Meet Bob

For over 25 years I have been working for conservative causes and reformation. Moving to Prince William County in 1991, I immediately got involved in the fight to preserve the Right to Life, joining the board of a local crisis pregnancy center and putting my 10 years of experience in the pro-life movement to good use. Two years later I quit a promising career in banking and took over as the first Executive Director for what is now the Care Net Pregnancy Help Center. During my tenure there I founded and continue to lead an abstinence program that serves as part of the Family Life Education curriculum in Fauquier and Prince William County. We opened a second center and laid the foundation for a third. In addition, I served for two years as the Director of the Virginia State Association of CPC Directors.

At the same time I got involved in the broader fight for the family by helping to found the Prince William Manassas Family Alliance, and serving as its first Chairman. I helped lead the fight in 2000 that resulted in the filtering of county computers and the banning of internet pornography in the county and city libraries. Today the PWMFA remains one of the most consistent voices in the community informing the electorate about the stances taken by our local elected officials.

A few years later, when both Democrat and Republican leaders joined together in an effort to raise taxes, I joined with like-minded citizens to create the Prince William Taxpayers Alliance. We fought repeated efforts to raise local and state taxes. While we did not win every battle, we won significant victories. Several current members of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and the legislative delegation in Richmond mark their entrance into local politics to this period and the efforts of the Taxpayers Alliance. Today the citizens of Prince William County enjoy some of the lowest tax rates in Northern Virginia, at least in part, due to our efforts.

I was honored to serve as Prince William County Coordinator for Lt. Governor Bill Bolling’s first run in 2005, when he championed a policy of fiscal restraint and lower taxes. From 2004-2008 I served as Ken Cuccinelli’s Legislative Director when he served in the Virginia Senate. I worked alongside him and others to resist efforts to increase taxes and centralize authority in Richmond. Again, we were not always successful, but often we were – winning the fight for tougher protections on personal property, passing the only piece of anti-illegal immigration legislation to get through the hostile Virginia Senate in 2008, and successfully stripping funding for Planned Parenthood from the Senate budget, forcing the Democrats to go to extraordinary lengths to have the funding restored through parliamentary maneuvering in the conference committee.

In 2007 I was the Republican nominee for the Virginia Senate in the 29th District, representing Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park. Despite running against the longest serving senator in the senate during a time that was not advantageous to a Republican, I came very close to winning the seat.

Currently I serve as Chief Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court. Since taking office in 2008, Clerk of Court Michele McQuigg has seen the Clerk’s office budget plummet from approximately $5 million to this year’s $3.2 million, due to the current economic environment. We have had to manage this budgetary crisis, while continuing to provide quality service to the citizens of Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park. Realizing that we would have to cut services or increase efficiency we have dramatically changed the way the Clerk’s office works. In 2009 we sought and obtained legislative permission to provide remote access to our land records for individuals. Today we are the only Clerk’s Office in Virginia where residents can view and obtain copies of their land related documents 24/7 in the comfort of their own home. This and other steps to digitize our records have resulted in money savings and greater convenience for the citizens we serve.

My wife Debbie and I own a medical transcription business. As entrepreneurs we have experienced directly the press of growing federal and state regulations and taxes on small businesses.

Debbie and I have four children (Katie, Claire, Scott and Taylor) who have grown up here in the Prince William/Manassas community. Katie is a graduate of NOVA and George Mason University, Claire is a graduate of Asbury University, Scott is a junior at Asbury University and Taylor is a junior home schooled student who is part-time enrolled at Stonewall High School.