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    To: US Congress
    Please Take Notice That:

    On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned Firefighters for 9-11 Truth and affiliates are deeply troubled with the "official" story concerning 9/11 and the way the rescue workers from Ground Zero are being "forgotten".

    We believe there is overwhelming evidence of obstruction of justice, and destruction of evidence voiced even by numerous 9/11 Commissioners themselves. Senator Cleland resigned from the Commission stating, "This investigation is now compromised".

    NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 921, which is the National Standard for Fire and Explosion Investigations, very clearly indicates in numerous sections that the possibility of explosives should have been thoroughly investigated. Specifically in NFPA 921 18.3.2 "High Order Damage" - "High-order damage is characterized by shattering of the structure, producing small, pulverized debris. Walls, roofs, and structural members are splintered or shattered, with the building completely demolished. Debris is thrown great distances, possibly hundreds of feet. High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise." World Trade Centers 1, 2, and 7 all clearly met this definition; therefore they should have been thoroughly investigated and analyzed for explosives. Specifically, the use of "exotic accelerants" should have been investigated. In NFPA 921 19.2.4 "Exotic Accelerants," three indicators were clearly met that should have led to a thorough investigation into the possible use of "exotic accelerants," specifically as stated in the guideline, "Thermite mixtures."

    So, why was the possibility of explosives, controlled demolition, or the use of "exotic accelerants" not thoroughly investigated, or even mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report?

    We, the undersigned, demand the following:

    1) A truly independent investigation with Subpoena and Contempt Powers to uncover the complete truth of the events related to 9/11/2001 - specifically the collapse of WTC Tower 7 and the possibility of explosive demolition.
    2) The investigation to follow the National Standards so clearly outlined in the National Fire Protection Association guidelines, specifically, NFPA 921 to include thorough analysis of the steel for the presence of "exotic accelerants."
    3) Congress to honor the promises made to the rescue workers of 9/11 by passing the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2008.
    4) Prosecution of all individuals willfully involved in the planning, and execution of the murders committed on September 11, 2001.
    5) Prosecution of all individuals willfully involved in the Obstruction of Justice and Destruction of Evidence surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.


    The Undersigned

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    Confirmed Firefighter Signatories

    Adam James, Kansas City, MO Fire Dept. Local 42
    "Liberty will always overcome tyranny! The truth will set us free! The answer to 1984 is 1776!"

    Alan Hunt, KCMO Fire Dept. Local 42
    "If these criminals are allowed to escape prosecution we are finished as a country."

    Amber L. Blusiewicz, FWFC 0-3 Years
    "Stop telling the nation what it wants to hear and tell it the cold heart truth. The country has the right to know and the families of the victims deserve to know what really happened to their loved ones."

    Andrea Laurel, Plantation Fire Department 3-8 Years
    "If you have killed NYC's Bravest, there will be consequences. Firefighters are not disposable, nor to be used as pasties for political gain. The survivors continue to pay a heavy price, and should be supported in all ways. "

    Andrew Jensen USMC aircraft firefighter

    Andrew MacDougal, Essex Fire Dept. Essex, Ny 0-3 Years
    "We need a new investigation. unusually/inexplicably high temperatures MONTHS after 9/11, high levels of 1,3 diphenylpropane post 9/11, unignited thermate indisputably found in the 9/11 dust, I could go on and on... "

    Anton Vodvarka New York City Fire Dept. (Retired) 15+ Years

    Bill Gordon, Lauderhill Fire -Rescue (S. Fla.) 8-15 Years
    "Only the truth will make a positive future for our children. I've been a 9/11 truther for at least 5 - 6 years."

    Brent Jolly Poulsbo Fire Department

    Brian Hayes, retired firefighter
    "we're in deep trouble if we don't find out what really happened on 9-11"

    Bryan Hunt, FDNY, retired 8-15 Years
    "I retired from FDNY in 1998. I knew many of the guys who died in the WTC collapses. May they rest in peace. I've read tons of information re. the deaths of my brothers on 9/11. I've watched the videos, listened to the rantings on both sides. It wasn't until 2006 that I began questioning the "official story" and did my own research. There is bad info on both sides, but I've concluded that the "official story" doesn't add up. It sounds like a whitewash. The 9/11 Commission didn't investigate anything--they just took statements. We need a real, independent investigation, with supeona powers. If the "offical" version is correct, so be it. And if heads are going to roll at any level of the government or military, so be it. Let's do it, and let's not be afraid of the truth. The brothers deserve that much."

    Chris Kaihatsu,
    "(Chicago, IL)"

    Christopher Paddon Lewis and Clark RFPD N/A

    Clinton Vanhook,
    "I hope you will accept my signature as I am a former firefighter with 8 years of service. Also see my Myspace www.myspace.com/ff_against_nwo"

    Colette McLennan, Seattle Engine 17 Lieutenant N/A
    "We need to look past the obvious and become Leaders vs. Lemmings"

    Craig Morrell local 3224

    Craig Pruitt Garland Fire Department, TX 3-8 Years

    Dan Fiorito, USFS retired
    "time to tell the truth about CIA involvement in false flag attacks against the People of the United States of America and fulfill your oath to Protect the Constitution against all Ememies Forign and Domestic."

    Daniel Allen, Firefighter chicago 15+ Years
    "Have patience informing others, this is a very sensitive topic, of an even that has happened to us all, be strong as we know we are."

    Darnell T. Factory Seattle

    Darrell Valance, North Centerville, New Jersey 8-15 Years
    "We don't get stronger buildings or solve crimes by destroying evidence and refusing to test for causes...we need the truth now!"

    David Giles, SVFD, NRFR
    "...the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce. --Bill Manning, Fire Engineering"

    David Short, Willow Creek VFD 15+ Years
    "I'm a retired career paramedic and fireman with 30 years of experience. I'm also an instructor and ex-chief officer. Even if EVERY other part of the official MYTH of 911 was true, I'd like to see National Geographic answer this one... OK so the towers collapsed due to failure at the site of the crash impacts due to weakening and fire... OK. How then did the collapse of the upper floors of the structure cause the utter disintegration and fracture of all the steel members BELOW the fire which were COLD SOLID MASSIVE STEEL? Heat travels UP doncha know. please drop me an e mail Erik peace d ps my handle is 344thBrother in memory of the MURDERED fallen brothers of that day. "

    Donald A. Needom, New Orleans Fire Dept. 15+ Years
    "I agree this by lack of investigation a inside job"

    Earl Emerson, Ladder 3, Seattle Fire Department, Lieutenant
    "9/11 may have been the beginning of the end for this country. We need an accounting. "

    xxxxxxxx, Chief/King County Fire Dist.18 15+ Years
    "Thanks so much to bring this to light. The more I here of this type of thing the more it seems to be true. GOOD WORK..."

    Erik Lawyer, 3 Truck in the City of Seattle
    "See the Mayday...Mayday...Mayday posting for info about me."

    Frank Dunnington Capt. P23 Kansas City, MO Fire Dept.

    Gary R. Strand Seattle (retired)

    Gary T. Bastarache Moncton Local 999 IAFF

    George Guerci, L.35
    "There is more behind this story than the public is being told. I wasn't working that day but went to the site many times afterwards; I know many guys who have respiratory illnesses due to what happened at the WTC on 9/11. L35."

    Gerald Tucker, Cityof Newport R.I.
    "Any firefighter who believes the official story is completely ignoring his or her training and experience. These buildings could only collapse in that manor as a result of a controlled demolition."

    Gordon M. Wiggin III Firefighter/Paramedic Pembroke Pines, FL

    Greg Bacon, Fire Lit. (Ret)
    "The silent voices of all 9/11 firefighters murdered on that day demand justice from those still alive. Would you ignore a cry from a fellow firefighter for help in a burning building?"

    Greg Mejlaender N/A

    Greg R Hipenbecker, Retired-Wauwatosa Wi pump operator
    "I believe the official story of the 911 collapses defy the laws of science and nature!"

    Jack Heginbotham, RN Emergency Room
    "We need to make this an issue this November. Engineers, Architects and Firefighters know what they are talking about and command the respect of the general population. "

    James A. Guenther

    James Mikecz, milwaukee fire dept 15+ Years
    "Take the red pill, investigate wtc 7, watch "the creature from jekyll island" & norman dodd on tax exempt foundations(both by g. edward griffin), aaron russo: reflections and warnings (all on youtube) and wake up to see who is really running this country! GOD BLESS OUR FALLEN BROTHERS AND THE VICTIMS OF 911!"

    Jeremy Ingham, Los Angeles Fire Department 8-15 Years
    "Let's stop hiding behind this phony 'patriotism', and open our eyes. The truth is out there!"

    Jeremy Romig Portland, OR Local 43 3-8 Years

    xxxxxxxx Seattle F.D.

    Jim Lundberg,
    "I saw the dust and smelled the sulfur. There is no way that was a natural collapse."

    Jim Osorio, LFD Rescue 1 - Acting Rescue 5 FDNY N/A
    "I responded to this horrific incident with my fellow firefighters, and will always remember this and will never forget my brother and sister firefighters who responded and paid the ultimate sacrifice."

    Jim Stark Great Barrington, Mass. 15+ Years

    Jimmy Watts SFD L12 8-15 Years

    Joe Allegra, Crash Fire Rescue, MCAS Miramar, San Diego CA.
    "We need to know the truth"

    John Guthrie N/A

    John Keenan FDNY retired N/A

    John Tyler Birch, Gat City Vol. Fire Dept, gate city VA. FF#345
    "I joined the U.S. Navy just before Sept. 11 happened, I served on board the USS. Eneterprise Cvn-65, I am now a member of my towns VOl. Fire Dept. I would love to see who ever was responsible for this pay the consiqences. Isnt this why we went to war Isnt this what thousands of my Armed services brothers and sister gave there lives for to catch the bastards responsible."

    Jon Gillis Seattle Battalion Chief N/A

    Joseph O'Malley, Seattle Fire Dept. Engine 9
    "I'm underwhelmed by the government's complete lack of response to Firefighters' concerns. Please reconsider your position."

    Julie Santucci Wildland firefighter 0-3 Years

    Ken Radliff, Captain, Santa Clara County Fire, Ca 15+ Years
    "The lack of investigations, the perfect collapses, etc... it's a dead give away. I watched these buildings drop on TV that morning and minute one knew something was fishy. I'm surprised so many still don't believe it was an inside job."

    Kenny Makowichuk Seattle Fire 8-15 Years

    Kevin Miller Lewis and Clark RFPD N/A

    xxxxxxxx FDNY ret. Lt. 15+ Years

    Laila Selk, retired, 1996, Palo Alto FD, CA
    "Keep on talking about 9/11. "

    Lance Fisher, SFD
    "Anyone can gather enough info for themselves to determine that the NIST report is deeply flawed. Anyone who watched the news on 9-11 heard the sounds of explosions. You can pull up video of this on YouTube for the love of God. Yet they didn't even test for explosive residue? This petition simply calls for a more thorough investigation. Sign it!"

    Lawrence Stice, CMFD 15+ Years
    "Keep Hammering the Government Screws.....The Truth MUST be EXPOSED !"

    Leisyka Parrott BLM, Surprise Fire Station, Cedarville, CA

    Lt. Frank Rand, Cicero,IL 15+ Years
    "We have earned the right to know the TRUTH!"

    Mark Gray, Battalion Chief Hurst Fire Department, Fort Worth, TX N/A
    "20 year member of the John Birch Society"

    Mark Mellein Seattle Fire 0-3 Years

    xxxxxxxx papineua fire protection dist 0-3 Years

    Michael James Sulak Seattle Fire Department 8-15 Years

    Michael Melson milton, GA fire-rescue

    Mike Butler, city of milton,ga. 15+ Years
    "Our government is a sorry crock. To think we elect you people. Time to overthrow our leaders it seems to me."

    Mike Phenow, Osseo Fire Department, MN 3-8 Years
    "Keep fighting the good fight. "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." --Ron Paul"

    Nick Ponce Seattle, WA N/A

    Pamela Blair, Vershire Volunteer Fire Department, Vershire, Vermont 3-8 Years
    "As a former volunteer firefighter, I believe that we cannot legally and morally ignore the overwhelming testimony about and evidence of exotic accelerants at the WTC."

    Paul Kyle, Lt. SJFD Local 771 15+ Years
    "it's a sorry state of affairs when somebody feels they have to protect terrorists rather than the memories and the families of the brave 343 who gave their lives in the Line of Duty. "

    Preston Bhang Seattle, WA - Captain N/A

    Ray Kielhamer, 12 Engine, Redwood City, Caray
    "Never again"

    Raymond S. Simon Seattle Fire Department

    Regina, sfd 15+ Years
    "I totally support an investigation...we havent heard the truth. Why?"

    Robert Blameuser, Skokie, IL
    "I am signing in memory of my late brother and great friend firefighter Eddy Blameuser "

    Robert E Palmer, Retired Capt K C F D
    "I can can land a 172 at 65knts"

    Scott Troogstad Chicago N/A

    Shawn Valance, Holmdel Fire and Rescue, New Jersey 3-8 Years
    "The truth can only make us stronger...not weaker."

    Spencer Nelson Seattle N/A

    Stephen Badhwar, Atlin Volunteer Fire Department, British Columbia, Canada
    "Never before in history has a steel-framed scyscraper "collapsed" due to fire and/or structural damage. On September 11, 2001 three such buildings disintegrated at free-fall speed. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. "

    Steve Morse, MTFR 8-15 Years
    "We need a new investigation!!!!!"

    Steve Mott, Edwards AFB 3-8 Years
    "I was on stand-by as remote controlled large frame aircraft were crash landed at Edwards AFB."

    Steve White Novato Fire District, Novato Ca. Marin Local 1775 15+ Years

    Theresa Paccagnan Seattle Fire Dept. 15+ Years

    Tim Romanski Erie Fire Dept., Erie, PA 3-8 Years

    Timothy Finnegan, Retired from Weehawken, N.J.
    "Two good sources for information are the film the reflecting pool and Webster Tarpley's book Synthetic terror.One tells the story the other trys to fill in the blanks."

    xxxxxxxx, San Francisco Fire Dept. 3-8 Years
    "Keep up the good work! I hope to attend the 5/8/2010 event in San Leandro CA"

    Tom Wheland, Helena F.D. 15+ Years
    "The given explanations of this tragic day anger me beyond belief, do they think we don't know any better?!"

    Williton Parker, seattle fire 15+ Years
    "Bring out the truth."

    91 firefighter signatories displayed

    Other Signatories

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I've never believed the official story. When a friend of mine first saw the buildings come down he said that's a controlled demolition. He had been in the building line earlier in his life."


    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Aaron Hunter, N/A
    "911 was pulled off by those who seek to control and dominate this planet. Their goal is to enslave the free nations, and they are doing a damn good job thus far. Look up; Codex Alimentarious, Agenda 21, fluoride toxicity, New World Order, esoteric agenda(documentary), Illuminati, Bulderberg group.... you may find answers for 9-11 there. Happy hunting"

    Adam, N/A
    " Ever since the tragic attacks on 9/11, the people of America have their freedoms go downhill. Increase in the security state through use of the PATRIOT Act has given the government the ability to illegally wiretap phones, and spy on E-mails. Combine this with airport searches that violate our privacy, the introduction of TSA bullies, and a unconstitutional war that has thrown this country into a huge debt, and it becomes clear that the attacks on 9/11 were used as an excuse to continue the empire, and have more control over the way we live. "

    Adam Crown, Danby Volunteer Fire Company, Danby NY 0-3 Years
    "We MUST identify and prosecute those responsible for this crime. If not, we can bury America right there at ground zero."

