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  1. @krakatoakatie dammit!! This is why we need teleporters
  2. Someone please buy/loan me a BeDazzler. I have big plans for my Medical Foot Protection Boot (TM).
  3. @izziebot hehe, I had my first kiss at almost 16, so I can agree with the dweeb thing. ;)
  4. @kittensquisher brown + black is iffy. Get some black shoes! They go with everything.
  5. @izziebot you weren't kissing boys at that age? :)
  6. @Danielemmons that game is so good! I really like the reoot.
  7. @k_mccasland Everything is amazing. Internship is good, and school starts in 3 weeks. Congrats on your new gig, btw!
  8. @sheigh I do. I think this has been a great move for me career-wise and life-wise. It's a great city for journalism nerds. :)
  9. Today is my one-year anniversary of living in New York. It does not feel like a year has passed.
  10. @omarg haha, your puns have been better than the overuse of "Oui, Oui" I've seen.
  11. @conz @toddjolmstead a whole video game room practically!!
  12. @a_flour_sack thanks Nate :)
  13. @Luneowl Thanks! (Sorry, totally ignored twitter last night in favor of sleep.)
  14. @StephMBuck yup, two fractures, and I lost the nail. Worst. :(
  15. I'm too sexy for my...medically prescribed shoe for broken toe.
  16. @romeiscool weddings suck! that's kind of ridiculous. How long are you there?
  17. @jkeefe Ooooh, thanks for the tip. Maker Faire is awesome. :)
  18. @romeiscool did you rendezvous with Kasey?
  19. @amichel I've had the same problem recently! Really strange
  20. @ryanloyd tell the happy couple congrats again!! Cc @richardjluna