About Us

At Food Connect we all share the risk. Our farmers jump out of bed excited, city folk get great produce, and that creates real community.

Based on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture, our delicious, seasonal produce comes from local farmers living within a short radius of our city Homestead, packed into boxes, and collected by our subscribers from a network of City Cousin pick-up points.

How it works

  • Our delicious seasonal food is sourced from local farmers
  • The harvest is delivered fresh to the Food Connect Homestead each week by the farmers and small freight companies.
  • We pack it into various sizes of fruit and veggie boxes. For products and prices at your nearest Food Connect Homestead, just click on the maps.
  • The boxes and yummy ‘extra’ products are delivered to our network of City Cousins (families, schools or community centres)
  • Subscribers collect their boxes from their local City Cousin and get the chance to meet like-minded neighbours for a chat.

Once you become a Food Connect Subscriber, you can view your account balance, change orders and renew your subscription online. We also organise regular farm tours to connect city folk with their fantastic growers.

Get Started

Do you want your food to be fair dinkum? Then get in touch with your nearest Food Connect Homestead by clicking on the maps.