    Adam Taylor, N/A
    "There is absolutely no way fire could have done what we saw on 9/11. http://www.youtube.com/user/citizenfor911truth1"

    Adrian Mallett, UK Hertfordshire Fire Service (left in 2006) 8-15 Years
    "WTC building 7 came down at free fall acceleration so where did the energy come from to turn it to dust? This is not difficult stuff, it's high school physics."

    Al Schaefer N/A

    Alessandro Giol N/A

    Alexus Montraeus, Retired 15+ Years
    "Find the truth. It was the jews."

    Alfred Manzo N/A

    Alicia Lutz-Rolow, N/A
    "American Airlines Flight Attendant Whistleblower... author of the book "The Plane Truth By An American Airlines Flight Attendant"...(forced to retire in 2009)...The reason that this incredible Republic has survived the traitors and tyranny that is constantly trying to obliterate Her...is that this country's Founding Fathers founded it on God...That is the difference!!! "

    Alison Judd N/A


    Alyssa, N/A
    "There are so many questions left unanswered. It is MY right as a US citizen as well as the thousands of people who lost family members, friends, co-workers ect... to know the truth about what happened in the days before, during, and after the attacks on September 11, 2001."

    Amanda Salmon N/A

    Amy Nardone, N/A
    "I can't even utter words for the betrayal I feel.... "

    AndiRaya Gibb, N/A
    "I believe we need a new 9/11 investigation with all of the facts made available."

    Andrew Mas Shelton, CT N/A

    xxxxxxxx, BVFD, WI 3-8 Years
    "What/who are you trying to protect? The evidence is overwhelming if you're willing to just look. Do what you know is right and fight to bring out the truth! 50 years from now, you'll be respected more for doing the right thing and for being a pioneer for the truth than the length of your career... "

    Angela Barton, N/A
    "to the people who can - please see that justice is done."

    Angela Garris, N/A
    "Other great 9/11 petitions: http://www.911truth.org/page.php?page=petitions"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    ann minnick, N/A
    "god bless you all"

    anna, N/A
    "I pray America wakes up and sees the truth and admits all those poor firemen/policemen and others were murdered in cold blood for an illegal war,where hundreds of US/British troops are also dying needlessly daily for what?English National,we feel and share your pain here in England ,one day the truth will be known of US and British traitors who let this crime happen."

    Anne Miller, N/A
    "I have worked in health care and I know that if I or my colleagues were ever involved in a situation such as 9-11,I would probably not be out of the investigation, yet! But on Sept. 11th, 2001, two out of 4 hijacked planes are able to hit 2 New York targets and America still does not know what happened and still hasn't had an independent investigation. I was in management. I know what it is like to be going in when everyone else is going out. America, your firefighters acted responsibly. They went in. Some have paid with their lives and some are still paying with their health but all of them rose to the challenge and have experienced more than any one of us should really have to see in a life time.And now, that this responsiblity is not as convenient as it was on the day that the New York Stock Exchange fell from the sky, they go unsupported and even harassed. America stand by your first responders. They have been there for you. "

    Anne Padilla N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "let the truth be known!!!"

    anthony arredondo, dallas 15+ Years
    "Thank you for the bravery in coming out with this information"

    anthony bono, green lane fire dept. greenlane pa. 3-8 Years
    "I was a volunteer junior firefighter and spent 6 years in fire suppression field and I am a patriot. But I truly see something wrong with every scenerio on 911. We have to get to the bottom of this and not until we do so can we function as a sane country."

    Anthony Jacobs, N/A
    "I do not want to live in an Imperialist Oligarchy please prosecute the guilty party our own government."

    anthony ligouri N/A

    anwar fikri,
    "WAKE UP!!!!"

    Ari Goldberg N/A

    Arlene G Kruse, Scott Fleming N/A
    "We gave millions to survivors of the murdered, why are we not helping first responders?"

    Arnold Troeh N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Arthur Press, N/A
    "It is time to uncover the truth and hold those guilty accountable for their crimes, no matter what their station is in life."

    ashadowman, N/A
    "The arrogant behavior around this conspiracy by the know it alls (that's what they think) of deceit and destruction of innocent lives will face the public. Never look away ... keep up the fight !"

    ashley davis, N/A
    "thank u so much we must stand to protect our selves and faily...it will only get worse with time if we dont stand for what we believe in at all costs!!!!"

    Athony Herman, N/A
    "justice please some day"

    aubrey kincaid N/A

    Audrey Hansen

    Barbara Liebowitz

    Barbara Wasenius, N/A
    "Let`s do this!"

    Bard Provenzano, n/a with respect N/A
    "The entire affair is the hight of criminality. It is bald-faced murder for political gain. "

    "to much evidence that this was a inside job .we the people have to make a stand now!"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Ben Waddington, N/A
    "I am a UK citizen, but I wish my voice to be heard along with you. I have spent many, many hours researching all evidence, and it is an absolute travesty that this whole day has not been investigated as thoroughly as was possible. Respect to all the other signatories and to the people who established this website and who campaign so hard on all our behalves."

    Beni Garrido, N/A
    "reinvestigate 911! Fight the New World Order! Greetings from Switzerland!"

    Bennett Williams, N/A
    "9/11 was an inside job"

    Beverly Baty, N/A
    "everyone knows this was an inside job"

    Beverly McDevitt N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Bill Sanders, N/A
    "As a veteran, not a firefighter, I stand beside you 100%. Please join 'Oathkeepers' and affirm your oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC...Peace Brothers"

    Bob Gorringe, N/A N/A
    "as a civilian and general contractor, it's obvious that at the very least the 9/11 report was a shameful example of incompetence"

    Bob Nappa Leeds Hose Co #1 Leeds, NY 8-15 Years

    Bob Reid, USFS smokejumper, wildland firefighter 3-8 Years
    "burning jet fuel and office furniture do not melt steel, yet pools of molten metal remained in the basements of these three buildings for weeks. an independent lab in Scandinavia identified thermite residue in multiple dust samples collected at the WTC site. thermite does melt steel."

    bobbie howard,
    "It is imperative for the nation to heal, to have a full, honest investigation and those responsible brought to justice. "

    bobby thornton

    Bonnie Annis, N/A
    "Honor them. And find the Truth."

    Boyd Alldredge St. Joeph Fire Dept. 15+ Years

    Boyd Davis, N/A
    "Everyday I wrestle with my believe that something is wrong with the offical story, even tonight I was looking at the debunkers claims, but like Erik said they utterly fail to disprove what "a&e9-11truth" has presented, and the many other groups argue and now, with what "Fire Fighters for 9-11 truth" has put forth....I have been so moved that I, an American, paying taxes can get the blood off of my hands, and with renewed faith that justice and truth prevails. Boyd"

    Brad Hedrick, N/A
    "This is something we have to talk about, spread the information. Tell everyone to remember that morning - the live reporting on the street of people who got out of the building were talking about the huge explosions in the basement and on other floors, that some of them mentioned they just got out before the first plane hit."

    Brandon Ferro Bourne, MA 3-8 Years

    Brandon Kite N/A

    Brandon L. Russell, Sumiton Fire and Rescue 8-15 Years
    "The truth will set us free. We demand the truth and an independent investigation with total access and no blocked doors! "


    Brent Bennett N/A

    brent davis,
    "The more I learn the more scared I become"

    Bret Alexander Norman N/A

    Bret Bolton Dajani, N/A
    "I am for another investigation. "

    "Reinvestigate 9/11 Now!"

    Brian Alexander, Provincetown, Engine Co 4 Lieutenant 15+ Years
    "Upon arriving, viewing the twisted steel, TV shows nothing. Being on site shows all. Our fallen Brothers and Sisters need the Truth, The Truth and nothing but the Truth. So help you God! 5th Generation firefighter who's family began in 1836. Take our Country back to that Day so help you God."

    Brian Dyer, N/A N/A
    "Hitler once said "It is the luck of the rulers that men dont think". I am not a firefighter but I have investigated this since it happened. I am on board."

    Brian K. Wilson Past Captain, Pascagoula, MS. 8-15 Years

    Brian Kirkpatrick, Sandy Fire Dept. Engine 76/Sandy, OR 8-15 Years
    "We are led to believe that we are not patriotic if we question the actions & motives of our own deceitful, greedy government...you can love, honor and defend your country while demanding answers & accountability from those who run it!"

    Brian Michels, N/A
    "Justice for the brave who lost their lives and those continuing to suffer from the toxic air and loss. G*d bless America."

    Brian Romanoff,
    "This site is a very Valuable tool, keep up the good work! "

    Brian Tebay 0-3 Years

    brian wixson

    Brigitte Turner Sugar Land Fire Department, Texas 3-8 Years

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Let's keep this rolling, we need more concerned citizens as well"

    Bruce Johnson,
    "I have agreed with this position for at least two years. "

    Bryan Mery, N/A
    "This is awesome!!"

    Bryan Willison, N/A
    "the gov't wont allow the truth to be told, it would implicate too many of these liars."

    Bryson Jack N/A

    Caleb Pero N/A

    Camelo A.Donato, N/A
    "We seek the truth not memorials"

    carl morris, N/A
    "The ordinary peoples of this planet(all one and the same) all suffering injustices at the hands of a few, we are all guilty, we are all in the mechanism, "capitalism, communism, CORPORATISM" the oligarchs' preach it, we practice it, for they have no love of money or material, POWER and PAIN is their fix. LOVE conquers all they cant steal it, you can only give it away. Feeling your pain USA!"

    Carl W. Coleman, Commander 8-15 Years
    "We don't buy the "single bullet theory," and we don't buy the planes taking the towers, etc, down!"

    Carla Golden N/A

    "FOR THE RECORD: [8/25/2010 11:52:55 PM] Carol Rockman: Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened..." - Winston Churchill ..."

    Carolyn Clare N/A

    Carolyn Liebrecht N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Many people and goverments around the world want the truth and trials for those responsible; too many continue to suffer from the dishonest reports given to us."

    Carolyn Smart, N/A
    "The American people have the absolute right to know the truth"

    Carolyn Tonahill

    Carolyn Wilson N/A

    Carolyn Yount, N/A
    "I have ALWAYS had the HIGHEST RESPECT for our firefighters, everywhere & would like to THANK EVERY ONE of you,for ALL YOU DO!!! ~PEACE!~&~LOVE! "

    Cathie Hilton, N/A N/A
    "For the truth!"

    Cathleen Costa, N/A
    "I have long believed that our government has lied to us about this and am happy to sign ANY petition demanding the truth."

    Cathy Hutchison, N?A N/A
    "It's outrageous you guys have been excluded from the 10 year anniversary proceedings!! I'm so mad. Let alone the ongoing health troubles and lack of support for that. You guys are the heros. Center stage is where you should be on 9/11 this year!!"

    Cathy Jende, N/A
    "Let there be justice."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "For everyone who experienced a loss of a family member of friend, we owe them a complete investigation! Furthermore, we must stop the mosque from being built within a moralist range of ground zero!!!!"

    cesar saenz

    Chad Davis, U.S. Navy 0-3 Years
    "The only thing that has to happen for evil to prevail...is for good men to do nothing!"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "lets get this rolling i am an ex-marine and now student at unlv. i would like to bring awareness and mobilize citizens for civic action at all levels. i will be attempting to do this with or without help. let me know what i can do to set up a base here to take action."

    Chad Shlosser, N/A
    "For the truth..."

    charles glover, N/A
    " the 9 11 report is all B S let get the truth out"

    Charles Haag N/A

    Charles Mann N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Charles Sabo

    Charlie Ray Fetty III N/A

    Charmaine Eftekhari

    Chase Brett

    Chase Fuller

    Cheryl A. Kelley N/A

    Cheryl McAninch, N/A
    "It's time to end the coverup and appoint an independent investigation with true subpoena power. We CAN handle the truth!"

    "The truth about 9/11 and false flag terrorism must come out, if we are to have any chance to save this republic and remove the tyrannical psychopaths in power."


    Chris Jenner,
    "If we're so sure OBL is guilty, why hasn't he been indicted and an arrest warrant issued?"

    Chris Maccarone, N/A
    "Firefighters are already some of the most heroic men and women in the country. Now the citizens of America are calling on all firefighters to step it up a notch and join the fight for truth, justice, and peace."

    Chris Mcdaniel, N/A
    "I cannot wait till the truth finaly comes out. Then as a Republic, we can take our Rights back. How have they been able to get away with this for so long. Really isn't that long when you see how long it took for the Manhattan Project to come out. Let Freedom Reigh. "

    Chris Noth N/A

    Chris Sarns,
    "The destruction of the evidence is a violation of the law sited above."

    Chris Welton N/A

    christian eric ward portola fire portola, CA 0-3 Years

    Christopher A. Brown,
    "FEMA misrepresents the core of the towers. Only by establishing how the true core was constructed, will Americans find the political avenue to compel re investigation. "

    Christopher Fleming, 8-15 Years
    "Retired Paramedic University of Medicine and Dentistry EMS Newark, New Jersey ; Overlook Hospital MICU, Summit NJ; Saint Barnabus Hospital MICU Livingtston NJ ; Dover General Hospital MICU Dover NJ....I support the highest professional standards of investigation, the professionals who know the difference and are not tainted by graft or powers, those who know this is a country of laws not men."

    xxxxxxxx, 3-8 Years
    "US Army veteran, 82nd Airborne Division. We are with the 9-11 families!"

    Christopher Halton, Freeport Fire Department, Freeport, NY 0-3 Years
    ""Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows." - 1984"

    Christopher Lambert Retired 25 yrs Dep. Chief Largo Florida N/A

    Christopher M. Henderson, N/A
    "Sometimes patriotism means asking questions."

    Christopher Morris, N/A
    "I thank you all for helping to keep the 'authorities' in check. Please do not quit until those responsible are brought to justice, no matter how high you must climb the ranks to find the culprits."

    Christopher Murray, Firefighter, Ontario Power Generation, Pickering Nuclear Station 8-15 Years

    Christopher Tyler, N/A
    "WTC 1,2 and 7 were controlled demolitions. We need a REAL investigation to catch the REAL criminals. "

    clair smith, N/A
    "I totally agree! It doesn't add up at all!"

    xxxxxxxx Asheville, NC F.D. Local 865 0-3 Years

    Cody Dittmar N/A

    Cody Reiger Stewartsville Fire Dept. Station 98 0-3 Years

    Colleen Foster, N/A
    "I strongly support any and all efforts to bring justice to whom ever is accountable for this terribly wrong and viloent act.Even if this means bringing our own government to justice."

