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Piranha Cinema

Editing, Effects, and Finishing for 2k,4k and Stereo


An End to End Finishing Solution

Client demands drive your business. Meeting specifications and delivering on time are the foundations upon which your business is built. Whether you employ a distributed workflow for grading and conforming or require more demanding client interaction, Piranha Cinema delivers the feature set you need while maximizing your investment. Piranha Cinema's advanced and flexible toolset is designed to be the cornerstone of your business.

Artists Toolset

Piranha Cinema has an advanced feature set comparable to systems costing tens of thousands more, and delivering a toolset that is simply unmatched by other finishing, 2K playback or color-grading systems. With a floating point pipeline, 4:4:4:4 color, and true resolution independance, Piranha Cinema has an artist's toolset that allows you to realize the creative vision without constraint.

Stereoscopic Playback and Effects

Piranha Cinema is capable of real-time playback, color correction, compositing and effects on stereoscopic images, with tools to address stereoscopic issues such as off-axis and toe-in techniques. Shared effects allow effects and color corrections on both stereoscopic views to be affected simultaneously, in realtime.

Fast Primary and Secondary Color Correction

Piranha Cinema includes extensive color tools that allow for color correction of selective color ranges and hues, so any image sequence can be quickly isolated and affected. Color effects can be shared between scenes, manipulated globally or individually, greatly speeding up changes and adjustments.

Hardware Effects

Interactive Effects latest SPFX architecture, with direct access to the latest Nvidia Quadro GPU engines, is able to produce film quality imagery at or near real-time. Available hardware effects include keying, warps, camera effects and titling, even blurs and convolutions.

Floating Point Pipeline

Piranha Cinema supports a full 16-bit floating point imaging pipeline. High bit depth images such as the OpenEXR format can be read, manipulated and written directly, and IFX's Arc file format supports 3 and 4 channel streaming in 16-bit float.


Hardware Effects

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