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A series of puppet stories highly popular with children
about a girl, Sara, and her doll.
The doll has one leg shorter than the other
- hence the name Hoppity.
- Brief outline of series from promotional brochure.

Sara and Hoppity on TV

Rarely seen since the early 1970s, this children's puppet series
was created and produced by Roberta Leigh in 1961.

Her other series include 'The Adventures of Twizzle'
'Torchy the Battery Boy and 'Space Patrol'

"Tiddlee-tum, tiddlee-tee!"
Ah... bless!Ah... bless!
This website is dedicated to the memories of:
Frank Goulding, Jack Whitehead
Bill Palmer and Neville Meale.

The Complete History of Small Time
by Malcolm Batchelor

For the first time ever,
the pilot episode of Sara & Hoppity
available on DVD on the Space Patrol Complete Series Set

This site went live on January 5th 2003, and has had

turns of Hoppity's key

Updated September 27th, 2003

Hoppity Strip

"For there is no toy naughtier than Hoppity"

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