    Colleen Kyner 15+ Years

    Conor McLeod, N/A
    "I was not originally a conspiracy theorist; however, after watching numerous 9/11 documentaries on YouTube and doing research on the tragic events of 9/11, I will admit that it is OBVIOUS that something is being covered up by the U.S. government. Everyone involved in the actions that occurred that day must be held accountable. It is sad, and pathetic, that our politicians blatantly lie and were so quick to cover up this tragedy. What's worse is that our president, at the time, had the audacity to meet with everyone on 9/11, despite being behind the events (as president, Bush had to have known what was going on in his own country) himself. It is heart-breaking to know that such a tragedy was allowed to occur. My heart goes out to everyone, especially the firefighters and rescue personnel who perished, and to their families. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to have the truth revealed and for those that both knew about and were involved in the attacks to be brought to justice. America wants answers. Firefighters deserve answers."

    Constance Eichenlaub

    Corey Wright

    Craig Robinson,
    "Stop the wars of agression, and Police State America - built on 911 lies. Resist and reject the mainstream media PROGRAMMING, it rots your brain."

    Cris Longoria N/A

    Cynthia Lystad, Citizen of Lynnwood, WA 98087
    "Thank you ALL for carrying forward the Torch Of Truth."

    Cyril H. Jones Contra Costa County Fire Department, CA Ret. 15+ Years

    Dan Cumstock N/A

    Dan Fiorito , US Forest Service 15+ Years
    "9-11 was an inside job"

    Dan Lishner N/A

    Dan Noakes, 15+ Years
    "Canadian Police Officer - "Fear not the path of truth for the lack of footprints on it." JFK"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Dana Caldwell

    Daniel Hopkins, N/A
    "My heart goes out to the families and friends of those fighters,They True heros and I hope the new investigation finds the real truth ,and prosecutes all those involved in this horrible tragidy...."

    Daniel James Hoggard, Ramstein Airbase 2002-2004 0-3 Years
    "This was not an isolated incident; it is only the tip of the iceberg in a large network of corruption and deceit. I can be of some help in providing a greater context for this event, or aiding in conducting additional research/investigation. There is no doubt in my mind as to the complicity of the US government in the 9/11 attacks. I don't believe in waiting for someone else to make an "officially independent" investigation, which would undoubtedly follow the lines of the flawed 9/11 commission. I believe that we must do it ourselves. When the justice department itself is committing crimes, little true justice can be attained by playing their games, by their rules. We must stand beside the evidence, and provide the public with not only the truth, but serious action based upon it. It is important to be aware as to the countermeasures they can and will use against us. This includes the use of psychological, biological, chemical, and even physical attacks, as well as surveillance, infiltration and disruption, and framing for crimes. Be prepared."

    Daniel Klimczak

    Daniel M. Brett, N/A

    Daniel Ramos Unified Fire Authority 15+ Years

    Daniel Sunjata ,
    "In the names of those heros who we represent on Rescue Me, I call for justice to be served! 9/11 Truth NOW!"

    Danielle MacDowell, N/A
    "Horrible, tragic, awful, terrifying, disgusting.... words cannot express the big picture of what truly happened that morning. The truth must come out!!"

    Darcy Tucker, N/A
    "I have always believed there was more to that story, but a big part of me didn't wont to believe that are country would let men,wemon,and children die for no reason,and no investation done right the first first time.If you ask me everyone that hide the truth from friends,Family and the world should be brought to justice along side The hijackers. MY thoughts and prayiers are with you always,and a huge THANK YOU for what you are doing now to fix it."

    Darlene Harris,
    "Please give serious consideration to this important petition."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "For the LORD your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.-Deuteronomy 20:04"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "didnt know that there was this site till i found the ae site both are great that the are more centered on one issue not like some of the conspiracy sites thanks for standing up and taking the heat as i know it is not allways popular to go against the gov"

    Dave, N/A
    "What about building 7? free fall colapse and the molten iron in the basement does not add up to what the government has told us. I want answers and to see those responsible held accountable."

    dave lawhead, N/A
    "my father retired from Grandview Heights,OHIO 43212"

    "If you let those who murdered thousand of innocent people get away...THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN!"

    David Cole,
    "TRUTH is necessary for liberty."

    David E. Russell, N/A
    " There is a deep wound in the American spirit.Nothing but the truth will heal it. "

    David Gerke N/A

    David Giordeno N/A

    David Harel, N/A
    "There is enough evidence that has come out that is beyond a reasonable doubt to open up a transparent, methodical re-investigation of 9/11. This is the time for transparency. "

    "Lets have an arson investigation and keep politics out of it. Capt. ret. High Rise Unit"

    David Mark, N/A
    "We're translating your vidéos into French. If anyone would like to help translate FF911Truth videos into any other language, please join our International "Translation Task Force": ttf AT reopen911 DOT info"

    David Maurer, Independence Fire Department 15+ Years
    "We want to know the truth!"

    david nicholson,
    "They lied to me about Agent Orange, and now they lie to you about air quality. Stay the course!!"

    David Spidle, Austin Fire Department 8-15 Years
    "we need tshirts. please contact me if you have some or if it is ok to have some made."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Make the truth available. Where are the real Planes? In the Atlantic Ocean?"

    Davin Maki N/A

    Dawn, N/A
    ""The truth will set you free!" we must step out of the matrix!! "take the red pill!""

    Dawn Higgins

    dd N/A

    Deanne Wallach N/A

    deborah j volk N/A N/A


    dee vitale henle, N/A
    "We must get to the truth or the spirit and honor of our country will die."

    Deirdre Mullen, N/A
    "Prosecute these criminals Find out what really happened"

    Delena Gaffney, N/A
    "Let's all keep calling for truth and justice. Standing together, we can end this madness."

    Delores Mast, N/A
    "BUSH, CHENEY,RUMSFELD, and all heads of their staffs,the Bush Dept. of Justice, The leaders in the Bush Dept. of Defense and their managers of each dept. within, the Bush Dept. of State and their senior managers, and probably about 90% of the Members of the U.S. Legislative branches of U.S. Gov't need to be tried and imprisoned anywhere in the world that will have them for the rest of their venomous treasonous lives. Take their citizenship away forever, with "no" pardons allowed from any president now or in the everlasting future!! Congress members knowingly went along with this and have failed to conduct real congressional investigations. We've watched them with their smurky looks during hearings for years letting those they are questioning that they really aren;t going to do a damn thing to the guilty "Big Business" contributers to their own pockets."

    Denise lytle

    xxxxxxxx, TOB NYS 3-8 Years
    "They say "The TRUTH hurts"...We say "LIES kill""

    Dennis Jones, N/A

    Dennis McMillan N/A

    Dennis McNamara, N/A
    "Thank you"

    Dennis P. McMahon,
    "I am honored to support the Firefighters for 9-11 Truth."

    dian wright, N/A
    "Whether or not this is true or not, the Govt OWES it to the AMerican People to show transparency. SHOW US THE TRUTH!!!!!"

    Diana Echeuerria N/A

    Diego Dalgado Retired N/A

    dirck, N/A
    "I am with you 100%."

    don letrich, vol 15+ Years
    "Mossad knew it all"

    Donald A. Needom, New Orleans Fire Dept. Ret. 15+ Years
    "I fully agree that a complete independent investigation should be done !"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Donna M. DeSanzo, N/A
    "I am interested in whatever I can do to help. Please let me know "

    Dorothy Fine N/A

    Doug Huntley,
    "We must hold those guilty of this slaughter accountable!"

    Douglas Mackar N/A

    Dr. Erk Erginer, Not a firefighter 0-3 Years
    "The buildings, WTc1,2AND 7 could never have come down the way they did if explosives were not used. Conversely the buildings came down the way they did becoause, and only because, explosives were used. The evil powers are within our boundaries. It is upto every American to do their best to bring them to justice and stop chasing imaginary enemies that the people of the system that runs the US, tell us."

    Dr. James M. Brophy III

    Dr. Mark S. Griffin, PhD, Physics N/A
    "The buildings did not collapse. They were pulverized to dust which fell at near free-fall speeds. You do not need a PhD in physics to know what this means!"

    Dr. Thomas Halle, N/A
    "Horrific tragedy. Even more tragic, perhaps, that a real investigation never occurred, and that this disaster was used as a pretext for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shameful!!"

    Duff Badgley N/A

    dustin davis N/A

    e harfst, N/A
    "I wish for all of the people who were victim of the 911 events that the real truth will be widely known one day. My dearest sympathies to the victims, their families, their friends. E. Harfst"

    Eamon Early, N/A
    "Interpol needs to investigate. Call me cuckoo for believing in the possibility of a utopian society but guess what, its possible. Deceit is not the way to control the masses. False Flag operations are not the answer. Revitalize industry by creating industry. Humans are not disposable. War is a Racket - Smedley Butler. "

    Ed Paulin, N/A
    "No way in hell did fire & an airplane bring down those buildings.The government LIED.And is still LYING. "

    Ed Potkay, NYS A_EMT 245331 3-8 Years
    "I was a NY A-EMT on sept. 11 and went to ground zero on my own. I have a video on my youtube channel with blast sounds as WTC 1 collapses. It is the ONLY video I have found of the collapse with sound!! I've been trying to get it to go viral. Here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/user/edpotkay1#p/c/2BA9376BA63B6D0E I wish you, NYCCAN , and A&E For 9-11 Truth the best! Thanks for speaking out. "

    Edward J DiMaio N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Elia Dallabrida, N/A
    "I'm not a Firefighter, but i want the truth on 11/09"

    Elisa Minakis,
    "New investigation is needed, the official report does-not-add-up! "

    Elizabeth Nagelson, not a firefighter, a concerned and informed citizen N/A
    "it is time for those respnsible answer to their fate. Otherwise, a revolution will eventually arrive; bringing with it more death and destruction in the name of the constitutuion of the united states."

    Ellen Ross, N/A
    "God have mercy on our souls."

    Eric, N/A
    "Looking forward to growing the Firefighters for 9/11 Truth community together."


    Eric, N/A
    "We need an investigation. Good Job. Go Ron Paul"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "It is time that America stopped eating everything that it is spoon fed."

    Eric Blaszczak, Ohio 3-8 Years
    "Nothing adds up..."

    Eric Hackendale, N/A
    "I could not agree more. There needs to be an independent investigation with the full power of subpoena in order to get to the truth of the events on 9/11."

    Eric Johnson USFS Hotshot n(RET) 15+ Years

    Eric Meijers, N/A
    "To those who give their lives so others might live. God Bless Gulf war Veteran Former Fist Officer US Air Captain Wiggins Airways MHT NH"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I think this is the big cover up and I don't understand why no one is doing anything to bring these crimes to justice."

    Erin Dixon, N/A
    "I hope in joining hands for your fallen brothers; their families, you can force the proper investigation into this avoidable tragedy, assuming it was an outside 'attack', most agree something could have been done to reduce loss of life. Best case scenario - there should be punishment at the highest levels for this unnecessary loss of life, especially the firefighters who walked into harms way to save those who never saw it coming. "

    Erwin Badili N/A

    Evan Sugden,
    "Transferring signature from old petition to new petition."

    FaithMichaels, N/A
    "Mother of a firefighter and sister to a firefighter"

    Fay Gjester, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter, I am an 81-year-old US citizen living in Norway. Hope you succeed, at LAST, in forcing the government to admit the truth. Glad to see that (at last) the firefighters and other workers on the site are going to get some medical care for the ailments they developed as a result of their loyal service on 9/11."

    Fernando Antonio Salguero, Goodwill Engine 32 8-15 Years
    "I resisted the Truth for years, but my mind will not rest. We owe our brothers more than my soul can bear."

    Fernando Hernandez Jr Ret. L137 disabled 8-15 Years

    FF Phillip worley emt-iv 15+ Years

    Fletcher Long, N/A
    "public safety, not fd"

    Fr Stephen Petrovich, Chaplain FD/PD 911 15+ Years

    Francis Michaud Billings Mt. FD 15+ Years

    Francis Waplinger N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Frank Doyle,
    "It's time for regaining accountability in government. The events of 9/11 call for a complete investigation!"

    Frank LaRocque, N/A
    "The more I look @ everything surrounding 911, the sicker I become. I renounce my party (Republican) & do not trust the Democrats either. Whatever happened that day must come to light. I have no trust in the leadership in Washington, either side of the aisle. The Tea Party looks very appealling. I believe this is all part of a GLOBALIST/Elite plan of large corporations that control everything. "

    Frank Mancinelli N/A

    xxxxxxxx, Ohio N/A
    "I am not a fire fighter but i speak for the rest of the people in america who witnessed the government lie to the nation about the truth of 911. I want the truth!"

    Frank Parker,
    "And while we're at it lets fix these bailout problems by dissolving the entire corrupt monetary system."

    Franklin Stiles

    fred murphy, N/A
    "We will get who responsible for this including all people in ours goverment."

    Fred P Clement Petaluma Fire, CA 15+ Years

    Frederick A Greene City of Columbus Division of Fire 8-15 Years

    Freeland, John W., CSFD/TABG 15+ Years
    "If you do not fight for the truth to come out on this, then IMHO you are an accomplice to mass murder"

    Gabby Navarretti AMR

    gail dair

    Galen Scott, N/A
    "I have no hope and no faith, what a rotten world we all live in. Keep chemtrailing the planet."

    gary N/A


    Gary Foehringer, N/A N/A
    "Please note that YES, we are watching how each of you conduct yourselves in regards to this 9/11 issue as well as many other issues that have been placed in your hands. Thank you for your Good Works."

    Gary Frank Fleming, London, Ontario, Can 15+ Years
    "343 brave brothers died that day. A true and just investigation must be done. Their deaths must not be in vane. "

    Gary M. Novay, Memphis Fire Dept/Ret. 25 yrs. 15+ Years
    "There needs to be an independent source investigating these matters. The governments findings will surely be one that exempts them from all liabilities."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Please initiate an independent study of what really happened on 9/11."

    geoff edmonton.fire rescue 8-15 Years

    geordie, N/A
    "9/11 must not be the end of peoples liberty , but the awakening of a challenge to govt tyranny.. "

    Geordie Nicholson Dundurn Fire Dept. 0-3 Years

    George Everett,
    "Let the Truth begin."

    george mitchell, none N/A
    "ex-marine and patriot"

    George Penantel, Charlestown, RI VFD 0-3 Years
    "My heartfelt prayers go out to all those who lost their lives that day, murdered in cold blood by their very own Government! As well as, to all the families of those involved! My sincere condolences to you all. I pray in all of this in Yahushuas' (Jesus') heavenly name, to The Father. Amen. My grandfather served as Fire Chief in Snug Harbor, RI back in the 1960s est.! I'm still angered that these so-called people of Justice, Powers that were elected, and all those responsible, have Not been held accountable for their Actions of lies and deceit upon the American people! The World! More importantly, the families of All who lost their lives! Not to mention the thousands who have lost their lives, serving a FAKE War on Terror, that came as a result, of 9/11/2001! As well as the thousands who were murdered by our very own troops, in countries of these man made wars, brought on by the U.S. Government! They all need to be imprisoned & left to live out their lives in the prisons "We The People" deem fit for them! Let us see how they like it, to live their lives behind bars, where they ALL, TRULY BELONG! GOD Bless all those of you whose families have been shattered by that horrible act of murder on 9/11/2001! I cannot say GOD Bless America, any longer, as those same criminals responsible for 9/11, have managed to take GOD out of nearly every aspect of American lives! How they can get up on their soap-boxes and Ask or Expect GOD to Bless them or this Nation is the worst form of disrespect & hypocrisy! As the late Russian Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy once wrote/said, “Hypocrisy in anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised”! To Erik Lawyer: My grandfather also used your fathers quote to me on many, many occasions. It has also always stuck with me ever since that first time I heard it. “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.”"

    george schroder, N/A
    "I'm not a firefighter. I am a retired high rise re-hab construction manager and I'm very glad to see the evidence finally being gathered by serious professionals. Never give up. This is too important. Thank you for your courage."

