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Piranha Features

Realtime Primary Correction:

HSV/RGB curves & hue rotation, plus Gamma, Gain, Pedestal adjustments

Color wheel based Lo/Mid/Hi adjustment

Auto Color match adjusts curves based on samples from another shot

Secondary Correction

soft shapes

soft windowing

color keying

gradation wipes

DVE warped & animated image keys

Scene to Scene Color Correction

split screen comparison & interactive color sample based correction matching enables full scene-to-scene color grading

Monitor Lookup Curves in Linear and Log space.

Customize color correction effects with Piranha's scripting interface

Printer Light Adjustment

color correction can be specified in, and is equivalent to, traditional optical film lab grading processes

RotoSpline, Rotogon, Mask & Shape Tools

Unlimited, realtime, trackable, animatable Rotogon shapes

Fine-tune shapes with editable Bezier tangents

Time independent shapes and garbage mattes: Seamlessly blend regions of previous or later frames for fast rig removal

Animation & Keyframing

Keyframe virtually any parameter with subframe accuracy, autmatic or manually

Graph Mode: edit animation curves with Linear & Hermite splines, smooth tracking data

Drive the animation of any effects parameter with scripting


High sub pixel precision, with real time visualization

Adaptive pattern acquisition, automated stabilization & corner pinning

Drive effects parameters, animation, or camera with tracking data

Paint Tracker enables fast retouching & rig removal

2D/3D Paint

64 Bit Sub-pixel Paint for Film, with 16 bit precision per channel

Soft-switchable between 64 and 32 bit while you work

Editable spline-based vector drawing tools

Multilayer filter brushes for complete control of operations such as dodge and burn; Lookup Effects: darkening, gamma correction and contrast

Brush types include fully animatable/scriptable clone, airbrush, stamping, color tinting, wire removal, image, pattern, & fractal line drawing

Paint in real-time directly onto the surface of 3D models from any viewpoint, across multiple models, with real-time interactive bump and displacement map editing


Fully animatable 2D/3D text, transform text in true 3D

Animated Postscript titles, vector based TrueType titles

Full text scripting allows for subtitling to be handled automatically

Full Unicode support for international and extended character sets

Video flexibility

Supports D1 up to HD-SDI and HSDL. Interlaced and Progressive/Progressive Segmented Frame, up to 60fps

EDL support, with easy framerate conversion

Import Final Cut Pro XML projects
On-the-fly framerate conversion- import 24/25/30fps material and preview playback at any framerate with audio in sync

Source Flexibility

Bit Depth Independant: mix 8, 10, 16 and 32-bit/channel
images in the same composition

Resolution independant: mix content from any image resolution, blend D1 with Film and HD material seamlessly

Disk and Network Independant- Use off the shelf high-quality disk array solutions with standard XFS or EXT file system for clips and meta-data storage

Bit depth

Rendering: 16bit floating point/channel
Source Pixels: 32bit/channel

Paint Depth: 16bit/channel


70% of Piranha's effects are OpenGL hardware accelerated: at or near real-time
Full proxy support: global & per-layer basis

Monitor Calibration

Support for 3D color lookup tables from both Kodak's "Display Manager" and Rising Sun Pictures' "Cinespace" color management solutions, or custom LUTS

Network Support

Complete Scalability, with support for common network protocols: NFS, BDS and Samba shares

SAN support with CXFS and ADIC 2 and 4 gigabit Centravision SAN

Device Support

JL Cooper Series 3000 and EclipseCX control panel, with user-editable parameter control, customizable faders and dials, all dynamically reprogrammed for selected effects

Support for Wacom digital tablets: pressure sensitive painting, rotoscoping and interface parameter control

Generic MIDI Device Support: communication with generic deck control units and custom hardware devices

Scripting & Plugins

Powerful scripting language, automate repetitive tasks, create new tools & effects, with device level control

Piranha SPFX Plugin SDK: C-based Plugin specification allows users to write custom tools, GPU-based image processing effects, and file format converters

File formats

Cineon/DPX, EXR
SGI Image, Movie
Quicktime MOV, PICT
New file formats easily added via Piranha's versatile plugin loader

Required Hardware

Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processor

Nvidia Quadro graphics
Fedora 7 or later, or equivalent SUSE 2.6 kernel


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