SAFE Security Ratings

Securing your laptop/laptop and the data on it is of prime importance. Threat of ID theft and constant news reports about laptop theft and data loss make it clear that securing your laptop provides you with the first level of security. Kensington provides world class, industry leading computer security locks. These locks secure laptops, desktop computers, tablet PCs, projectors, printers and other computing devices.

Three Levels of Security
All laptop locks are not the same; locks differ based on lock technology used, the ease of use and the level of security provided. All Kensington locks are built to exacting engineering standards. Kensington has worked with internal and external testers, engineers, and quality control experts to come up with comprehensive testing standards for all Kensington computer locks.

Kensington has designated three levels of security SAFE Premium, SAFE Pro and SAFE to rate all of our security products to better help you find the right security product to use.

The higher the SAFE rating, the greater the security of the lock.

Safe Premium SAFE Premium: Expert level security from Kensington. These locks are manufactured to exceed industry standards. The specialized locks are tested by multiple third party agencies under severe and critical test conditions. These locks are rated as the highest grade of laptop locks.

Safe Pro SAFE Pro: Superior level security from Kensington. These locks are manufactured to industry standard requirements. The locks are tested by third party testing agencies for their ability to withstand attacks. Tests are conducted under stringent test conditions.

Safe SAFE: Strong level security from Kensington. Use these as a great first line of defense against laptop theft. These are tested and engineered to exacting Kensington standards.

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