    George Watts N/A

    Gerald R. Brynjulson, N/A
    "we the people, isnt that what this country dtands for ?"

    Gifford Jones N/A

    Giulio Zardo, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter yet, but I am currently enrolled in firefighter school."

    Gladys Alva, N/A
    "We want and deserve to know the real truth."

    Glenn Geignetter N/A

    gnashingteeth, N/A
    "I'm not a Firefighter but am 100% for your cause."

    Gordon Dordevic,
    "9/11 truth is the only path forward "


    Grant Weseman City of Santa Cruz, CA, retired 15+ Years

    Greg Kramer

    Greg Lobas, Capt., Berea, Ohio Fire Dept., Local 1836 15+ Years
    "If we don't stand up, who will?"

    greg melton, N/A
    "please help find the truth!"

    greg smith, N/A
    "why is there no one in government to want to know the truth, where's the leadership"

    Greg Williamson, N/A
    ""Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." - Ghandi "

    Gregg Roberts,
    "9/11 skeptics have needed to reach out in a professional way to the first responder community for a long time. Many thanks to Erik for finally doing it. Gregg Roberts Associate Editor http://911Research.wtc7.net http://AE911Truth.org etc."

    Gregory C Telian, Los Angeles CITY Fire Dept 15 yrs, prior USAF FD 7 yrs. 15+ Years
    "Is there anyone in power to do the right thing? Anyone... There are a lot of dead people, cops, firemen, citizens who rose to the status of hero's to try and help others, many they did not know. They all thought they were doing the right thing. They died, others have horrendous after effects and those they left behind are still suffering. Now, can someone in 'power' do the right thing?"

    Gregory Knight, N/A
    "More and more Americans wake up to what is happening to our great nation and we need a few hero's in office willing to stand for whats right. I am not a firefighter but an American patriot who also wants to see true justice for these crimes."

    "TRUTH must be known. Criminals behind this, Bush Cheney et al MUST be prosecuted."

    Guenter Skupin, Germany Rheinboellen 3-8 Years
    "The evidence of controlled demolition is obvious. It is the speed of collaps of all three buildings. No other evidence is necessary..."

    Gulmakai Saleh N/A

    Gwen Caldwell, N/A
    "There needs to be a REAL investigation into the 911 tragedy. This event has cost us billions in a war on terror, thousands of lives and there has been NO accountability! It's time for the truth to be told to the AMerican people and the families that lost loved ones at ground zero."

    Gwendolyn Williams, N/A
    "These honorable individuals have nothing to gain by simply petitioning for the truth. They deserve no less."

    hadel toma, 0-3 Years
    "prosecute bush and cheney"

    Hailey Phillips N/A

    Hal, N/A
    "I am kind of tired speaking out and signing stuff!....I would love to see a TRUE investigation and THOSE really behind this prosecuted!!"

    Hana S, N/A
    "I would like to spit on the grave of everyone who is responsible for this tragedy"

    Harald Bornemann, N/A
    "Many people say: if it would have been something like Watergate, the truth would have come out because the U.S. cannot keep such secrets for long. I think it will come out."

    Harold H. Parker N/A

    Heather Hanes N/A

    Heather White N/A

    Henry Bemis, N/A
    "A full and impartial investigation is needed.Let the chips fall where they may.We demand the truth."

    Howard Berglund N/A

    Hunter Barrett Pricetown Volunteer Fire Dept- Co.3 3-8 Years

    Ian Clarke, N/A
    "RIP TO THE FALLEN ! With you all the way 1"

    Ian Farrell, N/A
    "Thank you for all you are doing"

    xxxxxxxx, Chelmsford Central Div., Essex, UK 15+ Years

    Ian Wilkinson, Station Commander in the UK. 29 years service. 15+ Years
    "We should never rest until the truth is out - for all our sakes"

    Imran Khan, Singapore Civil Defence Force 3-8 Years
    ""They might deceive all people for some time, and some people for all the time, but they can never deceive all the people all the time." Once you spread the truth, the truth will set u free- One God"

    Ismael Rodriguez, N/A
    "Please let the truth be known!"

    Israel Rivera, N/A
    "Please in the name of whatever God you may believe in, for these brave souls to rest in peace, conduct a public investigation to these matters."

    Ivan K. Wilson, Golden Fire Prot. Dist. 8-15 Years
    "God bless 343"

    J Hickson, N/A
    "Now is the time to get to the bottom of this. All concerned deserve the TRUTH!!!! Let us see how strong our government really is?"

    J Robert Gribble, Ph.D. Battalion Chief, Cleveland, OH Fire Dept. Local 93, 33 years, Active N/A

    Jack Faulk, City of Kalamazoo, Michigan 15+ Years
    "I am a retired fireman from the city of kalamazoo, michigan, and have been a member of the gulf coast retired fire fighters association in the State of Florida, of which 90% are retired NYC fireman. I believe what you have said about 911, especially the demolition of building #7. A cover-up has occurred and an independent investigation needs to be made other than the past investigation and more fire fighter involvement the future independent investigation."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "34% of Americans believe that Saddam Hussien was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, this is ridiculously wrong. We need our government to be honest to our people, this vast murder and blatant lie to our people has marred our reputation as a country, possibly indefinitely. "

    Jacqueline Hartman,
    "This is a tragedy. "

    Jacqueline Stephens

    Jake Brown N/A

    James, N/A
    "We know you slimy bastards from the Bush administration planned and executed 911. Why did building 7 fall???Where was the plane wreckage in Pensylvania and the Pentagon??!!??!!Why did the FBI confiscate the tapes from the Pentagon surveilance cameras from the morning of 911???!!!!!"

    James A. Holland N/A

    James Alec Newman, N/A
    "I fully support a new investigation which will take into account the many eye witnesses, video evidence and basic science which was ignored by the official investigation. Lets bring the real criminals to justice for this crime against Humanity."

    James Brewster

    James Bull, N/A
    "All of this is too obvious to ignore. Thank you for taking a stand."

    James D. Vol. F.F. 0-3 Years

    James D. Kelley, N/A
    "I'm with ya boys!!!"

    James Di\'Leo

    james griffin, N/A
    "This cover up of 911 led us into two wars and affects the entire World as it has led to upwards of 1.5m people losing their lives and in the name of humanity must be sorted. The real murderers have to be brought to justice however painful it would be for America. We cannot go on like this.German citizens were castigated for not speaking up about the Holocaust and American politicians and the media have to do the same about 911...and that includes ours in the UK."

    James L LaGarde,
    "Firefighters should know more than anyone than fire can not collapse steel framed buildings - much less three in the same day!"

    xxxxxxxx, Celista Volunteer Fire Dept. BC, Canada 3-8 Years
    "I hope that Truth and Justice will prevail one day... It still brings tears to my eyes knowing how these brave men were slain while in service. The authorities did nothing but cover up the truth, and we can only assume that they are guilty and responsible for 911. I hope they burn in hell for this. "

    James R. Loveless, N/A
    "I am not a fireman, but I am a military veteran, retired "

    James Richardi N/A

    James Robert Coyle, N/A
    "I vote"

    jamison small N/A

    Jan Cavanaugh, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter but I have great respect and admiration for the professionals who put their lives on the line on that horrific day and the many days that followed. Every day since 9/11 I have realized that I no longer have a country. The U.S. no longer belongs to its citizens. Remember when Bush I used to talk about the New World Order? Research the Project for the New American Century...check out who wrote this document... and for whom. The writers even mention a 'need' for a New Pearl Harbor. How do you overcome people who have the power to pull off a tragedy of such gigantic proportions?"

    jan henle N/A

    Jaqui Baxter, N/A
    "My grandfather was a firefighter and never believed the official story. I hope someday we all learn the truth."

    Jared Johnston, N/A

    Jared L Livingston, N/A
    "Ten years... God give us the day you promise mercy upon the innocent."

    Jarret Fournier 3-8 Years

    Jasmine A Vaught, N/A
    "Our government is a disgrace, to lie, and not give the those who died in this disaster the respect to follow through with a COMPLETE AND HONEST investigation. They are owed the truth, along with the rest of the US citizens, and the world, for that matter. Lies only cover up what some don't want known. That obviously is TRUTH. What a sham and it saddens me once again to be a part of a system that supports lies, and deceit."

    Jason Lynch Engine Company 13, Seattle Fire Department 8-15 Years

    Jason McCormack, Old Swan Bluewatch 3-8 Years
    "Old Swan Fire Station, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Liverpool UK"

    Jason McKinlay N/A

    Jay Oleson, N/A
    "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. Thomas Jefferson "

    Jean Darsie N/A


    Jeannie McGlauthlin, N/A
    "I totally support an investigation to find the truth."

    Jed Gravelin, N/A
    "There needs to be further, unbiased investigation into this matter, for the sake of all affected. Bottom line."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A N/A
    "This is just despicable. To get this from a government where it's occupants would do anything for their country and all they get are lies. It is apalling. We need answers. All we do for this country and this is the thanks we get. Is this really a free country?"

    Jeff Robinson N/A

    Jeff Stephan N/A

    Jeff Utzler Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department, Ohio 0-3 Years

    Jeff Vincent, N/A
    "You can't hide the truth forever, it's the information age. Didn't you get the memo? Hosea 4:6"

    Jeff Young N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "The whole thing stinks to high Heaven."


    Jennifer Bartholomew, Santa Rosa FD CA 8-15 Years
    "RIP 343"

    jennifer fernandez, N/A
    "thanks for offering the petition!"

    Jennifer Slattery, N/A
    "I sign this petition for my father, my family, and all the rescue workers and families. I'm not a fire fighter, but I'm doing everything I can to make sure people remember, and that the promises made will finally be kept. Keep up the fight, and thank you! The truth will come out."

    Jereme Vanden Heuvel Georgetown Township Fire Department 8-15 Years

    Jeremiah K Garrett, N/A
    "Ignorance leads to fear. Fear leads to hate. Ignorance is not bliss."

    Jeremy J Heil, USFS Hot Shot Crews 8-15 Years
    "I am a former Hot Shot Firefighter from CA and have participated in the suppression of hundreds of wildland fires nation wide since 1996. A large number of those involving various structures. I have witnessed and participated in the recovery of aircraft crash victims as well as working with investigators in the field on arson fires, and have gridded through the ashes of entire neighborhoods and small towns. Nothing that i've seen in my 14 years of exp. can substantiate the claims of the 9 11 commission report and directly contradicts my knowledge of fire behavior. I am also deeply offended by the unprecedented display of willful ignorance, presented by our government officials. Along with they're denial of firefighter audio and scientific evidence. I do not wish to get into who did it, I want to know first, how it was done and why evidence was destroyed. This event should have required the largest investigation in world history, but instead we were dictated a story and told like children not to question it. It doesn't sit right with me..."

    Jeremy Jankowski, N/A
    "Knowledge is Power"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "god bless you"

    Jeremy Roach, Volunteer 0-3 Years
    "the truth shall set us free, only then can we truly be "free""

    Jerri Blackwell Seibert, N/A
    "My dad was a firefighter in Texas.Even more important than that, he taught me to search for the facts and then make a responsible decision...we need to know the facts!"

    Jerry D Riley,
    "Only the whole truth will set us free "

    Jerry Gordon, N/A
    "The truth hides behind a t.v.screen that only shows lies and deception. The media is just as guilty of treason as anyone else involved. What happened to our watch dogs ? God bless Alex Jones for telling the truth."

    Jesse Cargill,
    "Not a firefighter, but a lover of truth and reason."

    Jesse Mincin N/A

    Jessica Klein N/A

    Jill Gilson, Nurse 8-15 Years
    "God bless you all and my deepest condolences to all who were lost on and after 9/11. You all are & always will be my heroes."

    jim bernard, aircraft worker N/A
    "please let the truth unfold, as it always does...and it will set us free "

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Jim Fuge, N/A
    "I'm inspired to see other professionals stepping forward to challenge the official 9/11 stories,...because that is exactly what they are ,stories. We must demand a full and really independent investigation. Jim Fuge Durango Col. "

    Jim McCue, N/A
    "It'll probably have to be done through sustained citizens investigations."

    Jim Moats Danville, WV FD 15+ Years

    Jimmie Borges Irvington Fire Department, Civic Square, Irvington, NJ 07111 15+ Years

    jimmy mack, N/A
    "I am not a fireman, but I know very good people who are. I want to sign petition because everything about 9/11 was a cover up. After hearing Erik Lawyer of the NYFD explain that he was not given the opportunity to investigate the crime scene at ground zero, I nearly blew my cork. Please, forward this important petition to everyone! God bless the lost on 9/11... "

    Joan Hoffmann N/A

    Joe Belanger, N/A
    "Speaking or searching for truth does not include one to be in or a part of any terrorism or sympathy for it."

    Joe Berhan, N/A
    "You should make it clearer on the petition for non-FFs! "

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Joe Magner, N/A
    "I get more scared for the future of our country the more I learn. Keep up the work, we need the truth, as ugly as it may be. "

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "We are Americans not AmeriCants there is something wrong here and a Real investigation. We may be witness to a holocaust and not know it as Germany didn't "

    Joel Howard N/A

    joel wilson, N/A
    "We demand a second investigation."

    Joey Rapps, NOT a firefighter
    "AE911truth.org has evidence of previously molten metal w/high iron content(not chromium/steel), suggesting iron by-product of Thermite reaction and pieces of unignited, bi-layered "red chips" with the chemical composition of Thermite (Slide #179)"

    Johanna Marte

    John, Love you 0-3 Years
    "The truth works! Dig?"

    John Arteaga N/A

    "Nine years since 9/11, It just became clear, again the tears, but this time for us all..."

    John C Steketee, SO 15+ Years
    "LE 23 yrs of service NY "

    john dylan brooks N/A

    John Greco, N/A
    "I am Canadian and we need the truth too! Thank you for your courage. We can make it better together."

    John Hayes N/A

    xxxxxxxx, 15+ Years
    "as a fire fighter in Australia, I am ashamed that a government can lie do much to it's people... the biggest cover up in history"

    john kelley baker, Carpinteria-Summerland Fire District 3-8 Years
    "As sworn public servants of the people of our great nation, please do your due diligence and support a new investigation of 9/11."


    John LF Graham,
    "Please visit "Religous Leaders For 911 Truth" website now. http://rl911truth.org/ Free mind people is now opening his eyes..."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I think the world already knows this event has been shrouded in lies and mistruths, all we need now is an official enquiry so we can confirm our suspicions. "

    John Rodgers N/A

    John Sage, Sub Station Officer(retired)Royal Berkshire FireBrigade 15+ Years
    "The official explanations,such as they are,are tottally unbelievable "

    John Simmons, N/A
    "these are eye opening facts and I'm glad to be able to sign this petition."

