Paulo Fierro


About Paulo

Paulo Fierro is a Norwegian born developer with a passion for User Experience and over a decades experience of playing with the Flash Platform.

Over the years he has created compelling experiences, strategic proof of concepts and other things we can't talk about for clients such as Nickelodeon, the New York Giants, Research In Motion, Time Inc., and QNX Software Systems.

In recent years he has switched his focus over to mobile. Working together with some great designers he has developed award winning iOS apps such as the first official FOTB app and reached the #2 spot on the App Store in two markets (UK and Norway).

A year and a half ago he left the big city lights of Oslo for Brighton, where he and his partner Niqui Merret established Jade Hopper, a micro-agency focused on mobile development.



101 Things Every Mobile Developer Should Know


So you want to develop for mobile. Maybe you want to chase those long foretold millions that await you in the App Store, maybe you want to avoid the self-defenestration that will occur if you are asked to make another banner or Wordpress template. Maybe you are just looking for a new challenge.

Whatever the reason this session will cover what you need to know when transitioning to developing for mobile devices so you can hit the ground running with few to no broken bones.

We will cover multi-touch, gestures, design conventions, prototyping, tips on making your app likeable and/or lickable and much more.

We will also go over how to avoid common pitfalls and get going with your own project with a light sprinkling of case studies.

Batteries not included. 100% fat free. Also suitable for vegetarians.