This is an attempt at a reasonably comprehensive list of desired gameplay features, roughly categorised and split into small sections, with links to various sources of documentation and code.

Features that are largely completed are marked like this.

Before working on a feature, it should be broken down into more detail and added as a Trac ticket (with a reference to the ticket added from this page).

"Old description" refers to technical documentation for the old simulation system; the new one has different features and different syntax, so use the documentation as inspiration and not specification.

The "current design" pages are attempts to collect and summarise the discussions and decisions about the design, in order to provide a direction for the implementation. Nothing is set in stone - the design issues can be discussed on the forums.

  • Research
    • Old description: XML.Tech
    • Research queues
    • Tech effects
  • Audio
    • Old description: TDD_Audio
    • Basic sound group integration
  • Networking
  • Hero units
  • Walls
  • Capturing
  • Diplomacy
  • Triggers
  • Objectives