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Harper's Magazine is a monthly magazine both owned and published by Harper's Magazine Foundation. First published in 1850, it is headquartered in New York, N.Y.The audience of Harper's Magazine is left-leaning. It is the oldest general issues monthly magazine published in the U.S. Through essays, fiction and reporting, Harper's Magazine covers national politics, society, the enviroment and culture. It has been known as a publisher of important American work since its early days, featuring the... work of noted artists and writers such as Stephen A. Douglas, Winslow Homer, Mark Twain, Theodore Dreiser, John Muir and Henry James. More recently it has featured work from Tom Wolfe, Annie Dillard and David Foster Wallace, among other prominent writers. Harper's Magazine is a winner of multiple awards. In 2008, the magazine won three National Magazine Awards for Fiction and was a finalist in the Essay division. In 2003, Harper's Magazine won three Best American Essay Awards and in 2002 won the Amnesty International Media Award, the Media Eclipse Award, and the Thomas Paine Journalism Award. Additionally, the magazine has been honored by receiving the O.Henry Awards, the Sidney Hillman Awards, the National Press Club Sandy Hume Award, the John B. Oakes Award for Environmental Journalism, and the G.L.A.A.D. Media Award. In 2006, Harper's Magazine stirred up controversy when it published an article about HIV that claimed it did not cause AIDS. Ellen Rosenbush is the Acting Editor, John R. MacArthur is the Publisher, Rafil Kroll-Saidi is the Managing Editor, and Christopher Cox and Donovan Hohn are Senior Editors.Read more