Rapid Mapping

Base mapping over SE Asia tsunami

Direct link to products over Sri Lanka

Direct link to products over Indonesia

Video flythru

Flythru, Banda Aceh, video 1 (right-click and "Save As")

mpeg format, 6 Mb


Flythru, Banda Aceh, video 2 (right-click and "Save As")

mpeg format, 5,5 Mb


Flythru, Banda Aceh, three Flythru inside a zipped power point presention (right-click to start download and "Save As")

winzip format, 40 Mb


Simple view video over Banda Aceh (5.6 Mb)

Double view video over Banda Aceh (4.8 Mb)

All these videos are freely available in full size version on the CNES FTP site :


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SE Asia
The Bengal Gulf

The products elaborated for this International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" call are realised on a best effort basis in crisis mode within a very short time scale.


Nous avons consacré tous nos efforts, en période de crise et dans les délais les plus courts, pour réaliser ces produits dans le cadre de la Charte Internationale "Espace et Catastrophes Majeures".

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