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Piranha and Ant at NAB 2011

Join IFX at NAB 2011 April 11-13th

IFX will be showing the lastest Piranha and Ant systems
that can be used for everything from onset monitoring to
finishing and editing of stereographic content.

New features include full Multi-card Red Rocket
support for playing back realtime stereo Red Raw files.

New Stereo onset tools for recording and monitoring as
well as Camera and Stereo Rig Control.

New tools for 2D to 3D Stereo Conversion.

New tools and workflow for quickly fixing stereo footage.

IFX Ant Stereo Tools at Cinegear Expo

Join IFX at Cinegear Expo 2010 on June 3 and 4th
Paramount Studio, Hollywood

Find us in the JVC booth (S239) where we will be showing the IFX Ant Stereo tools live
with the Swiss Rig.

Introducing Ant 3D

Ant 3D software for stereographic post production and onset assist

image courtesy Kuk Film

Playback and Editing of 2D and 3D content.
Full Color Tools with Keying and Roto, Tracking.
Up to 8k x 8k Resolutions
Floating point color
FCP XML and Vegas XML Import

Stereographic Features
Manipulate Stereo/3D footage adjust interocular and vertical alignments
Roto based 2D to 3D conversion workflow.
Warp Layers to improve geometry, enhance or relax stereo effect

Ant File Formats

Piranha Stereo

Piranha Stereo

Piranha Stereo offers a complete pipeline from onset 3D monitoring to editing and final color for output.

  • Support for most all 3D Displays (shutter/passive)
  • 2D to 3D Conversion Tools
  • Dual Stream Playback from 24 to 60 fps
  • Stereo Editorial Features
  • GPU based workflow for realtime interaction with stereo content
  • Onset stereo monitoring and calibration

  • Stereo Tools

  • Control interocular
  • The ifxAnt

    A Complete Editing and Finishing System for Independent Film

    The 2k and 4k digital film process has been a tough hurdle for
    many independant film makers. Hardware and software requirements
    for processing this footage is expensive and time consuming both to
    learn and to use.

    Ant packs all the features necessary to professionaly
    finish digital film work originating from 4K Red Camera files or
    industry files such as DPX, Cineon, OpenEXR, or any of 20 other formats
    supported by the system.

    IFX Ant Stereo Tools at Siggraph

    We will be showing the latest Ant 3D stereo system at Siggraph 2010 July 26-28.
    Booth 101, Los Angeles Convention Center.

    Ant and Piranha Stereo tools at NAB 2010

    Join IFX at NAB 2010 for our big stereo kick off April 12-15th
    (Central Hall, booth C7838)

    We will be introducing our new Ant Stereo 3D system.
    The Ant system can be used for everything from onset monitoring
    to finishing and editing of stereographic content.
    More info here

    Also at the show we will be debuting our new StereoFlow
    technology for 2D to 3D conversion for both Ant and Piranha
    systems. StereoFlow is completely GPU based and real time

    Ant Getting Focused on Canon DSLR Movie Tools

    One advantage that Linux has over the other operating systems
    right now is the ability to deal with AVC encoded video
    data. Because Nvidia took the time to work out
    GPU reading on linux we enjoy great playback performance
    of AVC compressed footage (Mp4 as well)

    We've been putting a lot of thought into how best to
    support DSLRS in the upcoming release of Ant.

    Here are some of the features to look forward to:

    - Play back and edit Canon 5D AVC movie files without conversion.

    - Ability to load CR2 raw files (stills) at full 16bit.

    IFX Ant and Piranha now Supporting Tangent Wave Control Surfaces

    Full support for the Tangent Wave control surface has
    just been added to Ant, Piranha and the new Onset Stereo system.
    More info can be found Here

    Kuk Film and Piranha Stereo - Racing in 3D

    The 24 Hours Nürburgring also called "The Green Hell" is a GT and touring
    car endurance racing event held once a year in Germany..

    When Kuk-Film in Munich needed a stereoscopic editing and effects system
    to complete their production of the film "The Green Hell", they found
    a perfect match in the tool set of IFXs latest Piranha Stereo products.

    For the project, over 50 crew members, equipped with seven stereoscopic
    cameras were brought in to cover the famous annual race held on the 22km
    North Loop of the Nürburgring Nordschleife

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