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People Who Give

Bob Sanderson

Paul Jacobs (B.S.'84 M.S.'86 , Ph.D.'89 EECS) and Stacy Jacobs (B.A.'84, Physiology; B.S.'87, O.D.'89 Optometry)

"I hope we will always be able to give back. It is rewarding to know that we are able to help others achieve their goals in the place where we started our dreams." Paul and Stacy Jacobs

These days, Qualcomm executive Paul Jacobs has BREW on his mind, but it’s not the kind on tap at The Bear’s Lair. BREW, or binary runtime environment for wireless, is a platform for downloading and running software on cellular telephones that Jacobs introduced in 2001.

Bob Sanderson

Bob Sanderson (M.Eng. '66 & Ph.D. '70 IEOR)

"Investing in a Cal education will pay off, but so will investing in Cal after you leave. By helping the next generation graduate, you are investing in a better society." Bob Sanderson

A member of the Engineering Dean's Society and the Berkeley Engineering Fund Board of Directors, Bob gives back because, in his words, he owes Berkeley a great deal. It was here that he met his wife Shirley, and it was his engineering degree and connections that landed him his first job at a Bay Area consulting and software company where he worked for more than 30 years.

Kim Polese

Kim Polese (B.S.'84 Biophysics)

"Berkeley has such an impact on California and the U.S. economic health and competitiveness. The innovations developed here impact our world for the better." — Kim Polese

Kim Polese, CEO of the newly launched open source IT services company SpikeSource, and founder and former CEO of Marimba, is exactly where she wants to be: sitting at the helm of a startup company in Silicon Valley, building and innovating with her team. A self-described "girl geek," the Berkeley native recalls many happy hours spent playing with computers at Lawrence Hall of Science.

Mihir Parikh

Mihir Parikh (B.S. '69, M.S. '71 & Ph.D. '74)

"Graduating from UC Berkeley made it possible for me to get a good job at IBM's Watson Research Center, which led me to Hewlett-Packard, which then gave me the confidence to start and build a half-billion dollar company like Asyst. That education is a gift of growth that will not only last my lifetime but will affect the lives of my children as well." Mihir Parikh

Mihir was the founder and for 18 years CEO of Asyst Technologies Inc., a global semiconductor equipment manufacturing company. He and his wife Nancy, who have four children, are members of the Engineering Dean's Society and the Founders' Circle. Mihir remains connected with Berkeley Engineering, he says, "as a natural expression of my appreciation and gratitude."

Wayne Clough

G. Wayne Clough (Ph.D.'69 CE)

"I feel blessed to have been able to attend a school like Berkeley that took what was little more than a lump of Georgia clay and
helped me grow as an individual and launch my career."
- Wayne Clough

President of the Georgia Institute of Technology, G. Wayne Clough appreciates high-risk, high-reward activities. And by all measures he has had unprecedented success in finding them. As a teacher and researcher he has been recognized seven times by the American Society of Civil Engineers, including two Norman Medals, and was recently named the OPAL Award winner for lifetime contributions to higher education. In September 2004, Clough returned to the campus to be recognized by the College as one of four recipients of the 2004 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award.

John and Kathleen Dracup

John and Kathleen Dracup

"We feel very fortunate that our investments allow us to make this financial commitment to the University of California to help future generations benefit, as we have, from this outstanding institution." John Dracup

For more than four decades John and Kathleen Dracup have been part of the University of California system, first as graduate students then as faculty. John is currently a professor emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley and Kathleen is dean of the School of Nursing at UCSF. In February, they made a commitment to continue their support of UC by creating an estate plan to establish an endowed fellowship at UC Berkeley in the College of Engineering and an endowed chair at UCSF in the School of Nursing.

Chenming Hu (M.S. '70 & Ph.D. '73)

"It was at Berkeley that my life's focus changed from learning to creating." Chenming Hu

With his son Jason now a Cal student, Chenming has a broad perspective on the Berkeley experience. He joined the EECS faculty in 1976 and served recently as chief technology officer for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. "I've had recent exposure to both academic research and corporate research," he says, "and I am convinced that, more than ever, long-term technological advances depend on university research and engineering education."

Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee (B.S.'90 EECS)

"When you are an undergraduate at Cal , smart people are a dime a dozen and it's hard to stand out. But working with Professor Ted Lewis in his lab was invaluable. Now I chair a local scholarship committee, as my way of giving back." — Wayne Lee

Leah Fera

Leah Fera (B.S. '95 & M.S. '97)

"I am constantly amazed by the depth and breadth of skills of Cal students, both technically and in other areas of their lives. Some are amazing athletes, others are musicians, singers, or involved in politics, all while talking a difficult engineering course load." Leah Fera

A software engineer at Crossbow, Inc. of San Jose, Leah is a member of the Berkeley Engineering Fund Board of Directors. She stays active in Berkeley Engineering, she says, "so that the College can continue to offer a world-class education to future students and continue to be on the leading edge of technology research."