the sake of a photoshoot… Good times. (:

Kim and Dana of the Alpha Zeta membership class

Kayley (Alpha Delta), Katie (Alpha Zeta), and Kacie (Alpha Zeta)

Two modeling Alpha Zetas, Nick and Rebecca

Glorianne (Alpha Epsilon) and Nick (Alpha Zeta)

A Very Merry Founder’s Day

27 Mar

As our MC process and my college career in Tau Beta Sigma come to a close, I found myself undergoing lots of self-reflection during our Founders’ Day festivities. Amidst the making of family trees, lots of food made by sisters blessed with culinary skills, and looking at the artifacts form Eta Alpha, I wondered how I would relate to Eta Alpha after my time at Syracuse University is up.  After looking at the trunk of goodies from sisters back in the 80’s before I was even born, I thought about what things the Eta Alpha I know now will leave behind. Maybe our crest sweatshirts, someone’s letters, or pictures of marching band will be one of the many things to represent us as future chapters reflect back upon Eta Alpha History. But what I am really interested in is how the policies that we change, or the traditions we make will survive or age well in the years to come. In reflecting back, I am confident that future chapters will only continue to make Eta Alpha one of the best chapters in the Nation. When I am truly an adult in the real world, no longer engrossed in chapters and MC processes, I’ll be eager to hear how the chapter is doing and how far we have come.


Megan B.


Travel Season Has Begun!

26 Mar

I recently got back from traveling with the women’s basketball team to the Women’s Big East in Hartford, CT. The team did pretty well, winning their first game by almost 30 and putting up a good fight to Georgetown, ultimately losing by 1 with seconds to go. Despite their loss, I was really proud of the team and how hard they fought to play until the last seconds of the game (literally). It was exciting to interact with the other bands and see how their pep bands did things differently from ours but it was disappointing to see that only one of the bands we interacted with had chapters of Tau Beta Sigma!

Through our interactions with other bands, I have come to realize just how fun and active Sitrus is as a pep band. Not only are we entirely student run, but we have a genuine interest in the game that is being played before (in fact, we may have gotten a little TOO excited at times). This is something to be extremely proud of, as some other of the bands seemed unenthusiastic to be supporting the women’s team. Not only am I proud to be representing the team because they are a Syracuse sports team, but I’m proud to be supporting the team of women, as there is no reason they should receive any less encouragement and support than the men’s team. TBS is all about the empowerment of women and this is just one of the many ways I feel this organization advances this interest. As the rest of travel season is approaching, I am excited to see where the tournament takes us and hope for the best outcome possible!



Happy Founder’s Day Weekend!

25 Mar

Musical Weekend Whirlwind

6 Mar

Hello All!

This past weekend was definitely one to remember when it comes to concerts!  On Saturday night Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi held it’s first joint concert on Saturday night.  It was nice to have a day where I can see how talented my fellow sisters and brothers were.  Our Alpha Zeta M.C.’s were also very involved at the concert as well.  A few performed either solos or with groups and the others did service whether that was selling baked goods or helping set up/ break down the stage.  Overall it was a great night to see everyone be involved.

On Sunday afternoon the Syracuse University Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band put on a concert.  The brothers and sisters did service together by setting up/ taking down the stage for the two different ensembles and holding the reception afterwards.  Both ensembles did a wonderful job performing a great range of pieces.  The Wind Ensemble even took part in performing a piece for its world premiere!

Overall it was a great weekend to see the musical capabilities of all Syracuse University students!

Megan Hanna
TBΣ – HA – A∆