Game of the Week #3 – Homeworld SDL

June 23, 2011
Posted by: may88

With this week’s post I wish to bring to your attention the freshly released port of HomeworldSDL. Forum member Edglex enables your Pandora to experience the excellent work done by the guys at HomeworldSDL.

Update:Edglex requested an update to the post to extend his thanks to pseudonym404, one of the HomeworldSDL guys, who did the opengl es port. I will add the thanks from the rest of the OpenPandora community, Thank you pseudonym404 for making this possible.

Using their own words…

Homeworld is a real-time strategy computer game, set and played in a 3D space environment. Developed by Relic Entertainment, it was released for the PC in 1998 to worldwide acclaim, winning multiple awards for its novel gameplay and strong single-player story. Relic Entertainment later released the source code to the public under licence.

The Homeworld SDL project was formed to enhance the released source code, primarily in order to make the game run on other computer platforms. Support for other platforms was aided by the use of Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL), a third-party software library designed to make cross-platform applications which use video/sound easier to write and manage. Hence the project name of “Homeworld SDL”. Currently Homeworld SDL supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Watch here…
YouTube Preview Image

Download from the repo and/or discuss on the forum.

Sorry for the brevity of this post this week. If you would like to add a review or guide to this post then post your intent here or PM me.

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  1. No… way!!! One of my favourites, SO glad to see this – I will be downloading and playing asap. Thanks

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. This is Fleet Command

  4. congrats! The post is brief, but the game is so great that no words are needed :D

  5. This long wait for my Pandora is kinda sucking the life out of me, but when I see that people are porting games as good as this one and they work really well just reminds me of why I stumped up the cash so long ago for one :-)

    ‘Long live the community’

  6. Really great game. sent that pandora now.

    Homeworld on the GO. YESSSS

  7. OK so this is a bit of a shameless plug BUT!!!!

    I used to love homeworld so I am sad I missed the boat with my Pandora as I wil see it sold this saturday!
    what wit this and x-moto now ported i ALMOST wish I were keeping it, but its not quite fitting into my lifestyle.

    ps wasnt their a star wars mod for this will that work?


  8. Urgh! Missed this on PC back in the day, but still waiting, waiting, waiting for my Pandy. Looks like 2012 is likely. Or 2013.

  9. £256? So… all the “you can probably sell it for more than you paid for it on eBay” has now turned to dust too?

  10. Never played this game, looks like I missed a good one. But that’s why I ordered, so I could catch up on the go.

    • Me too. Hard to imagine how.

  11. This is a huge triumph for the Pandora and our community. If you have not had an opportunity to play this by all means go out and buy it right now. Probably one of the top 5 RTS series of all time.

    Thank you thank you thank you Edglex!

    • Total Annihilation being number one, of course.

      • Actually, yes. I whole heartedly agree with you!

  12. Oh my crapping godfathers. This just gets better.

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