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  1. @haridy88. Shkuraan-Thank you-greetings and good wishes from Rwanda!
  2. @thesbu. Thank you ...wish u well ...
  3. @StephenKentRand. Very welcome....! Yes cud help arrange that....
  4. @alykhansatchu. Mindspeak,finally came to Kigali and was really great-tHanks to you and the whole team and alwz welcome......!
  5. @SteveinAfrica. I think that language is not helpful! If there is any specific problem-genuine-it can be addressed if u point it out...
  6. @SteveinAfrica...worse arrangements for sec.of your leaders when/where they r going to make speeches!!!
  7. @SteveinAfrica ..the speech(s) made where u and ur family come from! U may soon run away from your own country because of similar or ..
  8. @SteveinAfrica. My security dsnt conflict wth the need for security for others...! The speech is as important as any other including...
  9. @UCharlene. Thank you very much
  10. @PJStreitz. Thank you ...
  11. @digital_matayo. Thank you
  12. @Steel_Money. Will continue for sure-thank you ....!
  13. @Kinuma. My pleasure too ...thank you ...!
  14. @TheKuyuProject. Agree wth you...thanks
  15. @GNdhlovu. And have difrnt convinient uses too...!
  16. @GNdhlovu ...purpose! There are definately some overlaps on all of u use them is your bizness!
  17. @GNdhlovu. But one was obtained long after the other...and have the freedom to use one as I want even if in some aspects they may serve same
  18. @clairyce. Absolutely, great wkend thank you....!
  19. @Eliee33. Thank you...!
  20. @sunnysunwords. I have seen-thank you very mch