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Andrew from Ayden, N.C. asks:
How does the Apple iPad work?
Barry from Northport, Ala. asks:
How do pneumatic tubes work?
Jeff from Leander, Texas asks:
How do air-supported structures work?
Joseph from Saint Louis, Mo. asks:
How is corn whisky made?
Gil from Onancock, Va. asks:
How do coal-fired power plant scrubbers work?
Libay from Manila, Philippines asks:
How does a construction crane work?
Ishaq from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia asks:
How is glass made?
Dita from Bandung, Indonesia asks:
How does a mirage work?
Sireesha from Tirupathi, India asks:
What is the working principle of a DC motor?
Sepideh from Tehran, Iran asks:
How does a hydrogen generator work?
Timothy from York, Pa. asks:
When I let a balloon go, how high can it go?
Alice from Galway City, Ireland asks:
How many people are born every minute?
Sasha from San Antonio, Texas asks:
How is waste water treated?
John from New York, N.Y. asks:
How can I build a windmill?
Al from S Prairie, Wash. asks:
How is coal converted to oil and gasoline?
Pete from Fairfax, Va. asks:
How is weather report visibility measured?
Egan from Koror, Palau asks:
How do floating restrooms work?
Kenny from Winter Haven, Fla. asks:
Can I convert my truck to run off vegetable oil?
Paul from Barrie, Canada asks:
How does an electric guitar pickup work?
Zach from Covington, Wash. asks:
How do sliding doors on vans work?
Bill from Chipley, Fla. asks:
How is lumber pressure-treated?
Sonia from Sydney, Australia asks:
Can a credit card really unlock a door?
Karen from Zalma, Mo. asks:
What is the life span of a fig tree?
Ali from Dezghan, Iran asks:
How do convertible tops work?
Reuben from Hyderabad, India asks:
How does hub-center steering work on bikes?
Debie from Victoria, Canada asks:
What does rent control mean?
Christy from Texarkana, Texas asks:
Is it possible to make clothes out of recycled plastics?
Gill from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia asks:
What’s the most effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes?
Denny from Syracuse, Utah asks:
How does hydrofracturing work in natural gas wells?
Joshua from Santa Maria, Calif. asks:
How many pounds of french fries do Americans eat each year?
Priya from Sydney, Australia asks:
Is there any way that I can become a genius?
Matt from Montreal, Canada asks:
How do talking dolls work?
Dave from Bellingham, Wash. asks:
Where does water go when the tide goes out?
Larry from Durham, N.C. asks:
What causes vapor trails from jets?
Ryan from Millersburg, Ohio asks:
How is the amount of calories in food determined?
Frank from Green Bay, Wisc. asks:
How can I get better gas mileage from my car or truck?
Maxine from Toronto, Canada asks:
Why doesn’t a spider get stuck in its own sticky web?
Kate from Santa Clara, Calif. asks:
What is earwax, and why do humans have it?
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