    John Smedes N/A

    John Smith N/A

    John Titor, aircraft firefighter - 15+ Years
    "We demand the truth and the evils in power at that time brought to justice/trial"

    John Travers, N/A
    "Please learn more and INVESTIGATE"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "the evidence is overwhelming and common sense shows that no bldg has ever gone down like this."

    John-Michael Talboo,

    Joie Guinn, Friends & Family Affiliations N/A
    ""You can have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power."-ALEKSANDR I. SOLZHENITSYN The families and associates of the fallen DESERVE to know. The American people DESERVE to know. "Truth and justice are not optional."- Joie Guinn"

    Jon B. Abrahamson, I was a Recovery Tech in a Crash Unit. MCAS Yuma 1977 & 1978 0-3 Years
    "With all the name calling, and resisting to reinvestigate 9/11. The more I know the goverment is behind it! Distruction of evidance, no bodies, on aircraft parts. The fire "could melt steel, but not even singe a passport?" B.S.!!! I've seen a crater from an F-4 that was bigger than the Shanksville crater. I'm sure a Phantom is about 1/8 the size. About a million people have died because of this! Osama (Tim Osman) has been dead since 12/26/01. We need to find those responsible and tried for mass murder and treason!"

    Jon Ramer N/A

    Jon-Paul Brechter, Holbrook Volunteer Fire Department 3-8 Years
    "We need the truth"

    Jonathan Campbell, N/A
    "Why would anyone from this country aid in destroying it."

    Jonathan Heesch, Maritime Firefighter 3-8 Years
    "It really doesn't make sense, why haven't we woken up earlier?"

    Jonathan R Dewey Dagonsville, Indiana

    Jonathan S. Cooksey, N/A
    "Will we EVER be told the truth about 911? Will those responsible for this TREASON be punished?"

    Jose Molina-Navarro, N/A
    "I am a Mechanical Engineer (Texas A&M, ‘87) and an Architecture student, and have also signed the www.ae911truth.org petition. I have experience designing mechanical machines and steel and concrete buildings (construction, calculations, etc.). I have studied the collapse of the WTC (Twin Towers and WTC7) in depth and from a scientific point of view, and I believe there is no doubt whatsoever the official version is incorrect because of many conclusive scientific reasons. For instance, the official version totally omits many key and relevant data that any serious and honest investigation should have thoroughly investigated, such as: great quantities of molten metal found in the rubble of WTC, the almost complete pulverization of concrete, residues of nano-thermite and accelerants (usually used in controlled demolitions), huge evidence of explosions inside WTC, and many other similar issues. Only those key omissions, without considering anything else, are enough to immediately nullify the official 911 investigation. Period. But on top of that, there are many, many other things that point to a very probable official cover up both by the official investigators and by MSM, and even to a possible inside job. For instance, the collapse of the WTC (both Twin Towers and WTC7) show all the typical characteristics of a controlled demolition (by explosives or similar means), and none of the characteristics of destruction by fire (see www.ae911truth.org for more details). So, in any case, the original (or current) 911 official investigation is not valid, cannot be trusted, and should be repeated, but this time, by independent parties. I encourage people who have not researched 911 in depth, to do so, because you’ll easily find out there are many, many alarming key facts about 911 that have been censored and hidden both by the official 911 investigation and by MSM (Main Strea Media). So, while you research them (those key 911 hidden facts), ask yourself why you have not seen them on TV. And also ask yourself who are the owners of TV. Just a clue: Bilderberg Group, CFR, establishment, Rothschild and Rockefeller family, international bankers, etc. For more details on this subject, I recommend these three videos (Google or YouTube them): “America: Freedom to Fascism” (by Aaron Russo); “The Money Masters”; “The Empire of The City.”"

    José Vano, france 3-8 Years
    "ex fireman french"

    Joseph Phillips, N/A
    "Im a veteran of the Iraq war been there twice and for what? I feel that as a soldier put in harms way was lied to and deceived by the Bush Administration. A long with the brave firefighters and police officers who tried to do all they could to help people on that tragic day I stand beside you for the truth. "

    Joseph W Tindall, N/A
    "I am a United States Marine very disappointed in our government."

    Joseph Word N/A

    Josh Keller,
    "The mass media machine has totally ignored truths and facts while fabricating and spinning as much BS as possible about 9-11."

    Joshua Doutt,
    "There is no excuse."

    Joshua Lawson, N/A
    "The 9/11 Commission Report does not answer many of the questions I have. If there is nothing to hide, there should be no reason not to open a new, independent investigation."

    Josie Arballo, N/A

    josie evans, N/A
    "I agree 100%"

    Joycey Berry

    Joycey Berry,
    "There is too much evidence pointing towards this being an inside job."

    Judy E, n/a N/A
    "Those who lost their lives are the ones that the fight for the truth is for. No more lies."

    Judy Hunt N/A

    Judy Werle N/A

    Julia Westermann

    Juliane Greaux,
    "I'm glad to see this website. I've never believed what they've told us. We need the truth of why so many had to die."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "We, as a united country, deserve the truth."

    Julio L Carrello, Lt. Ret (11th Div) 8-15 Years
    "The calls from the deceased firefighters cry out for the truth and only a true investigation will bring justice to their fnal efforts. "

    Julio Maximum Thierry, Churchville, CA Fire Dept. 0-3 Years
    "Go on! Let's roll!"

    Junior Goble, CCVFD 3-8 Years
    "As a level headed conservative, I tend to believe that conspiracy theories are for fools. But the amount of fact-based evidence here is overwhelming and the implications are frightening. Our fallen brothers don't deserve this..."

    Justin Kapacinskas,
    "9/11 Truth Now!"

    Justin McKay N/A

    Justin moe, 0-3 Years
    "We all know know you did this. The government, thats why all efforts for the truth will never be solved."

    JW Harris, N/A
    "Come on those in a position to fully examine this overt act of oligarchal terrorism. --Get real, and grow some spine. You will not be alone. Those of us with brains and courage will be there and back you. -Yes the 'official' mouthpieces have through their media sources shown us all, CARTOONS< AGAIN, as proof that their official story is the deffinitive. Just look to the professinals, that understand these things ,physically, as they know it could not have happened as the official story says.-Pleasr don't play dumb. I know when I deny the official story in front of certain friend, emphatically, there is no response, a sniff or two, and a vacant stare. Please don't be like these morons. Most of you in the ability to fully investigate, are well educated. What happened to your critical thinking!?"

    Kaaren Black N/A

    Kalie Frevert N/A

    Kalvin Darwin N/A

    Kari Dennis N/A

    Karin M Olson, Federal Way N/A
    "What will it take to re-investigate this tragedy? We all know that building 7 was a planned demolition. 2 buildings that high don't ever fall straight down. Why do we have demolitionists then? Please re-investigate 911. I'm sure you'll find some answers where the money is."

    Karl Pavloff,
    "I am a 9/11 researcher but not a firefighter. "

    Katelyn Epperson, N/A
    "I am 18 years old and I remember that day vividly. Justice needs to be brought, and brought on hard. I agree with all. There is much, much more to 9/11 and America has the right to know what truely happened to the ones whos lives where not only taken but left unjust. The investigation going undone is a pitty. Secrets will be discovered sooner or later. The Lord will make sure of this. God bless the fallen, their families and friends, and the ones who stood beside them and made it through."

    kathleen downing N/A

    Kathleen Geary N/A

    Kathleen Oster, N/A N/A
    "Nothing but respect and admiration for all firefighters and first responders. I've been a 911 truther for about 5 years. So glad to see so many firefighters joining the cause. My heart breaks for our democracy, discovering the big lie has changed my world view. Things will never be the same, 911 truth now!"

    Kathryn McCaffrey N/A

    Kathy Corbin N/A

    katie slaughter N/A

    Katrina Abbott, N/A
    "I am not a Firefighter, but I am a ER nurse. My believe that the truth will come out one day, maybe not now, but come judgement day. Until then keep up the excellent work all you Firefighters and Police Officers and EMT's are doing. "

    Keith, Carmel Fire Department 8-15 Years
    "Justice ALWAYS prevails!"

    Keith Crawford, N/A
    "This MUST be investigated. "

    "don't let the Obama Administration make the mistake of not healing the country and perpetuating a lie that cost hundreds of thousands of people, globally, their lives and their freedom!! get the REAL terrorist!"

    Kellie Murray, N/A
    "When the criminals fail to be prosecuted and the heroes persecuted by means of neglect there is a huge problem. Congress needs to be disassembled before America as we know it no longer exists. http://www.myspace.com/kelliemurray He is not my president!"

    kelly Holbrook, N/A
    "because i don't want us to repeat our past!"

    Ken Grimmer, N/A
    "I am an Australian but this must be investigated for the sake of global peace and security.We are all in this together."

    Ken Hutton, N/A
    "deceipt is not an American value."

    Kendal Macer woodlawn vol. fire company 0-3 Years

    kenneth anderson N/A

    Kenneth McDonald, N/A N/A
    "This is not the America I grew up in, nor is it the America I want to leave to my children. "

    xxxxxxxx Fireman 15+ Years

    Kenneth Ray Crain, Lufkin Fire Department, Lufkin, TX. 3-8 Years
    "Kenneth R. Crain is deceased.Please,please accept his signature via his daughters, Carondelet Crain Dember and Jerri Crain Seibert.As a former firefighter and as a man of integrity my sister and I know he would feel passionate about demanding a true investigation. Thank you for your bravery and courage to seek the truth. Sincerely, Carondelet Crain Dember"

    Kenneth Roberts, N/A
    "Thanks for your bravery and effort to bring this to light. "

    kenny callow, Boston Fire 15+ Years
    "those fire fighters were murdered on that day. period. lets look out for them and their families foremost by not allowing it to get swept."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "It shutters my very soul to think that such evil exists in high levels of government."

    Kevin Bouley, N/A
    "To honor the lives of all the first responders that day, we must have a complete and thorough investigation. What is Washington hiding? Why?"

    Kevin Boulton, Bernalillo County, D-9, Albuquerque, NM 0-3 Years
    "I volunteered briefly while going through nursing school. I'm no hero except that I'm standing next to giants putting their professional reputations on the line in the name of truth."

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    "Criminal governments are what commit high treason. Ghoulish predators regard the heroic First Responders as one of their "Trophy Kills". We want justice!"

    Kevin Kolack, Ph.D., Bloomington Township (IN) Dept of Fire and Emergency Services (retired) 8-15 Years
    "NFPA Instructor I/II/III EMT, Haz-Mat Tech Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at World Trade Center 9/11/01"

    Kevin Merck, N/A
    " Every single American soldier who died in this war has died in vain and countless innocent people have been murdered. This is the inescapable conclusion that must be reached in face of the fact that the WTC complex was brought down by controlled demolition. The only way to attain justice for everyone concerned is to bring the real perpetrators to justice. "

    Kevin Rauber, NGFD 3-8 Years
    "The truth will eventually surface, as always. Until then my god have mercy on all of the 343 heroes lost on this day."

    xxxxxxxx ESD #2, Pflugerville Fire Department 0-3 Years

    Kian Alden N/A

    Kieran Cleverley, Cheshire Fire Service 3-8 Years
    "RIP fellow heroes !! My thoughts are with you !!"

    Kim Buchsen, N/A N/A
    "Sitting in Slate in NYC listening to you talk and came to your site. Keep shining the light!"

    Kimberly Peterson N/A

    Kimberly Talboo

    kirsten rigg N/A

    Klaus Pfeiffer, N/A
    "The cause of freedom and humanity cannot move forward until these concerns have been resolved."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I think we should get to the bottom of this once and for all and the guilty should be punished to the maximum, innocent American's we're killed and for no reason what so ever. This pisses me off! The officials just want to forget it, well I will not forget it!!! "

    Kris Schoonmaker, N/A
    "Evil will prevail when good people do nothing!"

    kristin vantassel 3-8 Years

    Kristopher A. Churchill, N/A
    "One day there will be justice."

    Kristyn phillips N/A

    Krueger Jens-christian Berlin thw 0-3 Years

    Krystina Bair

    Kurt Hinterkopf,
    "I'm not a firefighter, but I support them and this site and the heroes that died or are suffering from the events of 9/11."

    xxxxxxxx, n/a N/A
    "it's an obvious cover up and I am truely affraid of what this means."

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Kyle Ritchie, N/A
    "This is crazy the government doesnt just stop there the only way to help is to get a whole new government and there all corrupt....im telling you all we need to do something before its to late we have to find away to start over forreal this is only one of the first things we caught of them there is soo many conspiracy that are proven by fact and nothing is getting done there shutting us down we need to do something...please email me back thanks"

    Kyler Brett N/A

    La Quinta, N/A
    "United we stand!"

    LaDonna Gifford, None N/A
    "I'm no expert but I have been around long enough to know that murder investigations don't usually get closed until the culprits are caught."

    xxxxxxxx, 0-3 Years
    "911 was an inside job. As was the OKC federal building. firefighers witnessed secondary explosions going off inside the murrah federal buiilding. Anyone knowing abot ANFO and energetic materials will know that ANFO did not bring the building down. Also the towers were a controlled implosion. "

    Larry Dunham, CDF 3-8 Years
    "I'm an ex-firefighter who is also trained in demolition and am positive all the buildings were demolitioned. "

    Larry Peterson, na volunteer N/A
    "I just read able danger,and rewatched the buildings fall. Why did the DoD spend 47,000 to buy the book that abledanger put out? then burn it!"

    lauer, french firefighter 3-8 Years
    "I live in France but i am all hearth to you "

    laura brown,
    "the 1st people to help,should be 1st to be helped!! "

    Laura Melendez

    Laurel Burik,
    "I demand a new, independent investigation of 911 and immediate medical assistance and compensation to the first responders. I also demand those responsible be held accountable."

    Laurie Fiesler N/A

    Laurie Kornblum N/A

    Lawrence Israel, N/A
    "I am happy to support this effort to expose the truth. "

    Lawrence Turner N/A

    "These men and women never should have died the way they did. This needs to be investigated to see who did this terrible thing."

    Len Beck, N/A
    "We have been lied to and the clock is ticking for the future of our children."

    Leonard Meyer N/A

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Les Johnson GPSTC N/A

    Lesley Potterton, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter. I was in Hawaii on an Anthony Robbins course at the time of 9/11 and I felt its emotional effect both on myself and loved ones affected personally by the tragedy. My heart goes out to all the families of those still mourning their dead. I join you in demanding the truth and support for everyone affected, that you may finally achieve closure and fair treatment. Shame on those who have refused to tell the truth and accept responsibility for their actions for almost 10 years! To my knowledge, the effect of 9/11 on the American people was devastating and real, and it's effect lives on until the truth is told."

    Leslie Fox,
    "The people of this country deserve the truth about 911 !!!"

    Leslie Landry,
    "We deserve a new and honest Investigation! "

    Leslie Lusch N/A

    Lester Collins, N/A
    "Not a Firefighter but need truth"

    Linda Campbell, N/A
    "Dear fellow patriots, firefighters, and 9/11 truthers...I thank you for all of your hard work! May God's protection and blessings be yours!!!"

    Linda Fecher, US Navy Aircraft Firefighter 3-8 Years
    "The time is now for a new investigation. The 9/11 Commission Report is a fictional fairy tale based on lies and deception. Innocent Americans were murdered on 9/11 and I want justice for those people."

