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    The REAL Rudy
    Until we begin truly holding public officials accountable for their actions, our Brothers will continue to die needlessly.  It is disgusting and unacceptable that so many of our Brothers died for a politician’s personal gain. We have to let our public officials know we will not stand for this, and we will never rest until they take responsibility for their crimes.

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    The REAL Rudy
    Fire Union Demands Inquiry Into Contract for New Radios
    New York Times - March 25, 2001

    “The president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, Kevin Gallagher, held a news conference to urge Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and the City Council to conduct the investigation, saying he was deeply concerned for firefighters’ safety.”

    “On Wednesday, the department’s 2,700 new radios were taken out of service. Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen had said that he was taking the action because a distress call from a firefighter trapped in a burning house in Queens on Monday went unheard by some of his colleagues.”

    “We should not have New York City firefighters out in dangerous life-threatening situations with faulty or untested equipment,” said Mr. Gallagher, whose union represents the city’s 8,000 firefighters.”

    “Let’s put blame where it belongs, starting with an outside investigation into who in the Fire Department ordered or authorized the purchase of these radios and who made the decision to put them into the field without a proper evaluation of this essential life-saving equipment,” he said.

    “Mr. Gallagher’s said his concerns were in some measure intensified by inconsistencies between statements Mr. Von Essen made at a news conference the commissioner held Wednesday and details that emerged later about the contract.”

    “Mr. Von Essen said at the news conference that the contract for the new radios was worth $4.5 million and that fire departments in Boston and Chicago were using the same product. But a report Friday night by WNBC-TV News said that the overall contract for the new Motorola digital communications network was worth $33 million and that the other cities’ departments did not use the system.”

    Fire Officials Admit Procedural Lapse in Putting New Radios Into Service
    New York Times - April 11, 2001

    “Fire officials acknowledged at a City Council hearing yesterday that they had failed to follow a safety protocol developed after the deaths of two firefighters when they decided to buy $15 million worth of new hand-held radios that later had to be withdrawn from service.”

    “The protocol directs the Fire Department to test new safety equipment fully and to consult the department unions before putting it into service. The system was developed by the Department of Investigation in 1980 after two firefighters died when a new type of safety rope snapped at a Manhattan fire.”

    “And the report suggested that the department’s internal investigation into the radios was misguided. “It has been 20 days since the F.D.N.Y. commissioner’s decision to recall the XTS3500R digital radios,”" the report said, “and the F.D.N.Y. has yet to interview key witnesses or release any results of its reported investigation.”

    “Fire Dept. to Start Reissuing Radios Pulled Last Year”
    New York Times - August 6, 2002

    “The Fire Department will begin reissuing new, but controversial, handheld radios to firefighters on Staten Island later this month and, if all goes well, will distribute them citywide in the fall, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said yesterday.”

    “The city had pulled the radios from service in March 2001, and resumed using older equipment, after a firefighter’s call for help during a Queens fire went unheard. But the performance of the older equipment on Sept. 11 has been criticized by some fire officers who say communication problems that day contributed greatly to the deaths of 343 firefighters.”

    “Many firefighters, some using radios as much as 10 years old, apparently did not hear an evacuation order transmitted before the twin towers collapsed, a consultant for the city has concluded.”

    “Panic and chaos on new tapes from 9/11″
    San Francisco Chronicle - Thursday, August 17, 2006

    “Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani testified several years ago that the firefighters who died were “standing their ground” to help victims.”

    “But the release of the tapes Wednesday reinforced what earlier tapes, investigations and a new book — “Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11″ — have made clear: that Giuliani and his top aides did not put in place a clear chain of command for police officers and firefighters, which led to much confusion at the scene. And firefighters never heard calls to leave because they carried outmoded radios that did not work inside the stairwells of the burning towers.”

    “After the South Tower collapsed, pilots in police helicopters used their radios to warn that the North Tower, too, was near collapse. But most of the 121 firefighters who died in the North Tower never heard those broadcasts. Indeed, some firefighters were not even aware that the South Tower had fallen.”

