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Welcome to the Home of

  Artist, Poet

God Mad Fool

I am a carrier of artistic medicine.

  Manny and Astarte, Summer 2011

This is a time that calls for

Warriors of Sacred Imagination.

The poetry of god is

bogged down in dead ritual.

Artists need to scream.


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ManWoman's art is about the soul's awakening.

His career spans five decades.

Guest lecturer at universities and art schools,

Featured in TV shows and magazines.

His interviewers include Vale of RE/Search

and Vicki Gabereau of CBC.

His collectors include Dan Aykroyd.

"I love his art," Dan Aykroyd, House of Blues

"ManWoman's artworks are masterpieces and highly collectible!

I strongly urge you to purchase his art."

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The Sacred Seed: Terrible Tom Brings a Gift

"A spiritual Andy Warhol.

Utilizing the purest idealism of the Sixties as his base matter,

ManWoman alchemically transmutes eternal ideas

such as Love and Death

into technically dazzling post-Pop Art paradigms."

V. Vale, RE/Search, Modern Primitives

ManWoman's Dragon Guitars expressing sexual-spiritual energy

My Poetry on You Tube

Praise from Fans

"As a spiritual leader

I have had the privilege of meeting many great souls,

among them the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II.

...ManWoman's mystic presence has an honesty

and power all its own."

           Baba Raul Canizares, author, Cuban Santeria

"Spiritual activist, wise artist, humorous mystic, freaky rebel

- whatever you call him,

he's one of the world's most intriguing people."  

          Julie Chadwick, THE MIND'S EYE, Nanaimo

"In every age,

there have been men and women

who have made similar claims to a direct experience

of some kind of divine principle.

Those who time renders comfortably impersonal,

    we revere as saints and holy men."                         

Bill Pasnak, Forever Together

"I see ManWoman as a profound and important voice."

John Cooper


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