    Linda Kenny N/A

    Linda Romero, California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection 15+ Years
    "As a retired firefighter, I really need an explanation for these discrepencies."

    Lisa Dorman N/A

    Lisa Sellers N/A

    liz meesters N/A

    Lois Nicholas, N/A
    "The truth always puts itself out there to be discovered and seen. The rest is up to us. "

    Loretta Roberts N/A

    lou Rosenberg, N/A

    Louis A. Gilman,
    "I don't have the words of how these videos and proof have stunned me. WE NEED AN NEW INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION NOW !! May God Bless those who died and those who still suffer because of this horror."

    xxxxxxxx, New Castle County, DE 15+ Years
    "Firefighter-EMT from Delaware who served at Ground Zero."

    Lt. Bud Wolverton, Hel Fire Departmentl, Engine 666 15+ Years
    "We, the Ghosts of 9/11 declare the Pulsa D'nura death curse on all those who conspired or colluded, participated or profited, planned, coordinated or carried out the September 11th, 2001 controlled demolition domestic terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. You took our lives for profit, now we are taking your soul. Our blood is on your hands and your childrens hands."

    Lucia, N/A
    "I sincerely hope that the truth will emamate. "

    Luther Blisset Seattle N/A

    Lynda Parkhurst,
    "Don't give up."

    Lynda Thomas, N/A
    "I have questioned the 911 tragedy ever since it took place!"

    Maggie Kohls

    Maggie Richards, N/A
    "Bush/Cheney at the very least allowed this to happen. "

    Maggie Thompson N/A

    Mandi Martin N/A

    Marc Starcke

    Marcia Alden N/A

    Marcia Shurtlef N/A

    Margaret Deaner N/A

    Margaret M Maynard N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "We demand the truth and the evils in power at that time brought to justice/trial."

    Marian Elliott

    Marilyn Wilson, N/A
    "Thanks for your website and your efforts to expose the truth. "

    Mario Valverde Denver (retired) 15+ Years

    Marion Young

    mark N/A

    Mark A, Goodman N/A

    Mark Bridges, N/A
    "The lies need to stop!"

    Mark Bruton,
    "Until justice is done and freedom reigns security is a feeble pipe dream."

    Mark Davies Cheshire Fire & Rescue England 8-15 Years

    Mark Dwyer, city of alameda 15+ Years
    "behind you all the way"

    mark golding, N/A
    "Children of Iraq Association LONDON"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "One building not hit by a plane went down.That is impossible without demolition charges! "

    Mark Hannemann,
    "I am honored to sign this petition, for you, who served us well, only to be dishonored with lies."

    Mark Kaplan, N/A N/A
    "Just one of the outrages of the new century..."

    mark pfeiffer, nypd 15+ Years
    "believe that this is a futile fight...but have belived also that weve been shelled with lies years before 9/11 and perhaps years later...i was posted at wtc1 and watched it come down and later with #7..not fd.. but would be honored to sign your petiti "

    Mark Reback,
    "the NIST report on WTC 7 released today 8-21-08 is such an obvious lie and cover-up! no steel framed building has ever collapsed due to fire ever! "

    Mark Scott Oller, N/A
    "Only low yield nuclear weapons explain the molten and boiling steel, the pyroclastic flow and the electromagnetic pulse. Furthermore, the middle of WTC 6 was blown up by a low yield nuclear explosion."

    Mark Visco N/A

    Mark Whitley, N/A
    "If the attacks on 9-11 were not in and of themselves acts of TREASON, then the cover-up certainly is. Dire consequences confront the US and the entire world if the truth about 9-11 and the actual criminal conspiracy behind it remains hidden. "

    Marlena priMavera, N/A
    "We want the truth now"


    martin, paris 3-8 Years
    "la vérité!"

    martin card, N/A N/A
    "I hope you get the answers you need! God bless you brave men and women who give your lives daily to save others all over the world! Manchester, United Kingdom. "

    xxxxxxxx, amsterdam,holland N/A
    "For freedom and truth, against war on women children and muslims neither 'illegal drugs'"

    xxxxxxxx, amsterdam,holland N/A
    "For freedom and truth, against war on women children and muslims neither 'illegal drugs'"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    marty, N/A
    "i think the goverment had somthin to do with this"

    Marty Howe,
    "I will always believe this was an inside job and the work of the new world order! Divide and conquer."

    marvin cohen N/A

    Mary Thomson, N/A N/A
    "Steel framed buildings don't disintegrate into fine powder due to airplanes and fire. They never have before, nor after, 9/11. Something else must have brought them down, but NIST didn't look into it. It's time Congress makes them do it."

    mat r. munroe

    Matt Abear, Holderness Fire dept. 0-3 Years
    "Tell the nation the truth!"

    Matt Costa, HFC 0-3 Years
    "The government needs to read the constitution, this is a democracy and we demand answers!"

    Matt Donlan, N/A
    "Not a firefighter. Just a supporter of your important work. Keep it up."

    Matt Donoghue

    Matt G, N/A
    "I pray that more media covers as much as possible to bring the Bush administration to justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole Bush family is nothing less than evil!"

    Matt Hougan Seattle Fire Dept 15+ Years

    Matt Ward N/A

    Matthew Forster Abbott, Latrobe Fire Protection District, 7660 South Shingle Road, Latrobe, California, 95682 8-15 Years
    "Please investigate this matter until all concerns have been addressed and duly explained using all available knowledge and sources in order to have on record a valid and accurate explanation of these events."

    Matthew Hayward N/A

    Matthew Joseph Festa, N/A
    "Iron worker Welder Recovery worker :suffered 2 collapsed lungs , 4 pulmonary embolisms... "

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    xxxxxxxx, Arbutus Fire & Rescue, Baltimore County Company 350 3-8 Years
    "No more should our leaders propagate disinformation to reach personal financial goals. Exploiting the service that protects life, property and the environment would be a detriment to proper fire protection in our country. The truth is now!"

    Matthew Naus,
    "I Approve This Petition"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I, matt Skalski will not stand by and watch these horrific things done to you heroes from this day forth i will take action against the govevnment and educate the people on what is happening to the country this is no longer the peoples country this is the governments "

    Maurice Friedman, N/a N/A
    "Please see my song Nine One One on You tube and use my © work for your fundraising at 100% your portion. "

    Mauricio Massa, N/A
    "War is a BAD business for ALL. 911 truth NOW!"

    Max Ackley,
    "Let's get a real investigation this time!!!"

    melissa, N/A
    "to many good men ,women and children died that day and need justice!!"

    Melissa Clark N/A

    melissa clem, N/A
    "the truth must be told..."

    Mette Baker, N/A
    "Follow the money trail! Also 9/11 includes the Pentagon and no aircraft parts were found."

    Michael A. Perkins, E.M.T.~Firefighter, Whitewood 15+ Years
    "we have to make a stand for our brother's and sister's that has fallen in the line of duty"

    michael brown N/A

    Michael Cook,
    "Thank you for this site and petition! Vincit Omnia Veritas (Truth Conquers All)"

    Michael Davis,
    "The brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives for the innocent victims of the treacherous perpetrators at the WTC shall not continue unavenged."

    Michael Dipinto Cleveland FD OHIO 15+ Years

    Michael Drake, Kansas City, Mo. 15+ Years
    "Lady Liberty stumbled, And Atlas has shruged. If we stand together against tyranny and heed the call. The New World Order will surly fall."

    Michael Hammerstone Spalding County EMS, Georgia 0-3 Years

    Michael Juliano, 16 0-3 Years
    "I truely believe our goverment sacrificed the "Finest" for some crazy cause we may never understand, yet as a volunteer brother I stand by your side to reveal the truth"

    Michael Legere,
    "You fine American people deserve better, just open your eyes, the truth is out there."

    Michael Mc Devitt Philadelphia Fire Dept 15+ Years

    Michael Niles, N/A
    "110 story building diveded by 14 seconds equals controlled demolition."

    Michael Nilsson Stockholm, Sweden 15+ Years

    Michael Pate, N/A
    "Those that have nothing to hide should welcome a real investigation. To that point, that line is very short."

    Michael Pate, N/A
    "just a concerned citizen who would like the truth as to what really happened. "

    Michael Ray Dorety Dallas Fire Department 15+ Years

    Michael Ricca N/A

    Michael Sheldon N/A

    Michael Shupe N/A

    Michael Taillon

    Michael Ward, Tulsa Fire Department 15+ Years
    "Truth is the one way to honor our brothers."

    Michael White, N/A
    "God Bless the Patriots who risk their careers and their lives to get the truth out and Damn those who won't seek it."

    Michael Wilson IAFF 2595 15+ Years

    Michele DiGiorgi,
    "Please everyone wants to know the truth, thank you."

    michele imburgia, N/A
    "Those that lost loved ones deserve a true standard investigation"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    mick meyers, seattle
    "I want to find out more."

    Mike Hagerty, N/A
    "9/11 was an inside job. It's a no brainer."

    Mike Kerr,
    "My kind of loyalty was to one's country, not to it's instututions or its officeholders. Mark Twain"

    Mike levy, N/A
    "We all need to really know the whole truth.what we have been told is not the real truth"

    mike reis, do I have to be a fireman to sign the petition?
    "God bless you and your courage"

    Mike Schmidt, N/A
    "I am confident in saying that the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth support your efforts."


    Mike Willis, N/A
    "Concerned citizen from the UK in full support of this movement."

    Misha Noonan N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Too much has been hidden from the public who pay to have the truth at all times."

    Mona Scotia, N/A
    "I am a U.S. citizen. I believe it's my duty to stand with you here to demand a totally transparent investigation, where the scientific facts, or questions surrounding 9/11 will not be ignored. WE have the right to know the truth, but we've been denied the right of Due Process. WE citizens are the new leadership that is lacking within our government today. WE were given civil rights by the U.S Constitution, which must be protected, that our government has failed to protect. WE must continue to demand the truth be told and never waver on that. There's a deep pain in our hearts, but we're a strong people who'll preserve the values this country was built on, for future generations, and that someday we might heal. WE are the people who live by values that make this land a democracy. I will never again vote for a politician who does not agree to a new 911 investigation. This is about good vs evil. WE must fight until WE win. I'm in this battle along side you now. Democracy begins at home, right here. I will never forget. Angels around you, peace. "

    Monica Perez Jimenez, ladder 3
    "In memory of FDNY Michael Carroll"

    Mr. Michael Hopper

    Mrs. Joan Carmody, N/A

    Nancy Carlile N/A

    Nancy Walker, N/A
    "Thank you firefighters for your courage in promoting the truth. You are twice heroes."

    Narayan Elisha

    Natalie Healey, N/A
    "The truth is long overdue. We are not an ignorant people. It's blatently obvious we've been lied to. "

    Nate Whitson N/A

    Nathan Warzecha, N/A
    "It is time the truth came out. In these hard times that our country is going through, the fact that this group of lies continues to exist only severs our core fibers even further. Thank you endlessly to all those who gave their lives on 9/11, unaware of the inevitable doom they were rushing into."

    Neil Fleming, N/A
    "The explainations offered by the 9-11 commission contradict not only the laws of physics but go against all logic. Honour the dead by telling us the truth! "

    Newell Niesen , N/A
    "Washington and the U.S. Media control everything, and are great at distracting everyone with reality shows. It's been 9 years and it's like "out of sight, out of mind". And I live in NYC. We need to stay strong and band together. "

    Nick Hill, N/A
    "Just a Brit wanting the Truth to be known"

    Nicki Browning SCFD 3-8 Years

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "keep searching for the truth!!!"

    Oscar Halpert N/A

    Pam Katus, N/A
    "not a firefighter, just a civilian"

    Paolo Attivissimo, Fire Department, Vattelapesca, Ohio 15+ Years
    "To keep our great nation free, we must fight for the right to ask questions. United we stand. Firefighters, it's time to speak your mind!"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A

    "911 was an INSIDE JOB!!!"

    Pat Nicolello Phoenix Fire Cadet 0-3 Years

    Patricia A Gala N/A

    Patricia McNamara, N/A

    Patrick Burns N/A

    Patrick Holman,
    "The truth cannot be hacked or compromised. The truth cannot be stopped. It is coming to shred the lies hidden in the dark places. It's coming for them, and they can't hide."

    Patrick Schreiner, N/A
    "I Love America and Americans, therefore I have the responsibility to sign this petition."

    "I am not a fireman. I hope I am signing in the right place. It is wonderful that the firemen have created this site and petition. If we do not obtain justice for the victims and first responders and rescue teams of 9/11, we will never be free. And we won't deserve to be. I am quite ready to march in the streets and demand justice. Why should we have to ask the government to investigate the events of 9/11? The 10th anniversary is coming up. Lets fill up the streets. I no longer care what happens to me. I just want justice for all those who died and are still dying. If our government lied about the air that is killing thousands of rescue workers, why would anyone think they would tell the truth about the events themselves? If we don't find out the truth, and put these criminals in prison, there will be a sequel to 9/11. "

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Paul Bastings N/A

    Paul Corbin Point Mugo Aircraft Crash Crew 0-3 Years

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "The future of this country lies in this crucial day. For justice does not build itself on perpetual lies. Honnor back FDNY fighters for they did not fail you when the phone rang "

    Paul Goodman, N/A
    "English citizen concerned about the first responders"


    Paul J. Landis, N/A
    "Author and I have web site: www.wethepeoplewethemedia.com/areal911commisison.htm "We the People" deserve the Truth"

    Paul Kelton N/A

    Paul R Mayer Delhi Fire 3-8 Years

    Paul Richard, N/A
    "I wish I could contribute more. please continue this essential fight."

    Paul Smith, N/A
    "This is long overdue! There has never been a steel structure collapse due to fire damage. On that day, three steel structures collapsed. One had no direct impact, and a minimal fire. One had an impact to the top fifth of the structure, with the majority of the jet fuel burned out upon impact. And the other had impact to the center of the structure, also with the majority of the jet fuel burned upon impact. And yet, they all fell in the exact same manner, within their own footprint, and at the same rate of speed(free-fall). Neither physics, or logic can explain that. "Those that want to know, ask questions. Everyone else is in denial". These questions need to be answered! "

    Paul Stein, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter but am very thankful for the work you continue to do and did on 911. I fully support an independent criminal investigation of 911 that has never happened."

    Paul Swartz N/A

    Paul Welton N/A

    pedro canas, collier county 3-8 Years
    "we need to know what happened"

    Penelope deSimone N/A

    pete, N/A
    "We have been fed lies for ever. As long as we remain so passive that the truth cant penatrate.We are scare dto know the truth proof we have been lied to again.Since big government and big corparations look after each other.WE the people just pay and shut up"

    pete farrell, Templeton Fire and Rescue 1989-1999 8-15 Years
    "I spent ten years as a volunteer EMT in Templeton Ma. Never give up. "

    xxxxxxxx BLM 15+ Years

    Pete Shoemaker N/A

    pete witt, N/A
    "Not a firefighter but a Capt. USMC retired and an instrument rated pilot who is sick of the govt. neocon BS."