    NYC Council Report
    Committee on Fire and Criminal Justice Services
    Oversight: The Procurement, Distribution and Testing of Digital Two-Way Radios by the Fire Department - April 10, 2001

    “On March 14, 2001, the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) issued new Motorola XTS3500R digital two-way radios (commonly referred to as “handie-talkies”) to firefighters throughout the City. On March 19, 2001, while firefighter Luke Healy was battling a fire in the basement of a home on Myrtle Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, his oxygen tank began to expire. As Healy attempted to exit the basement, his oxygen tank ran out. Initial reports indicated that Healy’s seven Mayday calls went unheard by firefighters at the scene and that they were only alerted to his need for assistance after a firefighter at another location, ten blocks away, heard a Mayday call from Healy. Subsequently, FDNY documents revealed that Deputy Chief Weinlein, who was at Myrtle Avenue, reported that he and another FDNY official at the scene heard a Mayday, but that when he used the radio to ask who transmitted the Mayday, no one answered. According to Deputy Chief Weinlein, Healy was eventually found by officers who heard his calls for help from the basement, not over the radio. On March 21, 2001, the FDNY announced that the following day, the newly issued radios would be recalled from the field with the intention of addressing operational issues with the radios and returning them to service shortly.”

    “Subsequently, it was revealed that during the eight days the new radios were in the field, firefighters experienced numerous problems with them, such as delays in transmission, messages not being received, messages getting cut off, and an echoing effect contributing to poor sound quality.”

    “Thus, despite its acknowledgment two years earlier that several manufacturers were developing technology that might meet FDNY’s CAI specifications, and in apparent disregard of its pledge to evaluate new technologies and products, the FDNY appears to have elected to accept a radio representing an entirely new communications technology from Motorola rather than conduct a competitive review of products and prices.”

    “Compounding its failure to subject this new communications technology to a competitive procurement process, the FDNY also exceeded the 1997 contract’s ceiling on the number of radios to be procured (750 units) and the amount of the contract, $2.9 million. In December 1999, the FDNY ordered 2,700 XTS3500R radios from Motorola, and in 2000, ordered another 1,118 radios. The total cost for the 3,818 radios was approximately $14 million.”

    “All information provided to date indicates that the XTS3500R’s were not adequately tested to ensure that they would meet the FDNY’s operational needs, and that FDNY firefighters and officers were not sufficiently trained in operating the new radios.”

    “The FDNY has stated that its Rescue 2 unit tested the radios from July 23, 1999, to August 1, 1999. However, although the Rescue 2 unit tested an analog, VHF model of the XTS3500R, the FDNY purchased a digital, UHF model. Thus, the Rescue 2 unit never tested the radios or technology subsequently purchased by FDNY.”

    Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani And 9/11 (Amazon)
    By Wayne Barrett & Dan Collins
    Chapter 7, Sounds of Silence

    A thorough examination of The City’s sole bid process with Motorola as well as their failure to replace archaic radios with appropriately tested radios which subsequently lead to miscommunications and loss of lives on the morning of September 11, 2001.

    U.S. Fire Administration/Technical Report Series (pdf)
    February 1993

    “A major detriment to our ability to strengthen control of the incident was fire department on-scene communications. Communications were a serious problem from the outset.”

    “Generally the problems were caused by one or more of the following factors:

    The number of resources using channels;
    Not enough channels for operational areas;
    Distance problems - lost messages;
    The inability to contact other agencies.”
    “Fireground communications have become a major concern of FDNY…”

    - Sec 2:6

    A 192-City Survey (pdf)
    June 2004

    “The United States Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more.”

    “Our new survey finds that more than 77 percent of the cities in the survey are interoperable across police and fire departments.”


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    Welcome to Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.  My name is Erik Lawyer, and I am the founding member. I am currently a full time firefighter, and have been assigned to Ladder 3 in the City of Seattle for the last 13 years.  Before that I was with the City of Sacramento as a Firefighter Paramedic.  I first began working in Emergency Services in 1988 in the Sacramento area with a 911 private paramedic ambulance company. I have 20 years experience in Emergency Services.  I earned my pilot’s license in 1987, and have been recreationally flying since. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from the University of California at Davis in 1993, with 2 years of elective Engineering courses, and a Minor in Psychology. 

