Nod, Seib

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  • Homeworld:
  • Species:
    Lorrdian (near-human)
  • Gender:
  • Affiliation:
    Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance

From the Expanded Universe

A spiritual life can be fulfilling but some people prefer more tangible rewards. Seib Nod was a lifelong member of the Sisterhood of the Beatific Countenance on the planet Lorrd but grew bored with their cloistered lifestyle. She knew she would need money to fund a new life and didn't care how she got it. Seib stole several precious artifacts from their temple and scarpered. She came to Coruscant to inquire about selling the relics.

Nod still wore her religious garb since it helped to hide her mercenary nature. Members of the Sisterhood had lines of scripture tattooed on their bodies and so when traveling outside their temple they wore full length robes and masks to hide their skin.

Nod was contacted by an adventurous archaeologist named Artuo Pratuhr who was interested in buying the relics for the Galactic Museum. She met with him and his assistant Zey Nep in an alcove of the Outlander Club. Pratuhr was suspicious but Nod assured him the Sisterhood had authorized the sale to raise desperately needed funds but wanted to keep it quiet to hide their dire situation.

However, the festering criminality of the city had changed Nod and she had no intention of parting with the relics. She pulled a blaster and took Pratuhr's money before escaping through the crowded club. Pratuhr wasn't about to give up on his lost money though. Using his underground connections he located Nod as she attempted to flee on an outbound. Racing to the dock, he caught up with her, recognizing her robes and facial tattoos. Nod thought him foolish for coming unarmed but then felt something jabbed in her back. She turned to see Zey Nep disguised as a refugee holding a blaster on her. Nod knew she was beaten and handed over the money. Pratuhr took Nod to the authorities and returned the relics to their owners.

In her stay at the CoCo Penitentiary Nod had a long time to think about her actions. The fact that her former sisters had forgiven her was of little comfort.

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