    Petrica Shupe N/A

    Philip Day N/A

    xxxxxxxx, MAFD 8-15 Years
    "The laws of physics can be complicated, but they are consistent. To believe the official explanation of the WTC collapses, we must accept that the laws of physics were entirely suspended on 9.11.2001. Then, we were too stunned to notice. Today, what could be more obvious? Spread the word, brothers and sisters. "

    Phill Wright West Hempfield Fire & Rescue 8-15 Years

    Phillip Pittman Loudon County Fire & Rescue 0-3 Years

    phillip s. percival, N/A
    ""In times of International deceipt telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell"

    Phyllis Coppolino, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter but was directed by the public petition site to sign at this site."

    Quentin Central Pierce 3-8 Years

    R Lock N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Don't give up the fight!"

    Rachell Rodriguez N/A

    Raechel R, N/A
    "911 truth now"

    Ragen Gillam

    Randall Cox,
    "Honor our fallen Heroes and those who are still dying today with 9/11 Truth, Accountability and Justice. "

    Randy Wilson, N/A
    "I don't think petitions work, I am here to organize and connect and I want to go to the streets. I want us to take the country back, get rid of the Fed and I want the politicians kicked out of the country. Let them live elsewhere."

    Ray Attwood, ex Hampshire UK fireman 3-8 Years
    "The 343 who died that day, those who have died as a result of that day, the families al all involved, the decency of democracy and honest humans all over this world DEMAND that the truth be uncovered and revealed - and that ALL those responsible be obliterated."

    Ray Warman,
    "Thank you for trying to get to the truth. It will be a long battle. Americans have allowed themselves to become so"domesticated" that getting them to understand anything other than what the get from the controlled news sources is a task in and of itself. Not many free thinkers left or so it seems."

    Raymond Killoran, USN (Retired),
    "For those who died and for those they left behind...the truth will set us all free!"

    Rebecca, N/A
    "The truth is coming out! The NWO will fail."

    Rebecca Em Campbell,
    "The greatest injury done by 9/11 has been to the credibility of the United States Government, whose branches, including Congress, have refused to thoroughly and credibly investigate it."

    Reggie Avraham, N/A
    "Your courage in coming forward with this petition is a tribute to the bravery of all firefighters. May justice be done in our lifetime."

    xxxxxxxx Senior Fire Ing. 8-15 Years

    Rhett Alden N/A

    Rhonda Livingston, N/A
    "I am not related to any firefighter, but I do agree that this needs to be investigated"

    Richard A.(Dick) Kennedy, Detroit-retired 15+ Years
    "I am the son of Angus (Jack) Kennedy--Detroit Fire dept-retired. I could have been one of those many children now w/o their father. I am very active in 9/11 Truth. I am spreading your contact to all firemen I can contact. Thank You."

    Richard Curtis, PhD

    Richard Finegold N/A

    Richard Foote, EMT Texas 0-3 Years
    "Facts = Truth Investigation Reveals Facts Let the experts show the Facts not the Bluricats spin masters."

    Richard Jones

    Richard Lowe, N/A
    " I don't know of any more patriotic and responsible action than opening one's eyes to a horrible truth about what did and did not happen on 9/11/01. Exposing these truths could end our endless wars. On 9/11/01 and in its aftermath almost all of us (me included) were so shocked that we were extremely susceptible to "reprogramming." Shock Doctrine television and commentary almost immediately identified the culprits. We believed it because we needed to understand the overwhelmingly incomprehensible. Al Qaida, all by themselves, orchestrated and carried out the attacks because "they hate our freedoms." The physical evidence proves otherwise. Military grade nano-thermate http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/2008/Ryan_NIST_and_Nano-1.pdf was recovered from the WTC dust as far away as the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one smoking gun of many http://www.911blogger.com/node/17949 that we citizens cannot afford to ignore. 1200+ licensed architects and engineers (including over 40 Structural Engineers) http://www.ae911truth.org present a devastating case against plane and fire damage only causing the obliteration of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 (not hit by a plane, 47 stories high--over 500 ft. tall-- at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11/01, dropping to the ground at near free-fall speed EXACTLY like one of those controlled implosions we've all seen. If you didn't know that WTC Building 7 also fell that day--which would have been the tallest building in over 30 states-- why do you think that is?) The implications of this irrefutable truth are so awful that many people cannot bring themselves to even consider them. But if we are going to leave this country better than we found it, we ordinary citizens are going to have to wake up, stand up and get to work."

    Richard PotterII Wellesley Fire local 1795 8-15 Years

    Richard Sinnott,
    "I am not a firefighter, but I have friends that are. The record should be set straight so that these men shall not have died in vain."

    Richard Termini, N/A
    "Don't allow these dignified people to have died in vain. Get the truth out. Now."

    Rick Boston, none. I am not a firefighter N/A
    "When I saw the second jet hit I could not believe my eyes. How could NORAD let this happen ? Our so called government has failed the true heroes of 9-11. The firefighters and police that died that day and the valiant effort of the first responders. I cannot explain with words the respect I have for the firefighters and first responders who gave everything they had that horrific day. God bless you. I hope you get a real investigation but I doubt Obama will help. Global banksters control our government and they are doing everything they can to destroy this country. I pray they fail."

    Rick North N/A

    Rick Saunders

    Rick Slack N/A

    Rick Tanner

    Rob Balsamo,
    "We at Pilots For 9/11 Truth Support you! Thanks for speaking out! "

    Rob Hysell N/A

    Rob Mulholland, N/A
    "‎"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." [George Orwell]"

    Robert B. Leech, N/A
    "God bless you all!"

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "The American government can have no credibility until it cleans its own house."

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Robert Brunner, N/A
    "Thank you Firefighters, welcome to the truth community."

    Robert C. Anders, 3-8 Years
    "Being in the fire service for 6 years and and EMT for 2 years it appalls me that anyone could swallow what the government is trying to shove down our collective throats. This needs to be addressed and dealt with ASAP"

    Robert Calvé, 8-15 Years
    "Not a firefighter myself , but as a Merchant marine officer , I do have basic training in firefighting techniques. I have sailed 10 years as a ship navigating officer . My son is now a firefighter."

    Robert Clifford N/A

    Robert E. Salt, 0-3 Years
    "As a survivor from the North Tower I know the aircraft hit and the basement explosion occurred at the same instant."

    Robert F Kerwin, N/A
    "Registered Engineer,"

    "For sake of all those people who were murdered or are sick and dying...please don't let THESE TRAITORS escape justice!"

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Robert L Hecht, N/A
    "Too much evidence for this not to be an inside job. The truth will prevail!"

    Robert L. Varner, N/A
    "The information that was made available from the very beginning has never answered any of the normal questions that experts would usually ask. It has always seemed that information, evidence and witnesses have systematically been debunked and ignored. In that process everything that could have helped has either disappeared or claimed not to exist in the first place. WE MUST NEVER FORGET."

    Robert Lukehart,
    "We at http://www.RobertsCourt.com are advancing the evidence for brainwashing against the American people regarding the "war on terror." This evidence will be overwhelmingly obvious to those who would look. "

    xxxxxxxx Volunteer Terryville FD CT 1990 N/A

    Robert Mitton, N/A
    "Anyone that actually examines the last regime's explanation on the events of 911 knows it can not be true. Nothing adds up! Everything shows this was an inside job!"

    Robert N. Mason, Gold Hill VFD, town of Gold Hill, Boulder Cty, CO 15+ Years
    "I've been following the development of evidence regarding the atrocities of 911 since early 2002. On the visual, anecdotal and scientific evidence to date, I consider explosive demolition of the three WTC towers established beyond all reasonable doubt, and the premature declarations of safety at Ground Zero to constitute a despicable dereliction of duty on the part of the EPA. I have a non-firefighting technical/engineering background, supplemented by instruction in fire behavior theory and practical woodland fire and small-structure firefighting experience. I am deeply gratified to learn (via Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth) of your efforts on behalf of the people of the United States, all those murdered on that day of infamy, their families and plain, common decency. I encourage all of you in the strongest possible terms to continue in your efforts to bring both the facts and clear implications of 911 before all persons of good will. I've struggled for years to find ways to awaken my own community to the peril which confronts us all. You can be damn sure I'll be using your material in discussions with active members of our own little department. All the best, R. N. Mason"

    Robert Poltz, N/A
    "A thorough forensic investigation of WTC7 crime scene now. It should have been done in 2001 but 2009 is not too late for the truth to finally be revealed. I am a reliability and safety engineering consultant."

    Robert Poltz, N/A
    "A thorough forensic investigation of WTC7 crime scene now. It should have been done in 2001 but 2009 is not too late for the truth to finally be revealed. I am a reliability and safety engineering consultant."

    Robert Richard Damage Control Qualified USS Nimitz, USS Eisenhower, fought small fire Hangar Bay USS America PGW 1 1991 15+ Years

    Robert Riversong, aVERT 15+ Years
    "It's past time the truth be told."

    Robert Sweet, concerned citizen N/A
    "A REAL investigation must happen to prevent the pending revolution that will happen if no action is taken by the authorities who have sworn oaths to do the very things requested by my signature here, and soon."

    Robert Tobin,
    "I have been very skeptical since 12 Sept 01."

    xxxxxxxx, Burlington 3-8 Years
    "It was an arson for profit plot to place America into an endless war"

    Robertson, James HOOK & LADDER 158 & 161 15+ Years

    Robyn Guinn, N/A
    "No less than an independent investigation will satisfy us, show us all the camera views of the "plane" hitting the pentagon, show us the remains of flight 93 that are claimed to be under tight security. "

    Rochelle, N/A
    "The US Government has for many many decades now decided what truth its citizens should have, often times being precious little. This was never more true than with the Bush administration who were more secretive & corrupt, I believe, than any administration in our history. I'll guarantee you that what ever secrets have been kept here somehow benefitted or protected Chaney, Bush and their cronies. Plus, the benefits of a supported war, two terms based on lie fed fear, billions of dollars to throw at Halliburton and the like. I pray Obama will allow this investigation under his promise of transparency to go forward and that the murderers and their conspirators are brought to justice! Our Brothers and Sisters and their families, as we as Americans, deserve no less. God, please bless this great nation and make her whole again!"

    Roland Roman, N/A
    "If we allow for the real culprits of these acts to go free, then how will that make us look as a nation in the name of justice?"

    Ron Drioane, N/A
    "I am not a firefighter but an American citizen who is angry at the sugestion that those 3 buildings came down because of jet fuel. "

    Ron Roggensack, N/A
    "Although I am not a firefighter, I learned in April of 2003 that the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolition. Since then I have watched and participated in the steady growth of the truth movement. Today, there are many professional groups calling for a new investigation, but Firefighters for 9-11 Truth may have the best potential for waking people up. Nearly everyone felt the deepest sympathy for your fallen brothers and their families. The tragedy of their deaths was used to sell fear and hatred for common people living in oil-rich lands - period. The act of your signing this petition lends enormous credibility to the movement, and I thank you. Now is the time to shout the truth everywhere."

    ron tilson, city of cols. oh. 15+ Years
    "we need to shine a brite light on this evil.."

    Ronald Long, 30 years service in UK Fire Brigades last 15 as Divisional Commander 15+ Years
    "Saw the collapses on TV as they happened - didn't believe it then as a result of circumstances - and certainly do not believe it now."

    Ronald Van Hook, 0-3 Years
    "prior volunteer - EMT"

    Rosana de Carla, N/A
    "It's about time to open a real investigation. The people who died and their families deserve no less. Blessings frm Brazil."

    rose oshea, N/A
    "we have to know the truth about everything, if this planet is going to survive , we are in it together it is a globally aware world now"

    xxxxxxxx, USFS/Fire 3-8 Years
    "I am a brother firefighter with the United States Forest Service, and when I wa ssworn in I took an oath "to uphold and defend the costitution against all enemies, both Foreign and Domestic!!" I stand with You Brothers and Sisters!!"

    russell hatim, N/A
    "i want the truth like everyone else."

    russell warren, N/A
    "investigate 9/11"

    Ryan Miller North 19 fire rescue, Athens, TX 0-3 Years

    ryan morelli, N/A
    "It's so obvious it's a sham you've got to be out of your mind to accept it. Building 7 is proof. "

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Not a firefightner, but married to one. He still believes these lies, but I do not. "

    S Preston,
    "Americans are slowly awakening from their deep sleep. JUSTICE for 9-11 is long past due."

    S. Blood, I have never served as a fire fighter, but have feverishly studied the available information on the internet, to fully understand many aspects of the cover up and the reasons behind it. N/A
    "The overwhelming evidence as presented by Architects for 9/11 Truth and Pilots for 9/11 Truth leaves, together with the plans laid out by Wolfowitz and fellow conspirators in The Project for a New American Century, which as you know shows a plane crashing into the Twin Towers on its front cover, do not only prove that the events of 9/11 were carried out from within the US, but leave no doubt about where to look for if to find the ones responsible for the deaths and illnesses inflicted on thousands of Americans, and millions of others in Iraq and Afganistan. They're certainly not living anywhere near or in those countries."

    Sababu A. Sanyika, N/A

    Sandra, N/A
    "Cain's offspring Ashkenazi Jews (trace their wicked ancestory) did this to further their illegitamate land (IsraHell) horror and GOD will reduce "THEM" to powder one beautiful day! GOD IS JUST AND TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!!!!!!!"

    Sara Berkley N/A

    Sarah Oldfield N/A

    Sayward Adams N/A

    scott, N/A
    "An Australian "

    Scott Christian, Corpus Christi N/A
    "What doesn't come out in the wash comes out in the rinse."

    Scott Cianci N/A

    Scott Creighton, N/A
    "Test for PETN residue (det cord). "

    xxxxxxxx columbus div. of fire 15+ Years

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Sharon Bivens N/A

    Sharon Slocum, n/a N/A
    "Why the cover-up? Oh, sorry, it looks bad to admit to stupidity and the failure to "be there" for all the fallen and the families of the fallen and the brave - of which you are not; brave."

    Shawn P Thompson, N/A
    "I've been passing out Erik's letters to fire houses in the bay area and have been finding that if you've seen the movie MATRIX its like telling sombody to choose the blue pill or the red pill. The truth about our false flag ops are still almost to much to take. The rabbit hole gets deep but please have courage and keep the fight for those those who cant or have already been killed because of it! Ask yourselves also who owns the fed bank and why does your goverment barrow money from them at interest! THEY KNOW WHY! YOUR ONLY AS FREE AS YOUR PURCHASING POWER WILL ALLOW!"

    Sheila Connor, N/A
    "Please help those that are willing to put their lives on the line for others."

    shelby phoenix,
    "you are my heroes"

    Shelley Day N/A

    Shelton F. Lankford,
    "It is long overdue. We need a real investigation. "

    Shoshanna Mashiach, N/A
    "We the people demand a reinvestigation into the events of 9/11. "

    Siri Schroder N/A

    Slobodan Samardzic, N/A
    "This is gonna be huge!"

    Stanley A. Beattie, P.E., N/A
    "I am a supporter of your efforts and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. I reference your group at my presentations for AE911Truth.com."

    Stephanie Fay,
    "God bless everyone of you that gave your lives to save lives in those towers. GOD will bring justice to the guilty someday and you will be justified."

    stephen , N/A
    "justice we need to seek accountabilty"

    Stephen Pheiffer, N/A
    "It has become most evident that 9/11 requires a thorough, impartial investigation. The world demands it."