    I would like to share my story concerning September 11, 2001 and the events that led to the creation of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.  I, like most Americans, remember exactly where I was when I saw the attacks and had the overwhelming urge to take action.  I was shocked, outraged, scared and confused.  I called my Battalion Chief and asked if Seattle would be sending any teams to help.  I was a member of the MMST (Metropolitan Medical Strike Team), and figured we would be needed and I wanted to know where to report. Due to the nature of the incident we were not called up, and instead USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams, including Seattle’s, were sent. 

    I first visited Ground Zero in October of 2001 with several firefighters from Seattle.  We went to pay our respect and show support.  We raised money for our brother firehouses and attended the funerals of our fallen Brothers.  I was deeply moved and humbled by the community support, the sheer enormity of the tragedy along with the courage and compassion of the FDNY “Brotherhood.”  Even though I listened to their stories for days, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and tragedy they suffered on that day and the years to come.  I vividly remember the anger I felt, the intense desire for vengeance, and the feelings of helplessness.  I was relieved when the government identified the terrorists and satisfied that we were going to have a swift deliverance of “justice.”

    I’ve been a conservative my entire life; a registered Republican since I could vote.  I am a self proclaimed Patriot with George Washington as one of my all time heroes.  So when conspiracy theories quickly surfaced, and “Liberals” cried foul on the erosion of civil liberties, I chalked it up to their political beliefs and bitterness towards the Republican President.  I read many debunking articles - including Popular Mechanics - and watched many debunking videos including, Farenhype 9/11.  I was convinced that these “Liberals” were misinformed and were grasping at straws to discredit the “official” story.  Like most people with strong opinions, instead of looking at all the facts, I was specifically looking for anything that supported my own beliefs.  As soon as I discovered any inaccuracy in a conspiracy claim, I wrote it off.  My father, a big city cop and Korean War veteran, loved to joke, “don’t confuse me with the facts, I have my mind made up!”  Well, I had my mind made up. I told conspiracy theorists like my own Truck Officer, Lt. Earl Emerson, that they were insane if they thought anyone other than the terrorists did this.  Heck, we have ID cards, security camera videos, Bin Laden confession tapes - how much clearer did they need it?  The years went on and I was satisfied in my beliefs.  I even believed these “Wackos” that doubted the “official” story were distracting our country from focusing on the real threat of terrorism.

    Fast forward to March of 2008.  A great friend of mine with a Business degree from West Point, as conservative and non-conspiratorial as they get, came over one night to talk about what he saw happening in the economy. He provided some disconcerting evidence that we as a nation are at risk of entering into another depression; he pointed out historical parallels where other countries, such as Germany, suffered economic collapse.  THAT was my eye opener.  I became obsessed researching things such as economies, who is in control of currencies, what causes depressions, who profits during war, etc. So many things kept pointing to 9/11.  Another one of my dad’s favorite quotes was, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”  So, I looked at both sides and quickly noticed a pattern.  On one side, the general media ignores some of the most compelling evidence that contradicts the “official” story.  On the other side, science based conspiracy sites such as Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice, along with the experience based sites such as Patriots Question 911 and Pilots for 911 Truth, fully explore the evidence. Their research points out numerous inconsistencies and raised serious questions about the “official” story.  To be fair, I looked at the debunking sites again.  On Popular Mechanics (the source often quoted for confirmation of the “official” story), as well as most debunking sites I usually found name calling and smear tactics. In my own personal experience, as soon as someone needs to resort to name calling and smearing during a debate, they’re not very secure in their “facts” or the “truth.” I found that many of these debunking sites also failed to tackle some of the most compelling evidence.  They would often bring up the most ludicrous of conspiracy claims, debunk those, offer far reaching explanations, or never fully explain the “how.”  They often made you really have to stretch to believe that so many catastrophic failures - which had never happened before - could all occur separately, on one day, and multiple times (e.g. failure to intercept aircraft x 4 for the first time in history; complete collapses x 3 for the first time; no obvious plane wreckage x 2+ for first time, etc.).  Even the NIST report only describes the EVENTS that led to the moment of collapse of Towers 1 & 2, not the SCIENCE behind the instantaneous collapse of the cold steel below the impact zone…because it is that obvious?  How does that teach us how to improve building safety? 

    The clincher for me was when I learned that the lead investigators on the crime - the FBI - do not even have the 9/11 attacks mentioned on the Bin Laden page of the FBI’s Most Wanted website list due to LACK OF EVIDENCE.  How can it be that we were led to believe Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, yet the FBI doesn’t publicly accuse him?  Remind me again why we are at war and have given up so many rights our Founding Fathers gave us???

