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    1.7 meters
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    New Republic

From the Expanded Universe

As a young girl growing up in the Royal House of Alderaan, the silver-haired Winter was often mistaken for Leia Organa, as her refined demeanor and aristocratic manners better befit the image of a princess than the tomboy young Leia was. The two were inseparable friends, and as Leia grew older and entered the realm of politics, Winter remained by her side as her royal aide and personal assistant.

As the Organa family became involved in the growing Rebellion to oppose the Empire, Winter's special talents were invaluable. Winter has a holographic and audiographic memory: she forgets nothing she sees or hears. Bail Organa assigned Winter to the Rebellion's Procurement and Supply division. She was off-planet when the Empire obliterated Alderaan.

Winter's gift became a silent curse as she can never shake the memories of her departed friends and destroyed world. She rarely lets her feelings show, though at times, in private, her grief is almost too much to bear. Her rigid control over her emotions and her no-nonsense approach to her duties have caused some to comment that her name befits her icy personality.

Working for the Alliance, Winter would supply valuable intelligence regarding the location and layout of Imperial supply caches. This information proved vital to Alliance raiding parties who would generate extremely detailed maps based on Winter's recollections. Her effectiveness gained her a position in the Empire's most-wanted lists, though the Imperials only knew her by her code-name of Targeter. Winter kept mobile during the Galactic Civil War, serving in a number of commands under a variety of code-names.

As a Rebel Special Forces operative, Winter crossed paths with Rogue Squadron following the defeat of the Empire at Endor. She started up a romantic relationship with Tycho Celchu, a fellow Alderaanian. Rogue Squadron first helped Winter during her undercover work on behalf of the Cilpari Resistance, where she disguised herself as Princess Leia to act as a diversion as the Rogues took out an Imperial base. Later, as the Rogues worked undercover to plan the retaking of Coruscant, Winter assisted them under the name of Rima Borealis.

As Leia became a fixture in New Republic politics, Winter was by her side. She was Leia's aide in the Provisional Council, serving as a living holorecorder, committing to memory every word said at important meetings. During the Thrawn crisis, Winter proved instrumental in ferreting out Delta Source, Thrawn's primary spy resource on Coruscant.

Winter also served as nanny to Leia's newly born twins, Jacen and Jaina. At first, Winter relied on Noghri bodyguards to help safeguard the children, but after the Imperial threats escalated following the resurrected Emperor's destructive campaign against the New Republic, greater precautions were taken. Winter was sequestered on New Alderaan with the children, and later, on the remote fragmented world of Anoth.

The location of Anoth was known only to Luke, Winter and Admiral Ackbar, though a New Republic double-agent eventually managed to divulge its whereabouts to Imperial Ambassador Furgan. Furgan led an attack force against Anoth, which at the time was protecting the infant Anakin Solo. The automated defenses of the planetoid held off the Imperial attack, and Winter armed herself to protect the young Solo. In the end, the Imperials were defeated, and Han and Leia decided to keep the family together rather than hide the children.Winter continued to help Leia in raising the children, as Organa Solo's career in politics kept her busy.

Years later, shortly after the Almania crisis, Winter and Tycho Celchu married. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Winter went to Mon Calamari to serve as the personal aide to the venerable Admiral Ackbar.

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