    Steve Ammentorp N/A

    Steve Bishop,
    "I welcome the petition. I'm not a firefighter, but I do agree with you 100% on this. "

    Steve Price,
    "Calling for a new independent investigation!! thanks!!"

    Steve Walker, N/A
    "Rapid symmetrical collapse, majority of cement pulverized into dust, squibs everywhere molten iron, sounds of explosions, evidence disposed of, no NIST testing for explosives, area above plane impact zone explodes and pulverizes into dust eliminating itself as a pile driver"

    Steven Handy N/A

    steven king N/A

    Steven Tolliver N/A

    Steven Wherrey, West Valley Fire Dept./El Paso, TX 0-3 Years
    "It is criminal that our countries leaders have decided to turn a blind eye to the facts. They owe it to the all the victims, their families and to the American people to reopen the investigations."


    Suruna Amerine

    Susan Boyd,
    "People of integrity who yearn for justice can prevail; each name signed here, each person who speaks out in protest or waves banners from freeway bridges is one more brick in a wall of strength that will not fall! SusB"

    Susan Canna, N/A
    "I think there's much more to this than we've been told and Congress should investigate."

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Susan H Kelly, N/A
    "Thank you for your work and support in demanding an investigation into 9/11. I honor all the firefighters who died on that day, those who have suffered ill effects, all firefighters in our country. Thank you from my heart for your service."

    susan riley N/A

    Sylvia Foidl, N/A
    "I believe that all was a big lie; it seems so obvious that the possibilty of an aircraft attack is near zero - that was planned, in the honor of the killed it deserves further ivestigation "

    Sylvia Mason, N/A
    "one false flag to many, this has to stop and the criminals that murdered all these innocents punished"

    Tabitha Randolph Volunteer 0-3 Years

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "I am not part of an emergency services team, nor am I American, I am Australian. This is for all emergency service people who first responded, for all whose lives were stolen that day, for the families and friends left behind. This is for all people of the world to ensure truth and justice prevail."

    Tamara Davis, N/A
    "9-11 was an inside job......period."

    tamara kittrell, N/A
    "Explosives were in a tight security bldg. I went to the WTC in 1999 memorial day. they frisked me, looked through my purse, geesh i felt like a criminal. what happened to the gold that was in the bldg? and this brings me to OKC like 9-11-01 bombs were in the bldg. mcveigh did not rent the truck a muslim did, witnesses prove that and a video of mcveigh at mcdonalds during the rental time confirms this. both were like demolations. both were covered up. For what, to make homeland security, fema, and patriot act. and to name a terrorist for beign pro life and againest the lies the govt. presents to us. how come okc no feds were in the bldg? if they knew why did anyone let those children die? Govt conspiracy yes, time to take back our freedom under the bill of rights right of petition! to heck with the ammendmants the constitution is still America, and if feds, or anyone doesn't start following it, i see a civil war brewing. Milita's going in front of senators stating this! Tell the truth.. America is the enemy. we are commodities under the UCC law. my birth certificate put the numbers in stock exchange states how much i am worth. I am not a slave i am not a person but a woman. I am governed by free will by god, not govt. and the corporations that run it! Eric your correct. "

    Tanya Brown Ex-VFF Punta Gorda Fire Department, Florida 0-3 Years

    Ted Lindeck N/A

    Teeluck Sooknarine, N/A
    "The deceased deserve justice."

    Terie Jean Carney, N/A
    "We need the truth, we need justice and we need the prosecutions of all those who did this to our countrymen countrywomen and countrychildren. It's time the truth was told and those responsible taken into custody for prosecution and sentancing. Then we can find rest in healing but not until we win the truth! I want to support 911 truth efforts and see the day when the truth is an unstopable force that comes forth like rain after a long sizzling drout! "

    Terri Raduege N/A

    Terri Zimmerman, N/A
    "We need the truth; we need the people in the Bush Administration held accountable. Now!"

    Theresa Ingram N/A

    Thomas A. Paston Chicago FF/EMT 8-15 Years

    thomas mcgraw 270 indiana county

    Thomas Meuir Farmington Fire Department, 301 N Auburn, Farmington NM 87413 3-8 Years

    Ti-Criss, Montreal 15+ Years
    "S'il existe encore de vrais patriot aux USA, c'est vous, le Québec est avec vous et votre courage"

    Tiffany Dombrowski N/A

    Tiffany Lawyer, N/A
    "It's time to hold those responsible accountable."

    Tim Legault,
    "It is long,long over due for a real investigation!"

    Tim Matthews, N/A
    "Find out the TRUTH!"

    tim murphy, N/A
    "Soon it'll be 10 years since 9/11. I couldn't believe the 'collapse' story that day and I still don't. "

    Tim Nolan Mound,Minnesota 0-3 Years

    Tim Redfern,
    "No matter how long it stays hidden, the truth will always emerge. Evil cannot overcome good."

    Tim Yaeger

    Tino D.,
    "Thank you for organizing this petition supported by the first responders and fire fighters who were denied testimony via the comission report. Strength in numbers and truth!"

    Todd bird, N/A
    "Not a firefighter but you guys have all my respect. I have spent many hours researching 9/11 all three buildings came down with controlled demolition. I was at the okc. Federal building. Even more questions that need to be answered. "

    Todd Roblaski, N/A
    "There is just too much information that is being hidden, if there is nothing to hide then why is it being hidden. Put it all out there if you are telling the truth."

    xxxxxxxx N/A

    Tom Russell N/A


    Tom Theimer,
    "Firefighters are my heroes...heroes who can change our destiny."

    Tom-Scott Gordon,
    "You have assilmilated all of the common knowledge. As a direct participant, I can show you where very some very significant additional missing-links are located. "

    Tony Drummond N/A

    Tova Ramer N/A

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "Continue the good fight!! 100% support for you all, the lies must be exposed so keep spreading the word.. "

    Tracy Phillips, N/A
    "It's time top stop killing people for profit. Let freedom ring."

    Travis Conner N/A

    Trevor Tank, N/A
    "The victims and first responders of 9/11 have should have the right to a more serious investigation."

    Troy Ellis N/A

    Tsering Wangmo N/A

    Ty Johnson, N/A
    "Truth always rises to the top. Better to be a champion of truth rather than obscuring it."

    Ty Ritchie N/A

    TYerry Wisniewski, Greentree Volentere Fire Company 8-15 Years
    "911 was an inside job."

    Tyler Brown Volunteer Firefighter EMT 3-8 Years

    Tyler LaPrise, N/A
    "Im only 18, and i'm not a firefighter yet but i just completed my FF1. And it didn't take years of learning fire behavior to realize that jet fuel can not reach temperatures to turn steel into a liquid. "

    Tyler Μολὼν λαβέ, N/A
    "I'm signing this petition because I believe that 911 was an inside job with the intended purpose of being involved in a never ending war while they strip away our rights via a pre-papared Patriot Act and ultimate global enslavement."

    Ursula Tueffel, Economist N/A
    "Although not a fire fighter I wish to support your demand for an independent and thorough new investigation. After having read Pentagate by Thierry Meyssan proving that the Pentagon-crash was full of lies I started reading widely and came to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job of the US-Government and its agencies. These false stories have had massive repercussions also in Europe, where as in the US our democratic rights have been curtailed more and more using terrorism as an excuse. Therefore I consider your demand for investigation as very important, firstly certainly for redress for those suffering physical harm after the fact, all those who perished due to this crime, and secondly for the defense of democracy world-wide. I admire your courage to continue your fight and the energy you put into this. And as far as is possible I am always ready to discuss this subject and spread the word. With my greatest appreciation to you all, Ursula"

    valerie, N/A
    "Stay strong and we will get to the bottom of this. We want justice!"

    Valerie Sanfilippo, FDNY sister
    "We have physical evidence of military explosives and eyewitness evidence of no-shoot order."

    Valerie Sanfilippo, FDNY Family. N/A
    "Media Propaganda, Vote Dictatorship, Rights Police State, EcoHealth Disaster, War Crimes."

    Valiant S. Vetter

    Veronica Bolton Dajani, N/A
    "I am for another investigation. "

    Veronica Goddard, N/A
    "A full-scale re-examination of ALL the facts is essential."

    Victor M. Trinidad, N/A
    "Mountain Goat Herders from Afghanistan or anywhere else in the Middle East could not have caused what happened to the WTC Towers and Bldg 7. It was expertly placed thermite long before 9/11. The same applies to the Pentagon. An alleged commercial aircraft with a 124 foot wing span could not make a hole in the Pentagon wall of only 65 feet. Americans and the rest of the world are waking up to what really happened on 9/11, I just hope that the White House, our Department of Justice and our Congress and Senate do the same, the sooner the better. America and the world community demand that an independent investigation be conducted to find out what murdered thousands of incident civilians on that horrific day and who was responsible and they need to be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Anyone blocking this effort should also be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, even if it is our current President, the Attorney General and/or any member of Congress/Senate."

    Victoria Matherne,
    "We are entitled to the facts. This is our country, not our governments and they owe us answers. Now!"

    Vincent Nunes, N/A
    "Let not the deaths of 343 firefighters have been for NOTHING - reveal the truth of the events of September 11th, 2001 now."

    Virginia Cotts RN BSN, N/A N/A
    "I have worked critical care (including a Thermal Unit) for 16 of my 32 years in nursing, home care for 12. Firefighters are first responders I have worked with a lot and consider very, very critical to society. We absolutely owe them the requests they have made. I have taken physics, math up to calculus, and chemistry up to analytical and organic. I am a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice because there is simply no way this ads up to just planes and fires from fuel. The lack of investigation based on NFPA 921 is the straw that collapses the Government version of 9/11. "

    Virginia K. Scura, N/A
    "As we watched the towers neatly collapse, almost in unison, I believed they were implosions such as we have all seen many times on television. Oklahoma City was a believable act of terrorism - everything about it smacked of reality. This has become a subject that is not acceptable for conversation. That also makes me very uncomfortable. There are questions - let's raise our voices. The Iwo Jima knock-off is another example of the unreality surrounding the events. No national day of mourning. Bush tells nation to 'go shopping.' It secured two terms and a war for that administration and those of us who study politics knew that it would when the towers came down. "

    Volker Bonenberger, Bin Kein Feuerwehrmann N/A
    "Hoffentlich hilft uns Gott, daß die richtigen Verbrecher gestraft werden."

    wally N/A

    Waltraud Cecilia Hanser, none N/A
    "I believe you firefighters! "

    warren schaich, N/A
    "I agree, that the official report on 9/11 is very troubling. A new investigation is needed."

    wayne, N/A
    "a citizen that knows the trth"

    Wayne Boring, Retired Texas Master Fire Fighter 15+ Years
    ""And ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free." John 8:32"

    Wayne Brickowsky CA AF166 3-8 Years

    Wayne Brown N/A

    wendie aamot, N/A
    "soon after 9/11 the smoke and mirrors were set in to play. I can only hope that the truth will come out someday, no matter how painful it will be."

    Willard Dean N/A

    William, 21050 N/A

    William Chad Goodman Harriman City Fire Department (Harriman Tennessee) 8-15 Years

    William Floyd Duncan Jr., Austin Fire 8-15 Years
    "Ask yourself if this still feels like the America we held in such honored reverance as children, then do your own research."

    william hale,
    "please the world needs good men to stand against this tide of warmongering,9/11 is the excuse these evil men use,lets expose this lie "

    William Quinn, Florida 15+ Years
    "343... unbelievable"

    william smith, N/A
    "i am the son of an F.D.N.Y. dispatcher who was on the phone with many firefighters in the towers who reported multiple explosion charges going off within that fateful hour of "burning" building before it "collapsed". 9-11 truth will end the power elite's conquest for global tyranny. May the souls of the fallen ,rise and finally be set free. lets expose and drive it home to washington, the world !"

    William Wagener, Santa Maria, Ca. N/A
    "I welcome any FireFighter to come be on my TV show and testify to what THEY know, saw, heard. Accountability must be restored or America is lost."

    xxxxxxxx, Thank You N/A
    "This is a Bad,Bad Joke on the American People "

    xxxxxxxx, Federal Hill Rd.21084 N/A
    "Investigate the suspicious Trades Made In The Stock Market Prior to/after Sept. 11,2001."

    xxxxxxxx, Miramar Fire/Rescue 15+ Years
    "Too many of my brothers and sisters have died. I have seriously looked at this and concluded that HELL YES! we must re-open the 9/11 investigation. "

    Winnie Bachwitz N/A

    Yo Matthews, Sydney Australia 3-8 Years
    "good stuff fellas, keep up the good work."

    xxxxxxxx, N/A
    "9/11 made such an impact on this world, my life changed, it had international consequences, why the obstruction of truth and justice, so that war may be waged? For the love of Humanity internationally and globally, i Beg everyone here, To do something about this. They will not hide the truth for long. People hate becouse of ignorance. And we are suffering the consequences."

    Yves Besson,
    "Courage les gars, on vous soutient de la FRANCE. MERCI.!"

    Zachary McKinlay N/A

    Zachary T Hayes, N/A
    "All parts of a building's support structure must fail simultaneously for the roof to fall at the speed of gravity without resistance. Not only do all three buildings fall at nearly the speed of gravity, but all four corners of the roof of building 7 can be seen to fall nearly level all the way to the ground. We could put any kind of plane with whatever amount or type of fuel, we could set a fire in any kind of way to reach whatever temperature in every skyscraper that ever existed or will exist in the future and still never see a building fall completely level into its own footprint at the speed of gravity. This would require greater intelligent design than the chaos of falling debris, irregular explosions, and fire. It would require a controlled demolition. I don't need to be an architect or an engineer to understand that. Ironically, the difficulty in accepting this as true is in its obviousness. If it were true, it surely would have been announced on MTV. If it were true, a march in the name of sanity by the greatest comedian of our time would have supported an independent investigation of 9/11 through humor, rather than regarding those who are asking for one as insane. If it were true, surely someone in government, some brave journalist, some well respected scientist, some of the family members of the victims, or some government of another country would seriously question the official story in the public forum. Although its obvious building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition, how this must redefine our traditional, our common, our comfortable concepts of media, government, ourselves, and the relationships between them is not obvious at all. So three of the most well recognized skyscrapers in the world can fall completely level into their own footprints at the speed of gravity right in front of our own faces... and we don't even see it because of our inability to deal with what it would mean if it were true... In my efforts to try to convince others, I am puzzled why I can see it, why I am so different from all of my friends and family, from all of my fellow graduates. Maybe its as simple as having considered the Matrix as an allegory for real life: the blue pill, the red pill, the choice we all have to protect our false versions of reality through ignorance or forgo the bliss it provides in the search for truth. I see our soldiers and patriots fighting and dying for a country that only exist in their minds, their coffins being held up as proof of their heroism for the cause, their families needing to believe their death was justified, needing to believe in their government, trusting their media to tell them the way things really are, and struggling to hold on to their last bit of confidence, their last bit of faith on Sunday mornings that the world is the way they think it is... and as much as I appreciate your efforts to bring rationality to this discussion, you think a rational argument about building 7 is going to force a red pill down their throats? I'm pessimistic, but I'll help anyway I can. However, a rational argument is only going to convince rational people and we should be careful not to preach to the choir."

    Zubair Mirza, N/A
    "Not seeking the Truth is terrorism by another name."

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