    When I voiced my new opinion and concerns most of my friends listened.  I think because they were shocked that a staunch Conservative could have such a major shift, or because they thought I had lost my mind and wanted to diagnose the cause.  Curiously, some became angry at my new questions and actually thought I was supporting Terrorists with my concerns.  Being a part of that same mindset myself only a few weeks ago, and then having a major shift in consciousness, really shook me to the core.  What has happened to our collective consciousness that we believe anyone who doubts the “official” story or what the government tells us is an enemy?  Anyone who asks for the Truth is labeled a “Wacko” or “Terrorist Sympathizer?”  What has happened to us?  Are we not founded on Freedom of Speech and taught to check our Government?

    Through my research I learned that many mainstream people, government officials, pilots and regular “Joes” actually doubt the “official” story.  Yet the media still treats “Truth” seekers like they have a mental disorder, are few and far between, and even dangerous.  I’ve since learned there are major news stories concerning 9/11 that the media won’t coverDo you know about Tower 7? And, did you know that Japan, who lost 24 of their citizens in the 9/11 attacks, has held hearings this year on the possibility that the “official” story isn’t the truth?  Why hasn’t the media covered THIS?  I’ve since learned about the whistleblowers that have been silenced.  There are many top pilots (including pilots who have flown those specific aircraft) who say they could not have performed the maneuvers at those speeds while physically encountering the G-Loads and overcoming control issues associated with high speeds.  Now, I’ve been a private pilot for over 20 years and have competed in spot landing, aerobatic and maneuver contests.  I know how difficult it is to perform precision maneuvers at moderate speeds, let alone full speed, and I would never dream I could do the same in a jumbo jet. 

    To be honest, I was asleep at the wheel, and relied on what I was being told by mainstream media.  The same media, whose parent corporations, are some of the largest suppliers of weapons in this war.  Before this “awakening” I had no idea the extent of our civil liberties that had been eroded in the name of Terrorism.  I had never really wrapped my brain around what legalized torture means.  I had always claimed America was noble.  Just look at how we treated POW’s during WWII and Vietnam compared to our enemies.  That separated us.  We were setting the example of Human Rights to the rest of the world.  Sure, you’ll always have individuals that will take things too far, but Government sponsored torture?  What has happened to our country?  What kind of example are we setting for our children, and the world?  You would be interested to learn how many of our own rights have been stripped away recently.  Look up the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, Homegrown Terrorism Act and Presidential Directive 51.  It is amazing the rights we have all lost in the past couple of years and very little is covered by the U.S. media. 

    After discovering this, I applied the “common sense” test that my Grandfather always said wasn’t so common.  Why would a government so aggressively suppress truth and blatantly destroy evidence if there was nothing to hide?  Why has every testimony from sworn government and military officials that points to “prior knowledge” been stricken from the 9/11 Commission Report? How did paper business cards, cloth bandanas, and plastic ID’s that implicate the terrorists survive so neatly through jet fueled fireballs hot enough to destroy titanium and steel?  I’ve seen bodies burned beyond recognition, yet I have never found one that was wearing unburned clothing. These questions alone are enough to make me risk everything for a real investigation and accounting.  Sadly, there are many more questions! This has nothing to do with party politics for me anymore.  This is about saving our Country and pledging allegiance to our Flag not the Government, to protecting the principles America was founded on, not the beliefs of a few people in power. I have the utmost respect of our Soldiers and the sacrifices they have made, and continue to make.  This is about defending what these countless men and women have died for. This is about defending the freedoms they gave us- about defending the Constitution, and about protecting the future for our children.

    When I truly realized the enormity of the effect 9/11 has had on our Rights, our Economy, our Beliefs, our Fears, our Intolerances and our Government - I felt fear, then anger, then the need to take action.  Bill Chickering said it best, “Anger is a very appropriate and necessary response to an injustice.  But stand back now; the truth, clearly spoken, is always your best weapon. Calmly spoken, it can burn a hole through the hardest heart.”  When I realized the extent of the force and attitudes working to silence those who peacefully ask questions, demand answers, and seek truth, it became clear to me that our Country is in serious trouble and I must now stand alongside those Patriots who seek Truth and Constitutional Restoration.

