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  1. @bernardjustin sorry, who are you talking about?
  2. @Diki_w_Mahendra something?
  3. @indpad sorry can't make it, obligations in Thiruvananthapuram on 13 Sept. Constituency trumps ancestry every time!!
  4. Superb essay on the right2dissent by Lakshmi Chaudhry whom I used to read in The Nation (US):… Don't sell our dem short!
  5. No, @KhotiVaat & @TheUnRealTimes Only Rajya Sabha MPs have been given iPads. Tweeting impossible since jammers on in Parl 4 security reasons
  6. @bailyfernandez nope
  7. @AdrRaman On most Bills, Parties decide who will speak for them on what issue. I last spoke on foreign policy on behalf of UPA@prev session
  8. Good 45-min meeting&discussion w/visiting UK Foreign Minister of State Lord Howell, at his request, mainly on Commonwealth &energy security
  9. RT @ceejothomas: @ShashiTharoor Some concerns with specific clauses of JLB
  10. A thought-provoking discussion on corruption going beyond the LokPal Bill:…
  11. @bhumika_b @SaaliKhushi sorry, no idea what this is about!
  12. @AdrRaman Invisible on Twitter?: please check my tweets! Suspect we are all suffering information overload &mine were lost in your timeline
  13. @Nur_Syaadah27 you have to ask a question before you can get a reply!!
  14. @vidhustweets No, because the Left was re-elected to run the Tvm Municipal Council 2010-15.
  15. RT@vimoh: Video: @ShashiTharoor on how his being a Hindu informs his world view. [a few yrs old &4an American audience]
  16. @sudhhanshu wait till the next election. Meanwhile, expose wrongdoings,use RTI, media &the court of public opinion. Vote wisely 1st of all!