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From the Movies

To help Darth Maul track down the fugitive Queen Amidala from Naboo, he employed a number of spherical, single-eyed probe droids dispatched from the Sith Infiltrator. These floating globes hovered throughout Mos Espa, attempting to ferret out any signs of the Queen and her Jedi protectors.

These probe droids, controlled by a wrist-link worn by Darth Maul, reported back to the Sith Lord. Maul then soared into the Queen's landing site aboard his swift and lean Sith speeder, attacking Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Although Jinn escaped, the effectiveness of these stealthy spy droids cannot be disputed.

From the Expanded Universe

The dark eye probe droid uses a trio of imaging sensors -- an accurate photoreceptor, a magnetic imaging device, and a thermal imager -- to bring the world around it into focus. Multispectral imaging and additional scanning capability make it a well-equipped tracker. It can be programmed to seek out individuals or information, and can send its findings via a transmission antenna.

Dark eye probe droids are programmed to silently observe, passively gather information, intercept transmissions and eavesdrop on conversations. If needed, they can also be outfitted with weaponry on an external mount, for protection or for more offensive roles.

Behind the Scenes

The dark eye probe droid can trace its design origins in the streamlined, sensor studded surfaces of the Imperial probe droid seen in The Empire Strikes Back, the ominous black curves of the Imperial interrogator droid seen in A New Hope, and the benign practice remote used by Luke Skywalker aboard the Millennium Falcon.

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