    Our Founding Fathers would be disgusted with what we have let happen.  To sum up their beliefs, “Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.”  I now recognize the true Patriots.  They are not the ones blindly following, always believing and defending their government; they are the ones asking questions, demanding answers, and defending The Constitution.  As Mark Twain so eloquently stated, “In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”

    My fellow Firefighters and Citizens, I ask you to at least inform yourself.  Take the time to look, with an open mind, at the events surrounding 9/11 and the changes that have been made to our Constitution.  Have the courage to weigh the possibilities.  Remember, “Only a brave person is willing to honestly admit, and fearlessly face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.”  Ask yourself, do we really need to erase what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to create in the name of Terrorism?  Make your own informed judgment and have the courage to consider the tough questions.  If you too feel the call to action, we desperately need your help. 

    As Firefighters we immediately respond to, and risk everything for a “Mayday” call. Most Firefighters go an entire career without calling a “Mayday”.  We know our Brothers only call one if someone is in serious peril and they can’t handle it themselves.  By the Grace of God, I have never had to call a “Mayday” on the fireground or in the air. But, I am calling one now on our soil.  “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!” Our Country, Our sick Brothers and Sisters desperately need your HELP.

  • NFPA 18.15 Analyze Fuel Source. “All available fuel sources should be considered and eliminated until one fuel can be identified as meeting all of the physical damage criteria. For example, if the epicenter of the explosion is identified as a 6ft (1.8 m) crater of pulverized concrete in the center of the floor, fugitive natural gas can be eliminated as the fuel, and only fuels that can create seated explosions should be considered.
    Chemical analysis of debris, soot, soil, or air samples can be helpful in identifying the fuel. With explosives or liquid fuels, gas chromatography, mass spectrography, or other chemical tests of properly collected samples may be able to identify their presence.”

    Were metal and debris tests done to test for residue of fuels that can cause a 110 story steel structure to turn to dust and collapse at near free fall speed?

    Well, according to NIST (the final authority on the cause) there wasn’t enough evidence to test for them. “NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel.  The responses to questions number 2, 4, 5 and 11 demonstrate why NIST concluded that there were no explosives or controlled demolition involved in the collapses of the WTC towers.”

    Did we miss something?  Doesn’t 18.15 ”analyze fuel source” say test for all fuel sources that can cause the type of damage we saw?  Doesn’t 19.2.4 “exotic accelerants” say melted steel or concrete is a sign of high temperature accelerants? Doesn’t 18.12.2 “high explosives” say fuel-air mixtures do not produce the type of damage we saw? Didn’t the video and testimonial evidence suggest explosions?

    Well, some others did test for them, and here’s what they found.

    From 911Research.org we have the following:

    Although virtually all of the structural steel from the Twin Towers and Building 7 was removed and destroyed, preventing forensic analysis, FEMA’s volunteer investigators did manage to perform “limited metallurgical examination” of some of the steel before it was recycled. Their observations, including numerous micrographs, are recorded in Appendix C of the WTC Building Performance Study. Prior to the release of FEMA’s report, a fire protection engineer and two science professors published a brief report in JOM disclosing some of this evidence. 1

    The results of the examination are striking. They reveal a phenomenon never before observed in building fires: eutectic reactions, which caused “intergranular melting capable of turning a solid steel girder into Swiss cheese.” The New York Times described this as “perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation.” 2 WPI provides a graphic summary of the phenomenon. …read entire article.

    And, Dr. Steven Jones analyzed dust samples and found the following:

    We’re seeing a very disturbing pattern.  Every indicator to test for explosives is here.  This was one of the largest mass-murders on American Soil.  This was the first time in history any high-rise steel and concrete building collapsed due to fire, let alone three.  Every possibility should have been thoroughly investigated.  However, the evidence was clearly destroyed.  The official investigators refuse to thoroughly test for “controlled demolition.”

    You have to ask yourself….WHY? What is there to hide?

    What’s the saying?  If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….?!?

