Throughout history the fighting spirit of the Welsh has been well documented, from Crecy to Agincourt to the Peninsular and Boer Wars. Men from Monmouthshire have followed the flag fighting and dying for King, Queen and Country.

On the 28th June 1914 when Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited Sarajevo in the newly annexed provinces, the young men of Monmouthshire could not have envisaged the chain of events that would follow his assassination. On that fateful day his chauffeur took a wrong turn and was momentarily stopped. Gavrilo Princip took his chance stepped forward and shot the Archduke and his wife. As they lay dying the reverberations began that would be felt around the world.

In August 1914 the Kaiser mobilsed his "Feldgrau" and they began crossing borders executing the first part of the "Schlieffen Plan" conceived to crush the French Army in an iron embrace and to open up an easy route to Paris. Great Britain declared war and the mobilisation of her armed forces began. Throughout August at railway stations and ports the bellowing of orders in a variety of accents could be heard along with the stamping of boots, the rattle of rifles and the grunts as heavy equipment was hoisted on to shoulders. In South Wales the order to mobilize for the 3rd Battalion The Monmouthshire Regiment was received late that evening. Its first port of call was Abergavenny its last was to be the Somme.                       

This site has been created to honour all those who served with this fine Welsh Territorial Battalion during the Great War. In terms of the length of the Great War theirs is not a long story but it is one that deserves to be remembered and recorded.

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