Will US malls become a thing of the past? Many across the country have been torn down because of dwindling shoppers; some have filed for bankruptcy, or is on its way there.

So many enclosed malls are in danger of becoming extinct there's even a website, called DeadMalls.com, dedicated to the alarming trend.

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Some of the local malls listed include: Greenspoint (also known as gunspoint mall), Mall of the Mainland, Pasadena Town Square Mall, San Jacinto Mall (which is 2/3 vacant), and Town and Country (which was demolished and rebuilt to incorporate a "city center" theme).

Judge for yourself by visiting local malls. Experts say the reason malls are declining is because they get outdated, or the surrounding neighborhoods become run down.

"Right now the malls are empty," said Jacqueline Medrano, a local shopper.

"People are not coming here. Maybe they're going to better ones."

Ed Wulfe has been credited with turning Meyerland Plaza and Gulfgate Mall around.

"You have to have all the basic ingredients to make it work," said Wulfe, who is president of Wulfe & Co.

He's talking about ingredients like an excellent location and good layout like Memorial City Mall for example. Tenants and shoppers flooded back after major renovations.

Northline is on its way there, and others say Sharpstown is teetering on demolition. Wulfe says struggling malls should focus more on catering to the underserved population.

"We in the city and we as developers have a responsibility to revitalize our neighborhoods and refurbish our properties to improve the quality of life," said Wulfe.