  • NFPA 921 “18.12.2 High Exlosives…The effects produced by diffuse phase (i.e., fuel-air) explosions and solid explosives are very different. In a diffuse phase explosion (usually deflagration), structural damage will tend to be uniform and omnidirectional, and there will be relatively widespread evidence of burning, scorching, and blistering. In contrast, the rate of combustion of a solid explosive is extremely fast in comparison to the speed of sound. Therefore, pressure does not equalize through the explosion volume and extremely high pressures are generated near the explosion. At the location of the explosion, there should be evidence of crushing, splintering, and shattering effects produced by the higher pressures. Away from the source of the explosion, there is usually very little evidence of intense burning or scorching, except where hot shrapnel or firebrands have landed on combustible materials.”

    18.12.2 is very clear.  Fuel-air explosions (i.e.- JET FUEL) will be relatively widespread and there will be evidence of burning, scorching, and blistering.  If the lobby truly “blew out” from the jet fuel explosion we would see extensive burning, scorching, and blistering.  And, think about it, the elevator shafts do not stop in the lobby, they went below the lobby, so why did this apparent “fireball” pick  the lobby to exit?  Now, carefully look at this video, and you be the judge. 

    Do you see any signs of burning, scorching, or blistering?  On your size-up pay close attention to the plants and the ceiling…is this what you would expect to see after a “jet-fueled fireball” blew out the lobby?

    Does this match the damage we would expect to see with solid explosives?  (i.e. crushing, splintering, and shattering effects produced by higher pressures).

  • High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.

    High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.

    NFPA 921

    18.3.2 - “High-Order Damage. High-order damage is characterized by shattering of the structure, producing small, pulverized debris. Walls, roofs, and structural members are splintered or shattered, with the building completely demolished. Debris is thrown great distances, possibly hundreds of feet. High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.”

    We see all signs of “high-order damage” in all three building collapses. There is no arguing this. And, it’s very clearly stated “high-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.”

    Now if we look at NFPA 921 14.3 “Preservation of the Fire Scene and Physical Evidence” we find the following “the cause of a fire or explosion is not known until near the end of the investigation. Therefore, the evidentiary or interpretative value of various pieces of physical evidence observed at the scene may not be known until, at, or near the end of the fire scene examination, or until the end of the complete investigation. As a result, the entire fire scene should be considered physical evidence and should be protected and preserved.”

    It doesn’t get much clearer than this.  This is Investigation-101!  For, all those debunkers and detractors who say “it’s obvious” why the buildings came down, I beg to differ, and so does the NFPA -”the cause of a fire or explosion is not known until near the end of the investigation.”  We are professionals, we are not supposed to jump to conclusions, and we are not supposed to let political and public factors determine what we do and don’t investigate.  We definitely are not supposed to destroy the very evidence that will provide the answers.  And, when every indicator in “the book” is screaming “high-order” explosive damage, we have a history of prior explosives use by terrorists in those exact buildings, we have over 100 first responders reporting hearing “secondary” explosions, the fact that evidence was destroyed and this wasn’t investigated thoroughly is nothing short of criminal!  It’s time to get real loud about this. Our Brothers were murdered.  My fellow firefighters, we can’t afford to brush this off to politics or ignore this anymore. Stand up with Firefighters for 911 Truth, demand answers, and justice.

  • This is from the 2001 Edition of the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations. 

    19.2.4 - “Exotic Accelerants.  Mixtures of fuels and Class 3 or Class 4 oxidizers may produce an exceedingly hot fire and may be used to start or accelerate a fire.  Thermite mixtures also produce exceedingly hot fires.  Such accelerants generally leave residues that may be visually or chemically identifiable.

    Exotic accelerants have been hypothesized as having been used to start or accelerate some rapidly growing fires and were referred to in these particular instances as high temperature accelerants (HTA). Indicators of exotic accelerants include an exceedingly rapid rate of fire growth, brilliant flares (particularly at the start of the fire), and melted steel or concrete.  A study of 25 fires suspected of being associated with HTAs during the 1981-1991 period revealed that there was no conclusive scientific proof of the use of such HTA. 

    Notice how little volume of flame we have, yet a significant amount of molten material that appears to be metal pouring out of the building.

    Notice how little volume of flame we have, yet a significant amount of molten material that appears to be metal pouring out of the building.

     In any fire where the rate of fire growth is considered exceedingly rapid, other reasons for this should be considered in addition to the use of an accelerant, exotic or otherwise.  These reasons include ventilation, fire suppression tactics, and the type and configuration of the fuels.”

