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    Vast oceans and rocky, tropical islands

From the Expanded Universe

A planet of stark and rugged beauty, Bal'demnic is located in the Auril sector of the Outer Rim, in the Bak'rofsen system. With its sea-covered surface speckled with small tropical beach islands, it could have been the most desired tourist location in the galaxy. However, a tourist trade can hardly co-exist with a native noisome reptilian species known as the Kon'me.

The sentient Kon'me lived in simple thatch beachside dwellings, though the upper classes built glistening bubble-like structures within the ocean-side cliffs.

Bal'demnic was largely undisturbed by matters of galactic consequence, until Commerce Guild scouts from the Confederacy of Independent Systems discovered traces of cortosis in the planet's cliffs.

Upon reaching Bal'demnic, the CIS delivered an ultimatum to the natives: let mining operations begin, or be destroyed. With little choice, Bal'demnic's leaders reluctantly allowed the Commerce Guild mining operations to set foot on the islands. The beachfront citizens however, were furious and pockets of rebellion emerged

When CIS transmissions were intercepted by the Jedi, Mace Windu was concerned -- cortosis is a rare ore that is resistant to the blade of a lightsaber. The Jedi Council dispatched a task force including Halagad Ventor, Sha Koon, and several other Jedi, and a backup detachment of clones to investigate and sabotage the CIS operation.

When the Jedi arrived on Bal'demnic, the planet was in chaos. The Kon'me had rebelled against the CIS and attacked with powerful weapons smuggled to them by unscrupulous war profiteers. After clones landed, the furious Kon'me were further enraged, and opened fire on all off-worlders.

The difficulty of the island terrain forced both the CIS and the Republic to retreat. With the CIS no longer actively harvesting the cortosis, the Republic left an orbital protective fleet to guard against further Separatist incursions on the planet.

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