“I’ll Do the Right Thing, Because it is the Right Thing to Do.”

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How can it be?

 Fact:    Wisconsin’s share of our Nations gross domestic product (GDP) has dropped from 1.81% to 1.69% in just 7 years. Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance June/July 2010

 Fact:    Income taxes and property taxes representing 44.9% of state-local tax revenues (9th highest in the nation, well above the national average of 36.1%) And yet, our per capita income is nearly 14% below the nation’s average. Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance June/July 2010

 Fact:    Several organizations and educators from around the state have come together to discuss the following: tax reform and modernization, economic development (jobs) and government reform. One of those organization is Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC). WisconsinWay.org

 Fact:    The current governor and legislature used nursing home bed taxes as general purpose revenue to balance the budget, leaving nursing homes and the elderly short changed again. http://www.wahsa.org/public.htm

 So, how can my opponent and her allies be in favor of creating jobs and against private sector businesses?

 How can my opponent and her allies accuse me of being against the elderly when in fact she voted to take the nursing home bed taxes to balance the budget?

 How can my opponent and her allies be in favor of higher and more taxes when it has been proven time and time again that high taxes stifle the economy.

 Does my opponent and her allies think we are that stupid?

 Common sense tells us that we need private sector jobs to pay for fire fighters, police officers, teachers, and elderly services.  If we tax them out of our state THERE WILL BE A DRASTIC CUT IN GOVERNMENT JOBS! Right now folks, we are out of balance.  For those who work in the public sector, pray and work hard for the entrepreneurs and the private sector that it will grow and flourish soon. We can do this together!

Setting the Record Straight!

I am not anti fire and police protection. As a matter of fact I made the motion to put an additional full-time officer on the Lake Hallie Police Department, for better public safety in my Village.  In fact, I have been endorsed by the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association!


ü    Wisconsin lost 163,000 jobs, but Assembly Democrats voted to add 263 employees to the state government payroll.

ü      Wisconsin’s various levels of government employed more people than Wisconsin’s manufacturers for the first time in state history.

ü      We learned that Wisconsin lost 4.3 percent of its private sector businesses over the last three years, while Illinois increased its number of employers by 7.8 percent.

ü      Wisconsin’s unemployment rate almost reached 10 percent and Wisconsin is ranked as the 3rd worst state in which to do business, but Assembly Democrats voted to raise taxes by nearly $5 billion on Wisconsin families and employers.

ü      Wisconsin faced a $6.6 billion budget deficit, but Assembly Democrats voted to increase spending in their budget by nearly 10 percent.

ü      Wisconsin’s budget crisis was ranked among the 10 worst in the nation.

The State of Wisconsin is in BIG trouble. We need a representative that is going to be willing to make the tough decisions and not be intimidated by special interests, as well as a broad understanding of government and not a narrow perspective or interest. We need a representative who will stand up for what is right, even if she is standing alone. Kathy is that person!



What do you think are the most important issues facing State Government? Please contact Kathy to elaborate on what you think about these or any other issues:   kbernierforassembly@yahoo.com  

a.       Reducing Taxes                                    

b.       Reducing Government Spending     

c.        Improving Education                          

d.       Creating Business/jobs                      

e.       Photo ID to Vote                                

f.        Illegal Immigrants                              

g.       The Budget Deficit                              

h.      Other ______________________