    NIST denies the existence of molten metal even though we have video and photographic evidence suggesting otherwise.  We also have witness testimony from FDNY firemen themselves.  Jet fuel and content fires do not produce the temperatures necessary to produce molten steel - that is why NIST has to deny the very presence of molten metal.  This is not small stuff.  This is a “smoking gun.”  NFPA very clearly states melted steel or concrete is a sign of exotic accelerants.  Therefore, the debris should have been thoroughly analyzed for exotic accelerants, specifically Thermite.

    Now, remember, the investigation is just that…an investigation.  We do not need overwhelming undisputable evidence to test for accelerants.  It is very routine to test a house fire for accelerants.  So, why at the first and only high rise building collapse sites due to fire, was this not done?  How do we get safer buildings and solve crimes if we don’t test for the very things that could have led to the collapse? 

    This is not something to walk away from.  We have to stand up together and demand a thorough investigation following the National Standards, and justice. 

    Here is the video of NIST denying molten metal even though we have several FDNY members, very clearly stating the presence of molten metal.


    Remember, you are the Jury…Who are you going to believe?


  • By Earl Emerson:
    30 year veteran Seattle Fire Department
    Author of Vertical Burn, Into the Inferno, Pyro, Firetrap, and numerous other fire novels.

    Along with millions of others, I watched the events of 9/11 unfold with disbelief and horror. I was home with my wife when the first tower collapsed. She turned to me and asked if a collapse was an eventuality that I as a veteran firefighter would have expected. I told her it was not only unexpected, but startling. What was even more startling was to watch both towers crumble into dust, and later, tower number 7, also go down at free fall speed, collapsing basically into it’s own footprint. Over the years I’d seen a number of buildings collapse due to fire, all wooden structures, but none collapsed at free fall speed. How much more resistance would a steel-framed building provide?

    I had just finished writing a novel in which a conflagration burned unchecked in Seattle’s tallest skyscraper, the 78-story Columbia Tower, and because of my research, I knew for a fact that no steel-framed building had ever collapsed due to fire, no matter how long that fire burned. In my novel the remnants of Seattle’s tallest building had ended up in a severe tilt. Nothing in my research indicated there was reason to go any further.

    There was a lot going on after 9/11. The news stories continued to pile up while the country gradually pieced together what happened that day, or what we thought happened. In early 2002 Vertical Burn was published and I did a two-week author’s tour for Ballantine Books. Every day I talked to crowds who were eager for the opportunity to discuss 9/11 with a working firefighter. The most frequent comment was, “Those New York firefighters were so brave. Going into those buildings when they knew they were going to fall down.” My reply: “Of course they were brave. But they weren’t idiots. There was one simple reason none of them believed the buildings were going to collapse: no steel-framed building had ever collapsed due to fire. Ever. They didn’t going into those buildings thinking they were headed for certain death. They went in to evacuate people and to put the fires out.”

    Listen to the radio reports from the firefighters that day. Look at the holes the planes put into the towers. Check out how much heat it takes to compromise steel compared to how much could have been generated by jet fuel fires. Observe how much smoke was coming from those buildings just prior to each collapse. There were people standing in the holes waving for help. And yet, the popular notion is that the buildings had uncontrollable fires and that those fires caused the buildings to collapse.

    There were witnesses in the openings caused by the aircraft impacts and those witnesses were telling us something. They were telling us the fires were largely quelled. If fires didn’t bring those three buildings down, what did?

    I too, watched the NOVA special and for a while some of my questions seemed as if they had answers. Then I found the 9/11 for truth web sites run by engineers, architects and pilots and began watching videos and reading. Now Erik Lawyer is starting a website for firefighters who want another investigation of 9/11. If you think you know what happened that day, browse this site and compare what you think you know to what the experts are telling us.

    If you’re a firefighter you knew the government was lying that first week when the EPA administrator, Christine Whitman, told the public the air in lower Manhattan was safe to breathe. Any firefighter who’d been on the job more than two weeks knew that was a crock. Now, up to seventy percent of the people working on the site and living in the area have lung disease. There were other, more crucial lies. Cruise this site. Open your mind. For any firefighter, this is the most important website you will visit this year or any other year.